Key & Compass presents:
Identity Thief
by Rob Shaw-Fuller

Identity Thief is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2002 by Rob Shaw-Fuller. It was an entry in IF Comp 2002 where it took 13th place.

In this game, you play as a thief who uses cyber implants to steal identities and commit crimes. A "Mr. Johnson" hired you to steal a datachip from Senator Barbara Tarlette's mansion, but things went south when she woke up and stabbed you. You managed to kill her, but now you're seriously bleeding and you haven't found the datachip yet.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


removespikes open booth enter booth.z. z. z. z. z. z. n z. z. n SenatorTarlette'scloset SenatorTarlette'sbedroom drive to Johnson (?)drive to cabal (?)drive to home (?) e drive to doctor drive to doctor movemembrane (end) Pain Darkness TheChyrsalisbooth Dr Jones'soperatingtheatre Waitingroom OutsideDr Jones'sclinic Policecheckpoint OutsideTarlette'shome Hallway SenatorTarlette'sbathroom


Note: This game uses time-of-day, but time seems to run slowly in response to your actions.

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Senator Tarlette's bedroom

You're bleeding from a puncture wound on your left side. You must stop the bleeding.

> x me. s.

Senator Tarlette's bathroom

> take towel. (You tear it into a bandage and immediately apply it.)

> x wound. i.

> x coat. x spray. x cyberhand. x cyberoptics.

> x sink. x mirror. x toilet. x bathtub. x bar.

> n.

Senator Tarlette's bedroom

> x senator. x hands. (spiked!)

> take hands. stare at senator.

> x mirror. x dresser. x effects.

> x ring. take it. x watch. take it.

> open dresser. x bed. look under bed.

> x window. x line.

> x pajamas. take pajamas.

> x body. search body. cut hands.

> search mirror. wear ring. (It stings!?)

> x door. listen to door. open door.

A large man shoots at you, but your coat saves you.

> kill man.


> x bodyguard. x gun.

> search man. x indentcard. x pills. take hand.

> look. x shades. look through shades.

> w.

Senator Tarlette's bedroom

Important: You must have light in the bedroom in order to make the mirror's unlocking mechanism work. Either turn on the light in the bedroom or open the door so light from the hallway spills in. The bathroom light doesn't help because it goes off when you leave the bathroom, and the closet light only lights up the closet.

> unlock mirror. (Using Senator's retinal patterns.)

> unlock safe. (Using Senator's palmprint.)

> x datachip. take it. x papers.

> close safe. close mirror.

> n.

Outside Senator Tarlette's home

You automatically dissolve your stealth line and retract your claws.

Something's wrong...

> open van. g.

Your surroundings change...

Darkness (as grub)

> x something. smell. move membrane. (or tear it)

Outside Senator Tarlette's home

You regain normal consciousness.

> open van. enter van. close van.

> x ring. wear ring.

> drive to doctor.

Police checkpoint

> x officers. x patrol cars. x scanner.

> open window. touch scanner. drive to doctor.

Outside Doctor Jones's clinic

> open car. out. close car. w.

Waiting room

> read magazine. g. g. g. g. g.

The doctor finally says to come in.

> n.

Doctor Jones's operating theatre

> x jones. x tank. x equipment. x cylinder. x booth.

> ask doctor about wound. enter booth.

Jones starts treating you, but there's unexpected pains and a fever.

> z. z. z. z. z. z.

Pain (as tormented soul)

> x me. x spikes. pray.

> remove spikesorpull spikes.

The Chrysalis booth

> open booth.

Doctor Jones's operating theatre

> i. look in booth. wear coat.

> ask jones about cyberoptics. ask jones about ring.

> ask jones about cyberhand. ask jones about wound.

> show severed to jones. ask jones about severed.

> ask jones about dna. show datachip to jones.

> extend. retract. (Your hands can still be claws! But organically!)

> put chip in coat. e.

Outside Doctor Jones's clinic

> open car. (No, you must make a choice.)

> drive to Johnson.

A sniper kills you after you hand over the chip.

*** You have been a sacrifice in a scheme ***

> undo

> drive to cabal. (or drive to Roswell, aliens, or others)

*** You have embraced your new existence ***

> undo

> drive to home.

*** You have embraced your humanity ***

I should point out that you were infected by alien DNA because of the stab wound you got from the senator, not because of the ring. You will still have the hallucinations of being a grub and a tormented soul regardless whether you wear the ring or not.






Not listed by INVENTORY:

As the tormented soul in the Pain setting, you have:

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