Key & Compass presents:
Lazy Wizard's Guide to Passing the Very Final and Super Difficult Magical Exam
by Lenard Gunda

Lazy Wizard's Guide to Passing the Very Final and Super Difficult Magical Exam is an online web browser interactive fiction game written with Interactive Storyteller Engine (ISE) and is © 2022 by Lenard Gunda. It was an entry in IF Comp 2022 where it tied for 22nd place.

In this fantasy game, you play as Bartholomew, a final year student at a magical boarding school. It's time for your final exam, but you were too lazy to study and you've forgotten all your spells. Can you pass your exam anyway?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.0.2 (2022 IFComp) of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: School map

Shore ofShallowdeepLake Backyard Kitchen Herbhouse Caretaker'shut Dininghall 🖼️ School yard Outsidetheschool Entrancehall Westcorridor Eastcorridor Greatstaircase Examroom 🖼️ Southcorridor Potionsclassroom Wine-cellar Dungeons Library Evensouthercorridor 🖼️ 🖼️ Groundfloorclassroom Catacombs Bathroom Secondfloorclassroom Boys'dormitory West sideof schoolbuilding 2nd floorwestcorridor 🖼️ 2nd flooreastcorridor Secondfloorlanding 🖼️ Darkcave Cleaningcloset Girls'dormitory Teachers'lounge in u d u u d out enter painting d

Assuming you can cast the enter painting spell:

Map 2: Outside the school

2nd floorwestcorridor West sideof schoolbuilding Invisibleforest? Road toInvisibleForest Outsidetheschool Entrancehall WitchHut Road toDarkMeadow OutsideDarkMeadow DarkMeadowcenter Magicalsuppliesstore in out d u out in



Exam room

> x me. x Mirlena. talk to Mirlena.

>> 1. (say you sat in back)

>> 1. (+1. ask about exam)

>> 2. (ask about herself)

>> 2. (ask about school)

>> 2. (ask about teachers)

>> 3. (ask about anyone else)

>> 4. (stop asking about school)

>> 3. (ask about ghost)

>> 4. (ask about summoning ghost)

>> 4. (ask about Nung)

>> 5. (bye)

> i. x parchment. read parchment.

> x book. read book. (+2)

> spells. x unlock. x unsummon. x sleep.

> x jinn. talk to jinn.

>> 1. (ask about exam jinns)

>> 2. (ask how to call it: you learn the call exam jinn spell.)

>> 2. (bye)

> open cupboard. x berry. take berry. (+1)

> read sign. x desk. x chair.

> open door. (locked)

> cast unlock on door. (+1; Achievement: Cast your first spell.)

> n.

West corridor

> read sign. ("Exam in progress, silence please!")

> n.

Dining hall

> x spoon. take spoon. (+1)

> x paintings.

> x small painting. (of eye)

> x large painting. (of gargoyle)

> n.


> x Rotter. open cupboards. (Rotter stops you.)

> x teacup. x honey.

> take cup. (Rotter stops you; only for teachers!)

> s. s. s.

Exam room

> talk to Mirlena.

>> 5. (ask about tea)

>> 6. (bye)

> n. n. n.


> talk to Rotter.

>> 1. (ask about himself)

>> 2. (ask about looking around)

>> 3. (ask about teacup)

>> 4. (say Mirlena wants tea)

>> 5. (bye)

> take cup. (+1)

> take honey. (+1)

> s. s. s.

Exam room

> give cup to Mirlena.

> n. e.

East corridor

> n. (doors locked)

> s.

South corridor

> x painting. (of girls' dorm)

> read sign. ("Potions Classroom")

> e.

Potions classroom

> read pamphlet. (+1: need spoon and cauldron for brewing)

> x cupboard. read sign. ("Potion supplies")

> open cupboard. (locked)

> w. s.

Even souther corridor

> x painting. (of school)

> e.

Ground floor classroom

> x painting. (of treasure chest)

> x blackboard. x desks. x chairs.

> x cupboard. read plaque. ("magical components")

> open cupboard. x berry. take berry. (+1)

> w. w.


> x Heather. x glasses. x desk. x books.

> talk to Heather.

