Key & Compass presents:
Lydia's Heart
by Jim Aikin

Lydia's Heart is a TADS 3 interactive fiction game and is © 2007 by Jim Aikin. This is a reworked version of Last Resort, published by Jim Aikin in 2006, with new locations and puzzles. The author would prefer it if you play Lydia's Heart instead of Last Resort.

In this large horror game, you play as 14-year-old Diane Lindsay, dragged by your Aunt Caroline to this dreadful set of cabins on the edge of a Mississippi swamp, supposedly for a "sunset picnic" where she insists you wear a white dress. The other guests are acting weird. The owner reeks of evil. And there's a ghost girl flying around a stained altar, and how creepy is that? You need to get out of there before sunset, but how?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 2.0 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Eternal Springs main map

By a farm CountryRoad(possum) CountryRoad(barrel) CountryRoad(sign) CountryRoad End ofthe Road A Thicketof BramblesMaze WeedyFlower-Bed GravelDriveway The House On theLawn In theShack In Frontof the Shack A Gardenof Junk BehindtheCabins In theVan Cabins Up aTree In Front ofthe Boat Shed Shoreof theSwamp Meadow East Endof theMeadow Besidethe Shed In theBoat Shed standingon thecatwalk in therowboat standingon thedock standingin powerboat out u (win!) in d row boat

Map 2: The Cabins

On theLawn Below theTrapdoor In Frontof theShack Up aTree Bath-room CabinFour North Endof theCroquetCourt CabinOne Bath-room Closet Bath-room CabinFive The Middleof theCroquetCourt CabinTwo Bath-room Closet Closet Bath-room CabinSix South Endof theCroquetCourt CabinThree Closet In Front ofthe Boat Shed Shoreof theSwamp (to closet) (to closet) d (to bath-room) u

Map 3: The House

Attic Bathroom Closet DrearyBedroom West Endof Hallway UpstairsHall BeauregardPhelps'sBedroom Alcove AbandonedNursery In aConfusingPlace Room ofSevenDoors Curled upin dumb-waiter LivingRoom Top ofthe Stairs Pantry Office EntranceHall Porch On theLawn Kitchen DiningRoom In Frontof theShack GravelDriveway Cellar Deeperin theCellar In a LowTunnel Below theTrapdoor CabinFour u u touch clown in in u d (musicstops) untie ropethen down d d out out d u up thentie rope to hook

Map 4: Beyond the Slab

TropicalGarden Thresholdof Roomof Sand NarrowBalcony EchoingPassage Sumpt'slyDecoratedChamber Temple T-ShapedJunction WideCourtyard Top of aBroadStairway Room ofBones BeauregardPhelps'sBedroom Alcove Room ofSevenDoors Foot ofSilverBridge OppositetheDoorway Red FiguresMaze Overlook'gthe GuardRoom d u

Map 5: Red Figures Maze

Dead End(D↑) Dead End Dead End(C→) ThroneRoom Dead End(A←) Dead End Dead End(E→) OppositetheDoorway Foot of aNarrowStairway Dead End(B→) Dead End(Z↑) +E +B +D +A +C +B −E −C +Z +A

Map 6: A Thicket of Brambles Maze (EXAMPLE)

CountryRoad R L U Rd C R L R U U R R Rd X U U C L U R X U R L R U L D U R C X C M L R U L X M L C R X D D U M R M D X M L L C D U D M X D Gardenof Junk (to R, U, or L)

Summary of Walkthrough


👿 Check out your cabin.

Cabin Five

> x me. i. x clothes. time. (about 2:30)

> x bed. (near door or bathroom?)

> x bed near door. x white dress.

> x bed near bathroom. x painting. x dresser.

> open top. x Caroline's clothes. close top.

> open middle. x other clothes. close middle.

> open bottom. close it. (empty)

> s.

Closet (of cabin five)

The suitcases are closed and empty.

> x Caroline's suitcase. x my suitcase.

> n. e.

Aunt Caroline calls out to be back by 6:30 for the sunset picnic.

👿 Get croquet hoop. Meet the Reverend.

The Middle of the Croquet Court

> x hoops. take hoop.

> e. (Reverend Jimmy Gillespie answers the door.)

> x Rev. ask Rev about himself.

> ask Rev about picnic. ask Rev about aunt.

> ask Rev about resort. ask Rev about God.

