Key & Compass presents:
The House of Mystery
by James G. Lynch

The House of Mystery is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2018 by James G. Lynch.

In this bizarre and whimsical game, you play as someone told to investigate a puzzle-filled house and its missing owner. Armed only with a map of the house and a warning about traps, you begin your quest in the living room.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 5 of the game.


enter shed door enter exit out enter mirror d u out d u d u in d u enter mirror in Backroom Basement Cellar DebugRoom Backyard Bathroom Mudroom Bedroom Hallway Kitchen LivingRoom DiningRoom UpstairsBathroom GuestBedroom SecondFloor MasterBedroom FloatingBasement BackDungeon BurningCellar Cemetery InvertedLowerBathroom Bloodroom InvertedBedroom LongHallway InvertedKitchen UnlivingRoom InvertedDiningRoom InvertedUpperBathroom Tres-passer'sBedroom InvertedSecondFloor Anti-Bedroom

Not shown:



Living Room

Begin by touring the ground floor.

Note: If you try to go upstairs, a force field blocks you.

> x me. i. x cap. x jacket. x watch.

> x map. (Map image shown.)

> x chair. x large couch. x small couch. x table.

> x chest. open it. x key. take it.

> x TV. turn on TV.

> e.

Dining Room

Caution: Don't eat the meal!

> x table. x meal. x chair. x bottle.

> x PC. turn on PC. x china. x knick-knacks.

> n.


Caution: Don't attack the dog! Don't attack the stinkbug!

> x stool. x dog. pet dog. x bug.

> x cupboard. open it. unlock it with key.

> open cupboard. take knife. x it.

You don't need to do anything with the bug, but trying to take bug reveals new random items in the room, which is an interesting game mechanic.

By the way, the bug jumps to random items in the room, so what you see will be in a different order from what I'm reporting here.

> take bug. x coffee machine.

> take bug. x drinking glass.

> take bug. x sink.

> take bug. x board.

> take bug. x counter-top.

> take bug. x sill.

> take bug. x lamp.

Let's move on.

> n.


> x plants. x window. x door. open door. (locked with rope)

Weirdly, you don't "cut rope with knife" but instead:

> unlock door with knife.

> out.


> x grass. x fence. x clouds. x birds. listen.

> x pile. dig pile. (with what?)

> x shed. x keypad. turn on keypad.

What's the passcode? 2018 (Access Denied!)

We'll come back to this shed later. A lot later.

> in. s. w.


Note: You can't go downstairs yet; there's no light down there.

> x pictures. x shelves. x drawers. x books. x trinkets.

> n.


Caution: Don't eat the red pills or the blue pills!

> x tub. x toilet. x sink. x cabinet. open it.

> x red pills. x blue pills.

> s. w.


> x bed. get on bed. jump. yes. stand.

> x TV. turn on TV. (static) turn off TV.

> x closet. open it. enter closet. (empty)

> out. enter closet. (still empty)

> out. enter closet. (still empty)

> out. enter closet. (Closet in mudroom is better.)

> out.

> x wardrobe. open it. x hat. take hat.

> remove cap. wear hat. (noise from living room)

With the hat on, you can now ascend the stairs.

> e. s. u. n.

Upstairs Bathroom

For now, ignore the fact that mirror is glowing.

> x mirror. x toilet. x ink. x sink.

> take ink. drink ink.

> s. w.

Guest Bedroom

> x chair. x bed. x desk. x note.

> x bureau. x flowers. take flowers.

> use ink on note. ("RGB. The middle one is the correct one to consume.")

> e. d. n. n.


Using the ink made these green pills appear.

> x green pills. take green pills.

> eat green pills. (You hear a noise from below?)

> s.


Eating the green pills made this light switch appear.

> turn on switch. d.


You can now see down here!

CAUTION: Do not turn off the breaker.

> x fridge. open it. look in it. (empty) close it.

> x washer. x dryer. x breaker.

> x box. open it. (clown doll!)

> x doll. kill doll. x doll.

> x junk.

> w.


> x boxes. x door. (locked and reinforced)

> e. s.


> x cans. x toilet paper.

> x wine. take wine. open wine.

> take black orb. (Hear loud clank in Mudroom.)

> x black orb.

> n. u. e. n.


Taking the black orb made the shovel appear here.

> x shovel. take shovel. out.


> dig pile with shovel

> take coin. x coin. ("I need light to grow big and strong.")

Examining the coin has two effects. First, the dog is now on living room's large couch. Second, sunlight is now in the dining room.

