Key & Compass presents:
The Legend of Horse Girl
by Bitter Karella

The Legend of Horse Girl is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2022 by Bitter Karella. It is an entry in the Main Festival of Spring Thing 2022, ranking to be determined.

In this comedy western, you play as Horse Girl. Normally, you'd be riding the open plains, but that sidewinder, Judge Lazarus Dives, stole your horse! He also wants to own every snake oil well in Texas, so he must be here in Santa Diablo. You're certain of it. You're gonna find that buzzard and settle the score.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.

Map of Santa Diablo

Parlour knackershed Foyer Stall Yard Veranda garden Tower Ravine Crevice Vestry Church Boneyard Path MineEntrance Mine-shaft campsite Wagon Stable Cell Sheriff'sOffice Plaza Cantina PrivateRoom Laundry Mortuary PostOffice d d d in out u u u u d



> x fountain. x wagon. x board. x Ulysses.

> x me. i. x poncho.

> x broadsheet. (ask at the cantina)

> x locket. x hat. x jeans.

> e.


> x La Muerte. x traje. x peineta. x snake.

> ask La about Dives.

> ask La about broadsheet.

> ask La about Hornswaggle.

> x menu. x pianola. x clocks. x coyotes.

> x spitoon. take it.

> x patrons. x gamblers. x cards.

> ask La about coffin varnish. (She needs tar, venom, and cactus juice to make it.)

> ask La about clocks. ask La about snake.

> ask La about coyotes.

> u.

Private Room

> x tub. x sponge. take it.

> x Angelhair. ask her about herself.

> ask her about bathtub. ask her about Dives.

> ask her about Muerte.

> d. w. w.

Sheriff's Office

> x desk. open drawer. take ticket. x it. (Tex Arkham's guitar is in the safe.)

> x saber. take it.

> x posters. x safe.

> w.


> x cot. search it. take saw. x it. x bars.

> e. e. ne.


> x Wildfire. pet mule.

> x horseshoe. take it. x hay.

> sw. sw.


> x laundry. x counter.

> x Lucky. x robe. x skullcap. x sunglasses.

> x pipe. x newspaper. x machine.

> ask Lucky about pipe. take pipe. x hookah.

> ask Lucky about Dives.

> ne. s.


> x roses. x caskets. x urns.

> x Wormfood. x bodice. x dress. x necklace.

> ask Wormfood about caskets. ask her about urns.

> ask her about judge. ask her about twins.

> ask her about necklace.

> ask her about skin condition.

> n. se.

Post Office

> x Clem. x visor. x letters.

> x package. x machine. x counter.

> ask Clem about package. take package. (denied)

> nw. in.


> x shelves. x bottles.

> x chart. take it.

> x vat. x homunculus.

> take homunculus. (needs more nourishment first)

> ask Hornswaggle about homunculus. (It's nourished with milk with bats drowned in it.)

> x tray. ask him about bezoar. (It's a hairball that counteracts poison.)

> ask him about judge. ask him about twins.

> ask him about tonic. ask him about La Muerte.

> ask him about Lucky. ask him about Wormfood.

> out. n.


> x villa. x graveyard.

> x Butch. x coin. x duster. x ten hat.

> talk to Butch. ask him about contest. (A drinking contest using coffin varnish.)

> w.


> x crosses. x gorse. x church. x grave.

> x shovel. take it.

> x door. saw boards with saw.

> w.


> x pews. x carpet. x scarecrows.

> x victrola. x pulpit. x font.

> w.


> x books. x bible. x parson.

> x sack. x cassock. x wide-brimmed hat.

> ask parson about bible.

> ask him about scarecrows.

> ask him about judge. ask him about sack.

> e. u.


> x bell. ring it. (can't: need a rope)

> d. e. e. e.

Mine Entrance

> x monster. use sponge on monster. (The sponge now has venom, and you can now safely pass by the monster.)

> take sponge.

> d.


> x arches. x lamps. x pool. x signs.

> x tnt. take it.

> x lamp. take it. (denied: Gabby wants a replacement.)

> x Gabby. x raggedy hat. x kerchief. x mecha.

> ask Gabby about oil. ask him about judge.

> ask him about mecha. ask him about himself.

> e.


