Key & Compass presents:
by Mikko Vuorinen

Leaves is an ALAN 2 text adventure game and is © 1997 by Mikko Vuorinen. It was an entry in IF Comp 1997 where it took 29th place.

In this rather colourless and linear game, you play as some guy escaping from some complex. The obstacles on your route to freedom are a guard, a fence, a forest, an underground tunnel system, and a river. (Caution: One puzzle is rather tacky and crude.)

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 3 of the game.


Map 1: From Your Room to the Forest

x x d x x x YourRoom Roadto Town Corridor Top ofStairs BushesNear theFence Wide Road EntranceHall FrontYard MoreFrontYard MoreWide Road WoodenShed SwimmingPool PoolBottom d u u Edge ofForest

Map 2: From the Forest to the River

GreenPastures Edge ofForest OtherSide ofForest RockyOutcrop Dead End Under-groundTunnel Junction StatueRoom AnotherJunction AnotherDead End StoneWall BrickCorridor Hill Trees RiverBank Forest u Wide Road d s. e. n. s. e. →


Your Room

> x me. i. (carrying nothing)

> x door. x bed. x table. x stool. look under bed.

> take stool. open door. s.


> w. (Don't want to go there.)

> e.

Top of Stairs

> x guard. x staircase. d. (Guard blocks you.)

> throw stool at guard. (+5)

> d.

Entrance Hall

> x guard. search guard. (+5)

> take knife. x knife.

> n. (bad feeling)

> e. s.

Wooden Shed

> x wood. search it. (+5)

> take axe. x it. n. e.

More Front Yard

> x bushes. s.

Swimming Pool

> x shirt. take it.

> x table. look under table. push switch. (+5. Pool empties.)

> x pool. d.

Pool Bottom

> take cutter. x it.

> u. n. ne.

Bushes Near the Fence

> x wire. cut wire with metal cutter. (+5)

> e.

Wide Road

Going north or south on this road won't help you; they're too long. You also don't want to go northwest to the gate.

> read sign ("TOWN") x stick. take it. e.

Edge of Forest

> x man. x staff. x stump. talk to man.

> ask man about staff. ask man about forest. (You'll get lost.)

> give shirt to man. (+5)

> look. x shirt. ("sense")

> e.


Using the clue from the old shirt:

> s. e. n. s. e. (+10)

Other Side of Forest

> x farmhouses. e.

Rocky Outcrop

> x boulder. push boulder. (can't). climb boulder. (too slippery)

> w. n.

Green Pastures

> x grass. x flowers. x clouds. x cow.

> ride cow. (+5. Find a black orb.)

> take orb. x it. s. e.

Rocky Outcrop

> throw orb at boulder. (+5. Hole revealed.)

> x hole. d.

Underground Tunnel

Good ol' crystals in the walls let us see down here.

> s. se. s.

Stone Wall

> x wall. x hole.

> put stick in hole. (Doesn't fit.)

> carve stick with knife. (+5)

> x rod. put rod in hole. take rod.

> n. nw. sw.

Statue Room

> x statue. x breasts. push breasts. (You hear grinding.)

Quickly! Head back to the Stone Wall:

> ne. se. s.

Stone Wall

The game will not allow you to go south while the wall is moving. It's too dangerous; you could be crushed.

Also, if you put the rod in the hole first, then push the statue's breasts, nothing will happen. Isn't this the tackiest puzzle ever? Foreplay first, then put your rod in the hole.

> put rod in hole. (The wall stops closing.)

> s. (+10)

Brick Corridor

> s. s. w.


> x tree. climb tree. cut tree with axe. (+5)

> e.

River Bank

> x tree. get on tree. (+30)

The tree and river take you to a totally normal looking town. You escaped.






You have an inventory limit of 5 items.


You have scored your-score points out of 100.

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