Key & Compass presents:
by Dan Efran

Ka is a Z-machine version 8 interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2010 by Dan Efran. It was an entry in Jay Is Games' Casual Gameplay Design Competition 7 where it took 6th place.

You play as the shade of a dead Egyptian pharaoh who has just regained awareness, clutching a papyrus scroll: a Book of Songs of Getting Through the Day. From your nested burial shrines and tomb, you will begin your journey through strange worlds until you meet your final judgment with Anubis. Then you can rest.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 2 of the game.


BurialChamber Treasury Annex Ante-chamber Corridor The GlassMosaicCoffin sing lost The FirstBurialShrine The SecondBurialShrine The ThirdBurialShrine The FourthBurialShrine reject flail A ChildhoodMemory Hall ofTwo Truths TheDodeca-hedron SenetHouse SolarSphere The SolidGoldCoffin TheQuartziteSarcophagus The GiltCypressCoffin



> about. i. x scroll. read it.

> sing cat eyes. (You can see in darkness.)

The Solid Gold Coffin

> x coffin. x body. x me.

> x scroll. read scroll.

There's several songs on the scroll, although it's not obvious what they all do at first:

> sing gold digger. out.

The Glass Mosaic Coffin

> sing glazier. out.

The Gilt Cypress Coffin

> sing runner. out.

The Quartzite Sargophagus

> sing sifter. out.

The First Burial Shrine

Silent Supplicant lasts four turns, letting you escape all four shrines if you don't waste turns.

> sing supplicant. out. out. out. out.

Burial Chamber

> x statues. e.


> x Anubis. x gifts. x shrine. x case.

> open case.

> x replacement flail. (Makes you uneasy.)

> x spare crook. (You never used it.)

> x large crook. (Your father's best crook.)

> x large flail. (Your father's best flail.)

> sing lost. (You remember your coronation. You were nine...)

A Childhood Memory

> x attendant. x flail.

> break flailorreject flail.

You now remember why the replacement flail is authentic.


> take replacement flail. w.

Burial Chamber

> sing letting. s.


> take crook. x crook. w.


> x goods. (Some items are missing.)

> e. e.


> x stairs. w.


> sing letting. n.

Burial Chamber

> x false door.

> sing down under. (The door to the afterlife opens.)

> w.

Solar Sphere

> x amulet. x scarab. x metal ball. (It's of gold wire.)

You want to sing when the scarab's coming down the west wall.

> sing gold. enter ball. (Going up the east wall...)

> sing gold. out.

Solar Sphere (on the Jewelled Globe)

> x obelisk. take it. d.

Solar Sphere

> z. (Wait for the scarab to be on the west wall...)

> sing gold. enter ball.

Time for a better look inside the ball.

> look. x mechanism.

> x spool. x strap. x cone. x bellows.

> pull strap. (The spool is spun fast.)

> put obelisk in spool.

> pull strap. push bellows.

The cage now is aflame and is now clearly represents the sun in this tableau. With the dawn, an archway to the west of the chamber is revealed.

> sing gold. out.

> w.

Senet House

You'll be playing Jackals and Hounds against a clockwork sage. He's "Jackals"; you're "Hounds".

> x doll. x stool. x game board. x dice.

> play game.

> turn tableortake jackal. (You're now playing the Jackals side.)

> play game.

> w.

The Dodecahedron

The nagging thought about your tools is a too-subtle prompt to search your memories again.

> sing lost.

You remember your father's funeral. It's time to retire your tools.

> x landscape. x quicksilver. x pump.

> x wheel. x shadouf. x flames.

> push shadouf. (The landscape stays dry.) drop shadouf.

> push wheel. read river.

It's a new song: Inversions.

> sing inversions.

The Dodecahedron (on the ceiling)

Inversions only lasts three turns. If you want to examine the crystal, do that, then wait until Inversions wears off and sing it again.

> sing sifter. enter crystal. burn flail.

The Dodecahedron

> sing inversions.

The Dodecahedron (on the ceiling)

> sing sifter. enter crystal. burn crook.

The Dodecahedron

> x arch. w. (A clockwork lioness blocks you!)

> x lioness. (She asks you a riddle: "What is supported by six legs in the morning, five legs at midday, and four legs in the evening?")

If you sing Lost Memories a few times, you seem sure the answer is something you've seen today.

The answer is "clockwork". The scarab has 6 legs; the sage's two legs plus stool's three legs equals 5 legs; the lioness has 4 legs. It's easy to see why the Solar Sphere is "morning", but it's a lot less clear to me how Senet House is "midday" or that the Dodecahedron is "evening".

> say clockwork.

> w.

Hall of Two Truths

> x Anubis. x Ammit. x scale. x feather.

Any action other than looking or examining causes Anubis to take action instead:

> i. (Anubis reaches through you back to your body, takes your heart, and balances it on the pan.)

*** Now you can rest ***




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