Key & Compass presents:
Krakatoa Tuna Melt
by David Welbourn

Krakatoa Tuna Melt is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2002 by David Welbourn. It was a participant in the Speed-IF 10^−9 event.

In this small game, you play as the current champion of Krakatoa Survivor Challenge. To defend your title, you must assemble a tuna melt sandwich from materials on the island. May the best contestant win!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.


Lip of theVolcano Mountain-side HiddenClearing DeeperForest ElBakery LonelyHill DeepForest Village OceansideMeadow "Challenge"Camp Beach Lagoon


"Challenge" Camp

Biff stays at the camp. Russ and Kari will wander around randomly. You can ignore them entirely, or examine them later. Don't worry if they seem to get ingredients before you do; they'll never actually complete their own sandwiches.

> x me. x Biff. x Russ. x Kari.

> xyzzy. plugh. plover. (those optional magic words)

> e.


> take bag. x it. n.


You don't need the crystal to win; only for an alternate ending.

> x cannon. x structure. x box. open box.

> x crystal. take it.

> x bottle. take it. n.

El Bakery

> x baker. x baby. x sign. x bread. take it. s. w.

Deep Forest

The stick is a red herring, but you can take it anyway.

> climb tree. x stick. take it. n. n.


> take rock. x it. s. w.

Lonely Hill

> x sheep. x stomach. x rennet.

> take rennet. take sheep. take stomach.

> cut stomach with rock. take stomach. x sheep.

> s.

Oceanside Meadow

> x cows. milk cows. x milk. s.


> x lagoon. x fish. take fish. drink water.

> s. swim. fish. catch fish. catch fish with stick.

> give popcorn to fish. x fresh fish.

> n. n. n. e.

Hidden Clearing

> x Emil. ask Emil about bubble. x bubble.

> x button. x broken crystal.

> put milk in bubble. put rennet in bubble. x milk.

> push button. take cheese. eat cheese.

Caution: Don't give the glowing crystal to Emil until after you've got the cheese.

> give glowing crystal to Emil. undo.

> s. n.


> put fish on bread. debone fish with rock. put fish on bread.

> put cheese on bread. x bread. n.

Lip of the Volcano

The heat is so intense that there's only enough time to do one thing then leave, else you'll faint and fall into the volcano.

> drop bread. s. n. take bread. s.


> x bread.

Your tuna melt should be complete. If you'd like, you can blow up the world by dropping the crystal into the volcano:

> n.

Lip of the Volcano

> put crystal in volcano.

*** You have died ***

Or you can show the complete sandwich to Biff and win the game:

> undo

> s. s. s. s.

"Challenge" Camp

> show bread to Biff.

*** You have won ***




Note: You can lock yourself out of victory if you give the crystal to Emil before you've obtained some cheese. Emil will use the crystal to repair his time machine and leave in it. Without the time machine being available, you can't make cheese.


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