Key & Compass presents:
The Little Match Girl 2: Annus Evertens
by Ryan Veeder

The Little Match Girl 2: Annus Evertens is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2020, 2022, 2023 by Ryan Veeder (as "Hans Christian Andersen"). Originally released as a Patreon-exclusive, this game was later re-released for everyone to play.

Once again, you play as Ebenezabeth Scrooge, the little match girl who transports herself to other places and times just by looking at fire and is now a time-traveling assassin. It's New Year's Eve, the anniversary of your adoption-day, but before you can have any cake, the sparrows on the roof hire you to kill an old man whom they describe to you.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 (Serial number 230611) of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Roof ApartmentorBedroom Stairs Street Philip-peion Templeof Hera Tent Pelopion Templeof Zeus Dust Overlook Field Facility Monument Mouth Shipwreck Stomach SpiralValve Surface Hallway Lounge Office Hallway Hovel Woods Woods Woods u u wake in wake x flame go throat in d x flame x sun wake d d x candle out x flame wake u out u wake x flame wake


> recap. start.


> x cat. pet cat.

> x me. i. x revolver.

> u.


Before cake may be enjoyed, you must meet some visitors upstairs.

> x Papa. x table. x cake.

> u.


> x snow. x sparrows.

The sparrows want you to kill a very old man, whom they describe but don't name.

> talk to sparrows. (You'll begin at once. Papa will handle the fee.)

> d.


As you re-enter, Papa lights the candle for you.

> x candle.

StreetOlympia, Greece

> x road. x curbs. x trees. x tent.

> e.


> x platform. x table. x pastries. x architrave.

> x women. talk to women. (If you're here for the ceremony, you need to get dressed.)

> w. in.


> x dress. wear it. out. e.


> eat pastry.

> talk to women. e. (They come with you.)

Temple of Hera

The torch-lighting ceremony fails when a cloud blocks the sun. Someone goes to fetch a backup flame, and you see a path leading south.

> x altar. x bowl. x torch. x priestess.

> s.


> x stones. x placard. x mound. x grass.

> s.

Temple of Zeus

> x plllars. x placard.

Zeus Olympios, king of the gods, appears before you.

> x Zeus. talk to Zeus.

He intends to impede you because you're Poseidon's champion in the mortal realm. He summoned the cloud to prevent the flame you need. Then he laughs and disappears.

> n. n.

Temple of Hera

The torch is lit with the backup candle.

> talk to priestess.

> x torch.

DustCel Avizze

By the way, "Cel Avizze" is mangled Italian for "Withered Sky".

> x dust. x fog. x pillar.

> sw.


> x cells. x cable.

> w.


> x dam. x machines. x canyon. x gashes.

> se.


> x rubble. x building.

> x trash can. open it. (A cyberskull inside asks you to take it; you do.)

> x skull. talk to it. g. g.

> enter building. (doors won't open)

> x doors. (This was the human fossilization facility.)

Let's retrace our steps to get the skull's commentary.

> nw.


> x canyon. x gashes. x dam.

> e.


> x panels.

> ne.


> x windmill.

> sw. se.


> x statue. x pedestal. x brazier.

> x puddle. (oil)

> put skull in brazier.

> talk to skull. (Its sparks set the oil and the skull itself on fire.)

> take skull. (not when it's burning)

> talk to skull.

> x fire. (You travel to...)

MouthThe Terrible Dogfish

> x teeth. x tongue. x something. (uvula)

> enter throat.


> x ship. x acid. x table. x dinner. (cheese)

> x man. (They are Geppeto and Pinocchio.)

> x puppet.

> talk to man. (He needs more food from inside the ship, and neither have the strength to get it.)

> give snack to man. (hmph)

> in.


> x planks. x crate. open it. (no: need leverage)

> x barrel. open it. (no: need a tool)

> x chest. open it.

> take journal. x it. open it.

> read it. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g.

> take rapier.

You must now allocate 12 ability points amongst seven stats. I spread the points out evenly, giving 2 points to most stats, but only 1 point to the magic and resistance ones. If you have a better strategy, feel free to use it.

>> health. health. attack. attack.

>> defense. defense. speed. speed. skill skill.

>> magic. resistance.

Back to normal play:

> x rapier. clean it. x it.

> x enzymes. x hull. search hull. x pearl.

> shoot crate. (no: bad idea)

> out. d.

Spiral Valve

> take crowbar. (A Horrible Flukeworm screeches at you.)

> x worm.

> save. (In case the battle goes against you.)

> kill worm with rapier. g. (Repeat until the battle is over.)

Assuming you won: The worm dies, and your rapier dissolves in its fluids. There will be no further battles like that in this game, but this RPG system returns in The Match Girl 3.

