Key & Compass presents:
Illuminismo Iniziato
by Michael J. Coyne

Illuminismo Iniziato is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2018 by Michael J. Coyne. It was an entry in the Main Festival of Spring Thing 2018, where it was awarded both the Audience Choice and Alumni's Choice ribbons. It's also a sequel to Risorgimento Represso which took 2nd place in IF Comp 2003 and was a finalist for Best Game at the 2003 XYZZY Awards.

In this game, you once again play as Ninario's apprentice from another world. Ninny suspects that Renaldo, evil wizard in hiding, is up to something and asks you to fetch his interplanar rift analyser from his safety deposit box back in Vechlee. The key, uh, it must be in the robes he sent to the cleaners. He hands you a laundry claim ticket and a snow globe then shoves you out the door before you can ask a single question.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Map 1: Blumph

Vechlee u d d u d d d (pilot it to) (dirt trackto Vechlee) (squatbrownstone) d u ride broomthen jump(or)sit on carpet u u n u u (Ninario'shouse) Airshipgondola DirigibleDocks Pier Pub Terrace Wizard'sWay HonestAkbar'sCarpets Betty'sbackroom Betty'sDirtyLaundry Market-place BlumphHighStreet ConjuringCommod-ities LonelyMountain-top Supply BlumphHeights ManorGrounds FrontHall BlumphHeightsPark Ground floorof thebrick house Second floorof thebrick house OakStreet Narrowalleyway Partwayup thedrainpipe Groundfloor Firstfloor Second-floorattic Peakedroof of thewoodenhouse

Map 2: Vechlee

The VeryTop ofthe Tree ArrivalsDock In theTree In midair FarmGate End ofthe Lane In midair IntercityWizStrip NorthVechlee VechleeRoad In midair SorcerySupply VechleeGate Hayfield In midair MarketSquare Eliza'sCheeseEmporium Atop theHaystack In midair Outskirts PlumbersUnionBldg. Soc. VaultAnte-chamber Vault (via airship) DirigibleDocks Bailey Courtyard d drop lump d u d d n u u taketarp z taketarp z taketarp z u z z show license

Map 3: Ninario's Caer

VechleeRoad Gate-house Atop theWest Wall Workshop Tower Kitchen Sewer Bailey Courtyard Main Hall Garden Basement Labor-atory RubbishHeap South ofTower SlimyLedge Insidethe Shed SlimyPassage d d d u d u u u


Wizard's Way

You'll probably want to start with the snow globe and Crystal:

> x me. x ball. x girl. x cottage. x snow. (+1)

> wear ball. ask girl about girl. (+1)

> ask girl about funny feeling. (The snowfall impairs judgement.)

> ask girl about rogue wizard.

> ask girl about Renaldo.

Check the rest of your stuff:

> i. take satchel. x satchel. wear it.

> x ticket. x robes. x slippers.

> remove slippers. x socks. wear slippers.

> x plotkins.

> x scroll. read scroll. g. g. g. g. g. g. g.

> x label. (has address for Ninario's caer.)

> put scroll in satchel.

> x carpet. x zamorano.

And your surroundings:

> x brownstone. x gate.

> x brick house. knock on door. (SFX: knocking; no answer.)

> x sign. ("Vechlee: 40 miles")

Maybe ask Crystal about some more topics?

> ask girl about Turthalion. ask girl about Ninny.

> ask girl about carpet. ask girl about brownstone.

> ask girl about tyromancy. ask girl about cheese.

> ask girl about Blumph. ask girl about Vechlee.

> ask girl about wizards. ask girl about globe.

> ask girl about ticket.

By the way, Crystal's not the only girl imprisoned in something. Just in case you were curious:

> ask girl about classmates. ask girl about fate.

> ask girl about substances. ask girl about friends.

> ask girl about Amber. ask girl about Beryl.

> ask girl about Catherine. ask girl about Delilah.

> ask girl about Emma. ask girl about Flora.

> ask girl about Greta. ask girl about Helga.

> ask girl about Irene. ask girl about Jennifer.

> ask girl about Karen. ask girl about Laura.

> ask girl about Miranda. ask girl about Nelly.

> ask girl about Ophelia. ask girl about Pamela.

> ask girl about Queenie. ask girl about Roberta.

> ask girl about Cynthia. ask girl about Tiffany.

