Key & Compass presents:
Gaia, Živa, Jarilo
by Harkness

Gaia, Živa, Jarilo is a Glulx work of interactive fiction written with Inform 7 and is © 2020 by Harkness (as "Formless"). It was an entry in Event Two of Ryan Veeder's Expo 2020 where it took 1st place.

In this work, you are an Earthling tourist visiting a zoo on Živa which features animals from three worlds. Explore the place at your leisure. There is no goal you must accomplish, and although the work has its secrets, the only puzzle you must solve is the mundane exercise of buying a wristband at the entrance.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the work.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of a work of interactive fiction. Please make an honest effort to play the work before reading this walkthrough.

Map of the Menke Zoological Park and Research Center

d d SecretBalcony LatreilleResearchFacility Aquarium& MarineReptiloid LinnaeusResearchFacility Invertebrate Con-servatory West-EberhardPlaza Aviary Planet-ariumFloor Planet-arium MesozoicExhibit VisitorServices(in shop) PatioView JariloAnnex EducationCenter GiftShop FoodPavilion GrazingBeasts PredatorComplex PettingZoo FountainCourtyard CarnivoryGarden CornerPath CrampedGreenhouse LizardVillage FrontGate VisitorServices(at gate) u u (no reasonto crawlthru bushes) (not opento public) (not opento public) (exhibitnot open) (exhibitnot open)


Front Gate

> x me. i. x card. (need a wristband)

> read sign. x gate. x people. x sculptures. x booth.

> e.

Visitor Services

> x kiosks. x touchscreen. x slot.

> touch screen. put card in slot.

> push blue. x tray. x wristband. wear it.

> push green. x tray. take earpiece and map.

> x earpiece. wear it.

> push orange. push claim button. (Hear buzzing outside booth.)

> push black. take card.

> out.

Front Gate

A service drone is scanning wristbands.

> x drone.

> x map. (fountain square to north)

> x peopleorz.

> g. (Repeat waiting or looking at people until the drone scans your wristband and drops something.)

> look. take black key.

> n. (Holo-nymph tells you to scan wristband)

> scan wristband. n.

Fountain Courtyard

The basic plan is to tour the place more-or-less clockwise, stopping at the gift shop's visitor services often to claim more lost items.

> x building.

> x pool. enter pool. splash. splash. out.

> x flagstones. move flagstone. (You find a card!)

> i. x dusty critter card. ("Gallus gallus, the red junglefowl")

> x map. w.

Petting Zoo

> smell. x raptors. pet raptor. touch chrome tag. ("S. velox")

> x ammonite. x girl. touch pewter ring. ("xenomolluscan")

> pet ammonite. ride ammonite.

> x chickens. touch iron tag. pet chicken.

> x goat pen. pet goat.

> e. n.

Educational Center

> x banner. ("Mesozoic Life on Earth")

> x panel. touch panel. (about xenodinosaurids)

> x pillars. x facade. x door. x map.

> w.

Jarilo Annex

> touch silver panel.

> x specimen. x legs. touch brass panel.

> x fossils. touch nickel panel.

> x cases. x spiny creature. touch steel panel. (re: ceratohelminthes)

> x lichens.

> x cases. x worm. touch gold panel. (re: Jarilo nudibranchs)

> touch worm. (A force field stops you.)

> x door. ("Planetarium")

> x rope. ("Coming Soon! Life in Alien Solar Systems")

> n.


> x seats. x dome. x orrery.

> sit on seats. (A recording plays.)

> stand. (The recording stops.)

> look under seats. (You find a card.)

> i. x creased card. ("Agaon kiellandi" aka "fig wisp")

> d.

Planetarium Floor

> x globe. (which?)

> touch sphere. ("Svarog-371. Our sun.")

> touch copper globes. ("The three inner planets. Triglav I, Triglav II, and Triglav III.")

> touch blue globe. ("The fourth planet. Ziva. Our home.")

> touch orichalcum globe. ("The gas giant. Stribog.")

> touch silver globe. ("The sixth planet. Dabog.")

> touch bronze globe. ("The seventh planet. Svetovid.")

> touch black globe. ("The final planet. Crnobog. Named for the Slavic god of death.")

> x orbits.

> u. s. e. e.

Gift Shop

Money isn't too much of a concern in this game, so you might as well buy everything the player-character is willing to take.

> x booth. ("Visitor Services")

> x shelves. x tables. x counter. x scanners.

> x mugs. take mug. x mug.

> x animals. take animal. x dinosaur. ("Havoc")

> x toys. take owl. (uh, no.)

> x shirts. take shirt. x shirt.

> x tables. x figurines. take figurine. x figurine.

> x display. ("Uncle Veeder's Critter Cards - Collect 'em all")

> scan wristband. (You've bought everything you picked up.)

> n.

