Key & Compass presents:
Kenny Koala's Bushfire Survival Plan
by Garry Francis

Kenny Koala's Bushfire Survival Plan is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2022 by Garry Francis. This game was an entry in Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2022 where it took 6th place.

In this Australian game, you play as Kenny Koala. Bushfire season is approaching, and this year, it's your turn to be the bushfire warden. Complete all the tasks on your list, and ensure that everyone has their bushfire survival plans in place.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


DarkForest In the Bush In the Bush In the Bush banksia bottle-brush,lorikeets grevillea DarkForest wattle termitemound grasstree OutsideOllie Owl'sHouse InsideOllie Owl'sHouse waratah dead tree paperbark Edge ofForest In KellyKangaroo'sHouse End ofWesternTrail WesternTrail OutsideYour House EasternTrail EasternTrail In WallyWombat'sBurrow Tree AboveYour House InsideYour House Creek u u d d

Note: The clump of murnong is randomly placed somewhere in the bush.


Inside Your House

> look. x me. i.

> x note. read it. drop it. get it.

> x house. x door. x cupboard. open it. (empty)

> open door. n.

Outside Your House

> read sign. ("Bushfire Warden")

> listen. climb tree.

Tree Above Your House

> take leaves. x them.

> x bees. x nest. (has honey)

> d. s.

Inside Your House

> put leaves in cupboard. (+20)

> n. n.

Edge of Forest

> x snake. (venomous!)

> s. w.

Western Trail

> x Eddie. talk to Eddie. (He needs ants or termites.)

> w. d.

Wally Wombat's Burrow

> x Wally. talk to Wally. (He needs a large tree root or tuber.)

> x jar. take it.

> u. n.

In the Bush (south side)

> x Kylie. talk to Kylie. (She wants a joke.)

> x tree. w.

Circle clockwise around the bush, looking for murnong, which is randomly placed. When you find the murnong, do the following:

> x murnong. dig murnong.

> x yams. take yams.

In the Bush (southwest corner)

> x waratah. n.

In the Bush (west side)

> x wattle. n.

In the Bush (northwest corner)

> x banksia. e.

In the Bush (north side)

> x lorikeets. x bottlebrush. e.

In the Bush (northeast corner)

> x grevillea. s.

In the Bush (east side)

> x tree. x spike. s.

In the Bush (southeast corner)

> x paperbark. w. n.

In the Bush (center)

> x mound. x termites. (hiding)

> hit mound. (You need a hard tool.)

> s. s. s.

Wally Wombat's Burrow

> give yams to Wally. (+20)

> n. e. e. e. e.

Eastern Trail (east end)

> x cave. n.

Inside Kelly Kangaroo's House

> x Kelly. talk to her. (Joey's missing.)

> s. w. s.


> x Pete. talk to Pete.

> ask Pete for joke. g. g. g. (Repeat until he runs out of jokes.)

> x creek. x rock. take it.

> n. (No, the rock is too heavy to get uphill while carrying other stuff.)

> drop all but rock. n.

Eastern Trail (west end)

> drop rock. s.


> take all. n.

Eastern Trail (west end)

> take rock. w. w. w.

End of Western Trail

Because you've talked to Kelly, you should see Joey soon, either here or elsewhere in the bush. Ignore him for now; you'll need to chase him down soon enough.

> n.

In the Bush (south side)

> tell joke to Kylie. g. (She laughs and now owes you a favour.)

> tell Kylie about snake. (She flies off and brings it back, dead.)

> x snake. take it. (no)

> n.

In the Bush (center)

> hit mound with rock. (termites are loose!)

> put termites in jar. (no: need something sticky)

> drop rock.

Okay, time to chase Joey. You don't have to set a trap for him, just find him and follow him until he hops in place instead of jumping to an adjacent location. Or you might be lucky if hops into your location. Since his movements are randomized, I can't predict this exactly.

When Joey is in your location, just take him:

> take Joey.

This walkthrough will assume you caught Joey in the center of the bush, by the termite mound. Go there first, if necessary, and I'll direct you back to Kelly from there:

> s. s. e. e. e. e. n.

Inside Kelly Kangaroo's House

> give Joey to Kelly. (+20)

> s. w. w. u.

Tree Above Your House

> take honey. (using jar. The bees don't interfere.)

> d. w. w. n. n.

In the Bush (center)

> take termites. (using the honey and jar)

> s. s. e.

Western Trail

> give jar to Eddie. (+20)

> e. n. n.

Outside Ollie Owl's House

> x tree. x burrs. u.

Inside Ollie Owl's House

> x Ollie. x shelves. x books.

> x records. x closet. (closed)

> talk to Ollie. (He lost his closet key in the dark forest and doesn't want the bunyip to catch him. He gives you a flashlight to help you.)

> x flashlight.

> d. n.

Darkness / Dark Forest (south)

> turn on flashlight.

> x Larry. talk to Larry. g. (Key might be in the litter north of here.)

> n.

Dark Forest (north)

> x trees. x litter. search litter. (nothing)

You need another tool.

> s. s. u.

Inside Ollie Owl's House

> talk to Ollie. (He gives you his glasses.)

> x glasses. wear glasses.

> d. n. n.

Dark Forest (north)

> x key. take it.

> s. s. u.

Inside Ollie Owl's House

> give key to Ollie. (He asks you to unlock the closet for him.)

> unlock closet with key. open closet. (+20)

The game congratulates you on completing the last task.

*** You have won ***



Named characters:

Unnamed characters:



This is the response to CREDITS:

Concept by Brandon Hansen.

Game design and coding by Garry Francis.
Play testing by Amanda Walker, Andrew Schultz, Dee Cooke, Nils Fagerburg and Tristin Grizel Dean.



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You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 100, in several turns, earning you the rank of your-rank.

Points are awarded as follows:

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