Key & Compass presents:
Killing Machine Loves Slime Prince
by C.E.J. Pacian

Killing Machine Loves Slime Prince is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Dialog and is © 2023 by C.E.J. Pacian.

In this odd sci-fi romance where your options are defined by your inventory, you play as a biomechanical and taciturn killing machine whose solar sail has just crashed on the Eighth Moon of Forsaken Edge. Your love, the Decoy Prince, is dying. Your quarry, the True Third Prince, is somewhere nearby. He will not escape you.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 5 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Gardens SkyFortress FloatingIsland Tower Baths CommandPod Crow'sNest Cupola ControlTower Mega-highway PlanetRefinery BrokenCoast PirateHovership SpaceMarshal'sOffice Biolumin-escentCave FloodedMansion MerpersonVillage CrushedSolar Sail Airlock DerelictSpaceport Scrap-heap JunkVillage Saloon LandingPad WellBottom RoyalSail MerpersonShantyTown dance dance walk jump climb swim jump walk jump walk walk jump walk jump walk walk dance dance dance dance climb climb climb climb climb climb swim swim swim climb climb swim swim swim


Crashed Solar Sail

> x me. i. x eyes. x legs. x jets. x beam. x face.

> x divan. x decoy. x airlock. x hatch. x sails.

> talk to decoy. take hand. (You can now touch things, evoking one of the Decoy Prince's memories.)

> talk to decoy. x hand.

> touch him. (+1) touch me. (+1) touch face. (+1)

> touch eyes. (+1) touch legs. (+1) touch jets. (+1) touch hand. (+1)

> x heart. touch heart.

> jump. (fail: hatch is too high)

> walk.


> x pipes. x canisters. x gangway.

> jump.

Derelict Spaceport

> x sail. x pad. x concourses. x stairways.

> x rubbish. x shopfronts.

> walk.


> x buildings. x denizen. x trash. x torrent.

> talk. g. ("Old Granny")

> touch her. (No memory this time.)

> jump.

Junk Village

> x city. x saloon. x well. x denizens. (They scatter.)

> walk.


> x bartop. x bartender. x Krondus.

> talk to him. (He gives you his grapple arm.)

> x arm. i. (It lets you climb.)

> touch him. (+1)

> climb. talk to bartender.

> walk. jump. climb.


> x cars. x trash.

> walk.

Planet Refinery

> x machinery. x gemstones. x ocean. x fissure. x pod.

> climb.

Command Pod

Earth-Child Orchid fires a projectile at you.

> attack projectile. (Orchid now tries to kick you.)

> jump. (Orchid now tries to choke you.)

> talk. (She gives you an automap.)

> x map. scan. (Shows possible routes from current location.)

> x Orchid. touch her. (+1)

> x sphere. touch it. (+1)

> x launcher.

> climb. jump.

Broken Coast

> x landscape. x maw.

> walk.

Pirate Hovership

> x Blaze. x ship. x mutants. x blades. x waves.

> talk. (Blaze gives you his propeller pack.)

> x pack. i. (The pack lets you swim.)

> touch Blaze. (He backs off.)

> climb.

Crow's Nest

> x view.

> climb. swim.

Merperson Village

> x cottages. x reef. x automaton.

> talk. touch automaton. (+1)

> swim. walk. swim.

Flooded Mansion

> x hall. x skeleton. x chest. touch chest. (+1)

> swim. jump. swim.

Bioluminescent Cave

> x moss. x stalactites. x partisans. touch partisans. (+1)

> swim. walk. climb. jump. swim.

Well Bottom

> x water. x firearm. touch it. (+1)

> swim. jump. swim.

Merperson Shanty Town

> x junk. x homes. x windows. x marks.

> walk.

Royal Sail

> x Zarra. x sail. x chair.

> talk. (She asks if you can dance.)

> dance. dance. (She gives you a holo-dress and tells you to dance somwwhere high. Her suitors will help you.)

> touch Zarra. (+1)

> walk. swim. walk. climb.

Space Marshal's Office

> x desk. x posters. x avatar. touch it. (+1)

> climb. jump. climb.