Let's move on.

> s.

The South End of the Croquet Court

> e. ("come back a little later")

> w.

👿 Check out cabin six.

Cabin Six

The dresser and beds are the same as in cabin five, but the drawers are empty. The closet to the south is empty.

> x painting. (of a dog)

> w.

Bathroom (of cabin six)

Every bathroom fixture has an identical description, suggesting it's just one game object for all of them.

> x sink.

> e. e. s.

👿 Find swamp, altar, ghost, rabbits.

The Shore of the Swamp

> x trees. x swamp. e.

A Meadow

> x fence. x stone. (You see carvings, grass, and residue.)

> x carvings. (The ghost of a girl stops you.)

> x ghost. ask ghost about ghost. (She ignores you.)

> x grass. x residue.

> e.

The East End of the Meadow

> x rabbits. x fence. x grass.

> w. w. w.

👿 Look in the boat shed. Get bucket.

In Front of the Boat Shed

> x shed. x door. x lock.

> sw.

Beside the Shed

> x window. x bucket.

> turn bucket over. stand on bucket.

> x window. (You see a dock, a power boat, a rowboat.)

> x dock.

> get off bucket. take it.

> n. n.

👿 Find incinerator. Climb a tree.

Behind the Cabins

> x incinerator. look in it.

> x ashes. search ashes.

> x cabins. x tree. climb tree.

Up a Tree

> x window. e. (You see a man using a laptop.)

> x man. x laptop.

> d. w.

👿 Get sack, shovel.

A Garden of Junk

The sack is your player's carry-all and can hold quite a lot of stuff. As a bonus, other people don't notice what's inside the sack.

> x shovel. take it.

> x sack. take it. put all in sack.

> x junk. x weeds. x thicket.

> x shack. x window. look in window.

> x screen. (fastened by screws)

> ne.

👿 Meet Tyrone. Get flashlight. Meet Luisa.

In Front of a Shack

> x man. x van.

> ask man about himself. ask him about Beauregard.

> ask him about picnic. ask him about van.

> ask him about aunt. ask him about Rev.

> ask him about resort. ask him about shack.

> get in van.

In the Van

> search van. x flashlight. out.

In Front of a Shack

> w. (Tyrone stops you from entering his home.)

> n. knock on back door. (A woman tells you to go away.)

> ask Tyrone about house. ask him about maid.

> nw.

👿 Meet dog. Explore road. Meet boys.

Gravel Driveway

> x dog. x collar. x leash.

> x doors. x house.

> n.

A Country Road (by sign)

> x sign. ("Eternal Springs", was "Bye Bayou")

> x bushes. w.

A Country Road (by barrel)

You need the screwdriver to open this barrel. Tar can help you with two problems in this game (see figurines and mask), but this walkthrough will try to avoid using the tar.

> x barrel. (has lid, smells of tar)

> w.

A Country Road (by gap)

> x gap. x possum. x flies.

> w.

By a Farm

> x gate. x pigs. x boys.

> ask boys about themselves. (They show you a compass.)

> ask boys about compass.

> ask boys about resort.

> e. e. e. e.

A Country Road (by walk)

> x roof. x pole. climb pole. (can't)

> e.

The End of the Road

> x bayou.

> w. s.

👿 Meet Honey. Get her key. Explore her cabin. Get jacket, lotion, pill. Give lotion to Honey.

On the Lawn

Honey Hartwell greets you when you arrive here.

> x Honey. x longue. x magazine.

> x straw purse. (see an ugly figurine)

After four turns with Honey, she gives you her cabin key and asks you to fetch her sunblock from Cabin One.

> s.

The North End of the Croquet Court

> x key. unlock cabin one with key. e.

Cabin One

> x clothing. x magazines. x dresser.

> open top. x jacket. take it. wear it.

> x jacket. put jacket in sack.

> s. (Nothing in closet.)

> e.

Bathroom (of cabin one)

> open mirror. x lotion. x bottle.

> put bottle in sack. take lotion.

> w. w. n.

On the Lawn

> give lotion to Honey.

> ask Honey about herself. ask Honey about Tyrone.

> ask Honey about resort. ask Honey about picnic.

> ask Honey about Beauregard. ask Honey about aunt.

> ask Honey about Rev. ask Honey about ghost.

> x porch. x railing. x wasps.

