Key & Compass presents:
The Kazooist
by Charlie Marcou

The Kazooist is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2012 by Charlie Marcou.

In this silly, whimsical, and thinly-implemented game, you play as someone who is told on their birthday that they are destined to become a great kazooist. So, uh, go through these caves, learn some kazoo songs, and maybe you'll win and maybe you'll die.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Bathroom Box Room Garden Office LivingRoom Kitchen Library(2) Library CaveEntrance (to bedroom) (L2) (MC2) (L2) (MC2) (MC1) (MC2) (L2) (MC2) (MC2) (MC1) (examineany book) (MC2) u d BATTLEFIELDOF DOOM d u eat cake (L2) (MC2) (L2) (MC1) (MC2) Utilityroom attic Cloakroom MysteriousCave (1) MysteriousCave (2) Cave MysteriousCave (3) Key Room



This game isn't big on descriptions.

> x me. i. x t-shirt. x jeans. x shoes.

> x table. x cake.

If you eat the cake right away, you'll skip over exploring your home which is half the game. However, there's nothing you need to take nor is there really that much to see if you do explore.

Ehn. You're here. Let's look at your humble abode.

> w.

Living Room

> x sofa. x lamp.

> s. (You're not interested in your bed.)

> ne.


> x computer. (Gosh. An object description.)

> sw. n.

Box Room

> take box. open it. x spare key. x flashlight.

> turn on flashlight.

> u.


There is no key for this chest.

> open chest. (locked)

> d. d.

Utility room

The washer, dryer, and fuse box are all undescribed and unopenable, so skip 'em.

> s.


> x mirror. take shower. (You're now "squeky clean".)

> i. x towel.

I assume you'll want to get dressed, but it really doesn't matter if you do.

> remove towel.

> wear t-shirt. wear jeans. wear shoes.

> n. u. s. w.


The coat and jacket are both undescribed, but you may wear them if you want.

> e.

Living Room

> nw. (Not interested in going outside.)

Sez you. Here's how you get outside:

> unlock door with key. enter door.


We probably weren't supposed to ever get here. I bet the only reason this room exists is because the author couldn't figure out how to code up a one-sided door in Inform 7.

> se. e.


> eat cake.

You have a sugar rush. Mother takes you to bed. You wake in a new place where a bearded man in a robe tells you your destiny is to become a kazoo master.

Cave Entrance

The cake and flashlight have gone, but you kept anything else you had.

> take torch. x door. (A kazoo unlocks it.)

> n.


> x hole. take kazoo. x it.

> x wall. (passage northeast)

> ne.

Mysterious Cave (1: by Mysterious door)

> x door. e. (Dial must be spun to right combo.)

There's two ways to reach the library on the other side of this door.

If you want to just stumble through the maze of mysterious caves, you can do that:

Or, if you want to unlock this door, head back to the cave entrance:

Cave Entrance

> unlock door with kazoo. open door. e.

Key Room

> take paper. read it. ("Base 3 is the coolest yo. 1020.")

1020 in base 3 is 33 in decimal. Head back to the mysterious door:

> w. n. ne.

Mysterious Cave (1)

The syntax for unlocking this door doesn't allow you to try other numbers or synonyms for "spin".

> spin dial to 33. (The mysterious door is unlocked!)

> e.


Be careful! Don't look at the dusty or shiny books! Only look at the cool book!

> x cool book. (You learn three songs, but you're also in...)


There's an evil dude here, but if you look at him, you'll die. Instead, play one of the songs you just learned. The tropical island song is your best choice. Don't try to shorten the command by leaving out "the" or anything.

> play the tropical island song. (You become a lava man and win!)

*** The End ***






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