Key & Compass presents:
Foo Foo
by Buster Hudson

Foo Foo is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2016 by Buster Hudson. Notably, this game is a homage to several IF games by Ryan Veeder. It was entered in the Back Garden division at the Spring Thing 2016 event. At the 2016 XYZZY Awards, it won the Best Story award and tied for the Best NPCs award; it was also a finalist in four categories (Best Game, Best Setting, Best Individual NPC, and Best Individual PC).

You play as Miss Good Fairy, senior detective. Someone bopped a field mouse on the head, and the obvious suspect, a rabbit named Foo Foo, claims he didn't do it. You agree to hide Foo Foo while you investigate the case.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


d BehindGet YourNibbles Kitchen Behind anAbandonedRowhouse BehindCamera-copia SharpTurn InsideGet YourNibbles InsideFecklessPawn FloodedKitchen Workshop By thePostbox OutsideGet YourNibbles OutsideFecklessPawn EmptyBedroom InsideCamera-copia CheeseRoom InsideDinosaurIsland Below theForest Bend inthe Road OutsideCamera-copia OutsideDinosaurIsland East Endof LumpenRoad TheForest u out


The game begins by quoting the poem "Little bunny Foo Foo".


Studio Apartment

> x me. x pajamas. look through window.

> open door.

Foo Foo, a rabbit, enters and a menu conversation begins. All choices are effectively the same.

> 1or2or3

> 1 (You decide you need a witness.)

• • • • •


Next morning, you're with Murphy at the barricade. He's chewing gum. His magic wand is named Big Tommy.

Also, you've hidden Foo Foo inside the postbox, so don't open it unless you want to end the game prematurely.

By the Postbox

> x me. i. x badge. x mugshot.

> x hat. x coat. x wings. x heels.

> x Murphy. x Tommy.

> x poster. x postbox. x lamp. x barricade. x sidewalk.

> talk to Murphy.

> 1 (You get a wad of gum.)

Murphy tells you a field mouse was bopped on the head. Sabado, the bar owner, called it in.

> 3 (End the conversation.)

> x gum.

You needn't rush straight to Sabado. Begin by taking a leisurely stroll down the lane, exploring all the shops one-by-one.

> e. n.

Inside Get Your Nibbles

Ask Holly about herself:

> 1 (Awkward.)

Ask Holly about nibbles:

> 1 (She offers a sample.)

> 1

> 2or3or4or5or6or7


> 1or2or3 (Only field mice eat nibbles.)

> 1or2

Ask Holly about the rabbit:

> 1 (She hasn't seen Foo Foo.)

> 1 (Conversation ends.)

Examine the shop:

> x toys. take rabbit. (Not for sale.)

> x nibblets. x Holly. x counter. n. (Locked.)

> s. e. n.

Inside Feckless Pawn

Ask Domingo about cheese:

> 1 (New cheesemonger in town called the Verde.)

Ask Domingo about mice:

> 2

Ask Domingo about rabbit:

> 1 (They all look the same to him.)

> 1 (Conversation ends.)

Examine the shop:

> x Domingo. x watch. x portrait. x desk. (Hm. Later.)

> x junk. x goblet. x vase. x tapestry. x idol. x dagger.

> take dagger. g. g. g. g. g. (Entertaining, but futile.)

> s. se.

Bend in the Road

> x house. x door. e.

Outside Cameracopia

> x door. x awning. n.

Inside Cameracopia

Ask Fern about what happened here:

> 1 (She hopes you can tell her that.)

Ask Fern about mice:

> 2

Ask Fern about rabbit:

> 1 (She tells you there was a ghost last night.)

Ask Fern about ghost:

> 1 (Finch scared it with a flash. Also, threatening note somewhere here.)

> 1 (Conversation ends.)

Examine the shop:

> x Fern. x Finch. x flash.

> talk to Finch. take flash.

> x mess. x note. (Sabado made them an offer.)

> e. (Locked; Fern says it's their dark room.)

> s. e.

Outside Dinosaur Island

The description of the dinosaurs is randomized.

> x window. x dinosaurs. g. g. x trees. x sign.

> n.

Inside Dinosaur Island

> x curtain. move it. n.


Ask Trex about mice:

> x Trex. talk to Trex.

> 2

Ask Trex about rabbit:

> 1 (He says Doohickey, a stuffed red dinosaur, would've heard who Foo Foo was talking to.)

Tell Trex about your idea:

> 1 (You need a wand and wish powder.)

