Key & Compass presents:
Got Toast?
by Jim Fisher

Got Toast? is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2000 by Jim Fisher. It was a ToasterComp participant. The title of the game echoes the popular "Got Milk?" advertising catchphrase.

In this fantasy game, you play as a broke guy who had a disappointing birthday. Instead of cash, all you got was an old toaster from your eccentric great great grandmother. You were hoping for money so you could make a homemade breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, and syrup for your girlfriend as you promised.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 0 of the game.


(makerawtoast) (makeblacktoast) (makedark toast) (makemediumtoast) (make light toast) (viabroom) (viabroom) d d u Kitchen Cafeteria stairs schoolbasement Bottomof Chasm YourLivingRoom YourKitchen YourBathroom YourBedroom Maxxio'sGarageBasement WizardsLaboratory Classroom SoixxamSchoolHallway LuminousSalt Beds CavernTunnelNorth ofChasm OverChasm CavernTunnelSouth ofChasm CavernLivingRoom CavernKitchen ezlwot u

Note that you can actually reach any section from any other section as long as you have the toaster, a slice of bread, and something to plug the toaster into. But if you're following my walkthrough, you visit the sections in the order shown.


Note: You can REMEMBER things. And you can die without warning.

Your Living Room

> open closet. x broom. ("Ezlwot")

> take broom. ezlwot. (It's flies!)

> remember grandmother. (She used to live in Salem.)

> remember Guile. remember Beth. remember broom.

There's nothing of interest in your bedroom or bathroom to the south; ignore them.

> e.

Your Kitchen

> x Beth. open breadbox. take bread.

> x fridge. open it. look in it. close it.

> x toaster. x dial. take toaster.

Okay, I need to explain how this toaster works. It does make toast, but when the toast pops, you'll be teleported somewhere else based on the dial setting. (But you can't teleport to your current scenario.) To use the toaster, you need bread and a working outlet.

I strongly suggest carrying the toaster while using it. While the toaster will teleport itself after you, the delay and subsequent acquistion of the toaster can be awkward. Carrying the toaster avoids this awkwardness.

> plug in toaster. put bread in toaster.

> turn dial to black. push lever. z. z. z. z.

When the toast pops, you teleport to...

Wizards Laboratory

You briefly meet an old man-in-blue who decides you're harmless then disappears.

> x frame. (It has the same settings as your toaster.)

> x paper. (It's a recipe for Mortal Pancakes.)

> x blinder. x cup.

> take blinder, cup, bread.

Play around a bit with the frame:

> turn frame to dark. x frame. x cab.

> turn frame to medium. x frame. x lockers.

> turn frame to light. x frame. x hole.

> turn frame to raw. x frame.

Time to get outta here.

> turn frame to light. plug in toaster.

> turn toaster dial to dark. put bread in toaster.

> push lever. z. z. z.

Maxxio's Pizza Palace/Closed Garage: Basement

> x headlight. take it.

> open cab. take all from cab. x syrup. close cab.

> x machine. x outlet.

> plug in toaster. put bread in toaster.

> turn dial to medium. push lever. z. z.


> x desk. read graffiti. (ref to locker 531 and sunglasses)

> x outlet. e.

Soixxam Elementary School (Hallway)

> x sign. x lockers.

> open locker 531. take sunglasses.

> n.

Darkness / stairs

> turn on headlight. d.

school basement

> turn on power. turn off headlight. u. u. w.


> open cabinets. take all from cabinet. x bacon.

> e. d. s. w.


> plug in toaster. put bread in toaster.

> turn dial to light. wear sunglasses. push lever. z.

Cavern Kitchen

CAUTION: Don't examine Medusa unless she's a stone statue!

> show toaster to Medusa. (She stones herself.)

> x Medusa. take all from counter. x eggs.

> n.

Cavern Living Room

> throw blinder at Cy. (He's no longer a threat.)

> n.

Cave Tunnel (South of Chasm)

The game doesn't understand RIDE as a command verb.

> get on broom. ezlwot. (The broom is now carrying you around.)

> n.

Over Chasm

> d. (You can't make the broom go down. Huh.)

> n.

Cave Tunnel (North of Chasm)

> n.

Lumionous Salt Beds

> x salt. take salt.

> put salt in cup. x pancakes.

> s. s.

Over Chasm

Oh wait. What if we do this?

> ezlwot. (The broom descends into...)

Darkness / Bottom of Chasm

> turn on headlight.

> plug in toaster. put bread in toaster.

> turn dial to raw. push lever.

Your Living Room

> e.

Your Kitchen

> put eggs on plate. (+20)

> put bacon on plate. (+20)

> put pancakes on plate. (+20)

> put syrup on plate. (+20)

> take toast. put toast on plate. (+20)

*** You have won ***







You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 100, in several turns.

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