> x tent. x fumarole. x cans. x ore. x pot.

> take ore. (can't: embedded in wall)

> use horseshoe on ore. (Horseshoe is now a magnet.)

> take pot.

> u. (can't: too dark)

> w. u. n.


> x cactus. cut cactus with saber. x juice.

> x tumbleweed. take it. (can't: too spirited)

> s. w. s. e.


> give juice to La.

> give spitoon to La.

> give sponge to La.

With all three ingredients, La Muerte makes some coffin varnish and gives it to you.

> x varnish.

> w. s.


> give chart to Wormfood. (She turns into a wampus cat!)

> x cat. ask cat about hairball. (She needs vegetation.)

> n. se.

Post Office

> use horseshoe on machine. (You may now take the package.)

> take package. open it. x wax cylinder.

> nw. w.

Sheriff's Office

> light tnt with pipe. (The safe is open.)

> x guitar. take it. play it. (can't: don't know how)

> e. n. w. w.


> use wax on victrola. (You now know how to play the guitar.)

> e. e. e. n.


> play guitar. (You get the tumbleweed.)

> s. w. s. s.


> give tumbleweed to cat. (She vomits the hairball.)

> x hairball. take it. eat it.

> n. n.


> give varnish to Butch.

> x glass. drink glass. (Butch kneels over.)

> x Butch. search Butch. x coin.

> s. sw.


> put coin in machine. take charm. x it.

> ne. n. w.


You won't be willing to dig the grave unless you have the charm.

> dig grave with shovel.

> look. x box. open it. x cadaver. x star.

> take star. (The sheriff's ghost objects, but your charm protects you.)

> x ghost. ask ghost about himself.

> ask ghost about star. ask ghost about Dives.

> ask ghost about twins. ask ghost about parson.

> ask ghost about Gabby. ask ghost about La Muerte.

> ask ghost about Angelhair. ask ghost about postmaster.

> ask ghost about Wormfood. ask ghost about Ida Mae.

> ask ghost about Hornswaggle.

> ask ghost about Lucky Strike.

> ask ghost about Tex Arkham.

> e. n.


> x Femme. x Nightmare.

> talk to Femme. g. (She suggests a riding contest.)

> ask Femme about judge. ask Femme about Butch.

> ask Femme about Nightmare. ask Femme about Gabby.

> ask Femme about Hornswaggle.

> w.


> x gallows. n.

knacker shed

> x implements. x sugar. take sugar.

> s. e. e.


> x carrots. take carrots.

> n.


> x tarantula. milk tarantula. x milk.

> s. w. s. s. ne.


> give sugar to mule. (Wildfire now will follow you for the next few turns.)

> sw. n. n.


> give chili to mule.

> talk to Femme. (You race them and win. They leave.)

> n.


> x clock. (how strange)

> n.


> x judge. x suit. x rope. x horse. x paperwork.

> ask judge about rope. (He gives it to you.)

> ask him about horse. ask him about himself.

> ask him about Hornswaggle. ask him about Gabby.

> s. s. s. e. d.


> give carrots to Gabby. (He gives you his lamp.)

> e. u.


> x bats. take bats. (You dunk some in the milk then leave.)


> w. u. w. w. w. u.


> hang rope on bell. d.


> pull bellrope. (The parson enters and begins a sermon.)

> w.


> open Bible. (You take a six-shooter from it.)

> e. e. e. s. in.


> pour milk in vat. (The homunculus matures.)

> take homunculus. (It's now following you.)

> out. n. w. w.


> baptise homunculus with font. (It is now educated.)

> give star to homunculus. (It is now an agent of justice.)

> give gun to homunculus. (It is now armed.)

> e. e. n. n. n.


The homunculus shoots the judge, then leaves to find more evil.

> x dead judge. take horse.

*** The End ***



In the order you encounter them in this walkthrough:



Credits are at the end of the response to HELP:

Special thanks to Rovarsson, Lance Campbell, J.J. Guest, Olaf Nowacki, Grueslayer, Cacheblaster, Xin Jing Meng, Widow Dido, and Bitterlyindifferent for playtesting!


Items are listed in the order you acquire them in this walkthrough. Note that some items disappear from your inventory without comment when you no longer need them.

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