Small Games from IF Comp 2003


z5 03 IF Comp 2003 The Fat Lardo And The Rubber Ducky by Somebody [W]
z5 03 IF Comp 2003 No Room by Ben Heaton [W]
Wn 03 IF Comp 2003 Rape, Pillage, Galore! by Kristian Kirsfeldt [W]

The Fat Lardo And The Rubber Ducky

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No Room

The big conceit of this game is that it doesn't define a location for the protagonist at all. Which is interesting, technically, but a typical player won't see any difference between this and a one-room game where the room isn't lit. So, there's no practical difference, just the cerebral coolness of knowing that it was done that way.

>look. about. xyzzy. places.

>jump. wave. pray. touch hat. remove hat. eat hat. smell hat.

>(sing. undo. think. undo. wake. undo.) (These actions kill you!)

>i. x flashlight. touch it. touch wires. left. touch right wire.

>touch bag. open it. touch it.

>touch lemon. take it. smell it. (eat it. undo.)

>touch pocket. touch lint. eat lint.

>touch zinc. take it. smell it. touch copper. take it. smell it.

>put copper in lemon. put zinc in lemon.

>attach left wire to zinc. attach right wire to copper.

>turn on flashlight. amusing.

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Rape, Pillage, Galore!

There can be no walkthrough (nor map) for this offering since it (hereafter referred to as "RPG") doesn't maintain a game state—ie: no world model—and there are no goals that can be achieved. Since these attributes are missing from RPG, I prefer to call this program a "toy", not a "game".

RPG is no more than a fancy madlib generator. The user of RPG is limited to using the commands SLAY, LAY, or QUIT. Any commands not understood are interpreted as "SLAY". Therefore, pressing the Enter key several times in a row is the fastest way of interacting with it.

SLAY generates some randomized paragraphs about a character killing some creatures. LAY generates some randomized paragraphs of the hero's sexual conquests. The output from either choice is neither written well nor terribly interesting. QUIT quits RPG.

The curious player may wish to examine RPG's code in a text editor, to quickly skim RPG's possible outputs, but one can live a full and happy life without ever doing so.

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