Key & Compass presents:
Glik I: Undead Menace
by Logan Edwards

Glik I: Undead Menace is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is Β© 2011 by Logan Edwards.

In this RPG-style game, it's 600 years after the Cataclysm, when the Ancients used horrible weapons. Much knowledge was lost, but artifacts remain. You style yourself as an archaeologist. The cursed land of Glik is rumored to have many terrible beasts but also great wealth. You mean to claim that treasure for yourself. In part one, you explore caves inhabited by the undead and ruled by a Lich.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.


Map 1: Cursed ground

TheMountainPath BuildingRuins OpenField WestRiverBank In theRiver EastRiverBank WitchesCamp Cave By theForest Mine-shaft PineForest The Glen DeepForest WoodedArea DarkForest NorthernForestCanyon DustyDeadTrees PalmTrees SouthernForestCanyon ForestCourtyard StoneHut Tree-house RopeBridge Crow'sNest u d

Map 2: Underground

πŸ’€ Lich'sCrypt ⭐ πŸ—️ ArtGallery bed Teal Room OpenField pills Bedroom πŸ’€ Crematory AbandonedArmory πŸ’€ 🩸 GarbageRoom Cave πŸ’£ πŸ—️ Servant'sQuarters πŸ’€ ⭐ BanquetHall 🩸🩸🩸 Study πŸ’€ TheFoyer CreepyCavern πŸ”’β­ TheKitchen rug SittingRoom SmokingParlor πŸ”’β­πŸ©Έ Swash-buckler'sCave ⭐ SecretChamber πŸ’€ = enemy ⭐ = treasure 🩸 = potion πŸ”’ = lock πŸ—️ = key πŸ’£ = timebomb πŸ”’ take book d d u u


As far as I can tell, the choice of gender has no effect on the game except to change the response to "examine me" in a trivial way.

...male or female? > morf

If you answer YES, you are a first time player, then something called novice mode is turned on, which I turned off again immediately.

...first time player? > no

There is a prologue, but c'mon. You're looking for treasure. Go find it.

Open Field

While outside, you will see randomized atmospheric messages every turn to suggest menace or unease. You can ignore them all. Also, in my opinion, they are not always consistent with the assertion that the place is lifeless. All you should hear is the wind, the river, and yourself.

> x me. i. x sack. x potion. (Heals up to 35 hp.)

> x tent. x cot. x trunk. open it.

> take booklet. read it. (It lists non-standard commands.)

> diagnose me. (You have 35 out of 35 hit points.)

NOTE: You can only have one of the three weapons. When you take one, the other two disappear. It doesn't matter which one you take; they only differ in appearance and act identically in combat.

> x axe. x hammer. x sword.

> take axeortake hammerortake sword.

> x red flowers. x yellow flowers.

> n.

The Mountain Path

> x rubble. x weeds.

> s. e.

West River Bank

> x river. x pebbles.

> e. e. e.

Witches Camp

> x woman. talk to her. (She's the green witch.)

> g. (You say you're here for treasure. She advises you to leave instead; the land is poison.)

> g. (300 years ago, a woman cursed the people with a plague. Also, the man she loved kept the key in the walls of his hut.)

> g. (You decide that's enough stories from the witch.)

> x tent. x fire.

> nw.

Building Ruins

> x sign. ("Barneys tavern")

> x lantern. take it.

> s. s.


You can't go down from here, enter the hole, nor put anything into the hole. Either this is your escape route at game's end, or a location to be used in a sequel.

Also, why didn't the villagers in the witch's story dump their garbage into this hole instead of the aggrieved woman's cave? So much trouble could have been avoided.

> x hole.

> n. w. w. sw.

By the Forest

> x sign. ("Simeon's Orchard")

> s. s.

Dark Forest

Note there's a rope bridge above here.

> ne. s. s.

Southern Forest Canyon

> take note. read it.

> w. s.

Forest Courtyard

> x tile. s.

Stone Hut

> x walls. (A key falls out.)

> take key. x it. (rusty)

> n. n. w. n.

Wooded Area

There's a treehouse above here.

> u. e. e.