>> 1. (ask about book)

>> 2. (ask about magical books: see "Intermediate Magic")

>> 3. (ask about creatures: see "Magical Creatures")

>> 4. (ask about school: see "School History")

>> 5. (ask about herself)

>> 6. (ask about tea)

>> 7. (bye)

> cast sleep on Heather. (+1)

> read school history. (+1)

> read intermediate magic. (+2)

> read magical creatures. (+1)

> x enter. x find. x light.

> e. n. n. e.

Great staircase

> x ghost. x Nung. x hat.

> talk to Nung.

>> 1. (ask about ghost)

>> 2. (ask about hurrying up)

>> 2. (ask about himself)

>> 3. (bye)

> d.


> cast light. (+1)

> x sandheap. take sand.

> w.


> cast light.

> x shelves. x box. x flashlight.

> e. s.


> cast light.

> x skeleton. x chain. x ring. x wrist.

> n. u.

Great staircase

> cast unsummon on ghost. (+5; Achievement: Finish Act I!)

> w. n.

School yard

A cat may be here; it wanders a bit. Feel free to to pet it if you like.

> x cat. pet cat.

> x house. x hut. x path. x bushes.

> x school. x decorations.

> ne.

Caretaker's hut

> x whiteboard. (It's magnetic.)

> talk to Nung.

>> 1. (ask about hut)

>> 2. (ask if human)

>> 2. (ask about bark people)

>> 3. (ask about time at school)

>> 4. (ask about white board)

>> 5. (ask about magnets)

>> 6. (bye)

> look behind board. take magnet. (+1)

> x magnet.

> sw. nw.

Herb house

> x Liz. x tape. x podium.

> x plants. x pots. x trees. x bushes.

> talk to Liz.

>> 1. (ask about importance of herbs)

>> 2. (ask about herself)

>> 3. (ask about scissors)

>> 4. (ask why herb house is closed)

>> 4. (ask for herbs)

>> 1. (ask for red berry: you get one)

>> 4. (ask for herbs)

>> 1. (ask for black berry: you get one)

>> 5. (bye)

> ne.


> x rock. read sign. ("Shallowdeep Lake, 300m")

> look under rock. (see rock hammer)

> x hammer. take hammer. (+1)

> hit rock with hammer. (+1)

> take small rock. x small rock.

> cast find on small rock. (+5; get magic rock)

> x magic rock.

> n.

Shore of Shallowdeep Lake

> x lake. x pier. x rope. pull rope.

> x boots. look in boots. ("E.W.")

> take boots. (can't untie the knot)

> s. s. ne.

Caretaker's hut

> talk to Nung.

>> 6. (ask about lake)

>> 1. (ask about mermaids)

>> 2. (ask why lake)

>> 3. (ask if lake used)

>> 4. (stop asking about lake)

>> 7. (bye)

> sw. s. e. u.

Second floor landing

> x sign. read north sign. ("Boy's Dormitory")

> read golden sign. ("Teacher's Lounge")

> s. (A voice and force stops you.)

> n.

Boys' dormitory

> x Thomas. x cauldron.

> take cauldron. (Thomas stops you; it's his.)

> talk to Thomas.

>> 1. (ask about himself)

>> 2. (tell about yourself)

>> 1. (ask about cauldron)

>> 1. (ask for cauldron)

>> 1. (suggest trade: he wants his lost boots)

>> 2. (ask about going home)

>> 2. (ask about exams)

>> 3. (ask if he likes the school)

>> 3. (bye)

> x sofa. x fireplace. x table. x carpet. x tapestry.

> s. w.

Second floor east corridor

> x statues. x painting. (of yard)

> x door. read sign. ("Spellcasting classroom")

> s. (Voice and force stop you.)

> n.

Second floor classroom

> x desks. x board. x cupboard.

> read plaque. ("Study material")

> open cupboard. (locked)

> cast unlock on cupboard. (It unlocks.)

Since you know where to get red berries, the game no longer requires them for this spell.

> open cupboard. x rune book.

> take rune book. read rune book. (+1)

> s. w.

Second floor west corridor

> x large door. read metal sign. ("Bathroom")

> x smaller door. (no sign)

> x window. (magic glass)

> s.

Cleaning closet

> x junk. search junk. x fan. take fan.

