Key & Compass presents:
Lazy Gods of Earth
by Stark Springs

Lazy Gods of Earth is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2001, 2002 by Stark Springs. It was entered in IF Library Comp 2002 where it took 3rd place.

You play as some guy in a black swimsuit. You're visiting your friend James and his girlfriend Karen at his West Coast beach house, but after a week of doing nothing, you're getting bored. But then you accidentally destroy the world, and it's up to you as the last mortal to convince some lazy gods to restore everything back to the way it was.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 4 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Beach

PrivateBeach PrivateBeach BeachHouse PrivateBeach Bathroom GuestBedroom Edge Darkness Edge Edge (to MasterBedroom) put rodin castle

Map 2: Darkness Hub

FloatingIsland orStairway Underwater Darkness Mountains Forest

Map 3: Underwater

Darkness Under-water Under-water Cave w d d u u d

Map 4: Forest

Darkness Forest ForestEdge ForestTrail ForestTrail Clearing

Map 5: Mountains

MountainTop StoneLedge StoneLedge BelowOutcrop MountainPath BarrenPlain MountainBase Darkness BarrenPlain CastleGates Court-yard LongHall LongHall BarrenPlain u d d d (etc.) climb rope d u jump u u

Map 6: Floating Island or Stairway

Cell FloatingIsland Landing FloatingIsland Stairway Darkness (via talkto Conrad) u d


Prologue: Beachside Catastrophe

Private Beach (middle)

> info.

Start a conversation with the "talk to someone" command. If there's just one person, "talk" is sufficient. Then select numbered options from the conversation menu. Choosing 0 or walking away always ends a conversation. The options will be listed on the right-hand side of the screen.

> x me. (You're only in a black swimsuit.)

> i. (You're carrying nothing.)

> x sand. x ocean. x house. swim.

> e.

Beach House

Nothing much to do here, and you can't go into the master bedroom.

> x fridge. x dishwasher. x sink. x table. x chairs.

> se.

Guest Bedroom

Nothing much to do here either.

> x bed. look under bed. x clothes. search clothes.

> x window. x fence. x house.

> nw. sw.


> x book. take it. read it. (Tells a legend of the Gates of Hell.)

> x toilet. x sink. x shower.

> ne. w. s.

Private Beach (south end)

When you enter here, a greenish lump hits your ankle.

> x fence. x lump. take lump. (+1)

> clean lump. (+2. It's a stone rod.)

> x rod. n. n.

Private Beach (north end)

Karen is reading a magazine near a partly-built sand castle.

> x Karen. x castle. (Looks like a padlock.)

> talk. 1. 1. ("Sure")

Feel free to answer the quiz's five questions as you like, but know that your answers will be used to personalize the rest of this game in minor ways.

> 1or2or3

> 1or2or3

> 1or2or3

> 1or2or3

> 1or2or3 (+1)

She tells you what sort of movie you should see. James enters with shells for the castle.

> 0. (End the conversation with Karen.)

> x James. talk to James. 1. 1.

> put rod in castle.

Everything changes. Two stone pillars grow out of the ground. James and Karen are gone. A void is to the west, and the house bursts into flames.

Edge (north)

> look. x void. x pillars. x castle. x fence.

> s.

Edge (middle)

> x house. (It's burning. You can't approach it.)

> s.

Edge (south)

CAUTION: If you try to climb the fence or go west, you'll die.

> n. n.

Edge (north)

> x rectangle. e. (+5)

Darkness and Thirst


> x ball. (You see the scene of you planting the rod replayed.)

> take ball. (It's too heavy. But you can push it.)

Push the ball in the four cardinal directions to make four archways appear:

> push ball north. (An arch appears to the north; a garden scene is in the ball.)

> push ball west. (An arch appears to the west; an underwater scene is in the ball.)

> push ball east. (An arch appears to the east; a mountain range is in the ball.)

> push ball south. (An arch appears to the south; a forest scene is in the ball.)

Start with the mountains:

> e.

Barren Plain (near gate)

> x sun. x cliffs.

If you chose "brawn" in the quiz, there'll be an axe here. Take it.


> n.

Barren Plain (north)

If you chose "brains" or "honor" in the quiz, there'll be a root here. Take it.


> e.

Mountain Base

If you're not thirsty yet, you will be soon.

> drink water. (Thirst and hunger satisfied for the rest of the game.)

> x spring. x grass. x path. x boulders.

> w. s. s.

Barren Plain (south locations)

A bit of silliness probably inspired by the signs on the endless road in Infocom's "Enchanter":

> x cloud. ("There")

> s. x cloud. ("is")

> s. x cloud. ("nothing")

> s. x cloud. ("that")

> s. x cloud. ("way")

> s. x cloud. ("The Gods")

> s. x cloud. (Nothing more to read.)

> n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.