Visitor Services

If you didn't scan your wristband in the gift shop, you can scan your wristband here to make your purchases, but then you'd have to scan your wristband a second time to access the visitor services menu.

> touch screen. scan wristband.

> push orange. (random lost items will be offered)

> push claim button. push black button.

> s.

Gift Shop

> z. (Repeat waiting until the drone drops your claimed items.)

> take all.

Since I don't know what you got, I'll wait until late in the game to examine them with you, but feel free to examine them before then. New unclaimed items are available over time.

> w. n.

Mesozoic Exhibit

This area was always crowded for me. If there's a way to disperse the crowd or if there's a better time to visit this location, I didn't discover it.

> x beasts. x panels. x pterosaurs. x mosasaur.

> n.

West-Eberhard Plaza

> x birds. x archway. x treats. x mosaic.

> x dispenser. take sack. turn dial. (You fill the sack with black pods.)

> throw pod. (Some birds descend to eat them.)

> x pod. (water caltrops)

> close sack. x map.

> w.

Invertebrate Conservatory

> x walkway. ("Coming Soon: Adventures in Myrmecology!")

> x forest. x leaves. touch red gold panel.

> e. nw.

Latreille Research Facility

> x sign. x building.

> w. (Holo-nymph says only students and lab personel allowed in.)

> se. n.

Aquarium and Marine Reptiloid Enclosure

> x waterfalls.

> x anglerfish. touch white gold panel.

> x plesiosaur. touch orichalcum panel.

> x stairs. (they go both up and down)

> d.

Secret Balcony

> take card. (soggy critter card taken)

> x it. (re: anglerfish)

> x crocodiles. x gharials.

> u. s. ne.

Linnaeus Research Facility

> x sign. x building. e. (Can't get in.)

> sw. e.


> x walkway. x roof.

You shriek at the sight of a dragon landing on the gazebo. A local explains it's a xenopterosaurid.

> x dragon. (Has four wings.)

> x jellyfish. touch iron panel. (Jarilo medusans generate electricity.)

Note: There's a possible ambiguation problem here if you try to examine the brown owl while carrying the owl toy, which you might have received from the drone earlier. Fortunately, "encloure" is a synonym for the brown owl.

> x enclosure. touch tin tag. (Owl's name is Nutmeg.)

> x trees. x distant movement.

Let's try to claim more lost items:

> w. s. s. e. n.

Visitor Services (in shop)

> scan wristband.

> push orange. push claim button. push black button.

> s.

Gift Shop

The service drone is here.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the drone dumps its bounty at your feet.)

> take all.

> e.

Food Pavilion

> x kiosks. x crowd. x seat.

> scan wristband.

> push green button. (It'd be too expensive.)

> push orange button. take basket. x basket.

> sit on seat. (It's really loud here. Maybe a quieter place?)

> x map. e.

Grazing Beasts

> x enclosures. x savannah.

> x zebras. x iguanodons. touch titanium panel.

> x grove. x cassowary. touch lead panel.

> x map. n.

Patio View

> x benches. sit on bench. eat sac. (salty, sweet, bioluminescent)

> eat sac. (The basket is gone.)

> x creatures. x hill. touch tin panel. (re: megalovaranus)

> x map. (This is a dead end.)

> s. e.

Predator Complex

> x shadow. x ferns. (You find a steel panel with a keyhole.)

> touch panel. (re Dracogallus damnatus, named Pistachio)

> unlock panel with key.

An alien nudibranch (slug) is launched into the enclosure. The predator tries to attack you, but the force field stops it. Then the predator takes the slug and leaves.

> x map. (You're lost. There was a path west?)

Let's try to claim more lost items:

> w. w. w. n.

Visitor Services (in shop)

> scan wristband.

> push orange. push claim button. push black button.

> s.

Gift Shop

The service drone is here.

> z. (Repeat waiting until the drone dumps its bounty at your feet.)

> take all.

> e.

Food Pavilion

Get the fritters this time:

> scan wristband.

> push purple button. take basket. x basket.

> x map. s.

Corner Path

> x bench. x bushes.

> touch palladium panel. (re: coccocycas caeruleus)

> sit on bench. (An alien lizard sniffs your food and sneezes.)

> x lizard. (It has six legs and is pretty. Also begging for food.)

> pet lizard.

> give fritter to lizard. (It takes it and runs through bushes to southeast.)

> eat fritter. (Like curried carrots.)

> stand. se.

Lizard Village

> x cycads. x mud. x lizards. x burrow.

> look in burrow. (You see a card.)

> take card. (It's the muddy critter card.)

> x it. (Dracogallus damnatus; "The password is vindaloo")

Unhappily, I don't know where to use this password. Sorry!

> x map.

> nw.

Corner Path

> sit on bench. i.

