Key & Compass presents:
by Dave Bernazzani, Dean Svendsen, Jonna Hind, and Steven Robert

Geist is a Z-machine text adventure game written with Inform 6 and is © 2014 by Dave Bernazzani, Dean Svendsen, Jonna Hind, and Steven Robert. Geist was used as a site-wide adventure for Board Game Geek in January of 2014.

Crazy Uncle Scott has died, leaving you literally half of his will. (Not half his geekgold, half his will.) You must now find the second half from his old estate, haunted Alden Manor! And leave your Smartphone at home!

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 21 of the game.


(any directionif crumbsdropped here) w entershed s n d d d (end) n u x alice exit u u climb wire u GardenShed Toy Room WestYard BackYard EastYard CreepyBasement Kitchen Lost ina Maze Center ofthe Maze ServerRoom Wonder-land ReadingRoom DiningRoom MasterBedroom FrontHall StairsLanding UpstairsHallway FrontWalkway Attic West of theFront Gate At theFront Gate East of theFront Gate Atopthe Pole

Note that when you are a cat, you are restricted to the six rooms shown in pale yellow.


At the Front Gate

> help. x me. i. x no smartphone. x note.

> x gate. x fence. x paint. x letters. x roof. x yard.

> listen to grass. x hedge. x statues. x weeds.

> x gargoyles. say hi to gargoyles.

> e.

East of the Front Gate

> x yard. x fence. x wind.

> x crows. x wires. x window. x pole.

> climb pole.

Atop The Pole

> x belt. take belt. wear belt.

> x screwdriver. take it.

> d. w. w.

West of the Front Gate

> x box. x yard. x fountain. x time.

> unscrew screw. x box. throw switch.

> w. x darkness.

> e.

At the Front Gate

> touch gate. open gate. (You step onto the...)

Front Walkway

Note that the Jenga tower here will be rebuilt inbetween your visits here no matter how often it falls into pieces. It has nothing to do with any of the puzzles.

> x bats. x gate. x hedges. x statues. x landing.

> x bench. sit on bench. (A ghost plays his banjo for you.)

> x structure. take block. x tower.

> x door. x doorbell. open door. (Can't.)

> push doorbell. g. g. (Third time works!)

> open door. n. (+8%)

Front Hall

> score. x window. x door. x floor. x stairs. x archway.

> x mirror. touch mirror. take mirror. (It stabs you.)

> x coat-rack. x raincoat. take raincoat. (Spider slaps you.)

> hit coat. look. take lighter. x lighter.

> n.

Dining Room

The word GAUCHO on the kitchen doors is a reference to a previous game with that name.

> x chandelier. x table. look under table.

> x rug. touch rug. move rug. pull rug.

> x chairs. sit on chair. x settings. take knife.

> x alcove. open cabinet. x china.

> take breadcrumbs. x crumbs. close cabinet.

> x doors. n.


Knives fly at you. A voice tells you that lunch will be served at noon! You automatically retreat to the Dining Room.

Dining Room

> w.

Reading Room

> x monocle. take it. wear it. remove it.

> x bookshelves. x books.

> read hansel. read geek. read dread.

> read deadlands. read monster. read call.

> read gaucho.

> x painting. look behind painting.

> x mantle. sit on chair.

> x chess. g. g. g. g. g.

> g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. (Final game for Fischer-Spassky, called 8.31-1972.)

> x fireplace. x stone. take stone.

> clean stone. (+9%. You drop everything! You're a cat!)

>[as cat] x me. look. x eye. n.

Creepy Basement

>[as cat] x bag. smell bag. take bag. (You won't.)

>[as cat] x hole. x contraption. x stairs.

>[as cat] enter hole. (Better to go down than up.)

>[as cat] n. (Not as a cat.)

>[as cat] u. e.

Dining Room

>[as cat] lie on rug. x marks. meow. purr. s.

Front Hall

>[as cat] x mirror. (See a figure take a book and vanish.)

>[as cat] x book. ("ALICE")

>[as cat] s. (You're unwilling to leave the house as a cat.)

>[as cat] u.

Stairs Landing

>[as cat] x contraption. (It's a grandfather clock.)

>[as cat] u. (Too scary for a cat.)

>[as cat] d. n. w.

Reading Room

>[as cat] take eye. (Back to human.)

> take all but eye. x alice.


> x lady.

After a large text dump, Alice notices you and asks you some out-of-game questions which are much easier to answer if you have a copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland available:

What, precisely, did my sister's book lack that made it so dull?

> say pictures to alice.

What kingly sport did I play with the Queen?

> say croquet to alice.

What is the favorite beverage of the March Hare?

> say tea to alice.

What suit was the Knave who stole the tarts?

> say hearts to alice.

What does Father William incessantly stand on?

> say head to alice.

What kind of race did I run to get dry?

> say caucus to alice.

What, according to the Dormouse, did Elsie, Lacie, and Tillie live on?

> say treacle to alice. (+1%)

> exit.

Reading Room

> n. (The door is locked.)

> e. s.

Front Hall

> u.

You are stopped by a vision of a woman in red. A torrent of blood becomes a set of dice that rolls all ones. Remember these dice; it's a clue.

> u.

Stairs Landing

> x clock. x floor. (Floor below is an Ouija board.)

> pull clock. open door. x door. x crank.

> turn crank. (+8%)

> set clock to noon. ("Lunch is Served!")

> close door. push clock.

> d. n.

Dining Room

> x lunch. n.


> x appliances. x sink. x counter. x drawers.

> x block. x cabinet. x iron door.

> x swinging doors. x knife. take it. (+8%)

> clean knife. x dumbwaiter. x lever.

> push lever. (No cord!) x pulley.

> open cabinet. open stove.

> open drawer one. open drawer two. open drawer three.

