Key & Compass presents:
Jack's Adventures
by Dan Shiovitz

Jack's Adventures is a TADS 2 interactive fiction game and is © 1998 by Dan Shiovitz (as "Ben Scagels"). This demo game was presented as part of the TextFire 12-Pack collection.

In this extremely short one-room demo game, you play as Jack Winklebee, an aspiring hero in Fairyland. You've traded your cow for some magic beans, a trowel, and a magic watering can. Now it's time to find out what these magic beans do.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on the DEMO version of the game.


(cottage) Garden



> x me. i. x beans. x trowel. x can. read can.

> x cottage. w. e. u. (All exits denied.)

> x dirt. x rocks. dig dirt (with trowel). x hole.

> put beans in hole.

> water hole with can.

> fill hole (with trowel).

> x mound. water mound with can. z.

The beans weren't magic.

Thank you for playing the demo version of Jack's Adventures, a TextFire release. On-line registration for TextFire products will be available at on or before June 30, 1998. Thanks for your patience!



There really aren't any other characters in the game, but these are mentioned:


From the response to ABOUT, which is entirely fictitious:

About the author:

The demo version of Jack's Adventures was written by Ben Scagels, a 21-year-old marine biology major. He codes TADS with his right hand, Inform with his left, and has unmatched socks and a fondness for platypi. Besides wanting to write great text adventures, his ambition is to form a band, "Ben and the Dancing Platypi", but has found no drummer who is both competent and willing to be called a platypus.

A little about us:

TextFire, Inc. is a partnership of authors formed for the purpose of providing quality works of interactive fiction to a worldwide community of players, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. Help support our efforts to keep interactive fiction alive!


Both endings happen after you've fully planted the beans.



Your exploits so far include:

Before the game begins:

During the game: