Key & Compass presents:
The Little Match Girl 4: Crown of Pearls
by Ryan Veeder

The Little Match Girl 4: Crown of Pearls is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2023 by Ryan Veeder (as "Hans Christian Andersen"). It was an entry in IF Comp 2023 where it took 3rd place.

It's December 1848. You play as Ebenezabeth Scrooge, the adopted daughter of Ebenezer Scrooge, and you travel through time and space whenever you look at fire. You're known as a time-traveling bounty hunter and vampire slayer; now Queen Victoria is your client. Find and deliver pearls to the Fairy Realm so their new prince may be crowned.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 (Serial number 230815) of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Penzance (1876) and Jerusalem Chamber (1848)

TrainStation House TownSquare(human) MuddyTrail CaveMouth Cave MineShaft Riverof Lava Shipwreck Beach PirateLair WindyPassage CursedCave Nursery SupplyShed Overlook anywhere JerusalemChamber Observ-ationLounge (wake or "die") x lamps x tree x lantern x lantern x lighthouse x lanthorn x fire * wake x fire x star x campfire x lantern

Map 2: The Fairy Realm (year unknown) and Copenhagen (1840)

Shipwreck Nursery Street Alley Shack x bonfire out out x lighthouse x lanthorn talk toSorrow in in

Map 3: Pilcrow, Arizona (1922)

Pool ofLava Church CottonStreet Grave-yard Bottom ofCanyon Cave HazelStreet TrainStation Canyon,West Side Canyon,East Side AssayOffice MineShaft Adit CaveMouth WindyPassage x bush x candle x lantern x lantern x campfire x lantern

Map 4: Montana (67,000,000 BC)

Lounge Church Mountain-side Pool ofLava LavaTube TownSquare(human) Forest Riverof Lava Fountain Lavafall Temple ofWellness Inside theTemple Construc-tion Site TownSquare(repton) Carnival Galley Chapel x hearth x field x torch x pilot x candle x bush x tree x lamps x bonfire x candle

Map 5: The Austrian Alps (1999)

Mountain-side(repton) Bed-chamber GreatHall Lounge Tower End of theHallway Dungeon Cave CastleWall Mountain-side RockyTrail Valley TownSquare(repton) Chapel x field x hearth x bonfire x candle

Map 6: HCS Damocles (4044)

Construc-tion Site Pantry Overlook Galley CorridorGamma CorridorBeta Captain'sStateroom LifeSupport SlimyCorridor Rec Room CorridorAlpha CryonicAccess Observ-ationLounge Bridge F A x torch x pilot x fire x star P S

Note: Use shipboard directions — fore (F), aft (A), port (P), and starboard (S or SB) — to move around in the spaceship.


(before the game proper)

> recap.

You are Ebenezebeth Scrooge, the adopted daughter of Ebenezer Scrooge. You travel through time and space whenever you look at fire. You're known as a time-traveling bounty hunter and vampire slayer.

It's now December 1848. Queen Victoria now has a job for you. It would be nice if someone would tell the player what that job is.

> start.


> x rain. x sand. x crab. x rocks. x sea. x path.

> x me. i. x sketch. x revolver.

> n.

Cave Mouth

CAUTION: Avoid examining the lantern for now. If you look at the lentern, you travel to a train station in Pilcrow, Arizona, 1922.

> x cliffs. x cleft. x sign.

> w.

Muddy Trail

> x marker. x snail. x village. x rocks.

> s.


The lighthouse here is the same as the one in your sketch.

> x ship. x planks. x beach. x sea. x rocks.

> x lighthouse. (You travel to...)

NurseryThe Fairy Realm

The older fairy asks if you've found any pearls.

> x Mab. x Iota. x cradle. x prince. x mist. x hilltop.

> talk to Mab. (Titania will arrive at moonrise to count the pearls.)

> talk to Iota.

Normally, you would look at the lanthorn to return to the shipwreck, but instead, let's try something else:

> wake.

Jerusalem ChamberLondon - 1848

You report your progress to Queen Victoria. In truth, you can play the entire game without ever coming here, but I've brought you here to establish the back story.

