Key & Compass presents:
Guttersnipe: St. Hesper's Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous
by Bitter Karella

Guttersnipe: St. Hesper's Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous is a Quest interactive fiction game and is © 2017 by Bitter Karella. It was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it took 14th place. It is also the second game in the Guttersnipe series, following Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets, and is likewise based on the author's Guttersnipe webcomic.

In this game set in the 1920s, you again play as Lil' Ragamuffin, the toughest urchin in Garbagetown DC. Recently, you were nabbed by dozens of coppers and corked into this asylum run by Dr. Belladonna Caligazzi. She intends to turn you into a good little girl, but nuts to that! You're going to escape this hoosegow and become Public Enemy Number One!

This solution is by David Welbourn.


Virginia'scell Eustace'scell Elevator Playroom Library Tobias'cell Walkway Walkway(cat) Walkway Walkway Walkway Yourcell Walkway Bridge Walkway Pharmacy Walkway Bridge Pan-opticon Bridge Walkway Hypno-therapyroom Therapyroom Walkway Bridge Walkway Surgerytheater Controlroom Walkway(matron) Walkway Walkway Walkway Walkway(cat) Morgue Kennel Staffroom Recordsroom Electro-therapyroom Incineratorroom


A cell (yours)

> x me. x Percy. x pot. x cot.

> x clipboard. ask Percy about clipboard.

> e.

Walkway (outside your cell)

> x poster. ask Percy about poster.

> ask Percy about Nasty Mac.

> ask Percy about urchinfinder.

> x panopticon.

> s.

Walkway (by west bridge)

> x fingerprint-o-matic. e. (Need a staff member's fingerprint.)

> s.

Walkway (outside therapy room)

> x poster. read poster. (Ad for Onion Brine.)

> w.

A therapy room

> x Violet. x Jeremiah. x teapot.

> speak to Violet. speak to Jeremiah.

> ask him about Violet. ask him about Himself.

> ask him about doctor. ask him about therapy.

> ask him about tea.

> take teapot.

> e. s.

Walkway (southwest corner by matron)

> x matron. x desk. x mug.

> speak to matron. (Her name is Matrushka Krellkin.)

> ask her about control room. ask her about herself.

> drink postum mug. (Matron needs it to calm her coffee nerves.)

> ask Percy about postum. (It's a coffee substitute.)

> s.

A kennel

> x dog. pet dog. x box. take box.

> x cage. read cage. (Schrodinger, a cat, only eats live chickens!)

> n. e. s.

A staff lounge

> x projector.

> x magazine. take it.

> x machine. drink postum. (The machine is now empty.)

> x ice box. open it.

> x chicken. x coffee. x block.

> take chicken.

> take coffee. put coffee in machine. drink coffee.

> n. e.

Walkway (at south bridge)

> x poster. read poster. ask Percy about summer complaint.

> s.

A records room

While on a coffee high, you can search the folders.

> x folders. search folders. take papers.

> n. e. s.

An electrotherapy room

> x table. x machine. x wheel.

> ask Percy about machine. (Reminds him of Frankenstein.)

> put chicken on table. turn wheel. (It's alive!)

> take carcass.

> n. e.

Walkway (southeast corner)

The cat blocks your way until you get rid of it with the chicken.

> x cat. pet cat. ask Percy about cat.

> give carcass to cat. (The cat chases the chicken.)

> s.

An incinerator room

> x incinerator. (Something's in there.)

> x gurney. x sheet. look under sheet.

> x clipboard. read clipboard.

> x plaque. read plaque. (Incinerator switch is in the control room.)

> n. e.

A morgue

> x Caroline. x hook. x jars. x gurney. x sheet.

> speak to Caroline.

> ask her about herself. ask her about hook.

> ask her about morgue. ask her about gurney.

> ask her about intangible squirms.

> ask her about jars.

> ask her about Belladonna.

> ask her about matron.

> w. n. e.

A surgery theater

> x table. x red substance.

> x cabinet. open it.

> x trephine. (A hand drill for the skull.)

> x guillotine. x scarificator.

> x lithotome. x ecraseur.

> take trephine. close cabinet.

> w. n. e.

Walkway (at east bridge)

> e.

A hypnotherapy session room

> x rigatoni. x tuffet.

> speak to rigatoni. ask rigatoni about hypnotherapy.

> ask Percy about hypnotherapy.

> sit on tuffet. (He puts you to sleep! You wake up in...)

A cell (yours)

> e. n.

