Key & Compass presents:
Jon Doe - Wildcard Nucleus
by Olaf Nowacki

Jon Doe - Wildcard Nucleus is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Olaf Nowacki. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it tied for 51st place.

In this homage to James Bond, you play as Jon Doe, an MI5 operative. Your new assignment is to investigate the suspicious death of Edulard, an elderly scientist at Wildcard Inc and a secret informant. Your leads are the scarred and monocle-wearing Adolf von Bolzplatz, who is Wildcard's CEO, and Edulard's beautiful daughter, Valerie, who is engaged to Bolzplatz.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: M15, Wildcard Inc, and Edulard's house

WindscaleNuclearPowerPlant Terrace InsideAquarium,Top UpperGallery VanBolzplatz'Office Bathroom Kitchen InsideAquarium,Bottom BigHall Bedroom Entrance Study Main-frame CarPark Front ofWildcardInc Front ofEdulard'sHouse Z'sBureau Office 🚗 🚗 🚗 out in d d.d.out out w out u u.u.out in

Map 2: Windscale Nuclear Power Plant

By theNorthernFence By theEasternFence NorthernYard NorthwestCorridor ControlCenter NucleusChamber Stock-room MainEntrance WesternYard CentralYard WorkShed EntranceGate By theWesternFence ParkingLot By theSouthernFence CarPark in out 🚗



> x me. i. x hat. x suit. x Beretta.

> x Miss. x desk. x hatstand.

You must take off your hat before visiting Z.

> put hat on hatstand. n.

Z's Bureau

> sit. (You're shown a slide of Edulard, an 60-ish Belgian computer scientist at Wildcard Inc.)

> yesorno.

> ask Z about the suicide.

> yesorno.

The room descends. Z tells you to see Robert about equipment.

> x Z. z.

A passage north is now open.

> n.


> x Robert. x printout. (ASCII art of a face)

> x computer. x door. x button.

> talk to Robert. (He puts some papers on the bench.)

> x papers. take papers.

> talk to Robert.

> ask Robert about Wildcard. ask Robert about System.

> ask Robert about button. (He pushes it; the door opens.)

> e.

Car Park

> x Jaguar. enter car.

Robert gives you a wristwatch with an angle grinder inside it.

> x watch.

> e.

Front of Wildcard Inc

> x cars. out. n.

Big Hall

> x elevator. x button. x aquarium. x fish.

> x guard. talk to guard. show papers to guard. (He says to use the elevator.)

> enter elevator. push button. out.

Upper Gallery

> x surface. x plastic. x door.

> knock on door. (A bald young woman opens it, and greets you by name.)

> in.

Von Bolzplatz' Office

> x desk. x Adolf. x woman.

> talk to Adolf. (He looks over your documents.)

> ask Adolf about Wildcard.

> ask Adolf about Edulard.

After you ask about Edulard, Valerie enters.

> x Valerie. (Miss Mimikri pushes you out the door.)

Upper Gallery

New goal: Search Edulard's home.

> d. d. out. s.

Front of Wildcard Inc

> enter car. e.

Front of Edulard's House

> out. x mailbox. open mailbox. read leaflet.

> x door. x doormat. look under it. (no key)

> e.


> x slabs. x garden. x Thames. x door.

> s.


> open drawer. take opener.

> open fridge. x can. take it. close fridge.

> open can with opener. look in can. (crab meat)

> put meat in bowl.

If the cat isn't here, it rushes in. The cat starts eating immediately.

> x cat. z.

Once the cat has fully eaten the meat, you may examine its collar and even pet the cat if it stays still long enough. As near as I can tell, the cat's name isn't randomized, but I can't prove it.

> x collar. ("Orion")

> s.


> x lamp. w.


> x tape. take tape.

> x photo. x bed. x table. x windows.

> n.


You don't need the towel.

> x washbasin. x toilet. x shower. x towel.

> s. e. e.


> x books. x journals. x notes. x desk. x computer.

> turn on computer. type orion on computer.

> type nucleus on computer. (An AI that needs a large energy source.)

> type valerie on computer. (Letter to her in case Bolzplatz kills him.)

> put tape in computer. type save on computer.

You hear a car arriving.

> take tape. z. z. (Valerie arrives, angry at you.)

> talk to Valerie.

> tell Valerie about computer.

New goal: Search Bolzplatz's office. Valerie will help you.