> x queen. talk to queen.

> x father. talk to father.

> x crow. talk to crow.

> x mantel. x tapestries.

> x left tapestry. (of Abraham and Isaac)

> x window.

> x right tapestry. (of Abraham and the Lord)

> x fire.

NurseryThe Fairy Realm

> x lanthorn. (You travel to...)

ShipwreckPenzance - 1876

> n. w.

Town Square

> x lamps. x home.

> n.


Don't bother taking the pole; you can't use it.

> x queen. x window. x man. x couch.

> x pole. x ceiling.

> wake man. talk to man.

He leaves to light the street lamps. Don't wait for him to return; he only finishes his job when you leave the house.

> s.

Town Square

The man finishes lighting the lamps and goes back inside his house.

> x lamps. (You travel to...)

River of LavaMontana - 67,000,000 BC

> x lava. n.

Lava Tube

> x raptor. x Repton.

> talk to Repton. ("Help me!")

> shoot raptor. (The raptor runs away. The Repton thanks you and introduces himself as Brish, the Geneshaman.)

> talk to Brish.

He gives you the ability to transform yourself.

> transform. x me. (You're a mouse!)

> transform. (You're human again.)

> talk to Brish. (He'll stay here and rest.)

> n.


CAUTION: Avoid looking at the field right away; that fire takes you to a lounge in the Austrian Alps, 1999.

> x volcano. x lava.

> e.

Pool of Lava

> x reptile. talk to it. (It's a Champsosaurus.)

> x pool. x bush. (You travel to...)

ChurchPilcrow, Arizona - 1922

> x footprints. x pews. x altar. x Bible.

> s.

Hazel Street

> x bottle. take it.

> x church. x station. x tracks. x buildings.

> e.

Train Station

CAUTION: Avoid looking at this cookfire just yet. This fire transports you the cave mouth in Penzance.

> x bench. x tent. x bedroll. x platform.

> n.

Cotton Street

> x guitar. look in it. x scorpion.

> x statue. x vines. x buildings. search them.

> e.


> x tombstone. (Loretta's ghost is there.)

> x ghost. talk to her. (thirsty)

> give bottle to her. (indicates grave)

> pour whiskey on grave. (better)

> talk to her. (She shows you how to shoot fire from your gun by focusing first.)

> focus. shoot horizon. talk to her.

> x fence. x tree. x markers. x horizon.

> s.

Canyon, West Side

CAUTION: The bridge is too unsafe to cross in human form.

> x roadrunner. x bridge. x canyon.

> transform. (now a mouse)

> e. e.

Assay Office

> x building. transform. (girl again)

> x rubble. search it. x ring. wear ring.

> s.


> take journal. x it. open it.

> read it. g. g. g. g. g.

The diary of Michael McKeever (the omniscent) tells you that, in the future, you'll help him defeat Xaos Maleficus (from another reality). Not in this game, though.

> w.

Mine Shaft

> x pit.

> x lantern. (You travel to...)

Windy PassagePenzance - 1876

> x barricade. read message. (grotto bears a CURSE)

> w.

Pirate Lair

When you enter, a maid quickly stuffs you into a shed.

Supply Shed

> x barrels. x wool. x cotton. x nails.

> x lockboxes. x rusty. x heavy.

> x crates. open tall. open small.

> x belt. x shirt. x eyepatch.

> x sun hat. x top hat. x floppy. x bonnet.

> x chests. open top drawer.

> x necklace. x paisley. x checked. x cream. x ribbon.

> open middle. x key. take it.

> open bottom. x doll. x shoe.

> unlock rusty. open it. x hair.

> unlock heavy. open it.

> x honey. x cinnamon. x garlic.

The only thing you really want from here is the key. However you also need to disguise yourself as a male pirate before you can leave.

First, do something with your hair. Either wear the ribbon, or the floppy hat, or any of the three scarves, or any combination of those, although you can only wear one scarf at a time.

Second, you must fake some sort of beard. To do that, wear honey then wear one of the cinnamon, garlic powder, wool, cotton, or hair.

Third, avoid anything inappropriate. Don't wear the puffy shirt, sun hat, floppy hat, bonnet, or necklace. You can take the necklace; just don't wear it.

The belt and eyepatch are completely optional. It's simpler to leave them here.

> wear floppy. wear honey. wear cinnamon.

> n.

Pirate Lair

Ruth introduces you as "Thurston". The Pirate King asks if you've had any experience in pillaging?

>> yesorno

Pirate King calls Frederic over, a young pirate in love with Ruth. Can you see what's going on?

>> yesorno

Frederic inspects you; he sees nothing wrong. You don't need to hang around here, but how often do you get to see pirates close up?

> x Ruth. talk to Ruth.

> x king. x Frederic. x pirates.

> e. s.


> x outcropping. x sea.

> x fire.

Observation LoungeHCS Damocles - 4044

CAUTION: Avoid looking at the star; it's the fire that takes you back to Overlook.

> x ship. (Grasping Thirst clan of space pirates)

> x window. x furniture.

While onboard the ship, use shipboard directions: fore (F), aft (A), port (P), and starboard (S).

> s.


> x pirate. (mesmerized by the hologram)

> x plaque. x hologram. x chair. x panels.

> talk to pirate. (His name is ਲ⋉⋉₶.)

> f.

Captain's Stateroom

> x pod. ("Captain Gerald Delezpo")

> x window. x planet. (Kepler-11c is gaseous with green rings)

> x table. x bowl. x goldfish.

> x desk. x computer. x paperwork.

> a. p. p.

Cryonic Access

While you can take the artwork, you don't need it.

> x artwork. x gate. ("TO CRYONIC DECK")

> unlock gate. (with skeletonic key)

CAREFUL: There's a wandering robot that may be on the other side of the gate. If you hear something beeping, wait until it departs, then open the gate, then transform into a mouse before continuing. The robot ignores mice.

> z. (repeat waiting until the robot goes away.)

> open gate. transform.

> p.

Corridor Alpha

> x pods. p.

Rec Room

> x table. x cover. x stage. x console.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the wandering robot leaves.)

> transform. (to human)

> push button. ("REQUEST SUBMITTED")

> transform. (to mouse)

> s. s. s.

Observation Lounge

The game suggests you'd like to sit down.

> sit. (You stop to think about being a mouse, about shooting fire, about Michael McKeever, about both groups of pirates, and about finding the pearls.)

> s. f.

Captain's Stateroom

> x computer. (Now there's a button to approve the pending request to disable OpEr.)

> transform. (to human)

> push button. (done)

The robot is now disabled and no longer a threat. Feel free to examine it wherever it stopped moving.

> a. p. p. p. p. f. p.

GalleyHCS Damocles - 4044

CAUTION: Don't look at the pilot lights just yet. They're another fire.

> x sinks. x countertops.

> x ovens. (have pilot lights)

> f.


> x pirate. x lens. x food.

> talk to pirate. (His name is Ҹɣևߥ.)

> g. (It seems violence is needed.)

> shoot pirate. (At the sight of your gun, he gives you his scanner and leaves for his own ship.)

> take steak. take scanner. x it. wear it.

From now on, try to scan everything you see. However, few things actually need to be scanned.

Also, I have no idea what the "scan rate" percentages are all about. Perhaps something interesting happens when it reaches 100%? I don't know. I haven't tested that. It feels like a club wooby exercise that hasn't been announced yet, so I'm gonna ignore scan rates just in case.

> scan ring. (worth ₩₩2,100)

> scan key. (yikes)

> scan revolver. (blessed to insta-kill the undead)

> scan journal. (last used in 1902)

> a.


> x pilot. (You travel to...)

Construction SiteMontana - 67,000,000 BC

CAUTION: Avoid examining the torch unless you want to travel to the galley.

> x billboard. x Triceratops.

> x Reptons. talk to them. (One shows you a fossil.)

> x fossil. (trilobite)

> sw.


> x vendors. x jewelry.

> x rides. x Thescelosaur.

