Key & Compass presents:
Grandma Bethlinda's Remarkable Egg
by Arthur DiBianca

Grandma Bethlinda's Remarkable Egg is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2021 by Arthur DiBianca. It was an entry in IF Comp 2021 where it tied for 23rd place. It's also a sequel to Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box.

In this delightful puzzlebox game, you play as someone who's managed to cuff their hands behind their back. You were trying a magician's trick and it didn't work. There is no key, but you do have your cousin's "Remarkable Egg" thst he brags does all sorts of things. Maybe it can pick locks too and save you?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.

The map on the fridge

open fields Gasstation Houses Houses Houses Restaurant Church Officebuilding Houses Yourhouse open fields

Flowchart of parts assessment rules

start round,square,or red? grooved? squareor blue? triangular? toothed? round? orangeor bumpy? GOOD BAD yes no no no no yes no yes yes no yes yes no yes



Start with a quick look around, followed by turning on the egg and following the tutorial.

> help.

> x me. x window. x table. x egg. x note.

> activate. z.

> x display. z.

> tutorial. (multiple malfunctions!)

> diagnostic. z. z. z. z.

> com.

> tutorial. z.

> blue. (Egg is now light blue.)

> catch. (Egg throws a red ball at you.)

> sweep. ("ERROR. Unit is filthy and way not go out.")

> music.

> manual. ("Out of paper")

> com. x ball.

If BLUE turns the Egg blue, will WHITE turn it white again?

> white. (Yes, the Egg turns white.)

What other colors can you change the Egg to? Try guessing:

> black. (Egg turns black.)

> yellow. (Egg turns yellow.)

> green. (No effect.)

> brown. (No effect.)

> orange. (No effect.)

1st auto-repair: "LAVENDER, RETRIEVE, SWAT restored."

> lavender. (You smell lavender fragrance.)

> retrieve. (A robot retrieves the red ball.)

> swat. (Egg waves a flyswatter briefly.)

Guess more colors:

> red. (No effect.)

> purple. (No effect.)

> violet. (No effect.)

> pink. (Egg turns pink.)

> gold. (Egg turns gold. You earn Extra Credit: Shiny.)

Auto-repair halts for auditory calibration. Follow the directions.

> one. z. one. z. one. (Auto-repair resumes.)

Guess even more colors. Note that when the musical march ends, the speaker is pulled back inside the egg.

> silver. (No effect.)

> bronze. (Egg turns bronze.)

> chrome. (Egg turns bronze.)

> indigo. (No effect.)

2nd auto-repair: "WEATHER, ALARM, BRICK restored."

> weather. (Forecast of rain tonight.)

> alarm. (Loud brief siren wail.)

> brick. (Egg tosses a brick!)

> x brick. retrieve. (A robot retrieves the brick.)

> xyzzy. plugh. (No effect for either.)

Auto-repair halts for RESUPPLY.

> resupply. (DRONE needed.)

> drone. (A drone flies to the window.)

> resupply. (Drone flies out the window.)

> extra.

> hello. (You earn Extra Credit: Greetings.)

> growl. bear. (No effect.)

> z. (Repeat waiting until the drone returns.)

> drone. (It re-enters the egg.)

> z. (Auto-repair resumes.)

> diagnostic. (67%)

> z. z. z.

3rd auto-repair: "RACECAR, BONE, STEAM restored."

> racecar. (Racecar doesn't like table edge and retreats into the Egg.)

> ramp. (A ramp is produced.)

> racecar. (The racecar starts zooming around on the floor. You earn Extra Credit: Vroom, Vroom.)

> bone. x bone. (Too shiny to be real one.)

> x stove. x fridge. x map.

Auto-repair halts for user maintenance password.

> password.

Egg enters maintenance mode. There's a relay module operated with the commands ONE, TWO, and THREE.

> x module. (Current order is D-B-C-A.)

> one. (First linkage rotates. Order now B-D-C-A.)

