Key & Compass presents:
Last Day
by Earth Traveler

Last Day is a Glulx interactive fiction story written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by Earth Traveler. It was an entry in the La Petite Mort, English division of Ectocomp 2020 where it took 11th place.

In this small game, you play as a homeowner in Nelsonville, WA on humanity's last day. A comet will strike the earth today, killing everyone at 12:43 PM. How will you spend your last three hours of life?

Content warning: Suicide.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the story.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction story. Please make an honest effort to play the story before reading this walkthrough.


u u (die) Top of theLighthouse YaquinaHeadLighthouse YaquinaHead Stripof Sand YaquinaStrait NorthForestTrail YaquinaBluffs NelsonBay PortFriday CentralForestTrail SouthForestTrail YourBedroom YourLivingRoom Harbor Nelson'sOwnOffice PolkRoad BrowningStreet HarborStreet Nelson'sOwn Kitchen OldChurch CourtStreet d d u d


It's the last day ever. This story begins at 9:44 am and will definitely end at 12:43 pm when the comet strikes the Earth, unless you die before that.

Walkthrough 1: Explore then wait until the world ends

Your Bedroom

There's not enough time to see everything in one walkthrough, but anything we don't see in this run, I'll make sure it's seen in one of the other walkthroughs below, okay?

> x bed. x stereo. x trash. x cans. x CDs.

> e. s. e. e.

Nelson's Own

> x Benny.

> ask Benny about comet. ask Benny about sandwich.

> e.


> x fries. eat fries.

> x freezer. enter freezer. (Pointless; there's no door.)

> w. u.

Nelsons Own Office

> x Wickens. ask Wickens about comet.

> ask Wickens about restaurant.

> d. w. n.

Harbor, Nelsonville

I can't find any way to enter the outbuilding.

> x sailor. eat sailor. (denied)

> x boat. enter boat.

> n. n. w.

Stripe of Sand

> out. u.

Yaquina Bluffs

> x corpses. x rope.

> nw. nw. u.

Top of the Lighthouse

Might as well wait for the comet from the highest place in the game.

> wait. yes. (It's now 12:36 pm.)

> x sky.

Since WAIT is buggy (it will always set the time to 12:36 pm), and somehow examining anything and LOOK take no time, I suggest using the inventory command repeatedly to wait for the end.

> i. i. x comet.

> i. (Repeat until...)

*** The world has ended ***

Walkthrough 2: Suicide by jumping

Note: You can also jump to your death by jumping at Yaquina Bluffs or at Nelson's Own Office. I'm choosing the lighthouse mostly so we can include a tour of the forest in this run.

Your Bedroom

> e. s. w. nw.

South Forest Trail

> x trees. ne.

Central Forest Trail

> x shapes. (hanging corpses)

> ne. n. nw. u.

Top of the Lighthouse

Unfortunately, you can't examine anything mentioned in the room description.

> jump.

*** You have committed suicide ***

Walkthrough 3: Suicide by drowning

Your Bedroom

> e. s. e. n.

Harbor, Nelsonville

> enter boat. n.

Nelson Bay

You can jump to your death and drown either here or in Yaquina Strait.

> x ocean. jump.

*** You have committed suicide ***

Walkthrough 4: Suicide by hanging

Your Bedroom

> e. s. e. n.

Harbor, Nelsonville

> enter boat. n. n. w.

Stripe of Sand

> out. u.

Yaquina Bluffs

> x rock. x rope. x corpses.

> wear rope. tie rope to rock. jump.

*** You have hung yourself ***

Note: You can't untie the rope once it's tied to something. If there's a way to hang yourself in the forest, I failed to discover it.

Walkthrough 5: The orgy ending

Your Bedroom

> e. s. e. n.

Harbor, Nelsonville

> enter boat. n. e.

Port Friday

> x orgy.

> join orgyorenter orgy.

*** You have died in a way some people dream of ***

Walkthrough 6: The get-shot ending

Your Bedroom

> e. s. e. s.

Court Street, Nelsonville

> s. (A man with a rifle warns you.)

> x men.

> ask men about comet. ask men about men.

> s. (They shoot you.)

*** You have been shot to death ***

Walkthrough 7: The pray-for-salvation ending

Your Bedroom

> e. s. e. s.

Court Street, Nelsonville

> x church. w.

Old Church

> x people. x Reverend. x pulpit. x bible. read it.

> ask Reverend about comet. ask Reverend about God.

> pray. (Repeat praying until the end. Each act of praying takes 30 minutes of game time.)

*** You have died in peace ***



Dead people:




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