> x games. x gallery. ("OUT TO LUNCH")

> x Reptons.

> w.

Town Square

Avoid looking at the bonfire for now.

> x Reptons. x spit.

> n.

Temple of Wellness

> x statues. x multituberculate. (like a squirrel)

> x notice. x door. open it. (locked)

> scan bas-reliefs. scan statues.

> ne.


> x fountain. x damselfly. x brambles.

> e.


> x turbines. x reservoir. x channel. x fence.

> x Repton. talk to her. g.

Return to the fountain.

> w.


> focus. shoot brambles. n.


> x Ankylosaur. x trees. x ferns. x flowers.

> e. n. n.


> x field. (You travel to...)

LoungeThe Austrian Alps - 1999

> x panels. x carpet. x couches.

> listen.

You overhear Atë tell other vampires that you are imprisoned in suspended animation upstairs. They dare not harm you because you are Poseidon's champion, but they are determined to exploit this opportunity.

Remember, dear reader, that Ebenezabeth met Atë in How the Little Match Girl Met the Queen of Vampires, and that Poseidon named Ebenezabeth as his champion in The Little Match Girl 2: Annus Evertens. Of course, you know this already, but imagine how confused you would be if you started the Little Match Girl series with this game!

> transform. (new a mouse)

> w.

Great Hall

Feel free to stay and listen to these vampires plot against you, but in truth, you can ignore them as well.

> x Ate. x podium.

> w.


These two vampires notice you as a mouse, but fortunately they don't hinder you.

> x Anubis. x bald vampire.

> x bed. go under bed. x beetle. talk to beetle.

> x tassel. climb tassel. (You're now on the canopy.)

> x woman. (It's you, a few years older, and under a spell.)

> x lightorx face.

> d. out. u.


> x ice. transform. (back to human)

> focus. shoot ice.

> x reliquary. open it. x pearl. take it.

> x valley. x mountain.

Let's find a way to that church.

> transform. (now a mouse)

> d. d. e. d.


> x cells. x holes. x placard.

> w.

End of the Hallway

> x webs. x fly. talk to fly.

> x dust. x south wall.

> transform. (back to human)

> scan wall. (You learn how to use its mechanism.)

> press top brick. press bottom brick.

> press middle. g.

> press bottom. (The secret door opens.)

> s. s.

Rocky Trail

By the way, I'm not sure what "claustroperia" means. My best guess is that Linus can somehow imprison people or things.

> x Linus. (He's wearing a silver ring.)

> scan Linus. (Prince Linus, claustroperia, wing)

> x his ring. scan his ring.

> x wing. scan wing.

> talk to Linus. (He's here to help your future self, and he can't tell you how the vampires got you. I suspect he literally can't say, that he's under a geas, and he can't talk about the geas either.)

> w. n.


The vampire Lephrea blocks your exit and thinks you escaped and don't have your revolver, that they melted it down.

> shoot Lephrea.

> x pendant. take it. wear it. scan it.

> x ashes.

> s. s.


> x moon. x owl. x stars. x castle. x snow. x chapel.

> s.


> x girl. x window. (of Blessed Mother)

> x altar. x crucifix.

> x candle. (You travel to...)

Town SquareMontana - 67,000,000 BC

> n.

Temple of Wellness

> unlock door. (with skeletonic key)

> e.

Darkness / Inside the Temple

> rub pendant. (The darkness becomes transparent.)

> x statue. x hands. (has Pearl of Health)

> take pearl.

> x benches. x baths.

> scan baths. scan statue.

> w. ne. e. s.

Construction Site

> x torch. (You travel to...)


> s.

Corridor Gamma

You may want to take a few moments to check out the pods here and in Corridor Beta and Corridor Alpha. I'll meet you in the Rec Room aft of here.

> a.

Rec Room

Ready to continue?

> x console. ("REQUEST GRANTED")

> p.

Darkness / Slimy Corridor

> rub eye.

> x hardened slime. scan it. (mouse-sized hole)

> transform. p.

Life Support

> x pirate. (has human pistol)

> x regulators. x electrolyzers. x inhibitors.