> ask girl about Una. ask girl about Vera.

> ask girl about Wendy. ask girl about Xandria.

> ask girl about Yolanda. ask girl about Zinnia.

Anyway, let's move on:

> sw.

Blumph High Street

> x airship. ask girl about airship.

> w.


> take Tattler. read it. g. ask girl about Tattler.

> x shops.

> w.

Betty's Dirty Laundry

> give ticket to Betty. (+1; you get a Gorgonzola.)

Betty tells you there's been a burglary and Ninny's robe is gone.

> ask Betty about laundry. ask Betty about mum.

> x counter. x Betty. x teeth. ask Betty about teeth.

> ask Betty about burglary. ask Betty about Ninny.

> x curtain. ask Betty about curtain.

> e.


> ask girl about laundry. ask girl about teeth.

> e. se.

Blumph Heights

> x stone wall. x garden. x house.

> x portcullis. x crest. open portcullis. (SFX)

> ask Crystal about house. ask Crystal about portcullis.

> x park. ask Crystal about park.

> s.

Blumph Heights Park

> x pterosaur. x wound. x saddle.

> ask Crystal about pterosaur. ask Crystal about saddle.

> take saddle. (Need to distract it.)

> x grass. x trees. climb tree.

> shake ball. take saddle. (+2)

> n. nw. e.

Conjuring Commodities

> x crone. x chair. x case.

> x jar. ask crone about it. (healing salve for $25)

> x machine. ask crone about it. (portable tyromancy for $130)

> x broomstick. ask crone about it. (good for descending for $110)

> x pill. ask crone about it. (knockout pill for $5)

> ask crone about espnis. (Generic sleep spell.)

> x hoop. ask crone about it. (aimfix-blorple blend for extra-dim object; $5)

> ask crone about aimfiz. (Transports you to some other location.)

> ask crone about blorple. (Explores an object's mystic connections.)

> ask crone about Crystal. (She can't tell you this prophecy.)

> ask crone about ball. (Don't get it near portals/rifts. Keep it out of your satchel.)

> ask crone about satchel. (Worth about $30 but you need it.)

> ask crone about carpet. (Maybe worth $5)

> ask crone about Honest Akbar. ask crone about Betty.

> x saddle. show saddle to crone. (Valuable, but isn't magical.)

> shake ball. show saddle to crone. sell saddle. (+2, +$300)

> buy machine. (+1)

> buy hoop. (+2)

> buy pill. (+1)

> buy jar. (+1)

> put gorgonzola in deluxe. turn crank. (+1)

You're now viewing another place and time:

Vechlee Road

Renaldo wants to expand the rift to your world to access its resources. To do this, he needs Ninny's interplanar rift analyser. Yekcal suggests using a cannon to blast through the doors.

> x Renaldo. x Yekcal. x caer wall. x doors. x fence. (+1)

The vision ends.

Conjuring Commodities

> put gorgonzola in satchel.

> put zamorano in deluxe. turn crank.

Another vision:

Main Hall

> s. (Can only watch, wait, to talk to Crystal.)

Renaldo gives key to Yekcal, telling him to lock the front gate and to hire a guard for the caer wall.

> ask Crystal about Yekcal. z.

Renaldo also suggests finding lead or oil for the guard to pour.

> x Renaldo. (Looks older than first vision.)

Renaldo also asks for magical seal on front entrance.

> x steel door.

Renaldo also wants a seal on the basement stairway.

> x rusty door. (Corroded and open.)

> x Yekcal.

Renaldo suggests one large seal can cover both basement and front entrance.

> z. ask Crystal about analyser. (+1)

This vision ends.

Conjuring Commodities

> ask Crystal about hoop.

> put hoop in satchel. put satchel in hoop. (Both glow.)

> w. se. s.

Blumph Heights Park

> open jar. shake ball. put ointment on wing. (+2)

> z. z. (+3. It flies away.)

> n. nw. n.

Honest Akbar's Carpet Emporium

> x carpets.

> ask Akbar about threadbare carpet. (Repairs would cost $110)

> yes. (+1)

> thank Akbar. x carpet.

> s. w. s.

Lonely Mountaintop Supply

> read Tattler.

> x shopkeeper. x counter. x cabinet. x device.

> read Tattler.

> ask shopkeeper about himself. ask him about goggles.

