Key & Compass presents:
The Little Match Girl
by Ryan Veeder

The Little Match Girl is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019, 2021, 2022 by Ryan Veeder (as "Hans Christian Andersen"). Originally released as an exclusive game for the author's Patreon program, this game is now available for everyone to play.

In this extended fairy tale set on New Year's Eve, you play as a nameless little girl, barefoot and freezing in a lonely corner of town, and clutching the four matches she failed to sell. But when she lights a match for warmth, its wonderful flame shows her... it's like she's there in Paris, France, but as a ghost. Soon, she will have to wake and light a second match.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 (Serial number 221130) of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Boudoir CrumblingTunnel SewerTunnel Waterfall River-side Eunoia'sChamber Eirene'sChamber ThroneRoom Bedroom SpiralStairs Gallery Corner Pond Outside Shed Inside Bedroom Desert Desert Desert ParkingLot Conven-ienceStore Restroom Paris, France The Undersea Kingdomof Atlantis Ogureyama,YamagataPrefecture,Japan Cuervo,New Mexico,USA d d light second wake light fourth wake out out out out u u light first wake light third wake in in in in


CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

The game doesn't mention "Copenhagen"; I'm inferring the city name from subsequent games in the series.

> x me. i. x match. light match.

RiversideParis, France

> x tower. x quai. x sewer. x Seine.

> ne.

Sewer Tunnel

> listen. listen to music.

> nw.


> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> i. x first match. (It might burn again.)

> light unburnt match.

BedroomThe Undersea Kingdom of Atlantis

> x window. x bed. x vanity. (You're like a ghost.)

> d. d.


> x busts. g. g. g. (Repeat looking; there's so many!)

> n.

Throne Room

Your tale touches Poseidon's heart. He summons his daughters, Eirene and Eunoia, to treat you like their sister. They each beg you to look at their collections: Eunoia to the northwest, and Eirene to the northeast.

> ne.

Eirene's Chamber

> x Eirene. x bottles.

> talk to Eirene. (She collects bottles; Eunoia gets everything else.)

> sw. nw.

Eunoia's Chamber

> x Eunoia. talk to her.

> x uniforms. (You see bones.)

> x clam.

> se.

Throne Room

> talk to Poseidon. (In Atlantis, everyone quests for truth and beauty.)

> x throne. x trident.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light unburnt match.

OutsideOgureyama, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

> x village. x trees. x cabin. x shed.

> enter cabin.


In the village, they ring the bell for the new year, but Yasushi and his wife are skipping the festival, and his wife can't sleep.

> x man. x kotatsu. x door.

> talk to man. (He's writing a poem.)

> enter door.


> x Kazue. (She complains about the ringing.)

> x bed.

> out. out. e.


> x cow. x hen.

> out. nw.


> x pond. x stoic moon. x drunken moon.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> cry. pray.

> light unburnt match.

Desert (first)Cuervo, New Mexico, USA

> x grass. x sky. x sun. x shape.

> se.

Desert (second)

> take can. x it.

> se.

Desert (third)

> x crow. se.

Parking Lot

> x car. look under car. x cat. (thin as a rail)

> x highway. x pump. x building.

> in.

Convenience Store

> x counter. x cigarettes. x drinks.

> x statue. (Nash asks you to take it somewhere it'll be appreciated; you take the statue.)

> x Nash. talk to Nash.

> x toothpick.

> in.


> x graffito. x mirror. x pipes.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> i. (You just have the four matches.)

> light second match.

Throne RoomThe Undersea Kingdom of Atlantis

> i. (Here, you have the rusted can and the pirate statue.)

> give statue to Poseidon. (He suggests giving it to Eunoia.)

> nw.

Eunoia's Chamber

> give statue to Eunoia. (She gives you a glowing pearl.)

> x pearl. se.

Throne Room

> show pearl to Poseidon.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light first match.

Crumbling TunnelParis, France

> x debris. w.


> x Urimedonte. x violin. x scarves. x longue.

> x pole. (Urimedonte suggests taking it; you do.)

> talk to her. (She'd like a friend to stay with her.)

> e. se.

Sewer Tunnel

> fish. (No fish swim in the sewer.)

> e.


> x waterfall.

> fish. (no: water too violent)

> w. sw.


> fish. (no luck here)

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light second.

Throne RoomThe Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis

> show pole to Poseidon. ("Be careful with that thing, little girl...")

> s. u. u.


> fish. (A merman berates you.)

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light third.

Pond Ogureyama, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

> fish. x carp.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light fourth. out. out.

Parking LotCuervo, New Mexico, USA

> give carp to cat. (It eats it and now wants you to carry it.)

> x cat. pet cat.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light first. ne. nw. w.

BoudoirParis, France

> give cat to woman.

Urimedonte gives you a bottle of wine as thanks, but she also calls you innocent and stupid. She's a vampire and intends to later feed on the cat as a snack.

> talk to her. (You should count yourself lucky she can't feed on a ghost like you.)

> x bottle. (You can't read it.)

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light second. d. d. n. ne.

Eirene's ChamberThe Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis

> give bottle to Eirene. (She gives you an empty bottle.)

> x bottle.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light third. se. e.

Shed Ogureyama, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

Of course, you can't really feel the warmth of the fresh milk; obviously this is just artistic license.

> milk cow. x milk.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light fourth. in.

Convenience StoreCuervo, New Mexico, USA

> talk to Nash. (He's thirsty.)

> give milk to Nash. (He gives you a bottle of pills and explains how to use them.)

> x pills. wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light third. w. in. in.

Bedroom Ogureyama, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

> give pill to Kazue. (She takes a pill and sleeps.)

> x Kazue.

> out.


You tell Yasushi about the pills and that Kazue is sleeping now. His poem is finished. It's in Japanese and you can't read it, but it's pretty and he gives it to you regardless.

> x poem. wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light second. sw.

Throne RoomThe Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis

> give poem to Poseidon.

He thanks you for this gift of beauty then asks about your quest. You tell him about the vampire. She's in another year, so he can't kill her directly, so he gives you his trident so YOU can kill her!

> x trident. wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> light first.

BoudoirParis, France

> kill Urimedonte with trident.

The deed is done. You acquire both the cat and the violin.

> look. x ash.

> wake.

CornerCopenhagen, Denmark

> i. (You now have just the cat and the violin. The matches, trident, etc. are gone.)

> pet cat. (Her hands are too numb.)

> play violin.

A rich man, attracted by the beautiful music, talks to you. He asks for your name, but you have none. He asks if your father values you, but he does not.

The man lifts you up and declares he will buy you from your father and you shall never want for food or shelter ever again. His name is Ebenezer Scrooge. He will be your father now. And your name is now Ebenezabeth Scrooge.

*** The End ***

> quit



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(Hi, this is Ryan Veeder, your host. The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen was originally written in 2019 as an exclusive game for my Patreon program at Now it is available to everyone—including you!

Okay have fun!)


For most of the game, you have two distinct inventories. In Copenhagen, your real body has just the matches, but your ghost-self carries everything else you find and pick up in the other locations and times. Only near the very end of the game are you able to bring the cat and the violin found by your ghost-self back to your freezing body in Copenhagen.

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