Key & Compass presents:
How to Win at Rock Paper Scissors
by Brian Kwak

How to Win at Rock Paper Scissors is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Brian Kwak. It was an entry in IF Comp 2016 where it took 10th place.

You play as someone really determined to win the Rock-Paper-Scissors Competition at your school. You're so good at it, you can even defeat people all over campus who inadvertently make one of the hand shapes!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


AcrosstheStreet Library Frontof theSchool Gym Room309 WesternBuildingHallway Quad Outsidethe Gym EasternParkingLot WesternParkingLot SouthernBuildingHallway Room415 Backof theSchool



> about. x me. i. x phone.

> x photo. (Sarah posing with V sign.)

> x banner. x tables. x members.

> s.

Outside the Gym

> x David. talk to David. (He raises a fist for a fist bump.)

> paper. (+1; David is swallowed by a vortex.)

> x flyers. take flyer.

> e.

Eastern Parking Lot

> x Chloe. talk to Chloe.

> show my phone to Chloe.

> talk to Chloe. g.

Keep talking to her until makes a "talk to the hand" gesture.

> scissors. (+1)

> take smartphone. x it.

> w. w. n.

Front of the School

> x guard. n. (She holds up his hand to stop you.)

> scissors. (+1)

> n.

Across the Street

> x rock. take rock.

> s. s. nw.


> x sign. x bookshelves. x boy. x novel.

> talk to boy. g. (He's deaf.)

> s.

Western Building Hallway

> x lockers. x girl. x door. (for room 309)

> talk to girl. g. (Jayma knocks on the door.)

> paper. (+1; Mr. Russo opens the door.)

> w.

Room 309

> x desk. x Russo. x papers. x textbook. x notes. x monitor.

> take textbook. read it.

> take paper. (Mr Russo wakes and you drop the paper.)

> talk to Russo. g. g. (He "stifles a yawn with an open hand.")

> scissors. (+1)

Unfortunately, all the papers on his desk were also taken by the vortex.

> e. n.


> talk to boy. g. (Using sign language, you ask what is his name. He spells an "O")

> z. z. z. (He's spelling a V.)

> rock. (+1)

> se. sw.

Western Parking Lot

> x car. x brad. talk to brad. g.

You have no obvious reason to play scissors, but this action makes him angry.

> scissors. (He puts his fists up.)

> paper. (+1)

> e.

Southern Building Hallway

> x locker. open it. x shrine. x altar.

> x Petra. (Goddess of rock.)

> x Charti. (Goddess of paper.)

> x Psalidi. (Goddess of scissors.)

> e. knock on door. (Sarah opens the door.)

> e.

Room 415

> x Sarah. x benches. x notebook. x case. x papers.

> talk to Sarah. g. g. g.

> show flyer to Sarah. show cell phone to Sarah.

> show smartphone to Sarah. (She makes her "usual pose.")

From the photo on the cell phone, you know she's making a V.

> rock. (+1)

> look. take case. open it.

> w. w. se.

Back of the School

> x smoker. (The smoke forces you to retreat, but notice how he holds the cigarette.)

Western Parking Lot

> se.

Back of the School

> rock. (+1)

> x dumpster. x trash.

> nw. e.

Southern Building Hallway

> put flyer on altar. put rock on altar.

> put scissors on altar. x altar.

You should see paper, scissors, and rock.

> pray. (+1)

> n. e.

Outside the Gym

You're ready for the competition if you have 10 points.

> n

Do you want to go to the gym now? yes


Follow the suggestion of the goddess guiding you. If Petra guides you, play rock. If Charti guides you, play paper. If Psalidi guides you, play scissors.

> rockorpaperorscissors. (as appropriate)

*** You have won ***

You know, that doesn't seem like the best ending. Undo that and deliberately lose the match instead. If Petra guides you, play paper. If Charti guides you, play scissors. If Psalidi guides you, play rock.

> undo

> paperorscissorsorrock. (as appropriate)

*** You have lost ***

> amusing



Did you try...



How to Win at Rock Paper Scissors was written and programmed by Brian Kwak in Inform 7.

A huge thank you to all my beta testers—verity virtue, Adri, and Jordan Glassman—for helping me test the game so close to the deadline and finding ways to improve it.

I would also like to credit the game Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma by Juhana Leinonen, whose freely available source code was examined by me on multiple occasions to use as an example during the making of this game.

And a shout-out to ClubFloyd for inspiring me to make this game in the first place, because I thought it would be fun if everyone came together to enjoy a game that I had made.



Besides the scissors, the pencil case also contains these useless items, all of which you can ignore:


You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 10, in several turns.

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