> x hedge. x flowers. smell flowers.

> w.

👿 Meet Beauregard Phelps.

On the Porch

> x Phelps. x couch. x front door.

> greet Phelps. ask him about picnic.

> ask him about himself. ask him about resort.

> ask him about swamp. ask him about boat shed.

> ask him about Honey. ask him about wasps.

> ask him about Tyrone. ask him about dog.

> w. (Phelps stops you and plies you with his own questions. Eventually you escape to...)

On the Lawn

> sw.

👿 Talk to Tyrone again. Get rid of Bailey.

In Front of a Shack

> ask Tyrone about boys. ask him about Honey.

> ask him about dog. ask him about incinerator.

> nw. n. w. w.

A Country Road (at gap)

> take possum with shovel. e. e. s.

Gravel Driveway

> give possum to dog. pet dog.

> unclip leash. tell dog about rabbits. (He's gone!)

> open doors. e.

👿 Explore cellar. Get locket, photos.


> x workbench. x vise. x rafters. x windows.

> u.

The Top of the Stairs

> open door. (locked)

> d.


> turn on flashlight. e.

Deeper in the Cellar

> x clutter. x trunk. open it. (locked)

> straighten hoop. unlock trunk with hoop.

> open trunk. (Ghost briefly visits.)

> take all from trunk.

> s.

In a Low Tunnel

> x dirt. x beams. s.

Below the Trapdoor

> open trapdoor. (can't: Something's in the way.)

> n. n. w.


> turn off flashlight.

> x locket. open it. x snapshot. x photos.

> put all in sack.

> w. se. s. s. e. e.

👿 Show locket to ghost. Examine carvings.

A Meadow

IMPORTANT: The locket must be open when you show it to the ghost.

> show locket to ghost. (She speaks!)

> ask her about herself. (Her name is Lydia.)

> ask her about Jake. show photos to her.

> ask her about Phelps. ask her about demon.

> ask her about altar. ask her about swamp.

> ask her about map. ask her about boats.

> ask her about resort. ask her about picnic.

> ask her about Tyrone. ask her about locket.

> ask her about heart.

> x carvings. (Depicts two kneeling figures in headdresses, four nude girls on a ramp, and a monster.)

> put all in sack.

> w. w. n. n. nw.

👿 Find SUV. Ask Tyrone about it.

Gravel Driveway

> x SUV. open SUV. (locked)

> se.

In Front of a Shack

> ask Tyrone about SUV. (New guy in Cabin Six.)

> e. s. s. w.

👿 Meet Hank. Witness his murder. Get his map from the incinerator.

Cabin Six

> x Hank. ask Hank about resort.

> ask Hank about SUV. ask Hank about himself.

He's here for a private transaction in the swamp. He shows you a map. Then he hides you in the closet just before Reverend Gillespie and another man enter the cabin and kill him. Then they take the body and his things away.

After you hear the motorboat leave, you emerge from the closet.

> x puddle. e. s.

The Shore of the Swamp

You see an apparition of the swamp monster.

> look. (You see smoke behind the western cabins.)

> fill bucket.

> w. n.

Behind the Cabins

> pour water in incinerator.

> search ashes. (Got the map! But...)

> x map. (...the lines on it are squirming.)

> n.

👿 Enter the house. Unlock pantry door.

In Front of a Shack

Note: Tyrone isn't here.

> knock on back door. (Luisa says you can enter now.)

> n.


> x Luisa. x peas. x stove. x kettle.

> x table. x sink. x fridge. x cupboard.

> open cupboard. (Luisa stops you. You can't handle any kitchen stuff while she's here.)

> ask Luisa about herself. ask her about house.

> ask her about Phelps. ask her about picnic.

> ask her about resort. ask her about Tyrone.

> ask her about swamp. ask her about ghost.

> n.


> x door. unlock it.

> x onions. x shelves. search shelves.

> x hatch. open it. (can't: shelves in the way)

> move shelves. (can't: Luisa is watching you)

> s. e.

👿 Get bracelet, poker, tongs, sketchbook, Carr book.

Dining Room

> x table. x chairs. x bracelet.

> put bracelet in sack.

> n.

Entry Hall

> x clock. x table. x telephone.

> take handset. call 911. hang up.

> n.

Living Room

> x furniture. x fireplace. x poker. x tongs.

> put poker and tongs in sack.

