Key & Compass presents:
by Peregrine Wade

Low is a Glulx interactive fiction story written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Peregrine Wade. It was an entry in La Petite Mort division of the Ectocomp 2016 event where it took 2nd place.

You play as someone driving a car on a lonely highway, late at night under a full moon. You're so tired. Your arm tingles and there's blood on your sleeve from ... you don't want to think about it. Then you look in the rear-view mirror. They're following you.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.


OutsideGasStation GasStation Road Car Car Car Forest OutsideCabin n out no (any) in yes out


You have eight turns to do whatever you like. For example:

> x me. i. x bag. x highway. x sleeve.

> listen to radio. x mirror.

> open glove compartment.

A smaller road forks off to the right. Risk it?

yes or no.> nooryes

Please press SPACE.

Stay on the highway

After three turns, you'll run out of gas and can leave the car.

> x map. x highway. x mirror.

> take bag. take map. look.

> out.


> x car. n. in.

Gas Station

You have two turns inside the station before there's an interruption.

> x guy. buy fuel.

A big furry creature smashes in. The guy runs off.

> x creature. (Sense of deja vu)

> hit creature.

*** You have died ***

> undo

> give bag to creature.

You become the creature's twin and find peace.

*** You have won ***

Although it's strongly implied you're a werewolf, the game never comes right out and says so.

> undo

> x creature. x eyes. talk to creature.

> kiss creature. (You transform.)

*** You have won ***

Turn onto the smaller road


> x map. x road. listen to radio.

You almost run over a rabbit.

> z. z. (A moose steps onto the road.)

> x moose. (You crash.)

*** You have died ***

> undo

> stop. x moose. (It's gone.)

If there's a way to restart the car, I couldn't guess the syntax.

> out.


> n. (or any other compass direction.)

Outside Cabin

You automatically knock on the door.

> x cabin. z.

The door opens and a gun is pointed at you.

> look.

> tell hunter about me. (He wants you to leave or else.)

> z. (They're here.)

> look. (Hunter and wolves. Who can you trust?)

> x wolves. (Hunter shoots you. "You must be one of them!")

*** You have died ***

> undo

> attack hunter.

*** You have won -- but at what price? ***




From the response to CREDITS:

This game was written for Ectocomp 2016. Felix Plesoianu kindly betatested it for me (thanks again, Felix!)



Of all your possible inventory, only the brown paper bag is of any use to you.

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