Key & Compass presents:
Hunger Daemon
by Sean M. Shore

Hunger Daemon is a Glulx text adventure game written with Inform 7 and is © 2014 by Sean M. Shore. It was entered in IF Comp 2014 where it took 1st place. You play as Barry, an indifferent worshipper of Cthulhu (and other assorted Elder Gods) and a resident of St. Paul, Minnesota. And you're hungry. But you need to recover the stolen Heart of Whatever before your Uncle Stu completes his big unholy ritual and discovers it's missing.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


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Thick black paths show where cars may travel; if that path is dashed, then a car is required. The path between Alley and Randolph Avenue is drawn thick but solid, since it can be traversed either by foot or by car. Oddly, you cannot drive the car to the parking lot outside Kowalski's Supermarket.

The dashed blue line between the cave and bluff indicates the water flow between those locations.


Restaurant Basement

New goal: Eat something.

You'll need to look at the book Uncle Stu is reading from before you're willing to leave the basement.

> x me. i. x robe. x Stu. x lectern. x book.

> x altar. x runes. x guys. x horror.

> u.


> x fridge. open it. take bag. x it. close fridge.

> x shelves. x boxes. open boxes. smell boxes. x wax paper. take paper.

> eat paper. lick paper. x cans. take cans. open cans. n.


Once you enter the kitchen, you'll need to examine the Ark before you can go anywhere. Examining the Ark triggers the flashback sequence. And once you know it's all your fault, you'll be unwilling to return to the basement until you've recovered the Heart.

> x Walter. search Walter. kiss Walter.

> x ark.

A Month Ago at the State Fair, On Line for Bacon on a Stick

If you don't "buy bacon" promptly, the game will automatically force Barry to carry out that action after a few turns.

> x teenagers. x booth. x me. i. x bill. x note.


New goals: Find Heart of Whatever. Talk to Jeff at the bookstore.

> x oven. open oven. put Walter in oven.

> x door. x keyhole. n.

Dining Room

> x tables. x chairs. x windows. x dust.

> x chandelier. x camera. x wire. s.


> x wire. n. w.


> x window. x pillow. take it. smell it.

> x toilet. flush it. x sink. w.


> x leaves. x gravel. x car. x trunk.

> take all from trunk. x flashlight. x dvds.

> close trunk. enter car. ne.

Randolph Avenue

Randolph Avenue is a hub location that has connections for all the parts of the city that you want to drive to. And you will need the car; you can't just walk everywhere.

> x houses. take houses. w.

Cleveland Avenue

> out. x sign. x placard. x board. x balloon. take it.

> x insurance. x subway. n.

Unspeakable Books and Gifts

New goal: Safely free Jeff from stasis.

> x case. x Jeff. x light. x beetle. x oval. x monitor.

> x bookshelf. x mi-go. pull mi-go. d.

The Secret Chamber

Of course, looking up all these topics is optional, but you should at least consult the tomes about the Qua'ox beetle to learn how to deal with it.

> x beakers. x glove. take glove.

> x bookshelf. x books. consult tomes about beetle.

> consult tomes about oval. consult tomes about ark.

> consult tomes about heart. consult tomes about cthulhu.

> consult tomes about hastur. consult tomes about azathoth.

> consult tomes about mi-go. consult tomes about yuggoth.

> consult tomes about nyarlathotep. consult tomes about shub-niggurath.

> consult tomes about yog-sothoth. consult tomes about necronomicon.

> consult tomes about lovecraft. u.

Unspeakable Books and Gifts

Make sure the bookcase is open and the balloon is inflated before freeing the beetle.

> inflate balloon. break oval. drop balloon. close bookcase.

> x Jeff. fistbump. a stasis. a beetle. a oval.

> a woman. t heart.

New goal: Find image and personal item of woman for Jeff's spell.

> a cave. a spell. a Stu. a monitor. take it.

> out. enter car. e. ne.

Mounds Boulevard

> x mounds. x acorns. x river. out. d.