> x books. x Carr. read it. put it in sack.

> x large book. read it. (Note the name IXTLOC goes with the altar's carving.)

> put large book in sack.

> s. w.


> x papers. x desk. x window. x table.

> x device. x mirrors. x platform. turn it.

> e. u.

👿 Meet crow, spider. Get key, mirror, fuse, scarf.

Upstairs Hall

> x wallpaper. x baseboard. x grime.

> n.

Dreary Bedroom

> x crow. x window. x bed.

> w.


> x metal door. open it. x spider. x web.

> kill spider. (can't: too nervous)

> e. s. s.

Abandoned Nursery

> x cradle. rock cradle. (find a grate)

> x grate. look through grate.

> x table. x merry. x base. x keyhole.

> x clown. x window.

> n. w.

West End of the Hall

> x ironing board. x window seat. open it.

> take all from it. x object. x brass key.

> x door. x peephole. s. (locked)

> unlock door with brass key. (no keyhole)

> n.


> x tub. x sink. x mirror. take it.

> s. u.


> x bed. x dresser. x doll. x blouse. x skirt.

> take skirt. open dresser.

> put all in sack.

> d. e. d. e. e. s.

👿 Get figurine from Cabin Four.

The North End of the Croquet Court

Cabin Four's door is open.

> w.

Cabin Four

The closet and bathroom currently have nothing of interest in them.

> x valise. x lock. ("ABACAB")

> set lock to IXTLOC. open valise.

> x figurine. take it. (can't: pain)

> take figurine with tongs. put it in sack.

> close valise. set lock to ABACAB.

> e. s.

👿 Get Reverend's figurine.

The Middle of the Croquet Court

Cabin Two's door is open.

> e.

Cabin Two

> x bible. read it. g. g.

> put bible on door bed.

> s. (Note the floorboard creaking.)

Closet (of cabin two)

> take floorboard. x black figurine. take it with tongs.

> put it in sack. put floorboard on hole.

> n. w. s.

👿 Meet David. Get his figurine.

The South End of the Croquet Court

> e.

Cabin Three

David, a man in a wheelchair, greets you.

Also, now that you have the figurines from Cabins Four and Two, you hear the motorboat return. Beauregard, the Reverend, Tyrone, and the guy in Cabin Four return to their former locations.

> ask David about himself. ask him about resort.

> ask him about picnic. ask him about altar.

> ask him about figurines. (He shows you his.)

> ask him for figurine.

> take white figurine with tongs. put it in sack.

> ask David about map. show map to David.

> ask him about Phelps. ask him about Tyrone.

> w. n. w.

👿 Get aunt's figurine, candle.

Cabin Five

> ask aunt about Carr.

> show Carr to aunt. (She takes it, puts something in the closet, then leaves.)

> w.

Bathroom (of cabin five)

> x candle. put it in sack.

> e. s.

Closet (of cabin five)

> open aunt suitcase. (locked)

> hit it with poker. open it.

> take red figurine with tongs. put it in sack.

> put tongs, map, poker in sack.

> n. e. n. n.

👿 Get Honey's figurine.

On the Lawn

> ask Honey about CDorask Honey about wasps.

> take yellow figurine with tongs. put it in sack.

> put tongs in sack.

If Honey is fetching you a CD, you should wait for it.

> z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z.

Honey returns, saying she forgot to pack the CDs.

> sw. nw. e.

👿 Destroy five figurines.


> u.

The Top of the Stairs

Because the figurines will go berserk if they see you destroying one of them, I'm going to drop the sack here, away from the vise.

Alternatively, you can roll the barrel of tar into the cellar, open the lid with the screwdriver, which you don't have yet, and make a puddle of tar to trap the figurines in when they start running around. I think my way is simpler.

> drop sack.

> take green figurine with tongs. d.


> put figurine in vise. close vise. u.

The Top of the Stairs

> take black figurine with tongs. d.


> put figurine in vise. close vise. u.

The Top of the Stairs

> take white figurine with tongs. d.


> put figurine in vise. close vise. u.

The Top of the Stairs

> take red figurine with tongs. d.


> put figurine in vise. close vise. u.

The Top of the Stairs

> take yellow figurine with tongs. d.


> put figurine in vise. close vise. u.

The Top of the Stairs

> take sack. e.

👿 Find dumbwaiter. Get screwdriver. Unscrew alcove grate. Get toast.


