Key & Compass presents:
Journey from an Islet
by Mario Becroft

Journey from an Islet is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 2001 by Mario Becroft. It was an entry in IF Comp 2001 where it took 12th place.

In this small game, you play as an adventurer. You have traveled long and far and have now fallen onto an island in the darkness before dawn. How will you escape from there and continue your journey?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Open fieldnear river Openfield Mountain-top Easternmountain-side Woodedfield Edge offorestnear sea Deep indarkforest Edge offorestbelowmountain South-westernmountain-side Leafyglade A smallhut Desert in out


DarknessBefore dawn

> verbose.

> x me. i. e. (We cannot walk to the sunrise.)

You must wait for sunrise:

> z. z.

MountaintopEarly morning

> x snow. search snow. (Something metallic, but you need a tool to dig more.)

> e. e.

Wooded fieldMorning

> x hut. x door. x window.

> open door. (The door falls inward off its hinges!)

> x ocean. x meadow. x trees.

> take door. (too heavy)

> in.

A small hutMorning

> x spade. take it.

> x shears. take it.

> x bed. x wheel. spin wheel.

> out. w. w.


> dig snow with spade.

> x pipes. take pipes. (It's now noon.)

> x birds. x bird. (Red, magenta, blue, cyan, green, or yellow?)

> x red. play pipes. (Notes A to G.)

> play A. (No sound.)

> sw.

Southwestern mountainsideNoon

> x crags. x shadows.

> w.

Edge of a forest below a mountainNoon

> x trees. x forest.

> w.

Deep inside a dark forestNoon

> x trees. x debris.

> search debris. (You get a rock.)

> x rock. climb tree.

> w.

Edge of forest near the seaNoon

> x sea. x bush. x berries.

> take berries. (You can only take one at a time?)

> eat berry. (You think other creatures would like it.)

> take berry. g. g. g. g. g.

> e. e. e. ne. e. e.

Wooded fieldNoon

The pipes thaw a bit when you enter here with them.

> n.

Open fieldsNoon

After the third turn of thaw, the pipes play A.

> x flowers. x grass. x trees. x bushes.

> nw.

Open fields near riverNoon/Afternoon

Note: If you don't give a berry to the sheep, attempts to shear it will make it run to the other field.

> x sheep. (Very woolly.)

> give berry to sheep. (It likes it. It's now Afternoon.)

> shear sheep. (You now have wool.)

> x brooks. x trees. x flowers.

> se. s. in.

A small hutAfternoon/Late afternoon

> spin wool (on wheel). (You have yarn. It's now Late afternoon.)

> x yarn.

> out. sw.

DesertLate afternoon

> x band. take band. (It's a snake!)

> x snake. x sand.

> n.

Leafy gladeLate afternoon

> x spring. drink water. x cliff.

> x bush. take leaves.

> cut leaves with rock. (You have a broad leaf.)

> x broad leaf. split leaf. (You have a flax string.)

> x string. s.

DesertLate afternoon

I'm not sure why I thought the snake might talk. I just tried it and it worked.

CAUTION: If you ask the snake to touch you, you will die.

> ask snake about snake. ask snake about desert.

> ask snake about mountain. ask snake about me.

> ask snake about flax. ask snake about wool.

> ask snake about pipes. ask snake about hut.

> ask snake about berry. ask snake about sheep.

> ask snake about birds. ask snake about power.

> ask snake about escape. ask snake about travel.

> kill snake. ask snake about help. ask snake about innocence.

> ne. w. w.

MountaintopLate afternoon/Evening

You need at least six strings or lengths of yarn. You already have a string, so cut the yarn into five pieces:

> cut yarn with shears. g. g. g.

If you've watched the birds long enough, you should realize that the birds glide up on an ascending scale, then sing a descending scale to carry themselves downward.

> play G.

> play F. (The red bird lands.)

> play E. (The magenta bird lands.)

> play D. (The blue bird lands.)

> play C. (The cyan bird lands.)

> play B. (The green bird lands.)

> play A. (The yellow bird lands.)

It's now Evening, and the moon replaces the sun in the sky.

> x moon.

> give string to red bird. give yarn to magenta.

> give yarn to blue. give yarn to cyan.

> give yarn to green. give yarn to yellow.

> play A. play B. play C. play D. play E. play F. play G.

The birds pull you up and you all fly from the island.

*** You have won ***



These are thumbnails of the artwork in the game. Please play the game to see this artwork in their actual sizes.



Journey from an Islet was written and illustrated by Mario Becroft. The game may be played and redistributed unmodified for free. The game may not be redistributed for profit without the author's permission.

The author is always eager to hear comments on the game. You may contact him via email to email redacted. If for any reason this address no longer works, you may also try email redacted or email redacted. Also, the game has a WWW page at .

The game was made using TADS, the Text Adventure Development System version 2 by Michael J. Roberts.

Many thanks to my beta testers who so kindly assisted in the development of this game on such short notice and at the last moment: T.M., Z.C., T.S., P., J.S., and others.




The response to SCORE is:

This game does not have a score, only a time-of-day which passes as the story progresses. It is now time-of-day.

The times-of-day are:

  1. Before dawn.
  2. Early morning.
  3. Morning.
  4. Noon.
  5. Afternoon.
  6. Late afternoon.
  7. Evening.

Events that advance the clock are:

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