Walkway (northwest corner)

> read sign. (North door is supposed to be locked!)

> n.

A cell (Virginia's)

> x Virginia. (Lots of pointy teeth. In straightjacket. Shackled.)

> read clipboard. (Virginia's into butt stuff.)

> speak to Virginia. ask Virginia about herself.

> ask Percy about Virginia.

> x footstool. (She's sitting on it.)

> take footstool. (She wants something naughty in trade.)

> give magazine to Virginia. (You take the footstool.)

> s. w.

A cell (Tobias's)

> x Tobias. x wire mom. x carpet mom.

> speak to Tobias. ask Percy about Tobias.

> take milk. (You put it into the teapot.)

> e. e. n.

A cell (Eustace's)

> x Eustace. x pentagram. x pedestal. x stocking.

> speak to Eustace. ask him about Santa.

> ask him about pentagram. (Needs milk and cookies.)

> ask him about stocking. take stocking. (Can't just yet.)

> give teapot to Eustace. give biscuits to Eustace.

He quickly falls asleep, in accordance with his Santa-ic ritual.

> take stocking.

> s. e.

Walkway (at north bridge)

> x button. e.

Walkway (outside play room)

> x poster. read poster. (Another ad for Onion Brine.)

> ask Percy about onion brine.

> n.

A play room

> x bag. punch bag.

> x clock. take clock. (Too high up.)

> stand on footstool. take clock. (The footstool vanishes.)

> x doll. take doll. (Too heavy to take.)

> x wagon. (Carry stuff in it.)

> pull wagon. (It's now in your inventory.)

> take doll. (You put it into the wagon.)

Uh, let's give the doll to Tobias. You have no reason to, but why not?

> s. w. w. w. w.

A cell (Tobias's)

> give doll to tobias. (Tobias is happier; the wagon vanishes.)

> e. e. e. e. e. n.

A library

> x film. read film. take it.

> x textbook. read textbook. (Ask textbook about topics.)

> ask textbook about onion brine.

> ask textbook about intangible squirms.

You might want to jot down exactly which symptoms are associated with the intangible squirms. There might be a quiz later.

> s. e.

An office

> x Alfie. x longue. speak to Alfie.

> ask him about himself. ask him abotu psychiatry.

> ask him about matron. ask him about belladonna.

Remember that the textbook says intangible squirms is characterized by persistent ennui, thwarted expectations, brain leakage, and tongue spasms. Click yes for these symptoms and no for any other symptoms.

> sit on longue.

...thwarted expectations? 1

...cryptomania? 2

...irrational exuberance? 2

...tongue spasms? 1

...persistent ennui? 1

...irresistable urges? 2

...brain leakage? 1

He gives you a prescription for Onion Brine.

> x prescription.

> w. s. e.

A pharmacy

> x pharmacist.

> x poster. read poster.

> x pamphlets. take pamphlets.

> read pamphlet. (Oddly, Onion Brine isn't made from onions at all.)

> speak to pharmacist.

> give prescription to pharmacist. (He gives you a dropper bottle.)

> x bottle.

> w. s. e.

A hypnotherapy session room

> ask Rigatoni about pocketwatch.

> give clock to Rigatoni. (You take his pocketwatch.)

> hypnotize Rigatoni. (He's built up an immunity.)

> w. s. s. w. w. w. s.

A staff lounge

> use film on projector. (Cartoon where a tree hypnotizes flapper Great Gams Googie.)

> n. w.

Walkway (southwest corner)

> use bottle on mug. (Matron leaves.)

> w.

A Control room

> x switch. (Percy warns it's high voltage.)

> wear stocking.

> pull switch. (It's pulled. The stocking is destroyed.)

> e. e. e. e. e. s.

An incinerator room

> x incinerator. x hand. take hand.

> n. w. w.

Walkway (at south bridge)

> use hand on fingerprint-o-matic. n. n.


> x doctor. x telescopes.

> look through telescopes. (See a random scene.)

> x desk. x papers. x stamp.

> hypnotize doctor. (with pocketwatch)

> give papers to doctor. (She signs them.)

> ask doctor about herself. ask doctor about me.

> n. n.

Walkway (at north bridge)

> ask Percy about elevator.

> use Trephine. (The elevator doors open.)

> n.

An elevator

> x operator. speak to operator. ("Speedy's the name!")

> give papers to operator.

The asylum is a tower on a tiny island off the Maryland coast. You're free! Time for a swim!

*** Game Over ***




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