When the motorboat returned, Luisa stopped shelling peas in the kitchen and went upstairs to start ironing.

> move shelves. open hatch.

> enter cavity. (can't: holding large stuff)

> put tongs in sack. drop sack. in.

Curled Up in a Cramped Box

> x rope. x hook.

> pull rope. tie rope to hook. out.

Beauregard Phelps's Bedroom

> x bed. x dresser. x stuff. take screwdriver.

> look through peephole. (See Luisa ironing.)

> e.

In an Alcove

> x table. x dagger. x figurine. x grate.

> x slab. x carving.

> unscrew grate with screwdriver.

> take dagger. (It animates, and swoops at you!)

It'll go back on the table when you leave.

> w. in.

Curled Up in the Dumbwaiter

> untie rope. d. out.


> take sack. s.


> open oven. take toast. x it. close oven.

> e. n. u. n.

👿 Fix fuse. Unscrew nursery grate. Put poker in grate. Meet clown. Give jacket and scarf to him.

Dreary Bedroom

> open window. crumble toast. w.


> crumble toast. z. (The crow eats the spider and flies away.)

> move web. x circles. take dark fuse.

> x object. put new fuse in fuse box.

> e. s. s.

Abandoned Nursery

> unscrew grate with screwdriver.

> put poker in grate.

> put brass key in keyhole. turn brass key.

> look. (The clown is rippling?)

> touch clown.

In a Confusing Place

> x clown. greet clown.

> ask clown about himself.

> give jacket to clown.

> give scarf to clown.

> ask clown about girl.

> z. (You return to the nursery when the merry-go-round music stops and not before.)

Abandoned Nursery

> n. d. w.

👿 Power up the bracelet. Kayo dagger.


> put mirror in clip.

> put bracelet on platform.

> turn arrow to sun.

> put all in sack.

> e. s. w. n.


Don't forget the locket!

> wear bracelet and locket. drop sack. in.

Curled Up in the Dumbwaiter

> u. tie rope to hook. out. e.

In an Alcove

CAUTION: You can only attack the dagger when it's inanimate. You have no need of the dagger, but I want to try to get rid of it, somehow.

> hit dagger with poker. take dagger.

> put poker in grate.

NOTE: You must be wearing the charged bracelet to open the slab.

> touch carving. (The slab opens.)

> e.

👿 Visit other world. Get fruit, ruby, mat, skeleton.

The Room of Seven Doors

> x southwest slab. e.

At the Foot of a Silver Bridge

> x bridge. x chasm. e. (The bridge evaporates behind you.)

Opposite the Doorway

> s.

Overlooking the Guard Room

> x men. n. e.

At the Foot of a Narrow Stairway

This is the beginning of the Red Figures Maze shown on map 5. You may want to save here now and again after you solve it.

> n. w.

A Dead End (figure A)

> x figure. turn it.

> e. s. e. e.

A Dead End (figure B)

> x figure. turn it.

> w. w. n. e. e. n. w.

A Dead End (figure C)

> x figure. turn it.

> e. s. w. w. n.

A Dead End (figure D)

> x figure. turn it.

> s. e. e. s. e.

A Dead End (figure E)

> x figure. turn it.

> w. n. n. e.

Throne Room

> x throne. sit on it.

> x frieze. (Left to right: jaguar, sun, snake, dagger, jug.)

> stand.

I guess I'll drop the dagger here. Who's gonna look here for it?

> drop dagger.

> w. w.

A Dead End (figure C)

> turn figure. e. s. s. e.

A Dead End (figure E)

> turn figure. w. n. w. w. s.

At the Foot of a Narrow Stairway

> w. n.

At a T-Shaped Junction

> x door. n.

A Sumptuously Decorated Chamber

> x mats. x cabinet. x circle.

The trick here is to reverse the frieze's glyphs, guessing that they were written from right to left.

> turn circle to jug. turn it to dagger.

> turn it to snake. turn it to sun.

> turn it to jaguar. open cabinet.

CAUTION: You must be wearing both the helmet and cape before you can safely take the staff.

> x helmet. wear it.

> x cape. wear it.

> x staff. take it.

> s. s.

Opposite the Doorway

> wave staff. (The bridge returns!)

> n. n.

A Sumptuously Decorated Chamber

> put staff in cabinet. take mat. x it.