Landing Pad

> x tarmac. x guardian. touch it. (+1)

> climb. walk. climb.


> x bubble. x fuselage.

> jump.

Control Tower

> x consoles. x windows. x orrery. touch it. (+1)

> dance.

Zarra's suitors carry you to...

Sky Fortress

> x prince. (Fake!)

> talk. touch prince. (+1)

> x battlements. x towers. x aqueducts. x islands. x cloud.

> walk.

Sky Fortress (Garden)

> x prince. (Fake!)

> talk. x flowers. x rose. touch rose. (+1)

> walk. jump.

Sky Fortress (Floating Island)

> x prince. (Fake!)

> talk. x grass.

> jump. climb.

Sky Fortress (Tower)

> x prince. (Fake!)

> talk. x rain. x cloak.

> climb. swim.

Sky Fortress (Baths)

> x prince. (Fake!)

Note: After you've examined five fake princes in the fortress, you hear a scream of frustration from the courtyard.

> talk. x steam. x columns. x bath. x hair.

> swim.

Sky Fortress

> x Prince. (True!)

> talk. (No!)

> kill prince. (You slice off some hair, take it, and dance...)


Crashed Solar Sail

From this point forward, you will be unwilling to leave the room.

> i. (You should GIVE the lock of hair.)

> talk. (Are you too late?)

> give. (You give the hair to the Decoy. Then, BOOM!)


Solar Sail Wreckage

> talk. attack true prince. (can't: your beam is broken)

> touch decoy. (True Prince blocks you.)

> x metal. x smoke. x flame.

CAUTION: You can't just say "touch true" since the game might think you mean his beam.

> touch true prince. (The hand eats him!)


Royal Sail

You and your Decoy Prince are with Zarra. He asks her if you two can get a ride.

> talk. talk. walk.


Note: If you didn't find both horticultural memories, the game ends here with ENDING RANK C.

Void Hive

> x love. x book. x asteroid. talk.

> jumpordance.


You found 20 out of 20 memories. (2/2 horticultural.)

> secrets.

> credits.



Found dead or disabled:



The response to CREDITS is:

Killing Machine Loves Slime Prince by C.E.J. Pacian (email redacted)
Created using Dialog by Linus Åkesson and its VSCode extension by sideburns3000.
Cover art by nsjndd1.

The following denizens of Forsaken Edge put this game through its paces: George Oliver, Peter M.J. Gross, Jade, David T. Marchand, Mel Jason and Rafael Martins.




The response to SCORE or MEMORIES is:

You found 0-to-20 out of 20 memories. [if any horticultural memories found, add:] (1-to-2/2 horticultural)

And here's a list of each SECRET HINT and their associated things you must touch for a memory:

  1. Someone exceptionally dangerous... touch me.
  2. Someone cunning and duplicitous... touch Krondus @ Saloon.
  3. Someone crude and violent... touch Orchid @ Command Pod.
  4. A citizen of another nation... touch Zarra @ Royal Sail.
  5. Perhaps a very distant relative... touch automaton @ Merperson Village.
  6. Someone precious... touch Decoy @ Crashed Solar Sail.
  7. Part of someone precious... touch hand.
  8. First of the others of his kind... touch decoy @ Sky Fortress.
  9. A part of your identity... touch my face.
  10. Fatal to be perceived by... touch my eyes.
  11. Used to move around... touch my legs.
  12. Used to REALLY move around... touch my jets.
  13. Hateful assassin, no kindred of yours... touch guardian @ Landing Pad.
  14. An astronomical representation... touch orrery @ Control Tower.
  15. A closed link to her daughter... touch avatar @ Space Marshal's Office.
  16. Of no use or threat to you... touch firearm @ Well Bottom.
  17. Unknown martyrs... touch partisans @ Bioluminescent Cave.
  18. An ancient artefact of a strange and distant world... touch sphere🌸 @ Command Pod.
  19. The root of all evil... touch gold @ Flooded Mansion.
  20. Something rare and beautiful... touch rose🌸 @ Sky Fortress (Garden).

🌸 The horticultural memories are associated with the sphere and the rose.

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