It's time to examine and play with all the claimed items that the drones gave you. In no particular order:

If you have the monster figurine:

> x monster. (like a grue. Some kid carved "Frotz" on it.)

If you have the teacup:

> x teacup. (it has feet)

If you have the plush troll:

> x troll. (has battleaxe)

If you have the tortoiseshell button:

> x button.

If you have the stiletto:

> x stiletto.

If you have the model sailboat:

> x sailboat.

If you have the action figure:

> x action figure. (of adventurer with lantern and sword)

If you have the turtle purse:

> x purse. open it.

> read receipt. x beans. eat beans. x bracelet. wear it.

If you have the quail egg:

> x egg.

If you have the purple mitten:

> x mitten. (Unraveling.)

If you have the owl toy:

> x owl toy. squeeze it. g. (Continue squeezing until you get an owl pellet.)

> x pellet. take pellet. open pellet. x die.

> roll die. g. (Continue rolling until you roll a 21.)

> x taco. take taco. (It vanishes.)

Ready to continue the tour?

> stand. w.

Carnivory Garden

> smell. x stones. x greenhouse. touch tantalum panel.

> x copse. touch copse. touch platinum panel.

> x holes. touch chrome panel.

> search holes. (See a pale rectangle floating on fluid deep down.)

> take rectangle. (It's the digested critter card.)

> read digested card. (Can't tell what it was.)

> x map. (doesn't mention the greenhouse)

> s.

Cramped Greenhouse

> touch panel. (Some Earth plants are carnivores.)

> x benches. x plants. (cups are green, red, and blue)

> x green cups. touch brass tag. (Sundew plant, Drosera)

> x red cups. touch zinc tag. (Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula)

> x blue cups. touch aluminum tag. (trumpet pitcher, Sarracenia)

> x pots. touch silver tag. (tropical pitcher plant)

> x sprinklers. x door. x ceiling.

> n. w.

Fountain Courtyard

Assuming you have the model sailboat:

> put sailboat in pool.

That was fun. The walkthrough is ending here, but feel free to continue playing. You didn't try all the food from the food court and if you don't want your food, you can always give it to the lizards in their village. You can also give more pods to the birds in the plaza; they're hungry too. And if you can find a way to the back of the aquarium, please let me know how you did it.



The animals:

The people:

The electronic help:



Pre-entry | Critter cards | Food pavilion | Gift shop | Lost-and-found | Other

Pre-entry items
Critter cards

Critter cards are optional things to collect in the game. Collecting them is their own reward. Because they're all hidden, one can easily play the game without ever learning that they even exist to collect.

Food pavilion items

You can buy food items in the Food Pavilion. Touch the screen, scan your wristband, then push the button for the food item you want. Take your food to a quiet spot, such as the Corner Path bench, and eat it. This is all entirely optional; you don't have to eat anything.

Note: You are unwilling to buy the chicken sandwich. It's too expensive.

Gift shop items

These items are all in the Gift Shop. If you want any of them, take them to the Visitor Services in the shop and scan your wristband to purchase them. Note that they're all references to games authored by Ryan Veeder.

  • a felt dinosaur.
  • a fishing mug.
  • a relatively sedate tee shirt.
    • Oddly, you cannot wear the shirt.
  • a robin figurine.
Lost-and-found items

These items can be obtained via any Visitor Services touchscreen by pushing the orange button, then the claim button, then going outside the Services and waiting for a delivery drone to scan your wristband. The drone will only drop one or two items at a time, things are only lost over time, so you'll need to keep returning to Visitor Services and claim more items if you want all this stuff.

  • a black key.
    • The black key unlocks the panel at Predator Complex.
  • a monster figurine.
  • a teacup.
  • an owl toy.
    • If you squeeze the owl toy enough times, it will hork out an owl pellet.
    • If you open the pellet, you find a twenty-sided die.
    • Roll the die. If you roll a 21, a vortex will open, and a rat will leave a golden taco at your feet. Alas, it's just a hologram.
  • a plush troll.
  • a tortoiseshell button.
  • a jewel-encrusted stiletto.
  • a model sailboat.
    • At Fountain Courtyard, you can put the sailboat in the pool to play with it.
  • an action figure.
  • a turtle purse containing a grocery receipt, some chocolate-covered espresso beans, and a silver bracelet.
    • You may eat the beans or wear the bracelet.
  • a quail egg.
    • The egg and the stiletto seem to be related to each other somehow, but I'm not sure what the game is implying here. Maybe they're just both references to Zork I, but maybe there is something more to them?
  • a purple mitten.
    • You may wear the mitten.
Other items
  • a plain paper sack and some black pods. These are at West-Eberhard Plaza; examine the dispenser.
    • Take the sack. It's the last one.
    • Turn the dial to fill the sack with black pods.
    • Throw some pods in the plaza and some birds will eat them.

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