Key & Compass presents:
The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M
by Michael D. Hilborn

The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2011 by Michael D. Hilborn (as "Edmund Wells"). This game was entered in IF Comp 2011 where it took 6th place overall and 3rd place for Miss Congeniality. This game is also part of a metapuzzle with three other games: Cold Iron, Last Day of Summer, and Playing Games. At the 2011 XYZZY Awards, the four games shared the win for Best Individual Puzzle for the hat metapuzzle. It was also a finalist in the Best Story category.

You play as Doctor M, or perhaps as his soul, visiting the Everlast Inn, which seems to be a specialized waystation in the afterlife to determine your final fate. In life, Doctor M provided assisted suicide services and was quite the controversial figure. Ultimately, you'll need to decide if M stands for Murder, for Mercy, or for Maybe something else.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 5 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Main Game

John DoeOct. 15, 2001 Janet EvansJune 4, 2002 Thomas YorkJune 3, 2011 Alley Volks-wagenBus YourOffice Among the Bookshelves North East South West 1901-1910 1911-1920 1921-1930 1931-1940 1941-1950 1951-1960 1961-1970 1971-1980 1981-1990 1991-2000 2001-2010 2011 Attic ColdStorage Cellar Tavern Library ViewingChamber End ofHall OddlyAngledHall HollowedCave VanInterior Lobby Landing BoilerRoom WindyMeadow OutsideInn u u u u u u u u u u u in u d d in ? enter bar out s d d d d d d d d d d d d d d out d u u out

Map 2: Among the Bookshelves

North East South West 1901-1910 1911-1920 1921-1930 1931-1940 Butler BonesEdmund March Janet EvansJimmy Evans 1941-1950 1951-1960 1961-1970 1971-1980 Jessica Engler John Doe Geoffrey Dupre Alexandria EvansCorinthia Evans 1981-1990 1991-2000 2001-2010 2011 Florence EvansWendy Weise Thomas York Library d d d d d d d d d d d d pull ladder push ladder u u u u u u u u u u u u

Map 3: Sample Transcript section

ObservationRoom InterrogationRoom Under-groundLair Ante-chamber Sewer Alley TestChamber End ofHall d u enter bar


Windy Meadow

It is suggested from the beginning to type ABOUT and CONVERSATION.

> about. (This opens a standard menu.)

> conversation. (It's an ask/tell/talk-to/hello/show/give/order/topics system.)

> x me. x coat. look in pocket.

> x locket. take it. open it. (Can't.)

> x shale. x concrete. x scrub. x sky.

The signpost keeps spinning around. You'll want to alternate between examining the sign, then going in the direction pointed to by the "TO THERE" arrow. If you do this three times without messing up, you'll arrive outside the inn.

> x sign. go THERE-DIRECTION.

> x sign. go THERE-DIRECTION.

> x sign. go THERE-DIRECTION.

Outside Inn

> x building. x chimney. x sign. x door.

> enter innorin.


By the way, if you don't close the door yourself, the wind will eventually do that for you.

> close door.

> x counter. x floor. x ceiling. x stairs.

> x bell. x book. x candle. (Hmmm.)

> open book. (Can't: too cold!)

> ring bell. (A skeletal figure appears behind the counter.)

> x figure. (Its palm is up. What does it want?)

> ask figure about inn. (This creature is silent.)

The candle is your light-source. It's always lit and never goes out.

> take candle.

> n.


The gentleman here greets you and tells you he lost a hat. Once you're talking to someone, you can abbreviate "ask about" to "a".

> hello. a himself. (He likes fairy tales and bios.)

> a inn. x book. a book. a Doctor M.

> a hypnosis. (M would command a hynotized person to suicide.)

> wave locket. (You need something to dangle the locket from.)

> a device. (It administers saline, then a sleep drug, then a lethal cocktail.)

> a library. (All bios of Dr M's associates are sorted by birth year.)

> x books. (The bios are up the ladder.)

> a fairy tales. (He hasn't found one here.)

> look up fairy tales. (You find one.)

> x tales. (You read the Treasure of Time.)

You can't reshelve any books in this library, so just drop them here.

> drop tales.

Ignore the rest of the library for now, and find that lost hat.

> a hat. (Note emphasis on "Here".)

> s. out. s.

Windy Meadow

Go in the exact opposite direction from "TO THERE"

> x sign. go HERE-DIRECTION.

The hat is now here.

