Key & Compass presents:
by Jeremy Farnham

Frozen is a Z-machine 5 text adventure game written with Inform 5 and is © 1996 by Jeremy Farnham.

You play as a university or college student who, while working on an English assignment, discovers that everyone else in the Engineering building is frozen in place, unmoving. You will investigate this unusual situation.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Engineering Building

Lab Stairs Stairs Stairs Stairs Office Basement Hall ComputerLab Hall Hall Stairs Stairs Stairs Basement Level First Floor Second Floor Third Floor u u u ne u u d d d w d d

Computer Lab

> x students. push students. x computer. x screen.

> x pack. take pack. open it. look in it. ne.

Hall (2nd floor)

> n.

Stairs (north stairs, 2nd floor)

> x ads. u.

Stairs (north stairs, 3rd floor)

> s.

Hall (3rd floor)

> x man. push man. x briefcase. push it. ne.


> x books. x computer. x desk. x calendar. take it.

> sw. n. d. d.

Stairs (north stairs, 1st floor)

> x door. d.

Stairs (north stairs, basement)

> s.


> x door. open door. nw.


> x machine. x sphere. x people. x diagram.

> push people. push sphere. drop calendar.

> stand on calendar. push sphere.

Somewhere else

s,u u StorageRoom StorageRoom StorageRoom d d PentagramRoom Cellar Stairs Attic Library Kitchen Entry FrontYard

Pentagram Room

Please don't be alarmed, but you are now somewhere where magic works.

> x pentagram. x dust. x lights. se.


> s.


> s.


> x cupboards. x dishes. e.


> s.

Front Yard

> x corpse. x amulet. take it. wear it.

> x grass. x chasm. x remains. n. n.


You need to be wearing the amulet to find the "circle page".

> x books. x chairs. x page. take it. s. w. n. u.


You need to be wearing the amulet to find the book.

> x bed. x mirror. x book. take it. read it. d. d.


When you enter with the amulet, it absorbs the lights and becomes a lightsource. Now the three storage rooms to the east are accessible.

> ne.

Storage Room (northeast)

> x jars. s.

Storage Room (east)

Note that you won't find the Rexal unless you've read about it first.

> x bottles. search bottles. take rexal. x it. s.

Storage Room (southeast)

> x instruments. nw. nw.

Pentagram Room

On entry, the dust reforms into the shape of a woman.

> x figure. ask woman about woman. show book to woman.

> show circle to woman. (feeling of homesickness)

> show star to woman. (feeling of safety/discovery)

> show square to woman. (feeling lost/discovery)

Ending One: Home

> pour sand in circle. enter pentagram.

*** You have won ***

Ending Two: Home, But Will Return

> pour sand in star. enter pentagram.

*** You have won ***

Ending Three: Can Never Return Home

> pour sand in square. enter pentagram.

*** You have won ***

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