Loot the Underwater Cave


> w.

Underwater (two locations)

> d. d. (+5. Current pulls you to Cave.)


> drink water. (Can't; too bitter.)

> x globes. x crates. (which: left, middle, right?)

> x left crate. open it. x buoy.

> x middle crate. open it. x hi-fi. x headphones.

> x right crate. open it. x anchor. x rope.

> take phones. (+1)

> untie rope. (You take it as well.)

If you have the hook:

Make sure to leave the buoy behind. If you have the buoy, you can't dive into the pool.

> d. u. u.

Loot the Castle


> e. e.

Castle Gates

> x gate. open gate. (Nope.)

How you get past the gates depends on how you answered the second question in the quiz.

If you answered "brains":

If you answered "brawn":

If you answered "honor":


By the way, the gate can't be unlocked from this side either.

> e.

Long Hall (west end)

> x table. x benches. x weapons. x mugs. x cobwebs.

> take mug. i. x dusty mug.

> e.

Long Hall (east end)

> x throne. sit on throne. (+2. You now hold a sword.)

> x golden sword. stand.

If you had the axe, you automatically dropped it when you obtained the sword. Leave the axe behind; you don't need it anymore.

> w. w.


If you chose "brains":


Castle Gates

If you chose "brains":


> w. n. e.

Mountain Base

> fill mug. (The mug fills but also cleans and repairs itself.)

> w. n.

Meet Conrad, the God of the Floating Island


> n.

Floating Island (south end)

> x city. x trees. x bushes. x flowers. x stair.

> n.

Floating Island (north end)

You can just lawnmow your conversation with Conrad.

> x man. talk. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 0.

> x lone tree.

> s.

Floating Island (south)

> pour water on flowers. (+10)

> x flowers. take flower. (You have a red rose.)

> x rose.

> s.

Meet Alea, the Goddess of the Forest


> s. s.

Forest Trail (at deer)

> x deer.

Something big is approaching fast from the west. Get to safety fast!

> e. e.


> climb tree. z. (+1)

The boar stops at your tree and lies down.

> x boar. (It changes into a woman and addresses you.)

You can lawnmow your conversation with Alea:

> 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.

> d.

CAUTION: Don't kiss Alea until after you give the rose to her.

> x Alea. x pool.

> give rose to Alea. kiss Alea.

She asks if you'll show her what mankind has learned about love and beauty. Answer affirmatively.

> 1 ("Gladly.")or2 ("I will")

She says you must talk to Brock in the mountains, and drops a pile of feathers. She also says to get help from Hul and to ask Conrad where to find Hul. Then she vanishes in a puff of smoke.

> x feathers. (It's a feather cloak.)

> take cloak.

> w. w. w. w.

Meet Brock, the God on the Mountain Top


> e.

Barren Plain

> n. e. u. u.

Below Outcrop

You first notice the cold here.

> wear cloak.

If you chose "brains" or "honor":

Otherwise, if you chose "brawn":

Stone Ledge (south end)

It's not obvious immediately that you need to wear the headphones here, but if you continue this path without them, music will start to drain you of your ability to stay awake.

> wear phones.

> n. u.

Mountain Top

You can just lawnmow your conversation with Brock.

> remove phones.

> x man. talk. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 0.

> x seashell.

Make sure you're wearing the headphones whenever you play the seashell, or you'll pass out and drop it.

> wear phones. play shell. remove phones.

> d. s. d.

Below Outcrop

If you used the rope to climb up here, shaking the rope gets it back again.

> d. d. w. n.

Meet Hul, the Imprisoned God


> n. n.

Floating Island (north end)

Ask Conrad to help you find Hul:

> talk. 1.

Reality shreds and you are now at...


The arch here goes back to Darkness, and the north arch from Darkness now leads here. You can never return to the Floating Island or Conrad; this stairway has replaced it.

> x stairs. x void.

> u.


You'll be facing a spider, snake, or rat here, depending on how you answered the fourth question in Karen's quiz.


CAUTION: If you attack this creature without a weapon, you will die. If you chose "brawn" in the quiz, you may succeed at killing it with the sword, but otherwise, you'll die even if you use the sword. But using the seashell always works.

> wear phones. play shell. (The creature sleeps.)

> remove phones.

After putting the creature to sleep, just walk past it. If you chose "brains" or "brawn", you may opt to kill the sleeping creature with your sword now, if you really want to, but if you chose "honor", you'll refuse to kill it while it sleeps.

> n. (+5)


You can lawnmow the conversation with Hul.

> x man. talk. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.

> break chain with sword. (+1. "Good. You still need Brock's help.")

> 1. ("I already talked to Brock...")

+5. Hul acts, and you're back to when and where this all began...

Epilogue: A Hero's Reward

Private Beach (north end)

A huge ocean wave destroys the sand castle and the rod is gone.

If you picked the heroic death for question five in the quiz, the wave pulls you into the ocean and you drown.

*** You have won ***

Otherwise, the next morning...

Guest Bedroom (on the four-poster bed)

> x me. (Naked except for shorts.)

> i. (Nothing.)

If you picked money for question five in the quiz, there's a wooden box here.

*** You have won ***

If there's no box or if you prefer to ignore it, leave the room.

> stand. n.

James and Karen are having coffee with Alea, who's now your girlfriend.

*** You have won ***


Action Movie Quiz

For what it's worth, I went to the trouble of answering the quiz every possible way to see which movies are suggested. I was amused imagining someone at the gossip magazine typesetting this huge table, just so Karen and thousands like her could search through it later.

11111: SW
11112: SW
11113: SW
12111: SW
12112: SW
12113: TE
13111: SW
13112: SW
13113: AR
21111: IJ
21112: MU
21113: MU
22111: IJ
22112: SW
22113: GL
23111: SW
23112: SW
23113: BR
31111: TE
31112: MU
31113: HI
32111: TE
32112: SW
32113: TE
33111: SW
33112: SW
33113: AR
11121: IJ
11122: AL
11123: AR
12121: IJ
12122: AL
12123: AR
13121: AR
13122: AR
13123: AR
21121: IJ
21122: IJ
21123: IJ
22121: IJ
22122: IJ
22123: GL
23121: IJ
23122: AR
23123: BR
31121: IJ
31122: AL
31123: AR
32121: BL
32122: AL
32123: AR
33121: AR
33122: AR
33123: AR
11131: TO
11132: AL
11133: AR
12131: TO
12132: SW
12133: TO
13131: SW
13132: SW
13133: AR
21131: IJ
21132: MU
21133: HI
22131: IJ
22132: GL
22133: GL
23131: BR
23132: BR
23133: BR
31131: IJ
31132: AL
31133: HI
32131: TO
32132: DH
32133: HI
33131: AR
33132: AR
33133: AR
11211: TE
11212: TE
11213: TE
12211: TE
12212: TE
12213: TE
13211: TE
13212: SW
13213: AR
21211: TE
21212: MU
21213: HI
22211: TE
22212: DH
22213: GL
23211: BR
23212: BR
23213: BR
31211: TE
31212: DH
31213: TE
32211: LW
32212: DH
32213: TE
33211: TE
33212: DH
33213: AR
11221: AR
11222: AL
11223: AR
12221: TE
12222: AL
12223: AR
13221: AR
13222: AR
13223: AR
21221: IJ
21222: IJ
21223: HI
22221: IJ
22222: DH
22223: GL
23221: AR
23222: AR
23223: BR
31221: LW
31222: DH
31223: AR
32221: LW
32222: DH
32223: AR
33221: AR
33222: AR
33223: AR
11231: TE
11232: AL
11233: AR
12231: TE
12232: DH
12233: TE
13231: AR
13232: AR
13233: AR
21231: CO
21232: MU
21233: HI
22231: CO
22232: CO
22233: GL
23231: CO
23232: BR
23233: BR
31231: LW
31232: DH
31233: HI
32231: LW
32232: DH
32233: TE
33231: LW
33232: DH
33233: AR
11311: MA
11312: AL
11313: TE
12311: MA
12312: SW
12313: TE
13311: SW
13312: SW
13313: AR
21311: IJ
21312: MU
21313: HI
22311: IJ
22312: DH
22313: GL
23311: BR
23312: BR
23313: BR
31311: TE
31312: DH
31313: HI
32311: TE
32312: DH
32313: TE
33311: TE
33312: DH
33313: AR
11321: IJ
11322: AL
11323: AL
12321: IJ
12322: AL
12323: AL
13321: AR
13322: AL
13323: AR
21321: IJ
21322: IJ
21323: IJ
22321: IJ
22322: IJ
22323: GL
23321: IJ
23322: BR
23323: BR
31321: IJ
31322: AL
31323: HI
32321: IJ
32322: DH
32323: HI
33321: AR
33322: DH
33323: AR
11331: IJ
11332: AL
11333: AL
12331: MA
12332: AL
12333: GL
13331: SW
13332: SW
13333: AR
21331: IJ
21332: IJ
21333: HI
22331: IJ
22332: DH
22333: GL
23331: BR
23332: BR
23333: BR
31331: IJ
31332: DH
31333: HI
32331: LW
32332: DH
32333: HI
33331: LW
33332: DH
33333: AR

There are 15 possible movie suggestions that the quiz might make:




Note that if you answer "no" to Alea's request about showing her what mankind has learned about love and beauty, she'll accept your answer then vanish without leaving the feather cloak. But you can't finish the game without it!


Honorable mention:


The response to SCORE is:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 50, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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