> n.

On a Narrow Balcony

> x trees. x pillars. d.

A Tropical Garden

> x fruit tree. shake it.

> take fruit. x it.

> u. s. s. e.

Wide Courtyard

> x monkey. give fruit to monkey. (New friend!)

> x pool. x benches.

> n. (The monkey follows you.)


NOTE: You can't pass by the statue unless you're wearing both the helmet and cape.

> x pillars. x statue. x cube.

> n. n.

The Threshold of the Room of Sand

NOTE: You must have the locket here, or Lydia's jewel won't pulse distinctly.

> x sand. x scorpions. x pedestals. x jewels.

> x jewel.

> point to jewel. (The monkey fetches it for you.)

Several turns after this deed, the monkey will get bored and leave you, but it's difficult to predict when exactly.

> s. s. s. e.

At the Top of a Broad Stairway

> x people. x hovels.

> w. s.

A Room of Bones

CAUTION: Be very careful not to handle the skeleton more than necessary. If it falls apart, you've made the game unwinnable.

> x bones. x skeleton.

> drop mat. put skeleton on mat.

> roll mat. take mat.

> n. w. n.

A Sumptuously Decorated Chamber

You won't take the helmet and cape back to Eternal Springs with you, so I suggest leaving them where you found them.

> put helmet in cabinet.

> drop mat. put cape in cabinet. take mat.

> s. s. w. w.

The Room of Seven Doors

> touch southwest slab. sw.

👿 Give heart to Lydia.

In an Alcove

The rolled mat won't go through the grate or down the dumbwaiter. You'll need to get it through the bedroom door, but not now.

> drop mat. w.

Beauregard Phelps's Bedroom

CAUTION: DON'T open the door! Just unlock it.

> unlock door. look through peephole.

> unlock door.

> in.

Curled Up in the Dumbwaiter

> untie rope. d. out.


> take sack.

> put ruby, bracelet, locket in sack.

> s. s. s. s. e. e.

A Meadow

> give ruby to Lydia. (She's restored to life!)

She's going to hide; say "Olly olly oxen free" to call her. She also tells you to get a map, compass, and the key to the boat shed so you can both escape.

> w. w. nw.

👿 Get fishing rod, hook. Make cocoa with pill. Give cocoa to Beauregard. Get key to boat shed.

A Garden of Junk

> unscrew mesh with screwdriver. in.

In the Shack

The mask is a voodoo alarm. It will howl if it sees you taking anything. So you need to blind it first. One way of blinding it is with tar; you'd need the glass and spoon from the kitchen to do that. But the candle method is simpler.

> x mask. x eyes.

> squeeze candle. put wax on eyes.

> x table. x pole. take it.

> look under bed. open box. tie line to hook.

> put pole, box, screwdriver in sack.

> s. ne. n.


> fill kettle. put it on stove. turn on stove.

> open cupboard. take all from it.

> open envelope. pour mix in mug.

> take kettle. pour water in mug.

> turn off stove. put kettle on stove.

> open pill bottle. put pill in mug.

> put glass, bottle, spoon, envelope in sack.

> e. n. e.

On the Porch

> give mug to Phelps. (He accepts it.)

> e. nw.

A Weedy Flower-Bed

You can see Phelps snoring from here.

> take pole. fish. (You have the key!)

> put all in sack.

> se. sw. n. e. n. u. w.

👿 Distract Luisa. Get Beauregard's figurine and mat.

West End of the Hall

CAUTION: Make sure you unlocked the bedroom door and neutralized the dagger earlier and that you have the tongs and sack with you. You're going to get rid of Luisa briefly, go through the door, grab the purple-eyed figurine and the rolled mat, get back out and re-close the door before Luisa returns.

There's two ways to move Luisa. You can break an egg from the fridge in the kitchen and tell her about the egg. She'll leave to clean up your mess.

The other way is to ask some uncomfortable questions about the doll, which is simpler, so that's the way this walkthrough will do it.

> ask Luisa about doll. ask her about clown.

> ask her about Jessie. (Luisa leaves to cry in the attic.)

> s. e.

In an Alcove

> take figurine with tongs. put it in sack.

> take mat. w. n.

West End of the Hall

> close door. e. s.

👿 Give skeleton to clown. Get coin.

Abandoned Nursery

> put poker in sack. (You're not done with it!)

