Key & Compass presents:
Hippo on Elm Street
by Adri

Hippo on Elm Street is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2015 by Adri (as "Erin Gigglecreek").

In this Hallowe'en game, you play as a house hippo that lives underneath the sofa. You want to investigate some scary sounds and get yourself a snack before returning back to your comfortable nest of stolen socks.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Basket ofApples(top) InsidethePumpkin Underneaththe Table On theTable Basket ofApples(bottom) Porch LivingRoom On theWindowLedge Underneaththe Sofa u enterjack go undertable climbcloth d jump ontotable enter hole out d go undersofa d throwappleat spider out out out in climb web out

Note that this game does not use compass directions.


Underneath the Sofa

> x me. x nest. search nest. x lint. x sock.

> out.

Living Room

After six turns, a spider enters here.

> x spider. talk to spider. (like the cat)

> x fabric. climb fabric. (too slippery)

> pull fabric. (doesn't budge)

If you try to climb the web, the spider approaches you, and instead, you run back under the sofa.

> x flap. enter flap. (The spider follows you.)


> growl. meow. hiss.

> x apples. enter hole.

Basket of Apples (bottom)

> u.

Basket of Apples (top)

> x apple. take it.

> throw apple at spider.

The spider, now very angry, knocks the basket over.


> x jack. enter jack.

Inside the Pumpkin

> z. (+5: A black cat on two legs scoops the apples into the basket and hugs the spider to her chest before leaving.)

> out.


> in.

Living Room

Once you're back inside, you won't go back out; it's too cold.

> x web. climb web.

On the Window Ledge

> x napkin. take napkin. fold napkin. open napkin.

> x table. jump to table. (Too dangerous!)

> wear napkin. (as a cape!)

> fly. (Sorry, but no.)

> jump. (The napkin slows your fall.)

> jump to table. (+5. You glide down safely!)

On the Table

Snacks first, yes?

> x cookies. eat cookie. (+5)

> x candies. eat candy.

> x other sweets. (cupcakes and brownies)

> x cupcakes. eat cupcake.

> x brownies. eat brownie.

Deal with the box:

> x box. (Has screen and small circle; it's an iPhone.)

> push circle. (The sounds stop.)

> z. z. z.

A vampire enters! You hide behind the cookies while he presses the button back on. Then he leaves.

> push circle. z. z. z.

The vampire returns and pushes the button again.

> push circle. z. z. z.

+5. After the third time, the vampire takes the iPhone away.

Take a snack before leaving.

> take cookie.

> d.

Living Room

> go under table.

Underneath the Table

> x dragon. x wings. x tail.

> talk to dragon. smell dragon. (like human)

> touch dragon. touch tail. touch wings. (soft)

> give cookie to dragon. (It eats it.)

> tickle dragon. lick dragon.

> give napkin. (+5. It blows its nose. Then it crawls out, leaving the soiled napkin and a lollipop behind.)

> x napkin.

The lollipop is stuck to the carpet and can't be taken. Eat it whenever you want to be sticky. There's always more lollipop to eat later if you get unsticky.

> x lollipop. smell it. taste it. eat it. (Now you're sticky.)

> out.

Living Room

> climb cloth. (+5)

On the Table

Oh, let's celebrate Hallowe'en some more:

> eat cookie. eat candy. eat cupcake. eat brownie.

> dance. sing.

> d.

Living Room

> take web. (You obtain a wad of cotton.)

> x cotton.

> go under sofa.

Underneath the Sofa

> wear cotton. (+5; you plug your ears)

> enter nest. (+5)

*** Pleasant dreams! ***




The response to CREDITS opens a menu-list. Select the first item to read:

About "Hippo on Elm Street"

The author can be contacted at <email redacted>.

The house hippo was created by the Concerned Children's Advertisers, and appears here without permission. Felis terribulus is a joke based on, which is adorable and funny and worth checking out. Musical references are to "The Monster Mash" and "This is Halloween" (from The Nightmare Before Christmas). Beta testers include Naomi Hinchen, Zachary Barryte, Michael Andryauskas, Marius Müller, Tuukka Turto, Scott Snyder, Thomas Bøvith, Felix Pleșoianu, verityvirtue, Melvin Rangasamy, Wade Clark, Ben Collins-Sussman, and a few unnamed people from Boston Indies and Women in Games Boston.


As a tiny house hippo, you can only carry one thing at a time.


This is the reaponse to SCORE:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 40, in several turns.

Points are awarded as follows:

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