Key & Compass presents:
The Garlic Cage, Episode I
by Taro and NOM3RCY

The Garlic Cage, Episode I is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2012 by Taro and NOM3RCY.

In this surreal escape game, you play as someone who wakes up trapped in a glass box inside a white room, and everything in the room, including you, smells like garlic.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1 (Release 326) of the game.


(freedom?) put bit in box d u Beach GarlicCage Boardwalk DankHallway Odd Room Closet

Garlic Cage

Because of the time limit, I'm not examining everything the way I normally would. I'm also taking advantage of automatic actions, where the game automatically takes a food item before I try to eat it, and automatically opens a door before I try to go through it.

> x plate. x rock.

> x bin. take flashlight.

> x wire. take wire.

> take rock. (Rock crumbles. Paper plate replaces cardboard plate.)

> x plate. eat clove. (+1)

You have a vision of a lab worker, William M. T. Jameston, putting meat and coffee into vials in a case.

> look. x book. (Learn about the de-populated town of Zicklefick.)

> turn on tv.

Typo alert! Note that every time this game says garlic glove, it really means garlic clove.

> look. eat clove. (+1)

Vision of J. Jameston herding villagers into a cellar and returning with baskets full of garlic.

> look. eat clove. (+1)

Vision of a glass box of villagers turning into garlic.

> look. eat clove. (+1)

Wire inside! You bleed. Something falls. It's now dark!

> turn on flashlight. (+1; the lights repair themselves.)

> x box. eat clove. (+1)

Vision of a German gas chamber turning people into garlic.

> look. put bit in box.

You are now in...

Dank Hallway

The pink door is north; the rusty door is south. You can ignore the flag.

> unlock rusty door with wire. s.


> eat clove. (+1; you have a key)

Vision of Trinity test and a crater filled with garlic. America also has the weapon.

Another vision of a door below a sewer grate on a boardwalk. Don't go to the beach.

> n. n.


You can ignore all the trash here.

> d.

Odd Room

The golden door is locked and to the east.

> unlock door with key. e. (+3)

You were the first sentient garlic?

*** You have won ***

Based on the epilogue, it seems this game has an unreliable protagonist. We can't trust that anything the protagonist experienced was true, and was twisting everything they experienced to be about garlic. It's quite possible that the only actual garlic in this story was the protagonist themselves.

I also note that the number 326 seems to be significant somehow. The game's release number is 326. The readable page in the book is page 326. And there's 326 rounds in the fifth vision.



Backstory characters seen in visions, the book, and television:

In the epilogue:




You have so far scored your-score out of a possible 10, in some turns.

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