> n. n.


> x mirror. x sink. x toilet.

> x plant. search plant. take scissors. (+1)

> x scissors. x soap. take soap. (+1)

> s. e. e. d. w. s. e.

Potions classroom

> cast unlock on cupboard. (+1)

> open cupboard. x potions book. take potions book.

> read potions book. (+2; learn two potion recipes)

> x bubble. x see.

> x mortar. take mortar. (+1)

> w. n. e. d.


Just in case you want to cast unsummon again.

> take sand. w.


The weird thing about the flashlight is that when you try to open the flashlight, the game says you don't need to do that, just take the battery. But if you try to take the battery first, the game doesn't understand what you're trying to do. So you do have to open the flashlight first!

> break box with hammer. (fail)

> break box with magic rock. (+1; the lid breaks)

> take flashlight. open flashlight.

> take battery. (+1)

> x battery. put battery in fan. (+1)

> e. s.


I honestly don't know why you can't just take a bone from the skeleton or how you know that a bone is lost somewhere.

> cast find on skeleton. (+1; you get a small bone)

> x bone.

> crush bone with mortar. (+1; you get bonedust)

> n. u. w. n. n. n.

Shore of Shallowdeep Lake

> cut rope. (using the scissors)

> take rope. (+1)

> take boots. (+1)

> cast find on boots. (+1; get red boots)

> x red boots.

> s. sw.

Herb house

> give scissors to Liz. (+1; Achievement: You tried to return the lost scissors!)

> talk to Liz.

>> 3. (ask for herbs)

>> 3. (ask for blue mushroom)

>> 3. (ask for herbs)

>> 4. (ask for vinegar: go ask Rotter)

>> 4. (bye)

> x mushroom.

> se. s. e. u. n.

Boys' dormitory

> give red boots to Thomas. (+2)

> take cauldron. (+2; Achievement: Borrowed the cauldron!)

> s. w. w.

Second floor west corridor

You can brew the exploding bubbles potion anywhere as long as you have the spoon, cauldron, soap, and blue mushroom. But if you want to survive it, you also need the fan with the battery in it.

> brew bubbles. x bubbles.

> turn on fan. (+5; Achievement: Finish Act II!)

Unfortunately, the cauldron melts.

> x pewter. turn off fan.

> break window with magic rock. (+2)

> tie rope to window. (+1. You can now go out or down from here.)

> d. (+5; Achievement: Escape the school building!)

West side of the school building

> x rose. cut rose. (can't)

> s.

Outside the school

> x signpost. x post box. open box.

Note: The letter isn't here until Act III begins.

> x letter. (for Professor Coldrun)

> take letter. (+1)

With the letter in hand, you're now allowed to enter the teacher's lounge:

> n. u. e. e. s.

Teacher's lounge

> x sofas. x armchairs. x table.

> x fireplace. x panels. x carpets.

> x Advanced. read Advanced. (+2; learn two spells)

> x transfigure. x summon vampire.

> x newspapers.

> look under newspapers. take magnifying glass. (+1)

> x glass.

> n. d. w. w. w.

Entrance hall

> x statues. read plaques. x gargoyle.

> x doors. open doors. (can't)

Here's the second way to escape the school:

> look under gargoyle. (You see magical runes.)

> break runes with hammer. (+5; Achievement: Escape the school building!)

Time to use that "enter painting" spell, now that you have the magnifying glass:

> e. e. s.

South corridor

> enter painting. (You arrive at...)

Girls' dormitory

> x curtains. x bedsheet. x table. x bed.

> x mirror. take mirror.

> n. e. d. w. s. s. e.

Ground floor classroom

> enter painting.

Dark cave

> x painted rock. (has picture of the school on it)

> x moss rocks. x water. x chest.

> cast unlock on chest. open chest.

> x ducat. take ducat. (+1)

> enter painting. (You return to...)

Outside the school

> se.

Road to Dark Meadow

> x village. se.

Outside Dark Meadow

> x sign. ("Wizarding School")

> x garden. x lettuce. take lettuce. (+1)

> s.

Dark Meadow center

> x fountain. x statue. x necklace.

> take necklace. (+1)

> wear necklace.