> 3. 2. 1. 3. (Module restored.)

Auto-repair resumes.

> retrieve. (Robot retrieves the bone.)

> steam. (Thick steam produced.)

> x steam. (The steam will take a few turns to dissipate.)

> x cuffs.

4th auto-repair: "AIRPLANE, SELFWASH, LULLABY restored."

> x counter.

> airplane. x airplane. z. z. z. z. z.

> airplane. (It re-enters the Egg.)

> catch. bone. brick. retrieve. (Robot gets all three.)

> manual. (still out of paper)

> selfwash. (Uses water and towel to clean itself.)

> sweep. ("ERROR: Unit is filthy")

> lullaby. z.

Auto-repair halts for inventory check, but it wants all units and other items back inside. If necessary, use AIRPLANE, DRONE, RACECAR, and RETRIEVE.

> look. racecar. (It re-enters the egg.)

> z. z. z. z.

Auto-repair resumes.

> z. z. z. z. z.

5th auto-repair: "DOG, BUBBLES, DUST restored."

> dog. x dog. catch. bone.

> x dog.

> z. (Wait until the dog is chewing on the bone.)

> retrieve. (Extra Credit point for Grrrr!)

> dog. retrieve.

> dust. (DRONE required)

> drone. dust. (The drone gets a feather duster.)

> z. z. drone.

While playing with the drone, auto-repair halted for a maintenance puzzle.

> x panel. ("[B]L[I]WE[K]S")

> 1. 1. 1. 1. (1st bracketed letter cycles B-F-K-Z-B.)

> 2. 2. 2. 2. (2nd bracketed letter cycles I-A-O-Q-I.)

> 3. 3. 3. 3. (3rd bracketed letter cycles K-N-L-R-K.)


> 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 3.

FLOWERS restored. New text: [B]U[R]G[E]E. Spell JUGGLE:

> 1. 1. 1. 2. 3. 3. (JUGGLE restored)

Auto-repair resumes.

> flowers. (Blue flowers land on the counter.)

> x flowers. juggle. z.

6th auto-repair: "CITRUS, BADMINTON, EXTINGUISH restored." During the next few turns, the Egg will fumble a pin and stop juggling.

> citrus. (Scent produced.)

> badminton. (Smacks a birdie at you.)

> x birdie. ("Semper Volare")

> x pin.

Auto-repair halts for a rest.

> extinguish. (Camera finds no fire and retreats.)

> bubbles. (Bubbles are made. They pop for a few turns until gone.)

> x bubbles. z. z.

> steam. bubbles. (Extra Credit: Quick Pop)

> diagnostic. (87%)

> z. (Repeat waiting until rest break is over.)

Auto-repair resumes.

> look. z. (Repeat waiting until...)

7th auto-repair: "ARIES, GUARD, COMB restored."

> comb. x comb.

> retrieve. (Robot collects comb, birdie, and bowling pin, but not the flowers on the counter!)

> aries. (Tells horoscope for Aries)

> capricorn. gemini. leo.

> pisces. taurus.

8th auto-repair: "UNITRON, DANCE, LOCKPICK restored."

> lockpick. (Needs drone)

> drone. lockpick. (Error: missing parts)

> z. z.

"Rules: All usable parts must be round, square, or red. Grooved parts must be square, unless they are blue. Triangular parts must be toothed. Round parts must be orange, unless they are bumpy. Say GOOD if a part is usable; BAD if it's not."

You are shown four parts, one at a time, to be rated as GOOD or BAD according to the rules. If any of your assessments is wrong, you're told the part replacement was unsuccessful, and you'll have to rate another four parts.

The parts you're shown are randomized; for example:

If you're having trouble following the rules, maybe my flowchart will help.

Assuming lockpick module was repaired.

> lockpick.

*** You have freed yourself ***

> space

> continue. (Rank is now Very Good Egg; more Extra Credit items added.)

> extra.

Let's name the rest of the zodiac:

> virgo. aquarius. sagittarius.