> take hat. x hat. x pin. x daffodil. take pin.

> x sign. go THERE-DIRECTION.

Outside Inn

> in. n.


> give hat to man. (He gives you a gold chain.)

> x chain.

> put pin in locket. x clock.

> close locket. put chain on locket. wave locket.

> pin daffodil to lapel.

> w.


> x ceiling. smell. x bar.

> x angel. x devil. x obsidian. x quartz.

The angel and devil try to refill their tankards, but neither tap works. The angel mentions the barkeep went to the cellar to fix it.

Note that you must ask both the angel and devil about the inn to get access to their parts of the inn.

> angel, hello. (Suggested topics: himself, yourself, inn, devil)

> a inn. (His desk is in the attic via the oddly angled hall.)

> a myself. a devil. a himself.

> a barkeep. a white tap.

> devil, hello. (Similar topics.)

> a inn. (His desk is by furnace. Search the library fireplace for an unlike stone.)

> a myself. a angel. a himself.

> a barkeep. a black tap. a God. a Satan. bye.

Let's try listening.

> listen to tune.

> listen to angel. g. g. g. (One non-patient didn't push the button themselves?)

They start to talk about the heiress, meaning Janet.

> g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. ("She wanted to die. They all did.")

> g. g. (Their conversation cycles back to the beginning.)

> x white tap. (Connected to steel pipe.)

> x black tap. (Connected to copper pipe.)

> x jar. take it. (Not until they've had a drink.)

> e.


> x fireplace. x plaques. (Man mentions a mirror.)

> ask man about mirror. (It was above the fireplace earlier.)

> x gold vase. look in it. x silver vase. look in it.

Note: You won't be able to find the stone until you've asked the devil about the inn and he's mentioned the stone.

> search fireplace. x stone. push stone. (Staircase down revealed.)

> a devil. yes.

The man tells you you'll need you make a choice, but there's generally a third option.

> d.


> x mist. x hulk. (It's a van embedded in the wall.)

> enter van.

Van Interior

Note that an image of the first clipping from December 25, 2001 is included as a feelie; see the Newspaper_Clipping.jpg file that came with your game.

> x scrapbook. (May look up a year from 2001 to 2011.)

> look up 2001. ("Death & Deliverance Consulting")

> look up 2002. look up 2003.

> look up 2004. (Mentions Officer Jessica Engler.)

> look up 2005. look up 2006. look up 2007. look up 2008.

> look up 2009. (Mentions Engler again re "Butler's Brawl".)

> look up 2010. look up 2011.

Hmm. What else is here?

> x device. (Three slots, lid, tube from pump to needle.)

> x needle. x pump. x button. x tube. (Old and filthy.)

> x lid. x slots. (Left, middle, and right.) x left slot.

> x gurney. (Wheels are gone.)

> x seats. x dashboard. x wheel.

> open cabinets. (pharma guide and small cooler)

> take guide. x it. (You can look up specific drugs.)

Investigate the cooler:

> x cooler. open cooler. (8 bottles with different color labels.)

> x purple bottle. ("Morphine")

> x yellow bottle. ("Caspofungin Acetate")

> x blue bottle. ("Acetylcysteine")

> x green bottle. ("Tobramycin")

> x red bottle. ("Sodium bicarbonate")

> x black bottle. ("Potassium Chloride-Pancorium Bromide Mixture")

> x gray bottle. ("Sodium Pentothal")

> x white bottle. ("Ringer's Solution")

Read about the chemicals:

> look up morphine in guide. (potent pain reliever)

> look up caspofungin in guide. (anti-fungal)

> look up acetylcysteine in guide. (treats acetaminophen overdose)

> look up tobramycin in guide. (antibiotic)

> look up sodium bicarbonate in guide. (antacid)

> look up potassium chloride in guide. (a salt; causes cardiac arrest)

> look up pancorium bromide in guide. (muscle relaxant)

> look up sodium pentothal in guide. (barbiturate; induces coma)

> look up ringer's in guide. (solution of various salts)

> drop guide.

Let's see. Ringer's is the saline solution; sodium pentothal forces sleep, and the mixture is the killer? So does that mean white in left slot, gray in middle, and black in right? Interesting color scheme.

> get on gurney. stand.

> take wheel. x wheel.

> out. w.

Cold Storage

> x skeleton. x skull. read tag. ("BUTLER BONES")

> x cask. x window. look through it.

