Key & Compass presents:
The Little Match Girl and Her Friend, the Crow
by Ryan Veeder

The Little Match Girl and Her Friend, the Crow is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2023 by Ryan Veeder (as "Hans Christian Andersen"). It was written for Drawlloween 2023.

In this game, you play as Ebenezabeth Scrooge, the little match girl who transports herself to other places and times just by looking at fire. In the attic, she tearfully lights a candelabrum, explaining to her friend, Hrieman the crow, that Linus killed the Prepotence. The crow accompanies the girl in her quest to make things right.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 0: London (1848)

Oregon1981 Necropolis30278 Attic Wessex889 Avil IX2546 wake x second wake x fourth x first wake x third wake

Map 1: Oregon (1981)

Side ofthe Cabin Woods Behinda Cabin Cabin Front ofthe Cabin Cellar u d

Map 2: Ųlsib Necropolis (30278)

Over theNecropolis Tower Ziggurat Alcove Stairway Chapel Gallery Narthex Catacombs Passage Crossway Passage Sepulcher u go ziggurat u u u go tower u d d d

Map 3: Wessex (889)

Cliff CliffFace Cave'sMouth Cave Laboratory

Map 4: Avil IX (2546)

Office Admin.Building0001 PublicPark BusinessDistrict HardwareStore Waldo's ParkingLot


First, a brief intro to Ebenezabeth Scrooge.


AtticLondon - 1848

Intro sequence: Ebenezabeth arrives, crying and unkempt. "Linus killed the Prepotence", she says to the crow, by way of explanation. She finds a candelabrum, and with unsteady hands, eventually lights its four candles.


By the way, this location uses a third-person perspective, which I found a bit confusing. Ebenezabeth is still the player-character here.

> x Ebenezabeth. x candelabrum.

> i. x revolver.

> x flame. (Which candle?)

> x fourth.

Parking LotAvil IX - 2546

> x clouds. x garbage. x store. x street.

> nw.

Hardware Store

> listen. x darkness.

> x cutters. take cutters.

> out. ne.


> x people.

> ne. (The business district is swarming with crazy people; you auto-return here.)

> nw.

Public Park

> x brain. (That was the Prepotence who controlled everything.)

> ne.

Administration Building 0001

> x sentry. x barricade.

> talk to sentry. (He won't let you in until you have something to show the President-King. You agree.)

> wake.

AtticLondon - 1848

> x first.

WoodsOregon - 1981

> x grass. x bushes. x trees. (You spot a building, east.)

> x building. e.

Behind a Cabin

> x window. x trail. x door. (locked with chain)

> shoot chain. (Hrieman cautions you, and you reconsider.)

> cut chain. (with cutters)

> d.


> x shelves.

> x shovel. take it.

> x thing. (It's thin and irregular.)

> take it. (Hrieman stops you from touching it.)

> u. ne.

Side of the Cabin

> x window. (curtains drawn inside)

> se.

Front of the Cabin

> x bootprints. x droppings. x porch. x door.

> knock on door. (Hrieman gulps, and you pause.)

> knock on door. (no answer)

> open door. w.


The front door slams shut from the wind if you don't close it yourself.

> x stove. open stove. x ashes.

> x cot. look under cot. x gross.

> x cupboard. open it. x loaf. take it.

> x desk. x shotgun.

> x notebook. take it. open it.

> read it. g. g. g. g. g.

> x window. open curtains. (no no no)

> wake.

AtticLondon - 1848

> x second.

TowerŲlsib Necropolis - 30278

> x moon. x mausoleums. x ziggurat.

> x stairs. d. d.


> x statue. (Saint Delia)

> w.


Note: You may not take the crucifix.

> x benches. x altar. x crucifix. pray.

> n.


> x urn. look in it. x ashes. x plinth.

> s. e. e.


> x stand. (Only one candle still burns.)

> x flame.

Ebenezabeth is gone. Continue playing as Hrieman the crow.

> x flame. (Doesn't work for him.)

> w. u. u. u.

Over the Necropolis

> fly to ziggurat.


> x throne. x something. (It's Death itself.)

> talk to Death. (You two talk about Ebenezabeth.)

>> yesorno

> talk to Death. (They don't have a true form.)

> g. (Death suggests you head back.)

> u.

Over the Necropolis

> go to tower. d. d. e.


Ebenezabeth is back with an oilskin sack.


You're now playing as Ebenezabeth again.

> x sack. open it. (Not in front of Hrieman.)

> w. d.


> x bones.

> s. s.


> x sarcophagus. x dais. x ceiling.

> open sarcophagus. (You need force.)

> hit lid with shovel. (The lid is smashed.)

> look in sarcophagus.

> x skeleton. x bible. take it.

> open bible. x leaf. take it.

> wake.

AtticLondon - 1848

> x third.

CliffWessex - 889

> x gorge. x ledge. talk to crow.

> sw. sw.

Cave's Mouth

> x troll. talk to troll. ("Hum")

> in. (no)

> hum. (also no)

> talk to crow. (If you're not fighting, try food, sex, or gold.)

> give loaf to troll. (He accepts.)

> se.


> smell. x stalagmites.

> se.


Ealawynn the witch invites you to sit and talk.

> x witch. sit. talk to witch.

You want a potion brewed. The witch needs a leaf and payment. You hand over the leaf and the sack. She quickly makes an elixir and gives it to you.

> x elixir.

> look. x jars. x fur. x crystal. x stool.

> x books. x potions. x equipment.

> talk to witch. (She gives you some eye shadow.)

> x shadow.

> wake.

AtticLondon - 1848

> x fourth.

Administration Building 0001Avil IX - 2546

> show elixir to sentry. (You may enter now.)

> n.


> x Erwig. x desk. x Zvi. x carpet.

> give elixir to Erwig.

It will work on the entire planet if it's diluted enough. Zvi will do the distribution. Zvi was the one who told you about the plant. Erwig isn't interested in assigning blame on Linus. You're not interested in a reward at this time.

> wake.


You quote something French about remedies and diseases. Hrieman asks who said it.

> Moliere


*** The End ***


Hrieman makes a final comment. Ebenezabeth chuckles.



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(Thank you for for playing this game. I wrote it for day 21 of Mab Graves's Drawlloween 2023. The prompt was "Crow."

This game was tested by Sarah Willson, and THAT'S IT. There was a pretty tight schedule!)


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