Crow's Nest

> take newspaper. read it.

> w. w. d. n. ne. n. w.


> take note 2. read it. (re: Lich)

> unlock door with key.

You may want to SAVE before entering the door.

> w.

Garbage room

A beast attacks you immediately.

> kill beast with WEAPON. g. (Repeat until the beast is dead. If your HP reaches 4 or lower, drink your red potion. Your HP is displayed on the left side of the status line.)

By the way, when a foe dies, they don't leave a corpse and they take all their weapons with them to Hell.

> take burgundy. x it. (Heals up to 35 hp.)

> x junk. (69,105 pieces)

> d.

Creepy Cavern

> x drawings. x Reaper.

> w.

The Foyer

An undead guard attacks you immediately.

> kill guard with WEAPON. g. (Repeat until the guard is dead. If your HP reaches 4 or lower, drink a potion.)

> x cobwebs.

By the way, the foyer's exits are actually east, west, northWEST and southWEST.

> w.


> take physics. read it. (way beyond you)

> take all potion.

> x desk. x bookcase. x chair.

> n.

Abandoned Armory

> x spots. x racks.

> n.

Teal Room

> x bed. x table. x model.

> get on bed.

So, this is a safe guest room, eh? You regain 20 XP per nap up to your maximum of 35 XP. Other beds in the game do not help you.

I further note that you can run away from a foe in mid-battle, that there is no pursuit, and your injured foe does NOT regain their HP. So from now on, you can save your potions and use this bed instead.

Don't worry that each nap takes "hours". You never get hungry, none of the creatures wander, and your lantern's light lasts forever.

> s. s. w.

Banquet Hall

Old Black Bones attacks you immediately.

> kill Bones with WEAPON. g. (Repeat until Bones is dead. If your HP reaches 4 or lower, drink a potion or flee to the teal bed for a nap and return here to finish the fight.)

> x table. ("CUT THE BLUE WIRE")

> x food.

> look under table. (no: need medicine vs stench)

> n.


A ghoul attacks you immediately.

> kill ghoul with WEAPON. g. (Repeat until ghoul is dead. If your HP reaches 4 or lower, drink a potion or flee to the teal bed for a nap and return here to finish the fight.)

> x cremator. look in it. (empty)

The cremator is actually quite useless. You can safely put anything into it. Nothing gets damaged. It's like a cardboard box with the words "Very Hot" written on it.

> n.

Art Gallery

> x statue. x button.

> x model city. (of Salem and witches)

> x painting. (of Hell)

> x pedestal. x box. x figurine. (of death)

Push the button to turn off an electric shock field surrounding the box.

> push button. open box. take figurine. (+10)

> take pirate key. x it.

> s. w.


> x bed. x pills. take pills. (You automatically swallow them. Smells no longer bother you.)

> s.

Servant's Quarters

> x bed. x wardrobe. (tied with wire)

> open wardrobe. x timebomb.

The timebomb is ticking, and has three wires, but doesn't say so. It also doesn't seem to have any timer. For all you can tell, it's set to explode ten years from now.

> cut blue wire. (You acquire a kitchen key.)

Because you automatically get this key, you're now unwittingly carrying too much. You should put the figurine into the sack now, just to make the mechanics of your sack continue to work.

> put figurine in sack.

> s.

The Kitchen

> x table. x sink. x cabinets.

> unlock cabinets. (with kitchen key)

> open cabinets.

> take crumpled note. read it. (re rug, wardrobe bomb)

> x Jade Teaset. take it. (+10)

> e.

Sitting Room

> x chair. x rug. look under rug. (Found new way down!)

> d.

Secret Chamber

> x ring. take it. (+10)

> u. n.

Banquet Hall

> look under table. (found a gold bar!)

> x bar. take bar. (+10)

> se.

Smoking Parlor

> take magazine. read it. g. g. (random headline)

> ne. e. s.

Swashbuckler's Cave

> x flag. x chest.

> unlock chest. (with pirate key)

> open chest.

> take coins. (+10)

> x coins. take maroon.

NOTE: When you take the fifth treasure, you hear a loud bang from the bedroom. Head back there now.