Super-Secret Entrance to Carver's Cave

> x boulder. x shrub. x crack. n. d.

Base of the Bluff

> x pipe. look in it. swim. u.

Super-Secret Entrance to Carver's Cave

The monitor won't fit into the cave. Awk-ward.

> remove robe. rub wax on me. drop monitor. n.


> turn on flashlight.

Carver's Cave

> x serpent. search it. x blood. take it. eat it. x pool. swim.

> wear glove. take blood. close bag. (A Babe Ruth wrapper floats by.)

> s. put bag in pool. s.

Super-Secret Entrance to Carver's Cave

> turn off flashlight. (If you forget, it'll lose power on its own later.)

> take monitor. d.

Base of the Bluff

> take wrapper. x it. eat it. look in pipe. take bag. x bag.

> go to kitchen. (You can use "go to" to revisit locations you're been to.)


> put bag in keyhole. squeeze bag. w.


> x system. x note. x wire. x printer. x desk.

> put monitor on desk. attach monitor to system.

> push rewind. think.

You remember that you met this woman at the State Fair, and that your ex, Sam, has this woman's hairclip.

> push print. take image. x it.

> go to randolph avenue.

Randolph Avenue

> enter car. n.

Hague Avenue

"Sam" is short for Samiira.

> out. push doorbell. x Sam. a doing. a someone. a hijab.

> a Uma. a woman. (You learn the woman's name is Leah.)

> t spell. a dvds. give dvds to Sam.

> x clip. wear clip. go to unspeakable books.

Unspeakable Books and Gifts

> give image to Jeff. give clip to Jeff.

The Secret Chamber

For the ritual, you put your robe back on. CAUTION: You can lose the game right here if you don't block or stop your sneeze!

> raise hood.

Summit and Syndicate

New goal: Find Leah (and the Heart) inside Mt. Zion Temple.

> x people. x bags. x volunteer. x van.

> x jacket. x paper. x police.

> remove robe. talk to volunteer. a bags. a police.

> s.


> x woman. x table. x bin. x rack. w. n.

Summit and Syndicate

> x paper. give cans to volunteer. e.

Parking Lot

> x puddle. se.

Kowalski's Supermarket

> x produce. x bags. take bag. x bag. nw.

Parking Lot

This action weakens the paper bag.

> put bag in puddle. w.

Summit and Syndicate

> put cans in bag. give bag to volunteer. take paper. x paper. s.


> wear beanie. wear shawl. give ticket to woman.


> x rabbi. x horn. x podium. x flame. x doors. sing.

> x people. g. g. x Leah. x phone. x satchel. take satchel.

> x parcel. save. take parcel.

Endgame: Make a choice.

An altered Uncle Stu has crashed the event, holding a blue crystal. Everyone else collapses in pain.

There are six endings that I know of. Pick a strategy: feed Uncle Stu; feed me; flee with heart; flee without heart; do nothing; or blow the horn?

Ending 1: Feed Uncle Stu


> take parcel. give heart to stu.

*** You have found religion ***

Ending 2: Feed me


> take parcel. eat heart.

*** Your hunger is sated ***

Ending 3: Flee with Heart


> take parcel. s.

*** You are among the first to be eaten ***

Ending 4: Flee without Heart


At least you'll get some yak dumplings as a last meal.

> s.

*** You are eaten ***

Ending 5: Do nothing


You can manage four ineffective actions before everyone else dies and Stu grabs, then eats, the Heart. Examining the crystal at least explains why you're not convulsed in pain with everyone else.

> x crystal. open doors. x torahs. kiss stu.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a different four last actions:

> take parcel. destroy heart. burn heart. squeeze heart.

*** You are among the last to be eaten ***

Ending 6: Blow the horn


> blow horn.

Como Park

Although you can delay slightly by examining the bride, the rabbi, the guests, the glass, and yourself, or by attempting to kiss the bride, you're only going to get polite short responses, mostly to the tune of "everyone is waiting for you to conclude the ceremony."

> break glass.

*** Mazel tov ***