> libra. cancer. scorpio. (Extra Credit: All the Year Round)

By this time, a megafly should have entered via the window.

> x megafly. (Attracted to pink flowers.)

> pink. (The egg becomes pink, attracting the megafly.)

> swat. (Extra Credit: Exterminator)

> dance. (Egg briefly tap dances.)

> unitron. (Steam pressure at 35%)

> z. (Pressure at 70%)

> z. (Pressure at 105%)

> z. (Pressure at 140%)

> z. (Pressure at 175%)

> z. (Pressure at 210%)

You're told to aim for 100% and to use VENT to do it. Further experimentation will show that pressure increases by 35% every turn, that VENT halves the pressure before the 35% increase, and that 100% has to be reached on the fifth turn after starting UNITRON.

Let's skip all the ugly number-crunching and just solve this one, shall we?

> unitron. vent. vent. z. z. vent. (The drity unit and modules are now clean.)

> sweep. x sweeper.

> guard. x guard.

> z. (Repeat waiting until Extra Credit: Sweep Up.)

> sweep.

> lullaby. z. z. (The guard sleeps.)

> alarm. (Extra Credit: On Your Feet!)

> lullaby. (It stops.)

At some point during the UNITRON business, auto-repair stopped. It's easy to miss that sometimes, so if you're wondering why nothing new has happened in a while, examine the display.

> x display. (RESUPPLY required.)

> look. (The drone is still here from lockpicking.)

> resupply.

> z. z. z. z. z.

> z. z. z. z. z.

After several turns, you're told the drone was damaged by a bird. Use ONE, TWO, and THREE to direct the drone home. The map on the fridge can help you. In this context, ONE turns the drone 90° left, TWO turns the drone 90° right, and THREE moves the drone forward unless that would move it outside the local area and into the fields.

It's not immediately obvious, but the drone is initially in the northwest corner of the map, facing north, and all you have to do is direct it to the southeast corner. Here's the simplest route home:

> save. (In case you want to explore from here later.)

> 2. 3. 3. 2. 3. 3.

> z. (Drone repair begins.)

> z. z. z. z. (Drone is repaired.)

Auto-repair resumes.

> lavender. (The guard sneezes.)

> drone. dust. (The drone starts dusting.)

> z.

9th auto-repair: "FOREST, SHADES, YODEL restored."

> forest. (You smell pine.)

> shades. (The egg now wears sunglasses.)

> x sunglasses.

> yodel. (Speaker starts yodelling.)

> z. (If necessary, wait until the guard starts sneezing because of the drone's dusting. You earn Extra Credit: Someone Has Allergies.)

> drone. guard. (They return to the egg.)

By this time, the egg has summoned Microbot to repair a loose screw. Unfortunately, Mircobot is at the bottom of the egg, and the loose screw is at the top. You'll have to direct Microbot with ONE, TWO, and THREE commands.

ONE tells Microbot to engage stabilizers. TWO tells him to apply polarizers. THREE tells him to climb higher.

> 3. (Microbot sees a sparking component.)

> 2. (Polarizers stop the sparking.)

> 3. (Microbot sees a spinning part.)

> 1. (Stabilizers slow the spinning.)

> 3. (Microbot is a quarter of the way up.)

> 3. (Microbot is blocked by a large tail.)

> dog. 3. (Microbot sees sparking doodad.)

> 2. 3. (Microbot sees spiky metallic part.)

> comb. 3. (At "egg-quator".)

> 3. (Microbot blocked by white object with red stripe. It's a bowling pin.)

> juggle. 3. (Microbot sees sparking component.)

> 2. 3. (Microbot sees calm component.)

> 2. 3. (At three-quarters way up.)

> 3. (Microbot blocked by black object. It's the speaker.)

> music. 3. (Microbot sees complicated spinning part.)

> 1. (This has no effect.)

> 2. (The part starts sparking.)

> 1. (The part stops spinning.)

> 2. (The part stops sparking.)

