Key & Compass presents:
Hey, Jingo!
by Caleb Wilson

Hey, Jingo! is a Glulx work of interactive fiction written with Inform 6 and is © 2002 by Caleb Wilson. It was entered in IntroComp 2002 where it won 1st place. Unfortunately, the game remains only as an introduction; it was never completed.

You play as Alain Quincy, man of leisure and secret agent for the Ministry of Colonial Finance, The Green Coast. Helzog has instructed you to secretly steal a mask from General Marchgrave's office in the Palace and return the mask to him.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the work.


Office FloweryLedge BehindThePalace FloraMilloun QuietPool PalatzeGubernatal NarrowGrove VeTropical Helzog'sOffice JungleThicket TropicalRoad,OutsideMinistry Ministredi FinanzeColonial BehindtheMinistry out d Palace in u X

Behind the Ministry

If you wish, you can, instead of taking the hint to sneak through the jungle, decide to re-enter the building, search Helzog's office, and explore the road to the palace, but that route is a dead end.

> x me. i. x ferns. x vines. take vine. x melons.

> ne.

Jungle Thicket

> x trees. n.

Narrow Grove

> x moss. nw.

Quiet Pool

> x pool. x cycads. w.

Flora Milloun

> x moth. x palace. x vines. x flowers. x window.

> nw.

Behind The Palace

> x gloves. wear gloves.

> x window. x wheelbarrow. x trees.

> look through window. open window. (It is locked.)

> se.

Flora Milloun

> climb vines.

Flowery Ledge

> x bee. x window. look through window. open it.

> in.


> smell. x desk. open drawer. (locked.)

> x count. x afterimage. x ziggurat.

> x documents. x paintings. x local art. (Mask is behind a statue.)

> x mask. take mask. out.

Flowery Ledge

> close window. d. e.

Quiet Pool

Something crashes to the southeast.

> se. s.

Jungle Thicket

> smell. sw.

Behind the Ministry

> x mud. w.

Ministre di Finanze Colonial

> open glass door. n.

Helzog's Office

> give mask to helzog. (Helzog accepts it. A book falls.)

> x book.

> talk to helzog. (The books fly outward, pushed by worms reaching for Helzog's head.)

> kill worms.

It's not clear what you can do about the bloodhound. If you run away, soldiers find you the next morning, and the game ends with You have died instead.

> x bloodhound.

*** To be continued ***

Unfortunately, the game was not continued, although it's clear the author planned to release a full version of the game before March 20, 2003.

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