Key & Compass presents:
The Grand Tour
by Daniel Gunnell

The Grand Tour is a Z-machine interactive fiction demo written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Daniel Gunnell.

In this tiny demo game, you play as a crewmember of the Thaleia. You are currently locked in your stateroom with Robutler as the ship prepares to jump into hyperspace.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the demo.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction demo. Please make an honest effort to play the demo before reading this walkthrough.


Stateroom Bathroom


> take it. x leaflet. x bed. x Robutler.

> e.


> x mirror. x shower. open it. (locked)

> w.


> enter bed.

*** You have won ***





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