Key & Compass presents:
The Little Match Girl against the Universal Sisterhood of Naughty Little Girls
by Ryan Veeder

The Little Match Girl against the Universal Sisterhood of Naughty Little Girls is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2023 by Ryan Veeder (as "Hans Christian Andersen"). This game takes place soon after The Little Match Girl 4: Crown of Pearls.

In this game, you play as Ebenezabeth Scrooge, a young woman whose primary talent is to travel to other times and places by looking at fires. But hush. Concentrating, filling your revolver with fire, you shoot a blast of hot radiance at a scarecrow. In its straw head, a splinter of the hated Mirror of Belial is destroyed, but the scarecrow itself is unharmed. "Well done!" cries Hrieman the crow, who doesn't mind the rain at all. "But how do you know the Universal Sisterhood of Naughty Little Girls is responsible?"

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: London (1848)

FloridaKeys BackGarden Neoant-arctica Bedroom Sitting-Room Basement SatisHouse LimeStreet Newark Alley talk to Papa x fire wake d d x candle wake u u x lamp wake

Map 2: Neoantarctica (2106)

Sanctuary TrinityNeopres-byterian Narthex Office ReynoldsStreet BusStation Sitting-Room wake x fire

Map 3: Florida Keys (1734)

pirateship seenhere Beach Beach Beach Beach Camp Beach campfire egret Beach Beach Beach Bedroom wake x candle

Map 4: Newark (2003)

LimeStreet padlock Platform Platform Water-front patch Platform Tunnel Tunnel Station14+05 graffito Platform Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel SewerTunnel Platform Platform Brittany in out d x lamp wake u (toriver)

Map 5: Satis House, then Whyteleafe Caverns (1946)

Hallway EastWing Board-room Open Air Parlor DustyRoom VentilationShaft SatisHouse VentilationShaft Under-groundLake VentilationShaft Grate Sitting-Room Pipe u enter vent in d d u d d swim upwaterfall out u talkto Papa u d out u d (anyaction)

NOTE: Papa doesn't have Estella's message until after you free Estella, Karen, Eirene, and Puss from their shards. Only then will talking to Papa continue the game at Satis House.


Note the new verbs: SCAN, TRANSFORM, and FOCUS.

The game begins with Ebenezabeth — formerly the Little Match Girl from Copenhagen and now the adopted daughter of Ebeneezer Scrooge — shooting a holy fireball at a scarecrow. The scarecrow is unharmed, but the splinter of the Mirror of Belial that was hidden within it has melted away. Hrieman the crow is pleased.

Seriously, this makes a lot more sense if you've played previous games in the Little Match Girl series.

Back GardenLondon - 1848

> x me. i. x revolver.

> x scarecrow. search it.

> x crow. x buildings. x rain.

> talk to crow. g. g. g.

Ebenezabeth suspects the Sisterhood have access to all the Snow Queen's work, and that's the only place she knows of with so many mirror shards. Their motive is unclear.

> in.


Papa mentions Puss got into the basement, but ignore Puss and the basement for now.

> x Papa. x divan. talk to Papa.

> u.


> x bed. x desk. open drawer. x notebook. ("Gratitude Journal")

> open it. x compartment. x bar. (from Queen Victoria)

> x cage. x violin. play it.

> x pendant. take it. wear it.

> x key. take it.

> x lens. take it.

> x bracelet. (You don't need it.)

> d. s.

Lime Street

Someone fires a shot at you then runs southeast.

> se.


> x Estella. talk to Estella. g. g.

> focus. shoot Estella.

Normal again, Estella says she's been on her own for a while, then gives you a velvet capelet. It's enchanted to keep its wearer warm. Estella heads off, vowing to find information and report back to you.

> x cape. scan it. wear it.

> nw. n.


> x fire. (You travel to...)

Bus StationNeoantarctica - 2106

> x timetables. x benches. x windows. x doors.

> n. (locked)

> unlock doors with key. n.

Reynolds Street

> x station. x sidewalk.

> n.

Trinity Neopresbyterian

> read marquee. x lot. x sticker.

> x church. in.


> x calendar. x photo. (includes pengfolk)

> e.


> x pastor. x desk. x poster.

> talk to pastor. g. (They only want to watch Karen dance.)

> w. n.


> x Karen. scan Karen. (no: It doesn't scan inside churches.)

> focus. shoot Karen.

A shard flies from her shoes and disintegrates. Everyone regains their senses. Pastor Blake chides everyone and you grab the shoes. Karen leaves; everyone else meditates.

> x shoes. x people.

> wake.


> scan shoes. (cursed)

> u.


> x candle. (You travel to...)

Beach (south side)Florida Keys - 1734

> x sand. x sea. x jungle.

Let's first go clockwise around the island.

> w.

Beach (southwest side)

> x cookfire. scan it. (three or four days old)

> nw. ne.

Beach (northwest side)

> x trees. squeeze pendant. (You see a southeast path.)

> e. e.

Beach (northeast side)

> x ship. (It's leaning to one side.)

> scan ship. ("Castor")

> se. sw.

Beach (southeast side)

> x egret. scan egret.

Head back to that path you found on the northwest side and take it:

> w. w. nw. ne. se.


> x Eirene. (She currently has legs.)

> scan Eirene. (A mermaid, and there's a mirror shard on her somewhere.)

> talk to Eirene. (Her father is Poseidon.)

> focus.

> shoot Eirene. (denied: The pirates tackle you first.)

> x pirates. scan pirates.

> wear shoes. (You start dancing.)