> w. s.

Front of Edulard's House

Oddly, there's no second car. Perhaps Valerie was dropped off here by Bolzplatz.

> enter car. w.

Front of Wildcard Inc

A guard is now patroling outside with a flashlight.

> x guard. ask Valerie about guard. ("Distract him somehow")

> out. (Not until the guard is gone.)

> kiss Valerie. (She protests, but tells the guard you're her brother, and he leaves.)

> out. n. u. u. out.

Upper Gallery

> open door. (Valerie unlocks the door with her bracelet.)

Von Bolzplatz' Office

> x folder. (Mentions NUCLEUS and WINDSCALE power plant.)

> take folder. (Valerie says it's time to go.)

> w.

Upper Gallery

Of course, von Bolzplatz and Miss Mimikri are here. He takes the folder from you. In the following turns, he'll leave with Valerie, and Mimikri takes your gun, cuffs you to the statue, and kicks the statue into the aquarium.

CAUTION: If you try to fight at all during this sequence, you die.

> z. z. z. z. z.

Inside the Aquarium, Bottom

> cut handcuffs with watch. u. u.

Upper Gallery

New goals: See Robert about the tape and find out where Bolzplatz has taken Valerie.

> d. d. out. s.

Front of Wildcard Inc

> enter car. w. out. w.


> talk to Robert. give tape to Robert.

New goal: Go to the Windscale power plant and destroy Nucleus.

> e. enter car. n.

Parking Lot

> x fence. (It's electrified...)

> x fence. (...and tall with barbed wire.)

> out. n.

Entrance Gate

> x gate. x gatehouse. x gatekeeper. x key.

> talk to gatekeeper. (Civilians aren't allowed in.)

> s. w.

By the Western Fence

> x shed. cut padlock with watch.

> in.

Work Shed

> x calendar. x multimeter. x gloves. x binoculars. x wedge.

> take all.

> out. n.

By the Northern Fence

> x cable. measure cable with multimeter. (The insulation is in the way.)

> look through binoculars. (Note that part of the yard is in darkness.)

> e.

By the Eastern Fence

> look through binoculars. (You see Bolzplatz and Valerie.)

> w.

By the Northern Fence

> wear gloves. cut cable with watch.

> measure cable with multimeter. (Voltage on one end, not on the other.)

> measure fence with multimeter. (No more voltage)

> cut fence with watch.

> look through binoculars. (Repeat until you see the guard go south.)

> se.

Northern Yard

CAUTION: Don't wander away until you're disguised as a guard.

> hide. (You get into the shade.)

> z. (Repeat waiting until the patrol guard returns.)

> hit guard. x guard. take uniform and gun.

> remove suit. wear uniform.

> out. s. e. s.

Entrance Gate

> take key. (The gatekeeper is annoyed but gives you the key.)

> n. w. n.

Northern Yard

> unlock door with key. e. s.


> x boxes. x tank. open tap.

> ne.

Nucleus Chamber

> x minicomputers.

> open door. wedge door with wedge.

> ne.

Control Center

> cut rope with watch. (You cut Valerie loose; she takes your gun.)

> z. (At gunpoint, Valerie takes Adolf south.)

From this point, just follow Valerie directly to your car.

> s.

Main Entrance

Alas, you may not take your Beretta back from Mimikri.

> open door. s.

Valerie pushes Adolf back inside and clamps the gun into the door handles so they can't open them.

Central Yard

> s.

The main building explodes. The gatekeeper is knocked out.

Entrance Gate

> s.

Parking Lot

> enter car. s.

You both escape. Headlines about the "Atom Plant" from October 11th to 14th, 1957 are displayed.

*** The End ***





The credits are included as part of the response to ABOUT:

I would like to thank Saskia Eckhardt, Patrick Amelung, Oskar Köhn, Annette Köhn and Philipp Ritschel very much for testing and indispensable feedback. I would also like to thank the mysterious Guy Incognito for his very valuable answers on

Cover art is by Annette Köhn.

The game is using Secret Doors by Gavin Lambert, Exit Lister by Eric Eve and Punctuation Removal by Emily Short and was written in late summer 2019 by Olaf Nowacki, using Inform 7.

Feedback and transcripts of your games are very appreciated and can be sent to to my eMail (email redacted).


All endings end with The End, but only one ending is the winning one. All losing endings are deadly ones.


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