> open drawer four. open drawer five. open drawer six.

> n.

Back Yard

It's now 3:20 pm? Ehn, don't worry about it.

> x pool. x insects. x shed. x tree. x bin.

> open bin. look in bin. (+8%)

> take gloves. x gloves. close bin.

> enter shed.

Garden Shed

The hammer is based on the "ban hammer" at Board Game Geek and also on Thor's hammer from Marvel Comics.

> x bench. x tools. x hammer. take hammer.

CAUTION: Make sure the belt is empty before putting it on the bench.

> look in belt. put belt on bench. take hammer.

> u. (You can't climb up there.)

> w. w.

West Yard

It's 6:06 am here. The OwlBear prevents you from reaching fountain or gazebo.

> x beast. x chain. x collar. ("Olaf")

> x fountain. x coin. x goblin.

> x gazebo. x arrow. x flowers.

> e. e.

East Yard

It's 10:00 pm here. The timeshifts seem to be unimportant weirdness.

> x hedge. x archway. x roses. smell roses.

> x maze. x lantern. light lantern. (with lighter)

> s.

Lost in a Maze

This was clued by the Hansel and Gretel book in the Reading Room.

> drop crumbs. n.

Center of the Maze

> x tree. x noose. x branches. x sign.

> climb tree. (+8%; taking noose with knife)

> x rope. n. w. s.


> fix pulley. (with rope)

> s. w.

Reading Room

> wear gloves. take eye.

> e. n.


> put eye in dumbwaiter. remove gloves.

> push lever. (The dumbwaiter starts to descend, but it isn't quite gone yet.)

> touch eye.

>[as cat] s. w. n.

Creepy Basement

>[as cat] touch eye.

> look. take bag.

> x cobwebs. x furnace. fix vent. (Need a tool.)

> n. (The furnace steam blocks you.)

> u. e. n.


> take all. s. w. n.

Creepy Basement

> fix vent. (using the hammer)

> n.

Toy Room

> x window. x shelves. x toys. x bench. x chair.

> x board. open left drawer. look in it. (empty)

> open right drawer. (A Plush Pikachu leaps out onto his throne!)

> x pikachu. x crown. take marble. SPACE

Uh-oh. All the toys come to life and start fighting!

> s. u. e.

Dining Room

> take cthulhu. x it.

> w. n. n.

Toy Room

> throw cthulhu at king. SPACE

Creepy Basement

> n.

Toy Room

> x toys. x king. (+9%; he drops his crown.)

> take crown. (It crumbles, leaving you with a white marble.)

> x cthulhu.

> s. u. e. n. n. w.

West Yard

> give bag to owlbear. pet owlbear.

> take coin. (No, owlbear doesn't want you to.)

> take arrow. enter gazebo. (Likewise, no.)

> open collar. (Using the screwdriver. Olaf flies away.)

> take coin. (+8%)

> take arrow. (It's wedged in too tightly.)

> enter gazebo. (You immediately leave it.)

> e. s. s. s. u. u.

Upstairs Hallway

> x window. x hooks.

> x photo of me. x Monin (has ban-hammer).

> x Ncik. x Karp. x Bob. x Aldie.

> x carpet. x door.

Use the statue positions seen through the window as your guide to where the photos go.

> take all photos. x window.

> put aldie on red. put karp on green.

> put monin on blue. put bob on cyan.

> put ncik on magenta. put you on yellow. (door clicks.)

> open door. (You enter...)

Master Bedroom

Examine unimportant stuff:

> x dresser. open drawer. x couch.

> sit on couch. search couch.

> x artwork. x posters. x door.

> x bed. x bedspread. take it.

Play a little Tetris.

> x tv. turn on tv. turn on console. play tetris. SPACE

> turn off console. turn off tv.

The phone number to dial is the chess match's number as seen in the Reading Room.

> x nightstand. x telephone. dial phone.

> dial 831-1972. (+8%; called Robert J. Fischer.)

Solve a puzzle board. Each line of the poem suggests either white or black. The solution is white black white black black white white black.

> x table. x puzzle board. take all marbles.

> put white marble in first. put black marble in second.

> put white marble in third. put black marble in fourth.

> put black marble in fifth. put white marble in sixth.

> put white marble in seventh. put black marble in eighth.

A new passageway opens!

> look. n.

Server Room

> x geist. x key. x table. x pyramid. x box.

> x computers. x hatch. x monitors.

> x desk. x keyboard. x mouse. take it. (It's a Ouija pointer.)

> x pad. x sticky note. x chair.

> sit on chair. open box.

> unlock hatch. (Must SET LOCKS TO four-digit-number.)

> x locks. (1st: 1 to 4, 2nd: 1 to 8, 3rd: 1 to 12, 4th: 1 to 20.)

Do you remember the vision of rolling all 1's earlier?

> set locks to 1111. (It opens!)

> look in hatch.

> x pendula. (+8%)

> x mice. x polyhedra.

> s. s. d. d.

Front Hall

> drop pointer. (+8%; learn about the CONTACT someone command.)

> contact geist. (He wants a No Smartphone.)

> contact scott. contact bob. contact dave. contact pikachu.

> u. u. n. n.

Server Room

> give no smartphone to geist. (He takes it; his key falls onto the floor.)

> take key.

> s. s. d. d. s. s. e. u.

Atop The Pole

> wear gloves. climb wire.


Weirdly, the window seems to be the only way into the attic.

> x window. x dust. x chairs. x shovels. x tube.

> x chest. unlock chest. (with skeleton key)

> look in chest. x will.

> take will. (+10%; hear bells ringing in distance)

> climb wire. d. w.

At the Front Gate

> s.

You read the will and see your final score.

*** Thank you for playing GEIST! ***





You have completed percentage% of this adventure in several moves.

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