Key & Compass presents:
Hangar 22
by Rob O'Hara

Hangar 22 is a Z-machine text adventure game written with Inform 6 and is © 2011 by Rob O'Hara.

You play as an unemployed computer programmer who needs a job and some food, but not necessarily in that order. You wouldn't say no to some tacos. But will you say no to a job at Hangar 22?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Final Build 1.0 of the game.


talkto GPS talkto GPS (you use thebathroomand return) 1 3* DarkHallway (buy) 2* FrontPorch Driveway DiningRoom LivingRoom Taco FlacoDrive-thru Kitchen Bedroom Inter-section Pantry In Pro-cessing AstronautLounge DressingRoom GuardShack ParkingLot Hallway Hallway Hallway Inter-rogationRoom Obser-vationRoom Hangar22 talk to GPS talk to GPS give burritoto guard GPSmenu


Living Room

> about. x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x fish bowl. take it.

> x remote. take it.

> x center. x table. x couch. x spring.

> search couch. g.

> x change. take it.

> x burrito. take it.

> eat burrito. eat remote. (You don't actually eat either.)

> xyzzy.

> w.

Dining Room

> x tack. x key. take it.

> x rug. move rug.

> x table. x chairs. x can.

> x napkin. take it. x pen. take it.

> s.


> x mug. take it.

> x fridge. open it. (The appliances are unimportant.)

> x cupboard. open cupboard. x rats.

> s.


It's clear you really want tacos instead of chocolate.

> take all. x bar. eat it. (You don't actually eat it.)

> x bag. eat it. (You don't eat the Pieces either.)

> n. n. e. s.


> x mattress. x sheet. x stains. search mattress.

> x closet. x clothes. search closet. x spiders.

> e. (You use the bathroom and return.)

> n.

Living Room

Well, you've plundered your home of everything. Let's go out.

> open door. n.

Front Porch

> close door. lock it with key.

> x man. x clipboard.

> x mailbox. open it. x bills. close mailbox.

CAUTION: If you refuse the job offer, you'll be killed.

> talk to man.

say? 1

say? 2

say? 1 (+1. You accept the job and a business card. He's gone.)

> read card. e.


Note that if you try to visit Hangar 22 on the first day, you can't seem to find it.

> x car. enter car. drive. (Talk to your GPS!)

> look. x gps. talk to gps.

say? 2

Taco Flaco Drive-Thru

The room description tells you you've been making your own coupons.

> write coupon. (+1, using the napkin and pen)

> x coupon.

> x sign. talk to sign.

say? 4

say? 1 (+1. You get your tacos from Gloria!)


> talk to gps

say? 1


> x tacos. eat tacos. (+1)

> x wrappers. out. w.

Front Porch

> unlock door with key. open door. s.

Living Room

> close door. w.

Dining Room

> put wrappers in trash. (+1)

> x trash. (Gosh, time for bed!)

> e. s.


NOTE: The game won't let you sleep until you've collected various items in your house that you might need tomorrow: the business card, the fish bowl, the remote control, the mug, the burrito, the candy bar, and the bag of Reese's Pieces.

> lie on mattress. sleep. (+1)

After a night of confusing dreams, you wake up and get ready for work.

Front Porch

The door is locked and your key is gone, but don't worry about it.

> x chair. x dog. e.


> enter car. talk to gps.

say? 3

Guard Shack

> x guard. x cross-bar. x litter. x shack.

> talk to guard.

say? 1

say? 1

> give candy bar to guard. (He keeps your "bribe" as evidence.)

> give burrito to guard. (+1)

The guard lets you in, telling you to get a temporary badge from Mr. Mordant, first door on your left.

Parking Lot

Note you can't re-enter your car and go elsewhere from this point on.

> x cameras. x cars. x el camino.

> x fence. x door.

> e.

Hallway (west end)

> n. (Creepy guy from yesterday gives you a sticker.)

> x sticker. n.

In Processing

> x portrait. x maps. x desk. x papers.

> open drawers. take keycard. (+1) close drawer.

> x keycard. ("ALL ACCESS")

> s.

Hallway (west end)

> s. (It's locked, even though you have an all-access keycard.)

> listen to voices.

> e. n.

Astronaut Lounge

> x astronaut. talk to astronaut.

say? 1

> talk to astronaut.

say? 1

> talk to astronaut.

say? 1

say? 1 (The UFO is in the hangar. You'll need a spacesuit, gloves, and helmet.)

> talk to astronaut.

say? 1

> use remote. (The tv distracts the astronaut.)

> take gloves. (+1)

> x tv. x vending machine. x ice cream.

> x fridge. read note. open fridge. x tang. close fridge.

> s. s.

Observation Room

> x window. x creep. x military man.

> x octopus pizza. x table. x chair.

> n. e.

Hallway (east end)

CAUTION: Going east while the alarm is armed is deadly.

> x alarm.

> s. (You need suit, gloves, and helmet.)

> n.

Dressing Room

> x benches. x locker. open it.

> x spacesuit. x t-shirt. x costume. x overalls.

> take spacesuit. wear it.

> wear gloves. wear fish bowl. (+1)

> s. s.

Hangar 22

To enter here, you must have the keycard and you must be wearing the spacesuit, gloves, and fish bowl.

> x cage. x lock. x alien.

> x table. x pot.

> x ufo. x framework. x workers.

> talk to alien.

say? 1

say? 1

> talk to alien.

say? 2

> talk to alien.

say? 1

say? 1

> give bag to alien.

> take pot. give pot to Arf.

> open cage.

> use remote. (+1. Arf is free and a mob is chasing you!)

> n. w. w. w.

You and Arf escape the mob in your El Camino, which Arf flies to the Taco Flaco drive-thru. You pick up Gloria, who you learn is pregnant with Arf's baby (!), and then Sir Guide-A-Lot takes you all to Mzzrxklpletic-405.

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