> 3. 3. (Microbot tightens the screw!)

> z.

SURVEY restored. Auto-repair complete. You earn Extra Credit: Hundred Percenter.

> extra. dog. retrieve.

You're now just trying to earn the rest of the Extra Credit points.

> survey. (A personality survey begins.)

> good. good. good. good. (Extra Credit: Positive Attitute)

> movie. (Extra Credit: Feature Presentation)

> x movie. movie.

> joke. (Extra Credit: Snicker)

> bethlinda. (You see a hologram ad from her.)

> music. (It should be laid-back jazz now; it's the third musical selection of three.)

> steam. (Extra Credit: Laid-Back Sauna)

For the next one, you need yodelling, juggling, and dancing all happening at the same time:

> yodel. juggle. dance. (Extra Credit: Alpine Talent Show)

The next three points all require the airplane. Only the airplane can knock the flowers off the counter. When the Egg drops a bowling pin again, leave it there.

> airplane. target.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the airplane fires at the target three times. Extra Credit: Bull's-Eye.)

Did you notice how the airplane sometimes zooms right in front of you?

> extinguish. extinguish. (Repeat EXTINGUISH until you get a mouthful of water. Extra Credit: I'm Thirsty.)

I'm assuming the flowers and pin are on the floor by now. Return the airplane to the egg and litter the floor with all the other retrievable objects.

> airplane. catch. comb. brick.

> badminton. bone.

> retrieve. (7 items taken. Extra Credit: Big Haul)

For the last two points, summon the brick and racecar and start guessing unknown commands. When the racecar hits the brick, you earn Extra Credit: Fender Bender. When you make 31 bad guesses, you earn Extra Credit: Trial and Error. You've already made some bad guesses like BROWN and XYZZY.

> brick. racecar.

> xa. xb. xc. xd. xe.

> xf. xg. xh. xi. xj.

> xk. xl. xm. xn. xo.

> xp. xq. xr. xs. xt.

> xu. xv. xw. xy. xz.

> ya. yb. yc. (etc.)

When you get all the points, the game graciously moves MANUAL into the "used successfully" list.

> com.

That's almost everything. There's a bit more you can do though before putting this game to bed:

> quit.



Note: There is a maximum unit deployment of three; for example, if the dog, sweeper, and guard are currently deployed, you cannot deploy the drone, airplane, racecar, or retrieval unit.



When the game begin, after the banner text, the following paragraph is printed:

Special thanks to Andy Fleming, Lorne Harris, Isaac Orf, and Luke Pebler for testing, and to Nadia Bellazola for cover art.

The response to ABOUT is:

Grandma Bethlinda's Remarkable Egg is (obviously) a love letter to Grandma Bethlinda International, Inc. I've been a fan of the company almost since it was founded, and I've spent way too much money on its products. I bought a Variety Box as soon as I could get my hands on one, and my Remarkable Egg still sees daily use. The stuff is durable.

Thanks to Carol and Will at GBI for permission to use the trademarks.

Comments are welcome. Drop me a line at <email redacted>.

Egg Commands

To list all the egg-commands you know of or have used, use COMMANDS or COM for short.


There is only one ending:

However, the game need not stop there, and you can CONTINUE to play with the Egg some more and try to earn all the Extra Credit points and be awarded the highest rank: Egg Beater. But there is no epitaph ending for this grand achievement, since of course, you may wish to play with the Egg even further, just for the fun of it.

Extra Credit Points

These are the Extra Credit points in the game and terse summaries on how to earn them:


You don't really have any physical inventory in this game except for a pair of handcuffs. Either they're locked onto your wrists or they're in your pocket. Getting the cuffs unlocked is the main goal of the main part of the game; see the LOCKPICK command.

I think your real inventory in this game are the commands you can order the egg to do. See Egg commands.


Your current rank is displayed on the status bar after you're free of the handcuffs, and is based on how many Extra Credit points you've earned.

The possible ranks are:

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