Key & Compass presents:
Jungle Adventure
by Paul Barter

Jungle Adventure is a MS-DOS text adventure game written with Python and is © 2022 by Paul Barter. It was an entry in IF Comp 2022 where it took 67th place.

In this old-school-style adventure game that uses lots of ASCII art, you play as someone lost in the jungle after an unexplained plane crash. Your main goals are to survive and escape, but feel free to get some treasure too, if you can.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Competition release of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a text adventure game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Main map

In tree Insidea cabin woodsman Lost injungle In theplane Outsidea cabin goat Backgarden Outsidethe plane Outsidea cave Top ofa cliff Cave with wolf! Level 2achieved Cave withrockfall use radio open door leave use radio 2 2 (or) leave 3 leave 1 (or) enter use parachute(and have map) shoot wolf 1 leave climb leave 1 2 (or) leave 4 leave

Map 2: The Maze

Outsidethe plane At theexit door/passage Room 10 Room 20 axe trap! minotaur! Room 18 Room 14 viper! Room 13 Room 9 Room 8 Room 26 Room 17 Room 16 Room 15 lever Room 19 Room 5 axe trap! Room 6 knife Room 28 Room 27 Room 25 Room 23 Room 24 Room 4 Room 3 shield Room 7 Room 29 Room 21 Room 12 Room 2 Room 30 treasure Room 22 Room 11 Enteringthe maze Room 1 Outsidethe maze Cave withrockfall Cave withwolf enter use torch shoot wolf U D L R d leave


My first attempt to play this game was very frustrating. I climb(ed the) tree and look(ed at the) plane and couldn't get any further. When I looked at the python code for a hint and discovered I needed to LOOK POCKETS, a trick I haven't seen since a game called SNOSAE, I realized the only way I was getting through this game was to thoroughly read the source code and then play the game with my notes.

So, yeah. Play this one from a walkthrough. Here's some pre-game hints:

Welcome to Jungle adventure!!!


Lost in jungle

> help.

> climb tree. (+1)

In tree

> look plane. (+1; co-pilot is alive)

> status. (No mention of pockets, but...)

> look pockets. (+1; you find a 2-way radio)

> look radio.

> use radio. (+5; your co-pilot rescues you then dies)

In the plane

> look co-pilot. search Stan.

> bury Stan. (+3; you do so)

> look plane.

> look seat.

> look under seat. (+2; you find a parachute)

> leave.

Outside the plane

> 1.

Outside a cabin

> look cabin.

> 1.

Inside a cabin (empty)

Which part of the ASCII art represents a cupboard? Text adventures need TEXT, grumble grumble. I'm still salty about that Leisure Suit Larry game where a tiny white rectangle in a picture represented a matchbook you need to take.

> look chair. look table. look bowl.

> look flowers. take flowers. (+2; a paper says "17462")

> look cupboard. 17462. (+2; you get an unloaded gun)

> look window. look door.

> open door.

Back garden

> give flowers. ENTER

+3. The goat takes the flowers and you take a torch with no batteries and some shot gun bullets from a store cupboard.

> load gun. (You do so.)

Although you can't open either the radio or torch, you can get the radio's batteries if you use the right command.

> take batteries out. (+2; from the radio)

> put batteries in torch. (+5)

> leave.

Inside a cabin (empty)

> leave.

Outside a cabin

> 2.

Outside the plane

> 3.

Outside a cave

If you want to survive the cave, you must have loaded the gun and transfered the batteries from the radio to the torch before entering the cave.

> save game. (Highly recommend saving here.)

> 1.


> shoot wolf. (The wolf dies, but a rockfall now blocks the exit.)

> look. use torch.

Outside the maze

> enter.

You may randomly encounter bats and vipers as you wander the maze. If you see them, you must fight them. There's also a minotaur in room 18 and a giant viper hiding in room 13. Avoid the minotaur at all costs.

Your plan for traversing the maze:

Entering the maze (R-L-D junction)

This walkthrough will now pretend that you never randomly encounter any creatures.

> r. u. u.

Room 3 (four-ways)

> r. (+2. You get a shield.)

Room 7 (L-U corner)

CAUTION: There's a deadly axe trap "U" from here.

> l. l. u.

Room 19 (dead end with lever)

> pull lever.

> d. r. d. d. l. l. l.

Room 22 (R-U corner)

> u. l. d.

Room 30 (dead end)

Note that the ASCII art for the end wall is a bit odd. That's your only hint to check out the wall.

> look wall. look gap. (+5; you get treasure!)

