Key & Compass presents:
Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl
by Bitter Karella

Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by Bitter Karella. It was an entry in IF Comp 2020 where it took 35th place.

In this humorous game, you play as Trixie, the lovely assistant to Mugwort the Magician, the famous illusionist and occasional superhero! When his third-string nemesis, The Skeptical Rationalist, kidnaps Mugwort, it'll be up to you, dear Trixie, to follow the villain's torturously logical clues and rescue Mugwort.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Upper levels

climbladder Mugwort'sroom observ-atory widow'swalk Yourbedroom hallway study dovecote bathroom u d climb downrope u d atrium

Map 2: Lower levels

d d d hallway u u enter openbookshelf u hedgemaze lawn garden pyramid winecellar atrium kitchen diningroom gallery library laboratory parlour billiardsroom conserv-atory grotto basement



> help. (Many nonstandard commands in this game.)

Let's look around a bit.

> x me. i. x gown.

> x Mugwort. x tuxedo. x handkerchief.

> x portraits. x photos. x fireplace. x desk. x drawer.

> x telephone. x cabinet. x dove.

> talk to Mugwort.

When you take the dove, the phone rings.

> take dove. answer phone.

The President calls with an emergency: he wants Mugwort to go come to the White House for his son Kenny's birthday party. Mugwort asks you to fetch his staff.

> i. x key. unlock drawer with key. open drawer.

> x staff. give staff to Mugwort.

Mugwort unexpectedly disappears!

> look. x note.

The Skeptical Rationalist has kidnapped Mugwort. He will allow you to try to rescue him, however. His note emphasizes MOON, STARCHILD, and SCOPE.

> open cabinet. (It's locked.)

> take handkerchief. (It's an endless rope; you'll need to cut it.)

> w.


> x paintings. x iron door. (to Mugwort's bedroom.)

> u.


> x chalkboard. ("MOON 7 PM!!! CANALS VISIBLE???")

> x telescope.

The note was hinting about this telescope, but how do you use it?

> d. d.


> x stand. x rack.

> n.


> x grass. x sundial. (gnomon turned to 5)

> turn gnomon to 7.

That did something. Head back to the telescope:

> s. u. u.


> x telescope.

You see the beginning of a message addressed to you carved into the moon. Go back and forth between the sundial and telescope to read the entire message.

> d. d. n.


> turn gnomon to 8. s. u. u.


> x telescope. d. d. n.


> turn gnomon to 9. s. u. u.


> x telescope. d. d. n.


> turn gnomon to 10. s. u. u.


> x telescope. d. d. n.


> turn gnomon to 11. s. u. u.


> x telescope. d. d. n.


> turn gnomon to 12. s. u. u.


> x telescope. (That's the end of the message.)

You're looking for a bookshelf next. But you'll want to do quite a few other things first.

> e.

widow's walk

You'll need a ladder or rope to reach the structure.

> x fence. x structure. (for the doves)

> w. d. w.

Your bedroom

> x saw. take it. x ball. (You may ask the ball about topics.)

> x bed. x beanbags. x posters.

> e. s.


> x cabinet. (Can be DISASSEMBLED into thirds.)

> disassemble cabinet. (No reason to if no one's inside.)

> x sink. x statue. x trident. x bathtub.

> x floor.

> saw floor with saw. (The zigzag cabinet falls down the new hole.)

> drop saw.

> n. d. s.


The zigzag cabinet fell to here.

> x robot. talk to robot. (He doesn't chat very well.)

> x arms. x eyes. x portraits.

> put robot in cabinet. disassemble cabinet.

There's now three compartments: top, middle, and bottom.

> open middle. x torso. take torso.

> e.


> x grimoire. take it. (You need extendible arms.)

> x table. x books. x hamsas. x nazars.

> x bookshelf. (has an empty slot)

Well, let's get that grimoire:

> extend arms. (You acquire a grimoire.)