> turn brass key. touch clown.

In a Confusing Place

> drop mat. unroll it.

> give skeleton to clown. (Get a coin.)

Abandoned Nursery

> x coin. put it in sack.

> n. d. s. w. n. w.

The Top of the Stairs

> close door. d.

👿 Destroy Beauregard's figurine.


> take figurine with tongs. put it in vise.

> close vise. x map. (It's now readable.)

> w. n. w. w. w.

👿 Get compass.

By a Farm

> show coin to boys. (You trade it for the compass.)

> x compass. put all in sack.

> e. e. e. s. se. s. s. e. e.

👿 Reunite with Lydia. Go to boat shed. Learn about pouch.

A Meadow

> olly olly oxen free. (Lydia returns.)

> show map to Lydia.

> show compass to Lydia.

> show shiny key to her.

> w. w.

In Front of the Boat Shed

> unlock door with shiny key. s.

In the Boat Shed

> x rowboat. x motorboat.

> s. (A horrible illusion stops you.)

Lydia now tells you that she hid a pouch of leaves in a cranny in the cellar and that eating a leaf makes these visions stop. So now you need to find that pouch.

> n. n.

Behind the Cabins

> n. (can't: Rev, your aunt, and armed men are there. They must be looking for you.)

> u. e. e. s.

👿 Get laptop. Get pouch. Traverse brambles. Get rubber hose.

Closet (of Cabin Four)

> take laptop. n.

Cabin Four

> move bed. open trapdoor. d.

Below the Trapdoor

> turn on flashlight. (It's dead.)

> open laptop. turn it on. (It glows blue.)

> close trapdoor. n. n.

Deeper in the Cellar

You must be in the spooky hole when searching it to find the pouch.

> search clutter. enter hole.

> search hole. x pouch.

> out. s. s.

Below the Trapdoor

> u. (You hear voices up there!)

> n. n. w. u.

The Top of the Stairs

> e. (Voices, including Honey's, are on the other side. You can't go through the house now.)

> d. w.

Gravel Driveway

It's not safe to head south.

> n. w. w.

A Country Road (at gap)

You're finally willing and able to enter the thicket.

> s.

A Thicket of Brambles (several locations)

For this maze, the simplest way through it is to go west five times, then east. Assuming that I understand it, that is. The letters formed are randomly chosen.

> move twigs. (They form a letter, like K.)

> w. move twigs. (They form another letter, like L.)

> w. move twigs. (Yet another letter, like H.)

> w. move twigs. (Another letter, like C.)

> w. move twigs. (Another letter, like A.)

> w. (back at the previous letter, like A.)

> e.

A Garden of Junk

> search junk. take hose.

> se. s.

👿 Give leaf. Eat leaf. Siphon gas tank. Open boat door. Escape.

In the Boat Shed

CAUTION: If you dare try to leave without giving Lydia a leaf, she'll scream and alert the others where you are.

> open pouch. give leaf to Lydia. eat leaf.

Lydia warns you that the motorboat must be disabled somehow.

> s. e.

In the Boat Shed (standing in the power boat)

> x power boat. x controls. x motor.

> open gas cap. put hose in pipe.

> suck hose. (The gas tank should be empty now.)

> w. n. sw.

In the Boat Shed (standing on the catwalk)

> x mechanism. x tab. (has a hole)

> put poker in tab.

> turn tab. (The big door is open!)

> ne. s. w.

In the Boat Shed (in the rowboat)

> put oars in oarlock.

> row rowboat.

Taking turns, and using the map, you row to a public boat landing, where you tell a sheriff how you were kidnapped and threatened by cultists. He believes you. You're safe.

*** You and Lydia are free to live out your lives. ***



The people
The animals
Supernatural characters
Mentioned characters


The response to CREDITS is very brief:

Lydia’s Heart by Jim Aikin

The response to ABOUT is:

Lydia’s Heart was developed between September 2006 and August 2007. The amazing graphic image (not viewable in some Macintosh interpreters, sad to say) was created by Tim Simmons.

Version 1 of this story, which was entitled Last Resort, was written in Inform 6. It was materially improved by the suggestions of numerous beta-testers, especially David Jones and Radical Al. It’s available from the Interactive Fiction Archive, in the games/glulx directory. Lydia’s Heart is, in effect, version 2.0 of Last Resort, but I changed the title. The pun just didn’t wear well.