> transform. (He is Captain ႬᗆᎭՖ of the Compulsion.)

> talk to him. (He has the Pearl of Cunning.)

> talk to him.

> scan captain.

> focus. shoot captain.

The Pearl of Cunning is yours! He slithers away into a vent.

> transform. s. s. s. s. s.

Observation Lounge

> transform. x star. (You travel to...)

OverlookPenzance - 1876

> n.

Windy Passage

> focus. shoot barricade.

> e.

Cursed Cave

> x treasure. x pearls. x skeleton.

> scan skeleton. (Adolf Weller 1755-1785)

> scan pearls. (Pearl of Courage found.)

> take courage.

> w.

Windy Passage

> x lantern. (You travel to...)

Mine Shaft

> scan pit. (nothing there)

> e. n. w. d.

Bottom of the Canyon

> x river. x frog.

> x crack. scan crack. (pressure point found)

> shoot point. (now an opening)

> e.


> x safe. unlock safe. (with key)

> open safe. x Pearl of Fortune. take it.

> w. u.

Canyon, East Side

> transform. (to mouse)

> w. w.

Train Station

> transform. (back to human)

> sit on bench.

Take a long rest and think?

>> yes

> x fire. (You travel to...)

Cave MouthPenzance - 1876

> e.

Darkness / Cave

> squeeze eye.

> x plank. x spider. (tiny)

> x boulder. x plank.

> w. w. s.


> x lighthouse. (You travel to...)

NurseryThe Fairy Realm

> put love in crib.

> put health in crib.

> put fortune in crib.

> put courage in crib.

> put cunning in crib.

When five pearls are in the crib, the mist fades and you can now see a bonfire.

> x bonfire.

StreetCopenhagen - 1840

> x alley. enter alley.


> x footprints. (from tiny bare feet)

> x shack. (no door)

> in.


> x woman. x dog. x girl. x boys.

> scan woman. (Sorrow incarnation.)

> talk to Sorrow.

Briefly, the point of view changes. You are now the girl on the mattress waking up. (The girl is implied to be your younger self.) You ask the flaxen-haired lady to take you, but she can't help you or tell you anything. Sorrow sheds a tear which becomes a pearl that the lady takes.

Back to...

NurseryThe Fairy Realm

> put sorrow in crib.

Iota makes the crown. Titania arrives with her attendants. Prince and crown are presented to Titania; she sets the crown on his head. She declares your task ended, and the treaty fulfilled. You say your thanks and goodbyes, then you wake up.


Ebenezabeth Scrooge will return in
The Hunter's Vow



The protagonist:

In London:

In Penzance:

In the Fairy Realm:

In Prehistoric Montana:

In the Austrian Alps:

In Pilcrow:

On the HCS Damocles:

In Copenhagen:

Found in sleeping-suspension:

Found dead (not counting vampires and ghosts):



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Development of THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL 4: CROWN OF PEARLS was made possible by the generous support of, deep breath: Jacques Frechet, Sammy El-Bahrawy, Jessica Seidl, Allen Tan, Stephen Norris, Benjamin Slade, Matthew Zimmermann, Magnus Buchanan, Sarah, Rus Whang, Sarah Willson, Robin Johnson, Robert Paloutzian, Rich Cheng, Jenelle Marie, Nils Fagerburg, Derek Sotak, Maiko Ziegler, Michael Knowles, Matt Schneider, Mark, Jenni Polodna, Dominia, Kenneth Hon, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Jeremy Wright, Julia Ramsey—DEEP BREATH AGAIN—Joshua Grams, Jordan Eash, John Leen, Jason Farrell, Jason Love, Ivan R, Yerrik, Harrison Gerard, Greg Frost, Grant Veeder, Emily Short, Janice M. Eisen, Robert eggleston, Doug Orleans, Q. Pheevr, Carolyn VanEseltine, and Carl Muckenhoupt.

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Clothing and jewelry
Food and drink
Paper goods

Put all the pearls into the crib in the nursery (Fairy Land).

Other stuff


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