> x ice. x handle. x steel pipe. x copper pipe.

> turn handle. (It's gone.)

> open left spigot. put wheel on left spigot.

> close left spigot. turn wheel. (Something is flowing in the copper pipe.)

> open left spigot. take wheel.

> open right spigot. put wheel on right spigot.

> close right spigot. turn wheel. (Something is flowing in the steel pipe.)

> listen to copper pipe. listen to steel pipe.

> e. u. w.


You can wait for them to pull the taps themselves, but it's quicker to do it yourself.

> pull black tap. (Devil gives you an iron coin.)

> pull white tap. (Angel gives you a silver coin.)

> x iron coin. x silver coin.

> se.


> give silver coin to death. give iron coin to death.

The figure opens the ledger, writes "Doctor M", snaps off its finger and leaves. The finger is now an ivory key.

> x ivory key. take it.

> read ledger. ("John Doe; Janet Evans; Thomas York; Doctor M")

> n.


Remember, we learned Jessica's name from the scrapbook in the van.

> hello. a Jessica Engler.

You learn her father suicided days after her birth, just three years after World War II ended. Google tells us that WWII ended in 1945, so Jessica was born in 1948.

> u. u.

Among the Bookshelves (1941 to 1950)

> look up Jessica Engler.

> read Jessica. (Mentions Corinthia and Alexandria Evans.)

> d. d.


> drop Jessica.

> a Corinthia Evans. (Born in 1974. Parents were Jimmy and Janet Evans; Doctor M assisted Janet's suicide.)

> a Alexandria Evans. (Born in 1972.)

> a Janet Evans. (M's first patient; had Alzheimer's in 2002 at age 62. So, Janet was born in 1940.)

> a Jimmy Evans. (Hmph. This topic doesn't seem to work.)

> x ladder. (Ah, it can be pushed and pulled.)

> pull ladder. (It's now at the west wall.)

> u. u.

Among the Bookshelves (1971 to 1980)

> look up Alexandria. read it. (Doctor M died in 2011.)

> look up Corinthia. read it.

Note that Alexandria wore black while Corinthia wore white. That's an interesting bit of trivia.

> u.

Among the Bookshelves (1931 to 1940)

> look up Janet. read it. x shard.

> look up Jimmy. read it. (Janet's maiden name is Miller.)

> d. d. d.


> drop Janet. drop Jimmy.

> drop Corinthia. drop Alexandria.

Remember the name on the skeleton's nametag?

> a Butler Bones. (Bah. A disambiguation question.)

I wasn't able to disambiguate "barkeep" from "Butler Bones", and I shouldn't have to since they're the same person. I had to search bookshelves systematically to find his book, but pretend the gent here tells you that Butler was born in 1929 and act accordingly.

> pull ladder. u. u. u.

Among the Bookshelves (1921 to 1930)

> look up Butler. read it. (Mentions Geoffrey Dupre.)

> d. d. d.


> drop Butler. a Dupre. (Born in 1968.)

> u. u.

Among the Bookshelves (1961 to 1970)

> look up Dupre. read it.

> d. d.


> drop Dupre.

Don't forget the other names in the lobby's ledger!

> a John Doe. (Died age 50 in autumn of 2001.)

> a Thomas York. (Died age 18 in doctor's final year.)

So, Doe was born in 1951; York, in 1993.

> pull ladder. (It's now at the east wall.)

> u.

Among the Bookshelves (1991 to 2000)

> look up York. read it. x match.

> u.

Among the Bookshelves (1951 to 1960)

> look up Doe. read it. x lily.

> smell lily. smell daffodil.

> d. d.


> drop York. drop Doe.

> put daffodil in gold vase. put lily in silver vase.

With both flowers in their vases, the plaques above the fireplace are replaced with a mirror.

> x mirror. look in mirror. (You see a rusty key on the mirror-mantel.)

> take rusty key. x it.

> ask man about rusty key. (There's four keys in all, all for the same strange door.)

> touch mirror. enter mirror. (Maybe later, but not now.)

> d. w. s.

Hollowed Cave

> x pit. x pipes. x ladder. d.

Boiler Room

> x devil. x cards. x cigar. x table. x papers.

> x furnace. x pipes. x valves. turn handle.

> ask devil about furnace. (Portal to you-know-where, but it needs to be relit.)

> enter furnace. (Not until it's lit.)

> a cards.

> xyzzyorplugh.

