Key & Compass presents:
Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!
by Steph Cherrywell

Jacqueline, Jungle Queen! is a Quest 5 text adventure game and is © 2014 by Steph Cherrywell. It was entered in IF Comp 2014 where it took 3rd place. You play as Jacqueline McBean, the new foreign correspondent for the Fresno Bee, which is great... until you're abandoned and lost in the dangerous Golanalese jungle after an ill-fated plane trip.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the competition version of the game.


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The Spirit of Fresno

Your first task is to escape from the crashed plane and reach the ground safely.

> x me. x guidebook. read it. x radio. turn on radio. turn off radio. u.

The Green Shrine

> x idol. touch it.

★ You can now MIMIC animals! ★

Each shrine you touch will grant you a new ability, and this first one is one of the most versatile: the ability to mimic other animals' abilities! You'll need to be fairly close to an animal to gain its ability, though, but once you've gained the animal ability, you have it always.

> x squirrels. x golanut. take it. d.

The Spirit of Fresno

> x squirrels. x golanut. mimic squirrels.

★ You can now glide on air like a flying squirrel! ★

> d.

A Tangle of Roots

It should be noted that gliding is mostly controlled falling. You can't fly back up the tree this way.

> x component. take it. x roots. x tree. s.

Overgrown Campsite

> x shelter. x skeleton. x sack. take it. open it.

> x logbook. read it. x drum. take it. play it. s.

Ferny Overlook

Don't worry; you'll meet the parrot again. Also, when you go southwest from here, it's a one-way trip via gliding.

> sw.

Deck of the Murdered Mermaid

> x figurehead. take it.w.

Jolly Tavern

> x still. x trees. x music. read it. take it.

> x wine. take it. x tube. take it. w.

Fancy Quarters

Unfortunately, you can't get the gold key just yet.

> x bed. x aquarium. x piranha. x key. x pillar.

> x drawers. open drawers. read neat page. read torn page.

> read crumpled page. read yellowed page. x Guff. take Guff.

> x portrait. x keyhole. mimic pirahna.

★ You can now swim and breathe like a fish! ★

And, in fact, you'll need that ability to leave the boat, since you can't leave the way you came.

> e. e. s. e. ne.

The Blue Shrine

> x clam. open it. x idol. touch it.

★ You can now DRINK WATER to excess and DRENCH something with that water! ★

Can I just comment that's a superpower even stranger than superbreath? Most games would've just given us a nice bucket, y'know. However, you will need to use this ability if you want to leave this cave.

> x skeleton. x pool. x mushroom.

> drink pool. drench mushroom. x mushroom. sw. n.

Craggy Cliff Bottom

You can't climb north up the cliff until you gain a new ability...

> x goat. mimic goat.

> drink water. drench goat. x goat. mimic goat.

★ You can now climb cliffs, rock, and stone like a goat! ★

Have you noticed that all our animal powers simply improve our mobility? Not complaining, but why don't we get the ability to chew random garbage and live?

> n. n. n. n.

The Great Stone Gate

You'll need the goat's climbing ability to go north from here. (You can't examine the gate itself, though.)

> n.

Top of the Wall

> x village. x volcano. n. ne.

A Quaint Upper-Middle-Class Parisian Neighborhood

I dunno about you, but I didn't expect this at all.

> x fontaine. x cathedral. in.

Notre Dame Cathedral Nave

The author taunts us with lots of goodies, forever out of our reach. Seriously, we can't get any of this stuff. Except the doorknob. Enjoy the unexpected Thy Dungeonman tribute.

> x kit. take it.

> x map. take it.

> x box. take it.

> x radio. take it.

> x flask. take it.

> x gun. take it.

> x doorknob. take it. x trapdoor. out.

A Quaint Upper-Middle-Class Parisian Neighborhood

Might as well load up with water while we have a source available.

> drink water. n.

Cavernous Cavemouth

Booze equals liquid courage. It's important to drink the wine twice, no less and no more.

> n.drink wine. drink wine. n.

Sauna of Kong

> x ape. mimic ape.