> take crowbar. u. in.


> open crate with crowbar. look in crate.

> x boots. x match. x yarn. take all from crate.

> wear boots.

> open barrel with crowbar. look in barrel. g.

> x pork. take it. (ugh no)

> out.


> talk to man. (You tell them where the pork is.)

> light match. x flame.

SurfaceThe Ocean of Storms

> look. x craters. x sun. x sky.

> z. x something. z. (It's a vehicle.)

> wave at bug. (Two people in it.)

> x people. (They have huge heads.)

> x heads.

They arrive. They're Pete and Alan, they're in space helmets, and they're lost.

> talk to Pete. (They want you to drive so they can track down a probe.)

> x Pete. x Alan. x buggy. enter it.

> talk to Alan. (go east)

During the ride, you tell them that you need to find fire, but on this airless environment, the only possible fire is the sun. You can't look at the sun unaided, and they can't loan you one of their helmets without dying.

> e. e. e. e. e.

> talk to Alan. (go northeast)

> ne. ne.

You found their probe. They do something to it, then ask you to drive them back to their lander. You agree.

> x probe. talk to Alan. (go northwest)

> nw. nw. nw. nw.

You've found the Intrepid, their lunar module. Alan gives you a spare helmet from inside it. They take off in the module, leaving the descent stage behind.

> x helmet. x stage. x tile.

Believe it or not, that tile is a real thing; see: Moon Museum at Wikipedia.

> x rover. (still here)

> wear helmet. x sun.

OfficeAn Office

Start with the floor:

> x floor. x can. take all from can.

> x crumpled paper. ("It has two vowels.")

> x folder. open it. take envelope. x it. open it. x key. take it.

Let's use the folder to keep clues in. Put trash into the can.

> put crumpled in folder.

> put envelope in can.

Explore the west wall:

> x west wall. (desk, plant, window)

> x desk. (drawer, paperweight, angel statuette, cigar box)

> open drawer. take all from it.

> x torn scrap. ("It has four consonants.")

> put scrap in folder.

> x jar. open it. (empty)

> x paperweight. (list: ambergris, meteor, camel)

> x angel. take it.

> x cigar box. take it. open it.

> take scroll. unroll it. ("Lady, Chicken, Fish, Gold.")

> put scroll in folder. put cigar box in can.

> x plant. take pink card. x it. ("The I comes right before the N.")

> put card in folder.

> x window. (clouds, snow, river, streets, billboard, pink strip)

> x clouds. x snow. x river. x streets.

> x billboard. (Ad for Puzzle Rooms. You missed part of it.)

> g. (Ad for Lone Diamond Casino.)

> g. (Ad for local hospital. Also, foreshadowing.)

> g. (Ad for Electric Phantom.)

> g. (Ad for Puzzle Rooms again. The animals are: orange deer, purple ape, black boar, and green wolf.)

> x pink strip. take it. read it. ("There is an R in the word.")

> put strip in folder.

Explore the north wall:

> x north wall. x shelves. (first shelf at bottom; fifth at top)

> x first shelf. take rosewood box. x it. (has four panels in the same colors as the ad's animals)

> open rosewood. (several figurines)

> x ape. a boar. x cat. x cow.

> x deer. x goat. x sheep. x wolf.

> take deer, ape, boar, wolf.

> close rosewood.

> put deer on orange panel.

> put ape on purple panel.

> put boar on black panel.

> put wolf on green panel. (A secret compartment opens. The figurines fall onto the floor.)

> x compartment. take triceratops coin.

> take all figurine. open rosewood.

> put all figurine in it. close rosewood. put it in can.

> x second shelf. (nothing)

> x third shelf. (green vase, short note)

> take note. read it. ("At least... two consonants are side by side.")

> put note in folder.

> x vase. look in it. (empty)

> x fourth shelf. take poem. read it. (Find which lines in the poem mention the items on the desk's to-do list; the line-numbers are 17, 6, and 22.)

> x fifth shelf. take notice. read it. (The green vase, die, angel statuette, and jar of almonds may be ignored.)

> put notice in can.

Explore the east wall:

> x east wall. (steel door, mechanism, painting)

> x door. x mechanism. (has five circular indentations)

> x painting. (manor house, gardens)

We'll return to the painting's details soon enough.

> take painting. x safe.

> set dial to 17. set dial to 6. set dial to 22.

> open safe. take tiger coin. x it.

Explore the south wall:

> x south wall. x case. (cookie jar, jewelry box, metal cylinder, fourteen-sided die, cuckoo clock)

> open case. x cookie jar. open it.

> take pink page. x it. ("A body part.")

> put pink page in folder.

> x jewelry box. unlock it with key. open it.