> n. w. w. w. w. n.


There's now a "good book" here. You may want to SAVE your game.

> x book. take it.

A voice screams "no!" You drop the book. Mist transports you to...

Lich's Crypt

The Lich demands that you fight him. He politely waits for you to attack him first. You're not going anywhere.

> x lich. diagnose lich. (has 40 HP)

> x circle. x liquid. (acid)

This boss battle is different. First, you lead the attacks; the lich only attacks in response to your attacks. Also, this time, there's a wide variety of random combat messages. Unhappily, all damage inflicted, either by the Lich or by you, is not reported directly. Feel free to DIAGNOSE ME or DIAGNOSE LICH at any time.

In Dungeons & Dragons lore, a lich is an undead wizard, but this lich doesn't cast any spells and only attacks you physically, as if he was just a bigger undead skeleton.

I used two potions during this battle when I first fought the Lich, but surprisingly, you don't need any potions here. You just won't die, even if your HP goes into negative numbers.

> kill lich with WEAPON. (Repeat until he's dead.)

When you win the battle, the statue of the Reaper shows up to personally turn the Lich into dust. Hooray!

You gain 300 XP, the admantium bones perk, a water stone, and +10 to your maximum hit points. Oh, and a dangling rope appears so you can climb out of the crypt.

*** You have won ***



Most characters in this game are monsters you need to kill. They all have HP (hit points) like you do and you earn XP (experience points) when you defeat them. The maximum XP you can earn in this game is 750 XP, but this does not translate into any obvious benefit anywhere else in the game, so feel free to ignore XP entirely.






Hit Points (HP)

You begin with 35 hit points and with a maximum of 35 hit points. Your HP is displayed at the top left of your screen in the status bar. You can also use the DIAGNOSE ME command for the same information.

You only lose HP during combat. You can lose 1 to 4 HP every time a normal creature hits you. You can lose 0 to 10 HP every time the Lich hits you. Nothing in the game reduces damage taken when you're hit; there is no armor, physical or magical.

Usually, when your HP is less than 0, you die and your body goes to Hell. This is a bad thing and should be avoided. However, during your battle with the Lich, you will inexplicably not die when your HP gets too low. Feel free to take advantage of this bug.

There are two ways to regain HP during the game:

When you win the game, you gain +10 on your maximum HP, plus 10 regular HP. I assume that means that at the beginning of Glix II, you should have a maximum of 45 hit points.

All creatures have HP and maximum HP. DIAGNOSE a creature to see its HP stats. Creatures lose HP during combat, just like you do, but they do not regain HP in any way, even when you run away to take a nap for several hours. When a creature's HP is less than 0, it dies and goes to Hell.



All the potions you find in this game are healing potions that can heal up to 35 HP when you drink it. I assume that they're all different colors simply so you can tell them apart, but really, it would have made more sense if they were identical red potions.

You will probably need to use one potion after fighting the beast and maybe use another while fighting the guard in the foyer, but otherwise try to use the teal bed instead for healing.

You probably want to have as many potions as you can when facing the Lich, because that's the one battle you can't run away from. But, the game doesn't check your HP in that battle, so you don't actually need any potions then!


Read everything. Sometimes you learn a bit of backstory or get a hint, but none of these paper goods contain any critical information that can't be learned or discovered elsewhere. Note 2 and the crumpled note are the most useful of the lot.


When you have all five treasures, you hear a bang in the bedroom, heralding the arrival of a book. Take the book to be transported to the Lich.


You can have only one weapon. You must choose which of the Axe, Hammer, and Sword you want to use for the rest of the game. The other two weapons vanish when you take any of them. As near as I can tell, the weapons are effectively identical except for their names and appearances. It really doesn't matter which one you take.

Oh, and you can only hit creatures with weapons. The game doesn't allow you to hit a defenseless treasure chest with a battle axe.


This is the response to SCORE:

You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 400, in several turns, earning you the rank of your-rank.

Points are earned as follows:

The known ranks are:

I assume that the reason this game ends with only 100 points out of 400 is because this was meant to be part one of a series. If I'm correct, part two would begin with 100 points.

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