★ You can lift heavy things like a gigantic ape! ★

Thank you! That's a great power. I didn't know you were listening.

> x lava. drench lava. nw.

Volcanic Path

Although this parrot must be the "Rosie" mentioned in all the documents, you can't call her Rosie yourself.

> x city. x parrot. mimic parrot.

★ You can now talk like a human! ★

Ha ha. Cute. I guess we don't get to fly that easily, huh? Oh well. At least we can ask the parrot about some things.

> ask parrot about Rosie. ask parrot about me. ask parrot about pirahna.

> ask parrot about idol. ask parrot about monkeys. ask parrot about skinny jack.

> ask parrot about ape. ask parrot about volcano. ask parrot about captain.

> ne.

Volcanic Peak

> x idol. touch idol.

The Red Shrine

★ You are immune to fire and can HEAT things! ★

Ooo, another fun power. Um, where are we?

> x lava. u.heat lava.

Volcanic Peak

> x idol. sw. se. s. s.

A Quaint Upper-Middle-Class Parisian Neighborhood

> take fontaine. take cathedral. x bell. take bell. play bell.

> sw. s. s. s. s. s. sw. w. w.

Fancy Quarters

You have a choice on how to deal with the pirahna; I'll use both methods.

> use tube on aquarium. x pirahna. take gold key.

> heat pirahna. x pirahna. take pirahna. eat pirahna.

> use gold key on keyhole. x fiddle. take it. play it.

> x ledger. read it.

Amazing. There's actual backstory on the monkey Parisian village. Let's go back there and go through the trapdoor.

> e. e. s. e. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. ne. d.

Monkey Catacombs

> x bones. take bone.e.

Organ Chamber

Is this the best ever hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil set of monkey statues or what?

> x brachiatus. give drum to it.

> x prehensilus. give bell to it.

> x bobo. give fiddle to it.

> x organ. play organ. x tank. x inscription. read it.w.

Monkey Catacombs

> x friar. mimic friar.x daiquiri. drink it.

Your Apartment

Weiiiird. You're here to learn some French. The snowglobe is your way out. Or just OUT.

> x mess. x figment. x book. read book. x snowglobe.

Monkey Catacombs

> e.

Organ Chamber

I assume you still have the water from the aquarium inside you. If you're "empty", go drink water from the Fontaine. All three statues must have instruments, and we must have the sheet music as well.

> read inscription. drench tank. heat tank. play organ. d.

The Golden Shrine

> x torches. x organ. x dais. push dais. e.

Jaguar Gate

> x sawblade. take it. x carvings. e.

Cobra Gate

In case you hadn't clued in yet that this section is an Indiana Jones tribute.

> x cobra. e.

Elephant Gate

> x trap. cut roots with sawblade. take trap. e.

Mole Gate

The only item that Vola likes as an offering is the useless doorknob, but that's not the point. You're supposed to give her something she doesn't like and get swallowed.

> x Vola. x carvings. give doorknob to Vola. give music to Vola.

Vola's Stomach

> x skeleton. x id card. x cents. x sketch.

> x idol. touch idol.

★ You can WARP TO places you can see! ★

Including places in pictures and photographs, the game helpfully tells you. (That said, there's a few places where this teleportation power ought to work but doesn't. Still, teleportation is a tricky power to get right in any IF game, and you will need it here.)

> warp to sketch.

The Golden Shrine

If you like, you can revisit Vola and get swallowed again and again, or drink more wine, but all that's really left to do is escape the jungle and end the game. There are two ways you can do this: warp to the city or radio for help?

Ending 1: Warp to the City

The Golden Shrine

> u. w. u. n. n. nw.

Volcanic Path

> warp to city.

★ Your final rank is: MEDIA DARLING! ★

Ending 2: Radio for Help

The Golden Shrine

> u. w. u. s. s. s.

Tangle of Roots

> x plane. warp to plane.

The Spirit of Fresno

> use component on radio. turn on radio. use radio.

★ Your final rank is: ACE REPORTER! ★