> search furnace. (panel: "DANGER: DO NOT OPEN")

> open panel. x tiny hole. x red button.

> push button. light match. put match in tiny hole.

Furnace blasts on. Devil gives you a scorched key.

> x scorched key. x furnace.

> u. n. e. u. s. u.


> x paintings. x top left. (sundial in weedy garden)

> x top right. (forest chapel with fallen tree)

> x bottom left. (forest ruins with fog and full moon)

> x bottom right. (scrub and shale and signpost)

The last painting is clearly of the Windy Meadow. The gentleman from the library arrives to tap this painting and say "Here is where I lost my hat."

> u.

Oddly Angled Hall

Note: The ladder won't be here unless you asked the angel about the inn.

> x arches. x carpet. x ladder.

> u.


> hello. a dominoes. x dominoes.

> x desk. x paperwork. x dust. x rafters.

> x window. look through window. (shard missing)

> put shard in window. (A key is spat out.)

> look. x tarnished key. take it.

> a window. (Portal to you know where.)

> enter window.

> a God. a Satan.

> xyzzyorplugh.

> look under sheet. g. g. g. g.

> d. w.

End of Hall

> x door. look through keyhole. (near sensory overload!)

> x handle. open door. (Locked, of course.)

This door leads to four different locations depending on which key you used to unlock it with.

> unlock door with ivory key.

> look through keyhole.

> w.

Viewing Chamber

You can't do much in here yet, but I wanted you to visit here at this time to see all three specters. The specters represent the three people (other than Doctor M) named on the ledger. You'll need to re-live Doctor M's last encounter with each of them before they'll leave and this coffin will open.

> x coffin. x dome. x carpet.

> x eastern specter. (of a homeless man)

> x northwestern specter. (of an elderly woman)

> x southwestern specter. (of a teenage boy)

> open coffin. (Can't until the specters are gone.)

> e.

End of Hall

> close door. lock door with ivory key.

Let's do an optional part of the game next.

> unlock door with rusty key. w.


> x pizzeria. x bar. (It's "Butler's".)

> x man. x puppet.

> x door. listen to music. x crate.

> x trash. take newspaper. read it. (October 15.)

> x dumpster. search dumpster.

> look in dumpster. g. g. g. (Find the padlock.)

> unlock padlock with pin. (The padlock opens and smashes.)

> open dumpster. search dumpster. (ladder and graffiti?)

> read graffiti. (colored eggs; "ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK (SAVE NOW, NOT LATER)")

The colored eggs mean this is an "Easter Egg" section coming up, something optional and fun, and maybe a bit silly.

> save.

> d.


> x vault door. open door. n.


> n. (Female voice: drop everything first.)

> drop all. i. x hat. x coat. drop hat. drop coat.

> n.

You are outfitted for the "Sample Transcipt area".

Underground Lair

> i. x case. x pendant. x monocle. x uniform.

> open case. x syringe. x vial.

> wore. (No, you must go to the Commander.)

> nw.

Observation Room

The Commander addresses you as Doctor Hypno-Hiss. He wants the prisoner's briefcase opened while the prisoner is alive.

> x Commander. x prisoner.

> se. ne.

Interrogation Room

> x chair. x briefcase. x lock. x spotlight.

> hello. a prisoner. a briefcase. a traitor.

> open vial. put serum in syringe. close vial.

> put syringe in prisoner. wait.

> a himself. ("Name: Joe, Gregory I. Rank: Sergeant. Serial Number: RA213757794. Codename: Gunn.")

> a briefcase. (It needs his thumb on the pad and focused light on the crystal.)

> a traitor.

> remove monocle.

> prisoner, put thumb on pad.

> hypnotize prisoner with pendant.

> prisoner, put thumb on pad.

> focus spotlight on crystal.

The mirror breaks! The Commander was the prisoner's contact! And now he's pointing his gun at you so you can be his dead scapegoat.

> z.

The gun fires a blank and the scene ends. The actors leave and the director (a bearded gnome) takes your props. Except you still have all of them.

> i. x mirror. (Isn't broken.)

> sit on chair. (Can't.)

> sw. s.


When you re-enter the antechamber, all of your "Doctor Hypno-Hiss" inventory vanishes.

> take all. s. s.

Test Chamber

> x Jack. hello. (No topics.)

> open steel door. e. (to End of Hall)

End of Hall

> unlock door with tarnished key.

> look in keyhole. w.

