Key & Compass presents:
Future Threads
by Xavid

Future Threads is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2017 by Xavid. It was an entry in IF Comp 2017 where it took 9th place.

You play as someone who must merge at noon inside an obelisk to protect yourself from this world's poisons. But you have seen a vision. They will come, seven strong, crashing their ship through your weavings. Their senses will lead them directly to the girl, Kayla, no matter where she hides. And she will be alone. Traces of your vision persist. Can you use your visions to find a way to ensure that Kayla survives?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Ledge Hut Slope Path MossyGrove SmallCave AlongBrook Meadow DenseThicket Clearing


The goal of this game is to protect Kayla from the spectres, but the backstory is never explained. You're never told who or what you are, why you're on a world that's poisonous to you, why you're Kayla's guardian, where the spectres came from, or why they want to attack Kayla.

Also, the presence of groundsels and baobab trees suggests that the game's location is somewhere in Africa, but the game never says so explicitly.


You'll probably want to look at everything everywhere first before deciding what to do.

> help.

> x me. i. (Carrying nothing.)

> x Kayla. x dagger.

> x bookcase. x book. x tomes.

> x pit. x ashes. x windows. (It has shutters.)

> x table. x matches. x pot. x meat. x twine.

> s. w.


> x groundsels. x brook.

> n.


> x weavings. x obelisk.

> s. s.

Along Brook

> x brook. x stones. take stone.

> w.

Small Cave

This is where you'll want Kayla to make her stand.

> e. e. se.


> x them. (Dark, tall, of ice and teeth.)

> x wreckage. (Of metal and bone.)

> n.

Dense Thicket

> x tree. x vines. x brambles. x monkeys.

> push tree. (Now is not the right time.)

> take branches.

> n.

Mossy Grove

> x moss. x peppers. take peppers.

> x trees. x fruit. climb trees. take fruit. x fruit.

> w. n.


Grab almost everything that's here.

> take matches. take pot. take twine. take legs.

> take dagger. take book. take ashes. take straw.

> Kayla, follow.

> s. sw. w.

Small Cave

> Kayla, stay.

> give book to Kayla.

> drop branches. put straw on branches. light straw.

> cut peppers with dagger. give dagger to Kayla.

> e.

Along Brook

> put legs in gap. (This will make the water deeper.)

> fill pot. e. e.

Dense Thicket

> tie twine to tree.

> w.


Either glass shards or a pot of water will create a reflective distraction.

> drop pot.

> weave stones with sunlight.

> w.

Along Brook

> put barrier on opening.

> w.

Small Cave

> put ashes on Kayla. (To disguise her scent.)

> drop peppers.

*** Kayla survives, and with her, hope. ***






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