> x signs. ("Closed for the summer")

> x store. e.

Magical supplies store

> x Smith. x counter. x shelves.

> talk to Smith.

>> 1. (say doing exam)

>> 1. (ask about shelves)

>> 2. (ask about merchandise)

>> 2. (ask about business)

>> 3. (ask about village)

>> 1. (ask about villagers)

>> 2. (ask about village history)

>> 3. (stop asking about village)

>> 4. (ask about cauldrons)

>> 1. (offer ducat)

>> 5. (ask about garlic)

>> 6. (bye)

> give ducat to Smith. (+2; she summons a cauldron)

> take cauldron.

> w. n. nw. nw.

Outside the school

> in. e. n. n.


The honey satchel is back here. Vinegar isn't available until Act III.

> take honey.

> talk to Rotter.

>> 4. (ask for BLT: he needs lettuce)

>> 5. (ask for vinegar: +1, he gives some)

>> 6. (bye)

> give lettuce to Rotter. (+1; you get a BLT sandwich)

> x BLT. x vinegar.

> s. s. e. n. nw.

Herb house

> talk to Liz.

>> 3. (ask for herbs)

>> 3. (ask for green berry: she gives one)

>> 3. (ask for herbs)

>> 5. (ask for moss: visit Eleanor Which in the invisible forest)

>> 5. (bye)

> se. s. w. w. out.

Outside the school

> brew see. (+2; gain a dark green potion)

> take cauldron. x potion.

> w. w.

Invisible forest? / Forest

> drink potion. (+1; the forest appears)

> x trees. x leaves. x hut.

> in.

Witch Hut

> x Which. talk to Which.

>> 1. (ask for moss)

>> 1. (ask about trade: she wants her boots back)

>> 2. (bye)

> give boots to Which. (+2; you get night moss)

> x moss.

Time to find that cat.

> out. e. e. in. e. e. n.

School yard

I'm assuming the cat is here. If it's not here, it can be in the back yard, in the herb house, in the caretaker's hut, or on the lake shore. If necessary, look for it or wait for it to show up.

> cast transfigure on cat. (It is now a green troll.)

> give BLT to troll. (+5; Achievement: Survive the troll!)

The troll is now harmless, but you can still put it to sleep, which I believe is the second way of dealing with it.

> cast sleep on troll. (The troll now sleeps.)

> cast summon vampire.

> s. (+5. Vampire tries to attack you, but the garlic repels it and it leaves. Achievement: Survive the vampire! Achievement: You know that real strength lies in garlic!)

I assume casting unsummon on the vampire is the other way of dealing with it.

> read parchment. (all tasks done)

Return to the exam room:

> s. w. s.

Exam room

> talk to Mirlena.

>> 1 (tell about completed tasks)

Achievement: Finish Act III! Achievement: Become a licensed wizard! Achievement: Finish the game without hints!


Congratulations on getting your Wizarding Certificate!

Thank you for playing Lazy Wizard's Guide!



There are 13 possible achievements.

The 8 "hidden" achievements are:

The 5 achievements unlocked from the beginning are:

I have no idea what the missing achievement is. I couldn't find any mermaids. Drinking the tea isn't it. Giving the cauldron back to Thomas isn't it.


The dead and the undead:



This is the response to CREDITS:

Lazy Wizard's Guide

Version: 1.0.2 (2022 IFComp)

An adventure game by Lenard Gunda <email redacted>

Interactive Storyteller Engine (ISE) v1.5.0, (c) 2019-2022 by Lenard Gunda

A warm and big thank you goes out to the people who tested the game (in alphabetical order).

- Andy Joel

- Jesse Ryhänen

- Jussi Paalanen

- Lauri Kotilainen

- Mike Russo

- Tamas Gunda


Other items


The response to SCORE is:

You have achieved your-score out of 93 points during several turns.

Unlocked your-achievement-total out of 13 achievements. Type achievements to see details.

You have been playing for MM minutes SS seconds.

Points are awarded as follows:

Note that I did not obtain a full score. There are still more points to earn!

See also: Achievements.

Spells and recipes

Note that when brewing a potion, you will always need a spoon and a cauldron as well as the potion's ingredients.

In alphabetical order:

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