> ask him about Ninario. ask him about mountain. ($25)

> ask him about Betty. ask him about gorgonzola.

> ask him about me. ask him about crone.

> ask him about guided tour. (All tours are cancelled.)

> buy autoclimber. (+1)

> n. n.


> x booth. (lens, pull-cord, tray, index cards.)

> pull cord. (SFX: flash-click)

> ask Crystal about booth. (SFX. A lumen graphicum is made.)

> take card. x it. show it to Crystal.

> x pub. x stairway.

> x waterorx ships.

> u.

Dirigible Docks

> n. (Nymph stops you. Need uniform?)

> ask Crystal about nymph.

> d. e.


> x man. x gruyere. take it. ("Hands off!")

> ask man about airship. ask man about anchor. ask man about pub.

> ask man about gruyere. (Take it when he's passed out.)

> ask man about glass. take tipple. (No, a Virgin Tipple is more your line.)

> ask man about magicorask man about science.

> ask man about Ninny. ask man about Turthalion.

> ask man about Blumph.

> shake ball. put pill in drink. (+1)

> z. z. z. (+2. SFX: glass shatters! Captain runs east. SFX: crash!)

> take all. (Gruyere and front door key)

> put zamorano in satchel.

> put gruyere in deluxe. turn crank.

New vision:


> x blackboard. (Chemistry: "Explosive suggestions from the apprentice")

> read blackboard.

> x flask. (Potassium nitrate.)

> x purse. x pouch. (Renaldo: "Quick! To the bedroom!")

> x Renaldo. (+1. Renaldo wants one of Ninny's distinctive bunny robes.)

The vision ends.


> put gruyere in satchel.

> e.


> x barrels. x sky.

> x captain. take uniform. (+2)

You swap clothes! You're now in the captain's uniform, and he's in your robes.

> wear boots. (You take the boots, remove the slippers, and wear boots.)

> put slippers in satchel.

> w. w. se. ne.

Wizard's Way

In case you were curious if the autoclimber could help you out here. (Spoiler: It can't.)

> point autoclimber at gate. pull trigger. g. (Wham. Ouch.)

> sw. se.

Blumph Heights

> read Tattler.

> point autoclimber at stone wall.

> pull trigger. g. (+2; you pull the wall down!)

> e.

Manor Grounds

> x manor door. x manor house.

> unlock door with key. e.

Front hall

> read Tattler. put front key in satchel.

> take license. (+1) take montagnolo. (+1) take golden key. (+1)

> x license. x montagnolo. x golden key.

> put montagnolo in deluxe.

> turn crank.

New vision:


> x wardrobe. x bed. x Renaldo. x door.

Renaldo tells Yekcal to pop back to Blumph and visit the laundry.

> x Yekcal. z. (+1. The vision ends.)

Front hall

> put montagnolo in satchel.

> w. w. nw. s.

Oak Street

> x people. ask people about airship. x anchor.

> ask Crystal about anchor.

> ne. x sturdy door. (locked) x brick house.

> x doorless house. read Tattler.

> se.

Ground floor

> x stairs. look under stairs.

> u. (SFX: The stairs collapse.)

> x opening. x plank. take it.

> nw. e.

Narrow alleyway

> x fence. x drainpipe. climb it.

Partway up the drainpipe

> u. (+1. SFX: pipe squeaking and collapsing)

First floor (of wooden house)

> x ladder. x opening. u.

Second-floor attic

> x trapdoor. open it.

> x wooden window. x brick window.

> put plank on brick window. (Too short)

> put plank in satchel.

> u.

Peaked roof of the wooden house

If you bought the broomstick instead of repairing the carpet, ride broomstick then jump.

> drop carpet. sit on carpet. (+2. SFX: crash through roof of brick house)

The carpet is destroyed as it takes you to:

Second floor of the brick house.

> push anchor. (+4)

> d.

Ground floor of the brick house

> x door. unlock door.

> sw. nw. n.


> take label. (intact and sticky)

> put label on license. (The license is now sticky.)

> put license in tray. pull cord. z. take license. x it.

> u.

Dirigible Docks

> n. (+2. Nymph approves you.)

Airship gondola

> x window. x joystick. x brass lever. ("ignition")

> x steel lever. ("open cargo doors")

> pull brass lever. (The engines start.)