> in. s. s.

Dining Room

Sunlight in now shining in the window.

> x sunlight. put pot on table. x flowers. ("joyful bloom")

Because you placed the flowers in sunlight, there will now be a clothes pile in the basement.

> w.

Living Room

The dog is now on the large couch.

Note: You won't be permitted to sit on the large couch if you previously mistreated the dog in any way. If this is the case, say sorry to dog.

> x dog. pet dog.

> sit on large couch. (You read an important note on the dog.)

> stand. n. d.


The clothes are here because you put the flowers in sunlight.

> x pile. take pile. put pile in washer.

> close washer. (fridge prompt)

> x fridge. ("Good things come to those who wait.")

> z. (Clothes are now in basket.)

> x clothes. take clothes. put clothes in dryer.

> close dryer.

> x cookie. eat cookie. (fridge prompt)

Eating the cookie put an egg in this fridge and a platform in the mudroom.

> open fridge. x egg. take egg.

> u. e. n.


> x platform. put egg on platform. (Noise in bedroom.)

> s. w. w.


New: backpack with crowbar.

> x backpack. x crowbar. take crowbar.

> take backpack. (Now the dog blocks your way out.)

> wear backpack. x dog.

> take dog. (You put him in the backpack.)

You're now told, rather explicitly, to go get the key in the back room of the basement for the master bedroom.

> e. d. w.


> break trap door with crowbar.

> x bedroom key. take it. (hear a wind)

> e. u. s. u.

Second Floor

> unlock door with bedroom key. e.

Master Bedroom

Caution: Remember the dog's note! Don't open this book!

> x bed. x recliner. sit on it. stand.

> x pedestal. x book.

The dog's note said there's a green chest here, so try to examine it.

> x green chest.

> open chest. (Has scepter. The book vanishes.)

> x scepter. take it.

> w. n.

Upstairs Bathroom

This is a good time to save.

> save. x mirror. enter mirror.

??? / Inverted Upper Bathroom

> x mirror. x red note. x map. (It's doubled in size!)

> look. x sink. x toilet.

> s.

Inverted Second Floor

The inverted house is an uglier and more dangerous version of the normal house. Also, you'll now be collecting several numbered notes. Always take them when you can.

> x can. x writing. ("Yes means No and No means Yes.")

> search can. look. x note 1. take it.

> w.


Get into the habit of examining the dog for his advice. He somehow knows everything you need to do

> x recliner. x bed. x pedestal. x laptop.

> x dog. (He wants you to lay on the bed.)

> get on bed. g. (It snaps; there's a note.)

> look. take note 4. read it.

> e. e.

Trespasser's Bedroom

Caution: Don't open the bureau drawer!

> x dog. (Check closet. Don't open the drawer.)

> x chair. x bed. x desk. x closet.

> open closet. x skeleton. take note 7. read it.

> x bureau. x rug. x clock. x mouse.

> w. d.

Unliving Room

Caution: Don't enter the door without opening it first; you'll slam into a brick wall!

> x dog. (Open chest. Put out fire. Don't enter door immediately.)

> x chair. x table. x TV. x piece. x firewood.

> x chest. open it. (locked) x door. x couch.

> open door. (No exit there.)

> w.

Inverted Dining Room

Caution: Don't play the grand piano!

> x dog. (Plate needs a sweet refill. Growls at piano.)

> x bench. x table. x plate.

> x grand. x Mac. turn on Mac.

The message in binary means: "Dude, I've got a Dell."

> x chair.

> n.

Inverted Kitchen

Caution: Don't kill the spider!

> x dog. (Don't turn on microwave when food is in it; check drawer; doesn't like other dog)

> x stool. x sink. x spider.

> x cupboard. x werewolf.

> x counter. open drawer. x silverware.

> take silverware. no.

> use silverware on werewolf. (It leaves, dropping a note.)

> look. take note 6. read it.

> x microwave. x button.

> n.


Caution: Don't attack the wyvern!

> x dog. (too focused on the giant lizard)

> x chair. x table. x wyvern. x platform.

> x Flahmie. pet Flahmie. hug Flahmie.

Here's how to deal with the wyvern:

> walk up to Flahmie. g. g. g. g. g. (You should now be at arms reach.)

> pet Flahmie.

Flahmie moves aside and a note appears.

> look. take note 3. read it.

> out.


Note the clue from the shed for later. It refers to six rooms in this order: Living Room, Cellar, Master Bedroom, Trespasser's Bedroom, Bloodroom, and Back Dungeon.

