Key & Compass presents:
by Will Hines

further is a Z-machine work of interactive fiction written with Inform 7 and is © 2013 by Will Hines. This game was entered in IF Comp 2013 where it took 21st place.

You play as the spirit of someone who just died. You're trying to find your way to the afterlife by collecting colour-coded memories.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 3 of the work.


u u u You have won Grassland Manic SkyPet Shop InfiniteIce FloesFrozen Pond SpinningExpanse Prairie Tundra Writing Room Sandstorm Foggy Room Hearth Water Room CountlessDunesAlan's Den Underwater Low RoomYourBasement Sandy Room Oasis Shifting GrottoLinda's Room Alcove Brick-linedRoom CrumblingChimney Cement Room d d d

Foggy Room (grey)

> help. (Special verb: FOCUS ON something.)

> x me. (Your energy is grey.)

> x bell. take bell. focus on bell. (It wants to go east.)

> e. d.

Low Room (red)

> focus on bell. (You become red, and the location becomes...)

Your Basement (red)

> se.

Alcove (red)

> x penny. take it. focus on it.

> nw. u. w.

Foggy Room (grey)

> focus on penny. (It wants to go west.)

> w. s.

Countless Dunes (yellow)

> focus on penny. (You become yellow, and the location becomes...)

Alan's Den (yellow)

> sw.

Oasis (yellow)

> x ribbon. take it.

> ne. n. e.

Foggy Room (grey)

> focus on ribbon. (It wants to go south.)

> s. d.

Shifting Grotto (blue)

> focus on ribbon. (You become blue, and the location becomes...)

Linda's Room (blue)

> se.

Crumbling Chimney (blue)

> x envelope. take it. nw. u. n.

Foggy Room (grey)

> focus on envelope. n. nw.

Manic Sky (green)

> focus on envelope. (You become green, and the location becomes...)

Pet Shop (green)

> w.

Grassland (green)

> x robe. take it. e. se. s.

Foggy Room (grey)

> focus on robe. ne. ne.

Infinite Ice Floes (white)

> focus on robe. (You become white, and the location becomes...)

Frozen Pond (white)

A bridge going up has appeared.

> u.

Cement Room

We now need to pass through a series of coloured doors. Focus on the appropriate memory-item so you're the same colour as the door you wish to go through.

> focus on bell. n.

Brick-lined Room

> focus on penny. n.

Sandy Room

> focus on ribbon. n.

Water Room

> focus on envelope. n.

Writing Room

> focus on robe. n.

Spinning Expanse

> look. (You need one more memory.)

> focus on me. (You turn grey and remember your bedroom and your life.)

A grey door has appeared.

> n.

Your name was Gertrude.

*** You have won ***



Other characters only get mentioned as parts of your memories:


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