> x grimoire. put grimoire in bookshelf.

A secret room has been revealed.

> drop torso. enter bookshelf.


> x ladders. x globe. take globe.

> s.


> x tub. x worms. x foxglove. x fly agaric. (It's a toadstool.)

> take worms. take fly agaric.

> n. w. w. s.


> x zabutons. x Grimalkin. (cat on the kotatsu)

> x kotatsu. (has heating element; can be turned on or off)

> x hat. take hat. (Grimalkin growls at you.)

> turn off kotatsu. (Grimalkin wanders off.)

> take hat. pull rabbit from hat.

Since you don't need a rabbit, you put it back into the hat.

> n. n. n. w.

hedge maze

> x hedges. x Chuckles. talk to Chuckles.

> x hedgeclippers. take hedgeclippers. (Chuckles stops you.)

> e. e.


> x ziggurat. x sphinx. talk to sphinx. (wants something Egyptian)

> x vegetables. x flowers.

> pull rabbit from hat.

You produce several rabbits to eat the garden veggies, and Chuckles runs here to protect them. (The top hat has vanished.)

> w. w.

hedge maze

> take hedgeclippers.

> e. s. u. e.


> cut coil. (with hedgeclippers; you now have a rope.)

> w. u. e.

widow's walk

> tie rope to fence. climb down rope.


> x dish. x birdhouse. x doves. x rod.

> take rod. (The doves peck you.)

> put worms in dish.

The birds fly into the next clue, hinting at a wine cellar.

> take rod. x wand.

> climb ladder. w. d. d. s. w.

dining room

> x suit. wear suit. (You get its helmet.)

> x helmet.

> x vent. (see a silver key just out of reach.)

You must use the globe's full name for this command:

> hold plasma globe over vent. (You get the key.)

> x silver key. x table.

> w.


> talk to Boffo.

You tell him about the kidnapping, but he manages to convey, without speaking, that this quest must be undertaken by you alone so you may graduate from magician's assistant to magician's partner.

> x knife. x island. x fridge. x pot.

> x cookbook. (Open to the Coq au Vin recipe.)

> open fridge. x garlic. take garlic. close fridge.

To help Boffo cook, put ingredients into the pot.

> put garlic in pot. put mushroom in pot. x chicken.

> e. e. n. u.


> unlock iron door with silver key.

> n.

Mugwort's room

> x curtains. x bed. x guillotine. x drill.

> take drill. (Too large.)

> put drill in guillotine. (You chop the drill bit off.)

> take bit. x it.

> s. d. d.

wine cellar

> x barrels. x hogshead. take it. (no)

> drill hogshead with bit.

> pour hogshead in helmet. (filling it with wine)

> u. s. w. w.


> put wine in pot. (Boffo hands you a plate.)

> i. x coq.

> e. e. e. s.

billiards room

> x trapdoor. open it. (locked)

> x mandalas. x animal. x table. x balls. (no pool cue)

> hit balls with wand. (The trapdoor is now open.)

> d.


> x Giggles. give coq to Giggles.

She sings the last clue, and several stalactites fall.

> x stalactites. x stage. x boats.

> s.


> x columns. x torches. x sconces.

> x ushabti. (looks like a tiny sarcophagus)

> take it.

> n. u. n. w.


> open top. take head. x head. (It can SOLDER and UNSOLDER things.)

> n. n. e.


> give ushabti to sphinx. (The ziggurat's door opens.)

> e.


> x statues. (Anubis, Thoth, Bast, and Sobek.)

> x sarcophagus. (Soldered shut and has air holes. Someone's in there!)

> x hieroglyphics.

> unsolder sarcophagus with robot head.

You free Mugwort and you both race to Kenny's birthday party.

*** The End ***



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First scene
Opening the bookcase
Getting to the dovecote
Getting wine
Cooking coq au vin
Opening the trapdoor
Rescuing Mugwort

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