> take mastodon coin. x it. put key in can.

> x metal cylinder. (All the clues suggest the word FINGER, yes?)

> set it to finger. (You acquire a pterodactyl coin.)

> x pterodactyl coin. put folder in can.

> x die. roll it. g. g. g.

> x clock. (by Leland Dike, and currently set to 1:46 pm)

> x painting. (also by Leland Dike)

Okay, examine that painting some more. There are three timepieces in the painting that all show the same time, but you only need to see one.

> x manor house. x front door. x foyer.

> x landscape. x heavy door. x lounge.

> x grandfather clock. ("2:30")

> set cuckoo clock to 2:30 pm. (A coin shoots out!)

> take coin. x it. (tyrannosaurus)

Feel free to explore the painting even more, there's a lot of details to find, but this walkthrough is moving on.

> put all coin in mechanism.

> put angel, painting, poem, almonds in can.

> open door. out. n. e.


> x chair. x table. x purse. x monitor.

> take purse. open it. x lighter.

> sit on chair. light lighter. x flame.

Woods (first)The Woods

> x mist. x trees. n.

Woods (second)

> x bones. x mud. n.

Woods (third)

> x brambles. x hovel. n.


> x man. x crib. x baby. pray.

> talk to man. shoot man. x man.

> take baby. wake.

Lounge; Surface; Stomach; Monument; Temple of Hera

> wake. wake. wake. wake. wake.


> pet cat. x cat.

Only four possessions returned with you this time: the baby, the space helmet, the yarn, and the revolver.

> i. give yarn to cat.

> u.


> talk to sparrows.

You tell them that the Old Year (1846) is dead and you've brought the baby (1847). They summon the Stork, who takes the baby. The sparrows leave too.

> d.


> x cake. x candle. eat cake. (Just a nibble.)

> pray.

> enter bed. (The midnight bell rings and she sleeps.)

*** THE END ***



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This is the response to CREDITS:

(The Little Match Girl 2 by Hans Christian Andersen was written in 2020 as a Patreon-exclusive game. It's publicly available here, but as of 2022, contributors to the Ryan Veeder Patreon at have exclusive access to (The Little Match Girl 3 and, assuming it's finished by now, The Little Match Girl 4.


Okay have fun!)

When you win the game, the following is displayed:

The Little Match Girl 2
Annus Evertens
written and directed by
Hans Christian Andersen
programmed by
Ryan Veeder
Inform 7 by
the Inform 7 team
Vorple by
the Vorple team
Editor - Emily Boegheim
Production Designer - Jenni Polodna
Other Editor - Rich Cheng
Director of Photography - Carolyn VanEseltine
Casting - Carl Muckenhoupt
Lurker - Derek Sotak
Whisperer - Matthew Zimmermann
Carpentry - Doug Orleans
Special Thanks - Emily Short
Very Special Thanks - Jacques Frechet
Specialest Thanks - Maiko Ziegler
Thanks Specialist - Janice M. Eisen
Supporting Cast - Cat Manning
Scenery - Sammy El-Bahrawy
Listener - Jenelle Marie
Butcher - Paul Stanley
Surfer - Matt Schneider
Freelance Daydreamer - Allen Tan
Special Effects - Kenneth Hon
Very Special Effects - Ivan R
Normal Effects - Sarah Nerboso
Frebtilometer - Yerrik
Mountaineer - Robin Johnson
Stunt Coordinator - Karl Ove Hufthammer
Dancers - Jeremy Wright
Influencer - Josh Labelle
Butler - Greg Frost
Second Assistant - Robert Paloutzian
Auditor - Grant Veeder
Eels - Harrison Gerard
Ms. Scrooge's Wardrobe by - Michael Knowles
Craft Services - quollish
Second Unit - Mark
Character Generator - Jordan Eash
Key Grip - Nils Fagerburg
Best Person Electric - Rus Whang
Animal Wrangler - Sarah Willson
Mineral Wrangler - Q. Pheevr
Recycler - Benjamin Slade
Fun Police - Jason Farrell
Boom Operator - Dominia
Lion Tamer - Joseph Tamayo
Sharpener - Magnus Buchanan
Ombudsperson - Jason Love
Teardown - John Leen
Pizza Coordinator - Joshua Grams
and don't forget - Julia Ramsey

Ebenezabeth Scrooge will return in
The Little Match Girl 3
The Escalus Manifold

"The Little Match Girl" and Ebenezabeth Scrooge are © Hans Christian Andersen MDCCCXLVII.



In the office, put all five coins into the mechanism attached to the door to unlock it.

Tools (or other useful items)

While you don't need any of these items, you might still want to take them or interact with them regardless, just for the fun of it.


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(You're doing marvelously.)

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