Volkswagen Bus

I just want a quick visit here to gain two pieces of information that's not easily found in the inn.

CAUTION: If Janet is hallucinating, you may need to repeat a question, maybe even several times, before you get a lucid answer.

> ask Janet about daughters. (Youngest daughter, Florence, will inherit.)

> x seats.

> x notebook. (From left to right: "saline", "NaPent", and "KCl + Pancorium Br.")

Got that? Now you know the name of Janet's third daughter and you've verified which chemical goes in which slot of the Device.

> out.

End of Hall

> e. d. d. n.


> ask man about Florence. (A silent benefactor of Doctor M.)

He also says Florence was born ten years after her eldest sister. Alexandria was born in 1972; therefore, Florence was born in 1982.

> a testers. (Edmund born in 1926; Wendy in 1983.)

> pull ladder. (Now at north wall.)

> u.

Among the Bookshelves (1981 to 1990)

> look up Florence. read it.

> look up Wendy. read it.

> d.


> drop Florence. drop Wendy.

> push ladder. g. (Now at south wall.)

> u. u. u.

Among the Bookshelves (1921 to 1930)

> look up Edmund. read it.

> d. d. d.


> drop Edmund.

> d. in.

Van Interior

Saline is the white bottle, sodium pentathol is the gray, and the deadly mixture is the black. Easy color scheme to remember.

> put white bottle in left slot.

> put gray bottle in middle slot.

> put black bottle in right slot.

> close lid. (The button glows green.)

> take device. out. u.


> show device to man. yes.

> s. u. u. w.

End of Hall

> unlock door with rusty key. w.


Note: If you try to enter the bar, you return to End of Hall instead.

> hello. (He's comatose.)

> drop device. x man. wake man.

> put needle in man. (He's shivering too much.)

> remove coat. put coat on man.

> put needle in man. (He's coughing too much. Maybe get him to drink rainwater?)

> remove hat. fill hat with water. give water to man.

> put needle in man. push button.

It takes six turns for the Device to do its job.

> z. z. z. z. z. z.

The man is dead. The test was successful. But then you find yourself falling through a void to...

End of Hall

The Device is back here and the door is locked again.

> take device.

> unlock door with tarnished key. w.

Volkswagen Bus

CAUTION: If Janet is hallucinating, you may need to repeat a question, maybe even several times, before you get a lucid answer.

> x Janet. x diplomas.

> hello. a herself.

> a suicide. (She wants a photograph.)

> a photograph.

> a daughters. a Florence. a Florence's father.

> a Alexandria. a Corinthia. a James.

> a disease. a being a burden.

> a hypnosis. (Not without daughters nearby!)

> a me. (Mentions our clipboard.)

> i. (Hm. You're not carrying a clipboard.)

> open cabinets. x purse. x supplies.

> open purse. x photograph. x junk.

> take photo.

> x shelf. x calendar. x binder.

> x seats. x notebook. x clipboard.

> a second thoughts. a will. a statement.

> x Device. put Device on shelf.

> give photo to Janet. a hypnosis. (She consents.)

> wave locket.

> put needle in Janet.

> Janet, push button.

It will take six turns for the device to gently kill Janet Evans. Outside, protestors throw daffodils, and supporters throw lilies.

> z. z. z. z. z. z.

This scene is over. You and the Device are returned to End of Hall. Any items from the past do not return with you.

End of Hall

> take device.

> unlock door with scorched key. w.

Your Office

> x desk. x photograph. (of Florence Evans, dressed in gray)

> x file. (legal documents)

Intercom buzzes; Thomas York is here.

> x calendar. (Today is June 3, 2011.)

> x cabinets. x degrees.

> x intercom. touch pad.

Thomas enters, oddly chipper.

> x couch. sit on couch. hello.

> x Thomas. x trench coat. x phone.

> a himself. a parents. a grades. a trench coat.

> a phone. a average. x crowd.

> a suicide. no. (He doesn't believe you.)

> a me. x clipboard.

> a graduation. a depression. a second thoughts.

> wave locket.

> drop device. put needle in Thomas. (He wakes up, but the needle is still in.)

> wave locket.

> Thomas, push button.

> z. z. z. z. ("BOO!")

Thomas faked the hypnosis and removed the needle earlier. You'll be too stunned to do anything but wait for the next two turns.

> z. (And he has a bomb.)

> z.

The bomb blasts you out the window and you land in End of Hall.

End of Hall

> take device.