> push joystick east. (+3. No lift.)

> push steel lever. (Cargo doors open.)

> push joystick east. (Fish fall out of the cargo hold.)

> ask Crystal about haddock.

> x building. ask Crystal about science foundation. z. (+4)

Arrivals Dock

By the way, you can now easily go back and forth between Blumph and Vechlee by going north at either of their docks.

> read Tattler. z. z. read Tattler. z. read Tattler.

> d.

Market Square

> x stall. x yellowed paper.

> touch stall. x fish. nw.

Sorcery Supply

wooden stand. pc of Madagascar Green Peppercorn.

> take peppercorn. (+1) x it.

> put peppercorn in deluxe. turn crank.

New vision:

Betty's Dirty Laundry's back room

> x cubbyholes. x tubs. x curtain.

Yekcal finds the rabbit robe.

> x Yekcal.

He finds the cheese and key, but leaves the cheese. Renaldo is terrified of cheese, lactose-intolerant and turophobic.

> x benches. (+1. The vision ends.)

Sorcery Supply

> put peppercorn in satchel. se. s. (+1)

Plumbers Union Building Society

> show license to teller. (+1)

Vault antechamber

> x box. x table. unlock box with ornate key.

> open box. (Nothing inside?)

> put hoop in box. (+1)

> close box. lock it. n. n. sw.


> take bowl. x bowl. (It's your old scrying bowl.)

> take ardrahan. (+1)

> x rubble. x gate.

> put bowl in satchel.

> put ardrahan in deluxe. turn crank.

New vision:

Vault antechamber

> x Renaldo. x teller. x Yekcal. x table.

Teller goes into the vault.

> x door. z.

Teller returns with an orange box. Renaldo opens it and recoils from the cheese.

> x box. (The cheese is Y-Fenni, the most terrifying.)

> z. (+1)

Renaldo takes the rift analyser; Renaldo and Yekcal leave without locking the box. The teller puts the cheese in the box, returns it to the vault, and reaches for a crystal ball.

The vision ends.


> put ardrahan in satchel.

> enter satchel. (+5)


> open orange box. take y-fenni. (+2) x it.

> close orange box.

> unlock purple box. open it. enter hoop.


> wear satchel. z. read Tattler.

> put y-fenni in deluxe. turn crank.

New vision:


Renaldo is struggling with the analyser. Yekcal wants to make black powder (gunpowder).

> x mill. (For grinding chemicals. Closed, with crank.)

> x analyser. (Dials and wheels. Unclear how to use it.)

> x window. (Very narrow, but open.)

> x Renaldo. z. z. z. (+1)

They head to the roof, where the rift currently is.


> put y-fenni in satchel.

> ne. s.

Plumbers Union Building Society

> ask teller about Ninario. ask teller about apprentice.

> ask teller about Renaldo. ask teller about y-fenni.

> ask teller about Robert. ask teller about crone.

> show license to teller.

Vault antechamber

> take hoop. close box. lock box.

> put golden key in satchel.

> n. n. ne. s. (+2)

Eliza's Cheese Emporium

Using a crystal ball, Eliza verifies you as the cheese thief! She gives you a cheese invoice and a piece of Brie and shoves you out.

Vechlee Gate

> x invoice. read it. put it in satchel.

> x brie. put brie in deluxe. turn crank.

New vision:


> x Renaldo. x cannon.

Yekcal points to a smudge in the air.

> x smudge. x plaque. x base. x portcullis.

Yekcal notes a delivery wagon in the courtyard.

> x fountain.

"A vat of WizStrip?" "Get down, Yekcal!"

> ask Crystal about WizStrip. (+1. Doesn't mix well with methane.)

SFX: explosion. The tower drops twelve feet. The vision ends.

Vechlee Gate

> put brie in satchel.

> n.

North Vechlee

> x wooding. x factory. w.

Intercity WizStrip

> x vat. x workers. put label on vat. (+1)

> e. s. ne.

Vechlee Road

> x guard. (It's not Ned.)

> point autoclimber at guard.

> pull trigger. g. (+1; He marches off, leaving something.)

> look. take iron key. e. (unlocking the doors with the key)


> x holes. x lump. x portcullis. x chains.

A simple way into the courtyard is to put hoop in portcullis then enter satchel. But that's a bit boring compared to catapulting yourself. Step one: take the lump of lead and carry it in your satchel. The lump's weight isn't an issue when it's in your satchel.