> x dog. (Dont lose knife when pushing loose tombstone)

> x tombstone. x fence. x shed.

Make sure you have the knife as a weapon. (Although, thanks to buggy programming, you might not need the knife.)

> push tombstone. no. (Zombie!)

> kill zombie. (Two more!)

When facing two or more zombies, kill the zombie who's about to attack you.

> x right zombie. x left zombie. kill left zombie.

> look. x right zombie. kill right zombie.

> look. x middle zombie. kill middle zombie.

> look. x left zombie. kill left zombie.

> look. x middle zombie. kill middle zombie.

> look. x right zombie. kill right zombie.

> look. x middle zombie. kill middle zombie.

> look. x right zombie. kill right zombie.

> look. kill left zombie.

> look. (Final zombie!)

The eleventh and final zombie is tricky. You need to (usually) dodge when it's attacking, and attack it when it is vulnerable. And, I'm sorry, but there's no clue that tells you that DODGE is a valid or important command.

> x zombie.

> dodge. kill zombie. (You damage it.)

> dodge. kill zombie. (You miss.)

> dodge. kill zombie. (It's gone and left a note and a rock.)

> look. x rock. take it.

> take note 8. read it.

> in. s. e.

Long Hallway

> x blood. x drawer. x model. x photos.

> e.

Inverted Bedroom

Cautions: Don't enter the wardrobe! Don't turn on the TV!

> x dog. (get coat; dont enter armoire; dont turn on TV)

> x bed. x TV. x wardrobe. x coat. x clock.

> take coat. no.

> w. n.

Inverted Lower Bathroom

Caution: Don't enter the tub!

> x dog. (Check cabinet with 8 notes; dont enter tub)

> x sink. x toilet. x cabinet. x tub.

> x note 5. (Has large number 8.) take it. (Can't?)

> s.

Long Hallway

> d. (Too cold)

> remove jacket. wear coat. d.

Floating Basement

Caution: Don't attack the clown directly!

> x dog. (Get mask)

> x evil clown. x box. x icicles. x washer. x dryer.

> x basket. x chains. x mask. x breaker. x wires.

> take mask. no. (clown in the way)

> throw rock at icicles. (Clown and rock gone.)

> x confetti.

> take mask. no.

> e.

Back Dungeon

The plaque reads, backwards: "find the nine notes to know the truth".

> x waterfalls. x signpost. x shrine.

> x altar. read plaque. x cage. x bone.

> w.

Floating Basement

> s. (Not without a mask.)

> wear mask. s.

Burning Cellar

> x fire. x paper. search through paper.

> x white orb. take it.

Taking the white orb had two effects. There's now a bucket in the bloodroom, and a cake on the microwave's turntable.

> n. u. w.

Inverted Kitchen

In an extremely misleading way, the microwave claims to be empty when there's actually a cake on the turnable. The cake is only there after you take the white orb. You can't open or close the microwave either.

Caution: Don't push the button! You'll destroy the cake!

> x turntable. take cake. no. n.


> take bucket. no. s. s.

Inverted Dining Room

> put cake on plate.

> look. take note 2. read it.

> e. n. d. e.

Back Dungeon

> fill bucket with water.

> w. u. s.

Unliving Room

> pour bucket on firewood.

> search fireplace. take firebrand key. x it.

> unlock chest with firebrand key.

> open chest. look in chest. take note 9. read it.

> n. n.

Inverted Lower Bathroom


> save.

Taking the last note, Note 5, starts the endgame sequence, and before that happens, I want to give you an opportunity to chat with the house's residents and also see what's in the shed.

To learn how to get into the shed, you must first turn on all six sinks in the game. They all have to be on at once. So let's quickly do that.

> turn on sink. x mist.

> listen to sink.

Removing the excess punctuation, the voice is saying "Death to all who come here. Destruction is upon us." in Shona.

> s. w.

Inverted Kitchen

> turn on sink. e. s. u. n.

Inverted Upper Bathroom

> turn on sink. x liquid. enter mirror.

Upstairs Bathroom

> turn on sink. s. d. e. n.


> turn on sink. w. n.


> turn on sink.

There are now six tablets in the game, one in each of the locations clued by the cemetery's shed. You need to go examine them; each one has a digit. And let's visit them in order they were listed.

> s. s.

Living Room

> x tablet. ("7")

> n. d. s.


> x tablet. ("9")

> n. u. s. u. e.