> u. r. u. l. l. l. (+2; you get a knife)

Room 28 (dead end)

> r. r. r. u. u. r.

Room 13 (four-way)

> save game. (as a precaution)

> u.

You are now fighting a Giant Viper.

> 4 (Choose the knife as your weapon.)

> ENTER (Repeat pushing ENTER until the giant viper is dead.)

Of course, if you die instead, restore the game from your save file and try again.

The exit passage

> u. (You find a door and automatically open it.)

> ENTER (You go through the exit door to...)

Outside the plane

There's no way to know this in advance, but the woodsman will kill you if he sees you with his gun, so you need to get rid of the gun now. Sorry. The gun only helps you with the wolf and nothing else.

> save game.

> drop gun. (It's now gone forever.)

> 1. 1.

In the woodsman's cabin

Only the silliest response to the woodsman is safe:

> 3. ("tell me a joke")

Now it's time to tell jokes to the woodsman. The number of successful jokes you tell must be at least three more than any duds you tell. The woodsman likes most of your jokes, so you might get lucky and only need to tell three, but you might need to tell more than three.

The game will recognize if your opening line is "knock knock" that you're telling a knock knock joke and you'll be approrpriately prompted to tell the second and third lines of your joke.

If your input includes a question word like "how" or "what", the game will think you're doing a question-and-answer joke, and you'll be prompted to tell the second line of your joke.

Otherwise, the game assumes that you're telling a one-line joke. Since the game doesn't really understand jokes, you can type in pretty much anything you like.

The game also doesn't check if you tell the same joke twice.

> har har har. (He laughs.)

Tell him another joke?

> y

> har har har. (He laughs.)

Tell him another joke?

> y

> har har har. (He laughs.)

Tell him another joke?

> n. (+5)

He now wants to trade a map and compass for something of yours. The radio will work if it has batteries, but be careful. A non-working radio will anger him, and he'll kill you. He rejects anything else you offer.

> take batteries out.

> put batteries in radio. (+2)

The game doesn't understand "give radio" or "trade radio". Just say "radio":

> radio. (+3. You get the map and compass, then leave.)

Outside the cabin

> 2. 4.

Top of a cliff

> look river.

> wear parachute. ENTER

Well done!!! You have made it to level 2!
Now you will just have to wait until Paul makes level 2... Until then, happy adventuring!

Oddly, you don't get any points for escaping, nor does the game actually end at this point.

> exit

Thanks for playing. come back soon!




These are examples of much of the ASCII art used in the game. I've reduced the size of most of the artwork, but unfortunately, ASCII art degrades extremely when shrunk too much. Please play the game to view the art in their intended sizes. Raw versions of some the art can be also be found in the game's artwork directory.



I failed to find any credits information for this game. I wanted to know who made the ASCII art or which websites the ASCII art came from, and I just don't know. For various reasons, I doubt that the author created all of them entirely by himself.


Your character can die in the following ways:

Your character is also supposed to die:

When your character dies, you're told GAME OVER, a tombstone is displayed, and you're offered the choice to load a saved game, start from the beginning, or exit the game.

To win the game, you must use or wear the parachute at the top of the cliff while carrying the map and compass. You're told that you've reached Level 2 and you need to wait for the author to write that. It's unclear if Level 2 will be an extension of the current game or a sequel game.

Note that the game doesn't actually end when you win. You likely want to use the EXIT command to close the game's window at that point.


This game doesn't understand the INVENTORY command. Use the STATUS command instead to see your possessions. Items are listed here in the order you acquire them in this walkthrough.


This game doesn't understand the DIAGNOSE command. Use the STATUS command instead to see your current Life, which is this game's term for Hit Points or Health Points.

You begin with 10 Life. Several actions or events can damage you. When your Life is 0 or less, you die. Nothing in the game can heal you, but if you have the shield, you take 3 less damage than you normally would when taking combat damage.

Avoidable ways of taking damage:

You can also lose Life in the maze when you encounter creatures in there and must fight them. Save before entering the maze in case the battles go against you.

Your battle strategy is very simple:


This game doesn't understand the SCORE command. Use the STATUS command instead to see your total score.

I don't know the maximum score, but my highest score was 46 points.

Points are awarded as follows:


This is the response to STATUS:

Life: your-life
Score: your-score

You are carrying the following:

If you're carrying nothing, instead of an item list, the game says:

Zippy zap, nada, nothing, zuco, nil, zero... You really wish you were carrying something

See the Life, and Score, and Inventory sections for more info about those aspects of your status.

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