Key & Compass presents:
The Haunting of Corbitt House
by Arlan Wetherminster

The Haunting of Corbitt House is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is Β© 2023 by Arlan Wetherminster. It was an entry in Le Grand Guignol division of Ectocomp 2023 where it took 17th place.

In this game set in Baltimore, you play as the detective. A dark-haired beauty walks into your office with a case: she thinks her inherited tenement house may be haunted. You need the rent money, so you agree to investigate.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Downtown

πŸš— Sidewalk Lobby Hallway YourOffice drive to office u d

Note that you can drive from any sidewalk adjacent to your car to any destination that you know about. Use the destinations command to list them. You do not explicitly enter your car.

Map 2: Courthouse

RecordsRoom CourthouseLobby πŸš— Sidewalk drive to courthouse

Map 3: Baltimore Herald

Corridor "Morgue" Reception Sidewalk πŸš— u d drive to Herald

Map 4: Baltimore Library

πŸš— Sidewalk MainRoom drive to library

Map 5: Chapel

BurntChurch Sidewalk πŸš— SecretRoom u d drive to chapel

Map 6: Old Corbitt Place

Upper Hall MasterBedroom LargerBedroom SmallBedroom StorageRoom WoodRoom MudRoom Sidewalk FrontWalk Lower Hall Sidewalk LivingRoom DiningRoom Kitchen πŸš— Sidewalk TheHidingSpace WallSpace Basement d d u u (to bathroom) (locked) drive to house


There is no preamble, but know that you're a detective in Baltimore. The year is 1925 or a year or two afterwards.

Your OfficeDowntown

> x me.

A dark-haired beauty makes an entrance.

> x woman. (Abigail Baxter, a woman of sophistication and danger)

> talk to woman. topics.

> ask woman about case. (She thinks her inherited tenement house may be *haunted*.)

> ask woman about haunted. (You agree to check it out. She hands you the address and leaves.)

> i. x suit.

> x photographs. x clippings.

> x desk. x files. x typewriter. x chair.

> x windows. x curtains. x door.

There's nothing to take, so head out.

> w. d. n.

Sidewalk (outside your office)

> x pavement. x building. x car.

> n. destinations.

Before heading to the house, do as much research as you can.

> drive to courthouse.

Sidewalk (outside courthouse)

> x columns. n.

Courthouse Lobby

> x benches. x Bennett.

> ask Bennett about case. (Records room is only for lawyers.)

> ask him about haunted. (okay, fine)

> w.

Records Room

> x shelves. x volumes. x files.

> x documents. search documents.

> i. x will record. (New destination: The Chapel of Contemplation.)

> x cabinets. search cabinets.

> i. x raid report.

> e. s.

Sidewalk (outside courthouse)

> drive to Herald.

Sidewalk (outside Baltimore Herald)

> x building. x lampposts. x lettering.

> n.


> x reporters. x desks.

> x editor's desk. x Clancy.

> ask Clancy about case. ("check out the morgue")

> n. d.


> x bookshelves. search them.

> i. x story.

> x tables. x lamps. x shadows.

> u. s. s.

Sidewalk (outside Baltimore Herald)

> drive to library.

Sidewalk (outside library)

> x library. x carvings. x tower.

> s.

Main Room

> x windows. x books. x tables.

> x readers. x columns. x balconies.

> x portraits. x dome. x catalogs. x librarians.

> search catalogs. search bookshelves.

> i. x 1. x 2. x 3.

> n.

Sidewalk (outside library)

> drive to chapel.

Sidewalk (outside church)

> x shadows. w.

Burnt Church

> x beams. search beams.

After two turns here, you fall to...

Secret Room

> x skeletons. x cabinet. open it.

> x journal. (You read that Corbitt was buried in his basement "in accordance with his wishes and with the wishes of that one who waits in the dark" before the journal disintegates completely.)

> x debris.

> climb cabinet. u. e.

Sidewalk (outside church)

> drive to house.

Sidewalk (in house's neighborhood)

> x houses. x sun.

> n.

Sidewalk (near vendor)

> x cart. x pretzels. x seller. x apron.

> ask seller about case. (New topic: pretzel.)

> ask seller about haunted.

> buy pretzel. x pretzel.

If you eat the pretzel, buy another one for later.

> eat pretzel. buy pretzel.

> n.

Sidewalk (near house)

> x Corbitt house. e.

Front Walk

> x path. x ivy. x door. x mat.

> look under mat. (You acquire the house key.)

> x key. unlock door with key. e.

Lower Hall

> close front door.

> e. (Nothing in the bathroom.)

> se.


> open basement door. (locked)

> x icebox. open it. (empty)

> x stove. open it. (empty)

> x shelves.

> w.

Dining Room

> x table. x sideboard. x chairs. x tureen.

> w.

Living Room

> x radio. x couch. x chair. x shelves.

> x Catholic items.

> x beads. take beads.

> ne. nw.

Storage Room

> x boxes. x treasures. (water tanks and bicycles)

> se. n.

Wood Room

> x wood. x hammer. take it.

> s. ne.

Mud Room

You can never unlock the side door. Note that if you try to go north, you're merely told you can't go that way; there's no mention of the locked door when you try.

> x essentials. x side door.

> x umbrella. take it.

> sw. u. sw.

Master Bedroom

CAUTION: Examining the window may trigger an event: the bed may throw itself at you, and push you through the window! If that happens, you wake up at bit later on the front walk, surrounded by broken glass. Return here and ignore the window.

> x wallpaper. x window. x bed.

> x table. x lamp. x vanity.

> x robe. take it.

> x basement key. take it.

> ne. s.

Large Bedroom

> x beds. x murals. x desk. x shelf.

> n. se.

Small Bedroom

> x bed. x dresser. open it. (empty)

> nw. d. se.


> unlock door with basement key. d.


CAUTION: The knife starts attacking you soon after you enter here. Feel free to throw the robe right away, but don't forget to take the lid which acts as a shield.

> take lid. x lid. x boxes. x bags.

> throw robe at knife. (It's snagged.)

With the knife neutralized, you can break through the plaster.

> hit plaster with hammer.

> w.

Wall Space

> give pretzel to rats.

> w.

The Hiding Place

The corpse of Mr Corbitt rises from a table and attacks you! He's a vampire, more-or-less.

Don't waste time examining Corbitt or his amulet. Just hit him with the umbrella or take his amulet.

*** After unraveling the threads of the enigma that shrouded Corbitt House, you stand at the precipice of revelation. The haunting of this macabre residence, once an impenetrable enigma, now yields its sinister secrets to your unrelenting determination and discerning intellect. The cryptic puzzles and eerie apparitions that once tormented the house's occupants now lay bare, their mystique unraveling like an ancient, tattered scroll. In this moment of triumph, you've not only cracked the case but also exorcised the malevolent forces that clung to the very walls of Corbitt House. The mysteries that swirled around its dark history have succumbed to your unwavering resolve, marking your name as a beacon of light in a world steeped in shadows and eldritch horrors. ***



Found dead or undead:



This is the response to ABOUT, HELP, or CREDITS:

To talk to other characters, type "ask {person} about {topic}". To see a list of topics that you can ask other characters, type "topics". Any words in bold are new topics you can ask. If your display doesn't show bold characters, just check "topics" periodically to see any additions.

When researching clues, try the Search command.

If you're stuck, examining things usually yields clues.

This story's playtesters were Geoff Moore, Dr. Francesco Tortorici, Neil Butters, and Christopher Merriner.

This one is dedicated to Mez Cook.



Items are listed in the order acquired in this walkthrough.

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