> put lump in satchel. (+1)

> w. se.


> x haystack. x tarpaulin.

> climb haystack.

Atop the Haystack

Step two: put the tarp in the satchel. You don't want the tarp billowing in midair until the right time.

> put tarp in satchel.

> search hay. yes.

> d. nw. ne.

Farm Gate

> x gate. e.

End of the Lane

> climb tree. u.

The Very Top of the Tree

Step three: At the top of the tree: take the lump of lead then drop it. You'll be flung southwards toweards the caer.

> take lump. drop it. (SFX)

In midair

Step four: Take the tarp either when you're just past the north wall or when you're over the courtyard. If you take the tarp too soon, you'll fall short, landing at the end of the lane. If you take the tarp too late, you'll fly too far, landing on the haystack.

> z. take tarp. (+3)


> put tarp in satchel.

> u. w.


> pull lever. (+1. SFX)

> e. d.


> x fountain. x figurines.

> x chute. (There's a hook on the rim.)

> read Tattler.

> e. (A huge walrus swats you back.)

> se.

South of Tower

> x shed. s.

Inside the Shed

> x sign. take sign.

> x tools. search tools.

> x trapdoor. open it. d. n.


> z. z. (Crystal turns the snow globe into a light source.)

Slimy Ledge

> d.

Rubbish Heap

> search heap. (You find nothing.)

> n.


> u. (A huge walrus swats you back down.)

> n.


> x chute. (It's not directly above the vat.)

> x vat. (Full of sewage.)

> x channel. (Blocked.)

> climb ladder. (No.)

> unblock channel. (Not like that.)

Go back to the courtyard:

> s. s. s. s. u. n. nw.


> put sign on hook. (+1)

> z. (Continue waiting until WizStrip delivered: +2)

> z. z. (+3. BOOM; shouts from roof; walrus flees)

> e. (+2)

Main Hall

> s.


> take purse. take pouch. take flask.

> read Tattler.

> open purse. open pouch. x flask.

> x blackboard.

The recipe for gunpowder is 2 parts potassium nitrate, 3 parts carbon, and 1 part sulphur.

> n. nw.


> open mill.

> put nitrate in mill.

> put charcoal in mill.

> put sulphur in mill.

> close mill.

> turn crank. (of ball mill. +3)

> open mill. put black powder in silk.

> se. ne.


> take airedale. (+1)

> put it in deluxe. turn crank.

A new vision:


> x Crystal. x flowers. x sky. (Your vision self is asking "Why?" over and over.)

> z. (+1. Your other self gives the other Crystal a chaste kiss. The vision ends.)


Crystal somehow didn't share the vision this time.

> put airedale in satchel.

> sw. u.


> put silk in cannon. (+1)

> throw gorgonzola at Renaldo.

Yekcal bats it into the cannon and leaps into it.

> pull cord. (+3. Yekcal is blasted away.)

> throw y-fenni at Renaldo. (He's juggling it.)

Crystal screams, "Throw me at him!"

> throw ball at Renaldo. (+3)

Renaldo ducks. Ball hits rift. BOOM. Renaldo blasted apart. You and Crystal (sans ball) fall into the garden.


> x Crystal. (She's dying and you're crying.)

> z. kiss Crystal. cry. read Tattler. z. z. z. z.

A black speck appears on the horizon.

> x speck. g. x shape. yell. yell.

The pterosaur drops a weed beside you.

> take weed. x it.

> give weed to Crystal. (+5. It brings her back from death.)

> any key

Ninario arrives via airship. He congratulates you both. Ninario and Crystal update each other. There's going to be some changes made, and not just because magic might be gone or altered now.

*** You have won ***

> full

> amusing



Have you tried...

