Key & Compass presents:
IF Progressive One
by The IF Progressive Team

IF Progressive One is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2009 by The IF Progressive Team.

This chaotic game was written by six authors sequentially, each author only adding to the game as written so far. It all begins with you as a kindergarten teacher in your classroom after all the kids have gone home. You're about to clean up their horrific mess when a gaudy balloon floats in through the window and stops to hover right in front of your face.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Class-room OutsideSchool DarkEntryway ConferenceHall Metal BoxRoom Hallway BehindSchool MuddyArea ShreddingRoom Guts of theMachine UnderTree Roof In Tree Hut RockyArea The Pen The Lair ofthe Jark HROffice Cubicle HRCentral Entrance Cubicle78-33183 Non-descriptCorridor BreakRoom teleportto Sallyto escape originallySomewhereRustly get in line in d take Tarquin sit on chair Brenda Sally out u Jojo (on chair)



> author. x me. i. (A balloon appears.)

> x balloon. take balloon. again. (It tells you to go south.)

> s.


> x confetti. e.

Behind School

You're no longer carrying the balloon and the scene has changed.

CAUTION: Do not return to the Hallway and Classroom. I think this restarts timers that the game thought it was already done with and it will start complaining about too many processes and you probably want to avoid such errors.

> author. e.

Muddy Area

> x pink balloon. (if it's here.)

> x hole. (You take two marbles.)

> w. s. u.

In Tree

> x leaves. (You take a paper page.)

> x page.

> w.


> x machine. x book. put page in book. (Something falls.)

> look. x slingshot. take it.

> e. d. n.

Behind School

> z. (repeat waiting until the balloon floats in.)

> shoot balloon with slingshot. look. take roll. x it.

> n.

Outside School

> x crow. shoot crow with slingshot.

After shooting the crow, wait here for three turns for the crow to, uh, retaliate.

> z. z. z.

> i. x mess. drop mess. (using the roll.)

> i. x key.

> unlock door with key. e.

Dark Entryway

> author. e. (You fall to...)

Somewhere Rustly / Shredding Room

> x pile. n. (You turn on a light.)

> x paper. (Some metal thing falls into it.)

> search paper. (You find and take Roz.)

> x Roz. ask Roz about Roz. (mentions Sally and Leon)

> ask Roz about Sally. ask Roz about Leon.

> ask Roz about confetti. ask Roz about gas.

> ask Roz about marble. ask Roz about explosive.

> ask Roz about balloon. ask Roz about razor blade.

> ask Roz about classroom. ask Roz about machine.

> ask Roz about here. ask Roz about game.

> take paper. (You take four.)

> i. x khaki. (Has cerifications.)

> x ecru. (Only 1 year experience.)

> x beige. (Has 15 years experience.)

> x cream. (No scent glands or languages.)

> x machine. x hatch. x funnel.

> open hatch. n.

Conference Hall

> x crowd. x shredder. x line.

A vendor suddenly leaves her booth.

> x booth. x unshred. x button.

> put khaki in unshred. put beige in unshred.

> push button. x tan.

> get in line. (You're hired and shoved to...)

Metal Box Room

Roz starts talking.

> author.

> z. z. z. ("If you want help getting out of here, just ask")

> z. z. ("And... ask me about... Roz.")

> ask Roz about Roz. ask Roz about units.

> ask Roz about teleportation. (Sally, Tarquin, others.)

> Sally. (You're teleported to...)

Guts of the Machine

> x Sally. x cot. x diary. x cogwheels. x planks. x hatch.

> read diary. g. g. g. g. g. (Jojo mentioned.)

> ask Roz about Jojo.

> open hatch. out.


Huh. We're back here.

> Jojo. (You're teleported to...)


> author.

> x robot. x paper. take it. x it.

> x bowl. take it.

> ask Roz about cookie. ask Roz about cukrovinca flour.

> ask Roz about egg. ask Roz about jark.

> x oven. x wires. x dish. x mattress. x wardrobe.

> s.

The Pen

> x lizard. hiss. take egg. x it. put egg in bowl.

> e.

The Lair of the Jark

CAUTION: The jark is deadly when uninverted. You know about inverting jarks from the tan resume.

> x creature. take it.

> x jark. invert jark. x jark.

> take jark. put it in bowl.

> w. w.

Rocky Area

> x rock. take it.

Now go back to the Conference Hall:

> Sally. out. e. d. n. n. e. e. n.

Conference Hall

> put rock in shredder. s.

Shredding Room

> take flour. put it in bowl. x dough.

> Jojo.


> open oven. put bowl in oven. push button.

> open oven. take bowl. look in bowl. x cookie.

> give cookie to Jojo. (Tarquin arrives.)

> x Tarquin. take Tarquin. (Instead, you're 'ported to...)


CAUTION: If you teleport back to Sally or Jojo, you won't be able to get back to this section. Tarquin is no longer around in the hut or anywhere else.

> author. x doors. n.

HR Central

If you try to go any direction but south or northeast, you bump into someone and are dragged back to the Entrance.

> ne.


> x desk. x chair. x wheels.

> sit on chair. sw. n.

You roll past everyone, but fall off the chair into...

HR Office

> x Mr. x desk. x chair. x paintings. x plant.

> sit on chair.

Mr Hokensox gives you three forms and soon you're at...

Cubicle 78-33183

Although you've been told to fill out these forms, you have nothing to write with and FILL OUT something isn't a valid command.

> i. x TB06. x UT18. x XY11.

> se.

Nondescript Corridor

> sw. (You end up back here.)

> n.

Break Room

You meet Ferd and his pile of papers.

> look. nw. nw.

Cubicle 78-33183

Ferd follows you and complains about his ticker.

> z. z. z. (Roz meantions George.)

> George.

George arrives, squashing Ferd and containing the explosion.

*** You have won ***





There is no comprehensive ABOUT or CREDITS command in this game, but one can use the AUTHOR command to find out whose scene the game is currently in.

The organizer who put it all together was Tom Blawgus.



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