Master Bedroom

> x tablet. ("5")

> w. n. enter mirror. s. e.

Trespasser's Bedroom

> x tablet. ("0")

> w. d. w. n. n.


> x tablet. ("6")

> s. e. d. e.

Back Dungeon

> x tablet. ("1")

There. That's the six-digit code to the shed: 795061. Go there:

> w. u. s. u. n. enter mirror. s. d. e. n. n. out.


> turn on keypad.

What's the passcode? 795061

> open shed door. enter shed door.

Debug Room

Oddly, you can't refer to the objects here by their displayed names. Refer to them as signs 1 through 6 instead. The seventh sign is not sign 7, but sign X.

Caution: Don't examine sign X! It's a game-breaking ending!

> x sign 1. x sign 2. x sign 3.

> x sign 4. x sign 5. x sign 6.

When you're done here, you may wish to talk to the dog who's with you, the dormouse in the trespasser's bedroom, and Flahmie in the bloodroom. Try the TALK TO and ASK commands. When choosing topics, you'll probably need to insert the word THE before the topic word; for example: ASK DORMOUSE ABOUT THE HOUSE.

But sooner or later, you'll need to return to the inverted lower bathroom and take Note #5:

> enter exit. in. s. s. w. u. n.

> enter mirror. s. d. n. n.

Inverted Lower Bathroom

> x note 5. take it. (All the lights went off.)

Inverted Bathroom (Dark)

> look.

At this point, you're meant to blunder around in the dark, totally unsure what you're supposed to do next. And you can totally do that, if you wish. But I assume, since you're reading a walkthrough, you'd really like to know your destination.

Go to the Back Dungeon:

> s. d. e.

Back Dungeon

> x shrine. x altar. x time wisp.

> read plaque. ("Father Time")

I swear I tried "give watch to wisp". It didn't work. Argh.

> use watch on wisp. yes.

The exit closes and now there's a doppleganger here.


> x doppleganger. (Just standing there.)

You're initially at a standoff. I suggest first dodging to get the battle started:

> dodge.

Now you need to battle in earnest. Examine the doppleganger and base your move on what he's doing. Alternate examining and doing your battle-move until you've hit him enough times to defeat him.

When the dark version of you goes BOOM:

> look.


> x dog. x book.

> take book. Yes (The dog becomes a man.)

> x man. (It's Micheal.)

> talk to man. (He thanks you for freeing him of his curse.)


*** The end... for real! Thank you for playing! ***



Most of the artwork is hiding in the Debug Room where very few players will ever see it; examine signs 5 and 6 there. These are thumbnails of the artwork; please play the game to see them at their full sizes. Or, since the author uploaded the game's entire project folder, you can just open the project's materials/figures subfolder and view them there.




The Credits accessed via the ABOUT or INFO command:

Game made on Inform 7

Game made by:
James G. Lynch

David Waring
Dan Fabulich

Cover art by:
AppleSin (Mistrie Orange)

Game Images:
Google Images
Deviant Art

"Game can't understand me" Original Idea:
Robert Janelle & Brad O'Donnell, creators of "Nine Points." (Fun Facts: This was the first game that showed me what Inform was and how it works.)

Google (Duh...)
Wikipedia (Maybe)

Special Thanks & Support:
New Media Perspectives Professor and Peers, Mom & Dad, Sis, Dogs, entire family and friends,
...and You.

J-Games Co. 2018 (It's a working title. Someone thought James Games sounded cool because it rhymed. Don't ask me why.)


When you die or win, there's an extra ENDINGS command to list the endings you've seen so far.

Deaths in the normal house:

Deaths in the inverted house:

Deaths in the arena (the doppleganger battle):

Other endings (no achievements are awarded for these):


Keys | Organics | Notes | Wearables | Other tools

Notes (and other readables)

Read all the notes when you find them.

Wearables (and items that ought to be)
Other tools

Puzzle hierarchy

evil clown inverted house access start red hat blue key upstairs access knife flowers ink bottle backyardaccess green pills light switch basement access clown doll wine bottle black orb shovel coin sunlight dog on couch clothes dog's notementionsgreen chest wet clothes cookie egg platform backpack + crowbar portable doggives hints! bedroom key green chest scepter clown doll inverted house access Note #1 coat silverware + werewolf Note #4 inverted basement access Flahmie Note #6 Note #7 evil clown zombies Note #3 rock Note #8 mask white orb cake bucket Note #2 water firebrand key Note #9 Note #5 time wisp doppleganger ** WIN **

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