Lydia’s Heart was written in TADS 3. TADS (The Adventure Development System) is a freeware programming language specifically for interactive fiction. It was developed and is maintained by Mike Roberts. Beta-testers for version 2 included Radical Al, Lorne Benore, Greg Boettcher, Kathleen Fischer, Harry Giles, Jeff Liu, Marius Müller, Aaron Reed, Paul Sheckarski, and Chih-Wei Wang. Thanks also to Eric Eve, Dan Shiovitz, Krister Fundin, Steve Breslin, and other TADS experts who gave generously of their time in order to answer my many questions, and especially to Emily Short for some great suggestions about how Last Resort could have been better.

If you should spot any bugs in Lydia’s Heart, I’d appreciate it (and other players would too!) if you’d report them to me. Using copy-and-paste, copy the last hundred lines or so of your gameplay, up to and including the buggy output, to a text file. Email the file to me (either as an attachment or in the message body) at email redacted or email redacted. Important: Please be sure to give your email a subject line that includes the words “Lydia’s Heart.” If you use a vague subject line like “Big Problem,” there’s a good chance I’ll think the message is spam and delete it without reading it.

Lydia’s Heart is dedicated to Jan A., in memory of the many happy hours we spent doing puzzles together.

Also, if you READ LABEL of the sequined jacket, the game says:

In a tiny, flowery script that looks hand-stitched (in glossy pink thread, naturally), the label says, "Another fine item of personal adornment from the Garmenteria d'Frobozz. Post-release bugs found and reported by Daphne Brinkerhoff, David Silberman, and Arnel Legaspi."


Also, you have made the game unwinnable...

There may well be other ways to lose the game that I missed.



You can't touch the figurines directly; take them with the tongs or shovel. Put them into the sack or your suitcase for carrying elsewhere. Take each figurine to the cellar, put it in the vise and close the vise, crushing the figurine into powder. When all six figurines are destroyed, the map becomes readable.

CAUTION: If a figurine sees another figurine getting destroyed, it will animate, frightened, and run around the cellar. To catch them, push the barrel of tar into the cellar and pry it open with the screwdriver. The figurines will get trapped by the puddle of tar and you can take them again.

Food and Drink-related items

Note that you can't open the kitchen cupboard, oven, or fridge until Luisa has gone upstairs.

Paper goods
Other items


The response to SCORE is:

You have thus far performed number-of-completed-tasks of the 70-odd significant actions you can take to move the story forward. (For a list of the tasks you have accomplished, type ‘full score’.)

The response to FULL SCORE is:

You have moved the story forward by:

Note that your accomplishments will be listed in the order you achieve them, not necessarily in the order listed here.

I found 62 accomplishments. Are there any more that I missed?


Time in this game advances in response to completing scorable tasks. Significant events enacted by others, including Hank Slocum's murder, do not advance the time.

Your character, Diane, don't have a watch or cell phone, but she can estimate the time by using the TIME command. Estimated time roughly advances 15 minutes with every four scorable tasks that you complete. It's not exactly that, though. A more specific time is available if you examine the grandfather clock in the entrance hall.

Without access to the source code, my best guess on how game time actually works is that three out of every four tasks take four minutes of game time, and one out of every four tasks take three minutes each, and the estimated time is the real game time rounded down to the nearest fifteen minutes.

The game begins at 2:30 in the afternoon. Aunt Caroline wants you to return to the cabin by 6:30 to get ready for the "sunset picnic". But by the time 6:30 comes, you're hiding from everyone but Lydia as they search for you.

Hank's arrival in Cabin Six, and his SUV arriving in Gravel Driveway, is triggered by you showing the open locket to the ghost. This is also when Lydia starts talking to you and can tell you that you need a map.

Hank is murdered when you ask him about himself. Several other events happen immediately afterwards:

A few turns after you obtain both the figurines from Cabins Two and Four, and you're no longer near those cabins, the van, the porch, or the boat shed, you hear the motorboat return.

When Lydia enters the boat shed, the endgame begins. Most travel routes are now blocked by searchers and your only way into the cellars is via the trapdoor in Cabin Four.

When you obtain the pouch, the trapdoor is also blocked, but you may now enter the thicket from the country road.

Leaving the thicket maze is the earliest time you can find the rubber hose in the garden of junk.

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