  1. Singing?
  2. Singing in the presence of the various characters in the game?
  3. Burning things?
  4. Climbing things that can't be climbed?
  5. Saying xyzzy, plugh or plover? Doing so in front of various NPCs?
  6. Trying to eat inedible things?
  7. Typing JUMP? HOP? SKIP? JAUNT?
  8. Kissing NPCs? Touching NPCs? Licking NPCs? Doing all the same to yourself?
  9. Listening to yourself?
  10. Smelling yourself?
  11. Waving things in the presence of various characters?
  12. Yawning in the presence of NPCs?
  13. Greeting all the NPCs in the game (using NPC, HELLO or SAY HELLO TO NPC)?
  14. Showing things to NPCs, such as your robes, socks, satchel and so on?
  15. Showing your plotkins to NPCs, both when you have a few and a lot?
  16. Greeting Betty more than once?
  17. Examining Betty? Asking her about her teeth?
  18. Asking the old crone about Ninario?
  19. Asking the old crone about Renaldo?
  20. Asking the old crone about zorkmids?
  21. Asking the old crone about the trophy case?
  22. Asking the Lonely Mountaintop shopkeeper about rope? Boots? Other climbing equipment? He's got 20 different excuses why he doesn't have any.
  23. Giving orders to the Lonely Mountaintop shopkeeper both before and after buying the MegaMountain Autoclimber Extreme?
  24. Climbing the drainpipe on the brick house in Oak Street?
  25. Asking Crystal things while you're on the drainpipe?
  26. After you've seen the bronze portcullis, telling the hermit about it, both before and after getting past it?
  27. Referring to the pterosaur as a dinosaur in front of Crystal?
  28. Referring to the pterosaur as a bird multiple times in front of Crystal?
  29. Asking Crystal about cannons? And then the incident? And then answering yes?
  30. Examining Renaldo in each vision?
  31. Asking Crystal about the grappling hook?
  32. Trying to travel "down" while in midair?
  33. Setting everything up so that the WizStrip can be delivered and then watching from the bailey or road to see what happens with the teamster and horses when the explosion occurs?
  34. Spelling Yekcal backwards?
  35. Asking Honest Akbar about tyromancy?
  36. Asking Crystal about a number of different substances? There is a list of about 26, from a to z for which she has a response about a friend imprisoned in each.
  37. Or, if you want to do it the easier way, ask her about her friends. Then, ask her about each of the names she lists.
  38. Eating Wizarding Weekly?
  39. Eating the black powder?
  40. Examining the sky throughout the course of the game?

There are a few others not mentioned in this list. Have fun finding them!


These are sample thumbnails of artwork in the game. Please play the actual game to see them at their full sizes.


Named people:

Unnamed people:




The response to the CREDITS command is:

Many thanks to J. Robinson Wheeler for creating the eye-catching cover art

Thanks to Graham Nelson for creating Inform, not to mention the DM4.

Thanks to Roger Firth and Sonja Kesserich for creating the IBG, which got me started on this whole thing.

Many thanks to those whose library extensions I've used, specifically:

Also, many thanks to my various beta testers:

This project uses the following sound bites from Some of these sounds have been remixed with each other or cropped to give varying effects. All have been converted to OGG format for space purposes within the game. The given Freesound ID can be used to look up the sound on the Freesound website. All listed sounds licensed under unless otherwise noted. Sound IDs 212710, 341604 and 388528 were licensed under Sound ID 26868 is licensed under

Some sounds licensed under were also used but not attributed, as not required.

Filename                                Freesound ID  Creator
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20061119.pond.01.flac 26249 dobroide
t_start1.mp3 26814 roscoetoon
toy_ratchet_spin.wav 26868 atomota
door knock 2.wav 32296 ERH
columbia road flower market.wav 46879 Noise Cuisine
forestsurroundings.wav 47989 Luftrum
market_2.mp3 62839 vedas
jf Glass Breaking.wav 85168 cmusounddesign
impact-metal-movie.wav 103360 m-o-m
explode.wav 104447 dkmedic
santa-falling-down-chimney.mp3 212710 Tiger_v15
Ambience_BlackHole_00.wav 270526 LittleRobotSoundFactory
Rumbling Rocky sound.flac 335337 Opsaaaaa
Gate-Heavy-OpenClose-WAV.wav 336888 Omnisis
Rushing stream 2.wav 341604 mike_stranks
Artillery Explosion (Close) (Mixed).wav 388528 EFlexTheSoundDesigner



Cheese | Clothing | Keys | Readables | Other items

Note that although your carrying capacity is generous, it's not unlimited, and you should put things into your satchel when you're done with them. Your satchel can hold everything but the snow globe and the tin hoop.


Clothing and Wearables
Other items


You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 100, in several turns, meaning your-status.

The score is made up as follows:


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