Key & Compass presents:
The Last Sonnet of Marie Antoinette
by Emily Short

The Last Sonnet of Marie Antoinette is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2001 by Emily Short. It was an entry in the Speed-IF 16 event.

You play as a tourist who has lived on the Moon for two thousand years. In the sky above the Seat of Omens, you can see that universal planes are colliding and each star has its twin. You hope to avert this destruction.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


d u MareVirtutis,North MareVirtutis,South End Store-room Cemetery Seat ofOmens YourQuarters

Seat of Omens

> x me. x sky. x stars. x table. x ladder. jump. d. n.

Mare Virtutis, North

> x gate. enter gate. s. e.


Oddly, the wheel of cheddar can't be called "cheese".

> x shelves. x wheel. take it. x box. open it. take it.

> x saw. take it. x jar. open it. take it.

> x apron. take it. wear it. s.

Your Quarters

> x mirror. look in mirror. take it.

> x parchment. open it. look under it. x key.

> x tripod. take it. n. w. sw.


> x coffins. x one. drop tripod.

Two ways to open the jar:

> break jar with saworthrow jar.

> take pepper.

Two ways to open the box:

> unlock box with key. open boxorcut box with saw.

> x knife.

The cheese is too big for the tripod. Two ways to make it smaller:

> eat wheelorcut wheel with knife.

Two choices for the tripod. Feel free to eat the food you don't sacrifice.

> put wheel in tripodorput pepper in tripod.

> ne. u. e.


You are wearing the apron, right? And I like tidiness, ok?

> put mirror in apron.

> put all but apron on shelves. w. u.

Seat of Omens

> put mirror on table.

*** You have won ***

Yay! Now restart and play it again in inside joke mode by first typing:

> xyzzy.






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