> unlock door with ivory key. w.

Viewing Chamber

Any remaining specters representing John Doe, Janet Evans, or Thomas York fade away after you've re-witnessed their deaths. The coffin opens. A pedestal appears. A hollow voice bids you decide your future.

> x coffin. x pedestal. ("DELIVERANCE")

> put device on pedestal.

> enter coffin. (Only has room for you and clothes.)

You're not allowed to drop things here, so...

> e. e. d. d.


> put all key on counter.

> put match and candle on counter.

> put locket in pocket. pin pin to lapel.

> u. u. w. w.

Viewing Chamber

> enter coffin. put needle in me. push button.



> x glint. (It's your locket. There's a second explosion?)

> take locket. (You can only fall.)


> take locket. (Can't move. Flowers fall.)

> x locket. (It's also broken.)


> take locket. (Your hands pass through it.)

> x clouds.

Viewing Chamber

Your body is in the coffin and the pump stops. The gentleman from the library says you're ready now to make your choice.

> x body. x me. i. (You're carrying nothing.)

> save.

The end has come. You're ethereal and glowing. You can't touch or take anything. You can't open doors. You can't climb the library ladder. You can't even talk.

Choose your ending, Doctor: white, black, or gray?

White Ending

Viewing Chamber

> e. e. u.


> enter window. SPACE

You walk down a hallway; all your patients are cured. Then you're back in your VW with the Device and locket to cure more people.

*** The End ***

> coda

> restore

Black Ending

Viewing Chamber

> e. e. d. d. n.


The gentleman again bids you choose one or the other.

> d. w. s. d.

Boiler Room

> enter furnace. SPACE

Your former victims torture you with your own tools and symbols.

*** The End ***

> coda

> restore

Gray ending

Viewing Chamber

> e. e. d. d. n.


The gentleman again bids you choose one or the other.

> enter mirror. (The gentleman wishes you luck.)


In this library, the book dates are much earlier in time and a map has replaced the mirror. You welcome the female angel and the she-devil, then pick up the book: "The Life (and Deaths) of Sir William Withey Gull".

*** The End ***

(See Sir William Gull, 1st Baronet on Wikipedia to learn about this notable physician.)

> coda

> amusing



Did you try...


Main characters:

Characters in the optional Sample Transcript section:

Other named people associated with Doctor M:

Cameos and off-stage people:

And don't forget:


From the "Introduction to The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M" menu item, accessed via the ABOUT command:

Welcome to "The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M", an Interactive Fiction game written by Edmund Wells. This game is an entry to the 2011 Interactive Fiction Competition (

I would like to thank Edmund Tip March, Ruth Nelson, Wendy Weise, Samuel Weaver, and Theophilus Alltext (yes, that would be a pseudonym) who suffered through the beta versions of this game. Through their diligent efforts, "Doctor M" is much more polished and bug-free. Additional gratitude to Eric Eve for his Conversation extensions. And, of course, many thanks to Graham Nelson, Emily Short, and the crew of Inform 7 for making this contribution possible.

Copyright 2011, Edmund Wells. "The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M" by Edmund Wells is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. See the "README.txt" file for more information.

Cover and Feelie art were generated with Adobe Photoshop CS4. Many thanks to the following sites:

Some images licensed under the Microsoft Service Agreement ( and the photograph ( is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.



All the bios are in found by looking up someone's name in one of twelve "Among the Bookshelves" locations above the Library. Push and pull the ladder to the appropriate wall first before ascending the ladder. You cannot reshelve any of these books, so I suggest just dropping them in the Library when you're done with them.


All these bottles are found in the cooler in the Van Interior cabinet. Look up the chemical names in the pharmaceutical guide to learn more about them.


In the lobby, give both coins to the figure of Death. They remove their finger, which is now an ivory key, and leave it on the counter for you. Note that Death also opens the ledger to write Doctor M's name at this time.


When both flowers are in their vases, the plaques are replaced with a mirror. Look in the mirror to find a rusty key.

Note: You may pin either flower onto your coat with the pin.

Note: During the scene in the Volkswagen Bus, when Janet Evans dies, flowers are thrown at the bus. The lilies are from supporters. The daffodils are from protestors.


Note that if you ask the gentleman in the library about any of the four keys, he tells you they're all for the same strange door.

Inn items (other)

Note that you cannot pick up the burnt scrapbook in Van Interior since it's too fragile.

Alley items
Bus items
Office items

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