Key & Compass presents:
King Arthur's Night Out
by Mikko Vuorinen

King Arthur's Night Out is an ALAN 2 interactive fiction game and is © 1999 by Mikko Vuorinen. It was an entry in IF Comp 1999 where it took 22nd place.

In this short light comedy, you play as King Arthur Pendragon of Britain. You want to go out to the pub with Lance and the boys, but Queen Guinevere insists you're staying home. Well, we'll see about that. How will you sneak out of the castle?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.


(end) (to royallavatory) EntranceHall War Room MainCorridor Bedroom ThroneRoom MainCorridor StorageCloset Kitchen (can't leave) climbrope


Entrance Hall

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x queen. x door. x tapestries.

> s.

Guinevere smiles and goes to the bedroom to knit.

Main Corridor (north)

> w.

War Room

You want three things from this room: a pin, Excalibur, and a right gauntlet.

> x weapons.

> x armour. search armour. take pin. x pin.

> x excalibur. take it.

> x scabbard.

> x painting. move painting. x niche.

> x fairies. x gauntlet. take gauntlet.

> e. e.


Guinevere's presence blocks some actions here.

> x bed. x pillows. search bed. x sheets.

> look under bed. x something. take something. (Can't reach.)

> take something with sword.

> look. take left gauntlet. x it.

> x window. x nightstand. open drawer. (Can't.)

> w. s. w.

Throne Room

> x throne. sit on throne. search throne.

> push throne. (Note it's bolted to the floor.)

> e. e.

Storage Closet

The window opens, but it's too high above the ground outside.

> x junk. x window.

> w.

Main Corridor (south)

> se. (You don't need to go in the lavatory.)

> s.

Royal Kitchen

> x pot. x hot water.

> take pot. (Too heavy.)

> push pot. (Too hot.)

> wear left. wear right. push pot.

Guinevere is now in the kitchen cleaning your mess. You can no longer enter the kitchen.

Main Corridor (south)

> n. e.


> open drawer. (Locked.)

> unlock drawer with pin. open drawer.

> take scissors. close drawer.

> take sheet.

> w. s. w.

Throne Room

> cut sheet with scissors. x rope.

> tie rope to throne. e. e.

Storage Closet

> open window. put rope in window.

> climb rope.

Events don't happen quite as planned, but you've finished this story.






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