> z. z. z. (They're all watching you and ignoring Eirene.)

> transform. (You become a mouse and the pirates flee.)

> transform. (You're human again.)

> focus. shoot Eirene.

The shard falls out of her eye and she's herself again. She gives you her sister's Eunoia's tail, before she runs off.

> x tail. scan tail. (You can wear it like socks?)

> take shoes.

> wake.

BedroomLondon - 1848

> d. s.

Lime Street

> x lamp.

WaterfrontNewark - 2003

> x route. x river. scan river.

> x building. x door. unlock door with key.

> in.

Station 14+05

> close door. lock it.

> x bucket. look in it.

> x calendar. (June)

> turn it to January.

> turn it to February.

Feel free to examine the rest of the calendar, if you wish, but we're moving on.

> d.

Darkness / Sewer Tunnel

> squeeze pendant.

> x Luke. x Amy.

> scan Luke. scan Amy. ("sewer warriors")

> talk to Amy. g. (Luke calls himself DireShadow now. You think Queen Brittany is being influenced against her will. Amy thinks you're just guessing.)

> talk to DireShadow. g. g. (Brittany went west with the gators and surfboard, but those walkways are underwater now.)

There's a few optional interesting things in the sewers, but let's go straight to Brittany instead:

> wear tail. w. w. w. s.

Platform (southwestern)

Brittany hugs you and you're forced to remove your tail. You try to tell Brittany she's being manipulated by the Sisterhood, but she's not buying it.

> scan Brittany. (shard confirmed)

> focus. shoot Brittany.

The shard melts out of her eye. She's sane again. She'll wait out the storm here with the gators, Kennedy and Mingus. She asks you to tell the kids that she's all right.

> x Mingus. x Kennedy.

> x surfboard.

It's difficult to figure out this next step. First, understand that the gators are really trying to tell you something, and not just smelling a chocolate bar that you may or may not be carrying.

Second, guess that you-as-a-mouse might be able to understand them with that universal language all animals share. Let's call it Zoolingua. All animals speak it, except for human animals, of course.

You know, I bet it happened on the Ark. The animals were all upset with humans causing the Flood, so they decided then and there they weren't gonna talk to us anymore. And now they can't. Except for Hrieman. And the sparrows in that other game. And... uh... you know what? I don't know how this works. Forget I said anything.

> transform. (You're now a mouse.)

> talk to Mingus. g.

> talk to Kennedy. (She teaches you how to RAGE.)

> rage.

> talk to Kennedy.

> transform.

> wear tail. n. e. e. e.

Sewer Tunnel

You automatically tell the kids that you convinced Brittany not to surf and she's waiting out the storm with the gators until it's safe to return.

> remove tail. wake.

Lime StreetLondon - 1848

> n. d.


> x clutter. x furniture. x shadows.

> scan clutter. (There's a mirror shard somewhere.)

> scan furniture. (The shard keeps moving.)

> scan shadows. (no help)

> transform. z. (Repeat waiting until...)

Puss appears and pounces! There's a mirror shard in her teeth.

> x shardorx Puss.

If you transform back into human right away, Puss flees back into the shadows. Instead, do that trick Kennedy taught you:

> rage.

The shard falls out of Puss's mouth, and then she scampers upstairs.

> x shard. transform.

> scan shard. take shard.

> u.


> show shard to Papa. (He puts it into a pocket to store safely later.)

Ebenezer has a message for you.

> talk to Papa.

Estella told him that Miss Havisham returned to old Satis House in Rochester, and she'll meet you there.

🌧️ 🌧️ 🌧️

Satis House

> x mansion. in.


The voice of Miss Havisham welcomes you and bids you come upstairs.

> x drapes. x cobwebs. x dust. x floor. x furniture.

Follow the voice:

> u. e. se.

Dusty Room

> x veilorscan Missor(any other action)

You briefly see a spider crawl over Miss Havisham's withered arm before Estella presses a rag over your mouth. You regain consciousness (which is not at all the same as waking up) in...

BoardroomWhyteleafe Caverns - 1946

First, there's a discussion. Estella thinks you should join them. You disagree.

> look. z. z. z.

Assess the situation.

> x threshold. scan it. (mirror shards stabilize the portal)

> x big board. x waterway. x dais.

> x table. x chasm. x rock.

> x girls. (which?)

> x Valerie. x Salome. x Miranda. x Anais.

> x Imelda. x Vera. x Estella.

> x Frances. x Marjorie. x Elizabeth.

Feel free to scan all these brats too, the scanner is awesome, but this walkthrough is moving on. Let's lose these little Liliths.

> transform. (Anais catches you.)

> rage. (Anais flings you to a grated air vent.)

> enter vent.

Ventilation Shaft (top end)

> d.

Ventilation Shaft (middle)

> d. (no, it's too cold)

> transform. (As a girl, the capelet keeps you warm.)

> d.

Darkness / Ventilation Shaft (bottom)

> squeeze pendant. (You see a circular hatch.)

> open hatch. (rushing water inside)

> wear tail. d.


> x turbines. scan turbines. (Hydroelectric station is down there.)

> u.


> x grate. unlock grate with key. u.

Underground Lake

You do remember how strong Eirene said Eunoia's tail is, yes? She flat out said you can swim up a waterfall with it on. It's not hyperbole.

> swim up waterfall. (You swim up to...)

Open Air

> focus. shoot threshold.

The portal is gone, and you wake up while falling...

Back home, everyone else sleeps while you happily take small bites from your chocolate bar.

*** The End ***



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