Key & Compass presents:
The House on Sycamore Lane
by Paul Michael Winters

The House on Sycamore Lane is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Paul Michael Winters. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it took 50th place.

In this old-school haunted house game, you play as kid. You were on your way home from school when the local bully and his pit bull chased you until you had no choice but to enter the spooky haunted house on Sycamore Lane. People have died in here! The bully blocks up the way you got in, and all the other windows and outer doors are boarded up, so how are you going to get out?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: School to house

Entranceto Cellar EastGrounds OutsideHouse Bend inthe road SycamoreLane Tree-linedStreet OutsideSchool SchoolYard (blockedby Spike) d in CellarStairs Conserv-atory (into school)

Map 2: Ground floor and cellars

CellarStairs StorageCellar Observ-atory Bottomof SpiralStaircase Mud Room Library NorthGrandFoyer Kitchen WineCellar Butler'sPantry UtilityCloset DrawingRoom SouthGrandFoyer GrandDiningRoom EastHallway Conserv-atory MurkyPassage-way Entranceto Cellar ServantsQuarters UpperLanding EastGrounds (THE END) DollRoom u u u d d in in d d d d d u u out u

Map 3: Upstairs and attic

d u u u u d d d Kitchen SouthGrandFoyer MurkyPassage-way ServantsDormitory MasterBathroom MasterBedroom ServantsQuarters WestUpper Hall UpperLanding EastUpper Hall Attic Nursery DollRoom (collapsedroof)


Outside School

> x me. i. x paper. ("382")

> x backpack. x books. x rack.

> x dirt bike. x lock. set lock to 382.

> ride dirt bike. e.

School Yard

> x stick. take stick.

> w. n.

Tree Lined Street

> x Bobby. x Spike. x trees. x houses.

> give stick to Spike.

With Spike distracted and you on your bike, you can race past them, but they're now chasing you!

> n. e.

Sycamore Lane

> e. (Spike bars your way east.)

> n. (Gate opens a few inches; bike won't fit.)

> get off bike. lock bike. n.

Outside house

By the way, if you go northwest instead, you can enter the house from that side instead via the cellars.

> ne.

East Grounds

> enter window.

Bobby blocks the window with a boulder. He leaves. You hear a child crying somewhere.


> x vines. x trunk. open trunk. (Vines are too strong.)

> n.

Utility Closet

> x shelving. x bottle. x trowel. take all from shelving.

> s.


> open bottle. (Can't. Lid is too rusty.)

> x lid.

> w.

East Hallway

> x floor. x wainscoting.

> n.


> x counter. x stove. open stove.

> x shears. take shears. (vision!)

> sw.

Butler's Pantry

> x drawer. open it. x twine. take twine.

> x door. open it. (locked)

> n. w. nw. d.

Storage Cellar

> x boxes. x bench. open drawer. x pliers. take pliers.

> u. se. w.


> x fire. (See passage on other side.)

> x books. x desk. open drawer. x mallet. take it.

> n. (Need to douse the flames with something.)

> s.

Drawing Room

> x furniture. x pot.

> dig pot with trowel. (You acquire an eyepiece.)

> x eyepiece.

> look through eyepiece. (It needs to be attached to something.)

> e.

South Grand Foyer

> x door. x statues.

> e.

Grand Dining Room

> x table. look under table. take fork. x it.

> x chandelier. x portraits. push eyes. (Dim passage revealed!)

Before heading inside the passage, there's something I want from the conservatory first.

> e. e.


> cut vines with shears. (Nope.)

> open bottle with pliers. x liquid.

> pour liquid on vines.

The vines are now weak. You still can't cut them, but you don't need to.

> open trunk. look in trunk. x key. take it.

> w. w.

Grand Dining Room

Okay, now let's explore this passage.

> in.

Murky Passageway

> x ladder. u.

Doll Room

> x dolls. x door. unlock door. n.

East Upper Hall

> x opening. (Note the eyebolt.)

> n.

Servants Quarters

> x table. x chair. x bucket. take it.

> n.

Servants Dormitory

> x beds. look under bed. take journal.

> x journal. (A locket falls out.)

> x locket. take locket. (vision!)

> s. s. w. w. n.

Master Bedroom

> x bed. x vanity. x chest. open chest.

> x spectacles. take specs. (vision!)

> w.

Master Bathroom

> x tub. x sink. x toilet.

> turn on sink. (No use.)

> e. s. s.


> x crib. x coloring book. (One doll is named Suzie.)

> take book. x horse.

> n. e. e. s.

Doll Room

> take Suzie. x Suzie.

> open Suzie. cut Suzie with shears. (You acquire a hook.)

> tie twine to hook. x hook.

> n.

East Upper Hall

> throw hook at eyebolt. (You pull down the attic stairs.)

> u.


> x doll house. x toys. x bed. x stain.

> x blocks. (There's five.)

> take blocks. (A girl's whisper says her name will release her.)

> spell Suzie with blocks. (That's not it.)

Return to the pantry:

> d. s. d. out. n.

Butler's Pantry

> unlock door with key. d.

Wine Cellar

> x cask. x cork.

> pull cork. (Wedged too tight.)

> hit cork with mallet. (Wine is flowing.)

> fill bucket with wine. close cask.

Return to the library:

> u. n. w. w.


> pour wine on fire. n.

Bottom of Spiral Staircase

> look. u.


> x windows. x telescope. look through telescope.

> put eyepiece on telescope.

> look through telescope. (See "EMILY" on gravestone.)

> d. s.


When you return from the observatory, the flames come back but with a blue hue and twice as strong!

> spell Emily with blocks.

You see the visions again with more context. The girl's voice tells you to burn the totems (blocks, locket, shears, spectacles) to set them free.

> put locket in fire. put shears in fire.

> put specs in fire. put blocks in fire.

You see a shadow float up and away, then the room catches fire, and you see a crowbar! The house will soon be burning everywhere.

> take crowbar. e. s.

South Grand Foyer

> open door with crowbar. s.

You escape the burning and collapsing house, find your bike, and go home.

*** The end. ***



In visions or mysterious voices:



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