> 1 (Conversation ends.)

Look around:

> x Doohickey.

> x cabinet. open it. look in hole. (A small bottle is in there.)

> s. s. e. e.

The Forest

Ask Sabado about mice:

> 2

Ask Sabado about Lumpen Lane:

> 2

Ask Sabado about Foo Foo:

> 1 (He confirms his report.)

> 1 (Conversation ends.)

Explore the bar:

> x jukebox. x shovel. take shovel.

> w. n. w.

Behind Cameracopia

> x dumpster. (empty) x door. (reinforced)

> w.

Behind an Abandoned Rowhouse

> x trashcan. x door. s. (Locked.)

> nw.

Behind Get Your Nibbles

> x door. s. (Locked.)

> x wall. x rowhouses.

You've explored enough. Time to start solving puzzles. Return to Trex's workshop:

> se. e. e. s. w. n. n.


> put gum on shovel. put shovel in hole.

> x bottle. (It removes things.)

> s. s. w. w.

Bend in the Road

> x coin. take coin. (Someone shoots at you from the rowhouse!)

> x window. u. (You land on the window sill.)

> open shutters. (You need a tool.)

> d. nw. n.

Inside Feckless Pawn

> put remove-o on dagger. take dagger.

> s. se. u.

Bend in the Road

> open shutters. (You use the dagger and enter...)

Empty Bedroom

> x bag. x dirt. x cheese. take bag.

> x mold. x stairs. d.

Flooded Kitchen

> x water. n.

Behind an Abandoned Rowhouse

Still nothing here. Take the bag to Murphy:

> s. u. out. nw. w. w.

By the Postbox

Ask Murphy to analyze the bag and if you can borrow Big Tommy:

> talk to Murphy. > 1 > 1 > 3

> e. n.

Inside Get Your Nibbles

Ask Holly for wish powder:

> talk to Holly. > 1 > 1

> x powder.

> s. e. se. e. e. n. n.


Tell Trex you're ready:

> talk to Trex. > 1

> put powder on Doohickey. point wand at Doohickey.

Doohickey, now alive, can't talk. He barks. You take him anyway.

> s. s. w. w. nw. n.

Inside Feckless Pawn

Doohickey barks as you enter. Ask Domingo about Foo Foo:

> talk to Domingo.

> 1 (Domingo runs away. You're now outside.)

Outside Feckless Pawn

> w. w.

By the Postbox

Talk with Murphy about Domingo:

> 1or2or3

> 3 (End conversation.)

> e. e. n.

Inside Feckless Pawn

> x desk. open drawer. x book. (Hypnotism?)

> x papers. (Gambling debts.)

> open book. (Domingo was hypnotizing Foo Foo to bop mice... for Sabado?)

> s. se. e. e. e. e.

The Forest

Optionally play the jukebox:

> put coin in slot.

> listen to jukebox.

> g. g. g. g. g.

> g. g. g. g. g.

> g. g. g. g. g.

> g. g. g. g. g.

> g. g. g. g.

Confront Sabado about the boppings and reject his bribe:

> talk to Sabado. > 1 > 1 > 1

Sabado says Foo Foo's a dealer working for the Verde.

> w. w. w. w. nw. w. w.

By the Postbox

Send Murphy away. Talk to Foo Foo, but keep him hidden:

> talk to Murphy. > 1 > 1

Foo Foo doesn't know who the Verde is. He gets the cheese from behind the rowhouse and gives the money to Holly.

Then Murphy returns with the lab results: the dirt is from nibble, the same flavour you sampled.

> 2 (End conversation.)

> e. n.

Inside Get Your Nibbles

Confront Holly:

> 1 > 1 > 1 > 1 (The Verde is a "she"?)

She asks where she went wrong. I prefer telling the truth and not kissing her, but it's up to you.

> 1or2or3

> 1or2

> 1

Instead of telling you who the Verde is, she gives you a key and unlocks the kitchen, saying the revolver's under a loose tile.

> n.


> x bucket. x floor. (You take the gun.)

> x gun.

> n. se. e.

Behind Cameracopia

> unlock door with key.

Cuddly toys making cheese draw guns and shoot at you!

> x toys. look.

> x cheese. x cash. x chandelier.

> shoot chandelier. x nozzle. shoot nozzle.


Cheese Room

Fern enters with a shotgun pointed at you.

> 1or2or3

> 1or2 (Holly bops Fern.)

Holly asks you about herself. Let her off:

> 2.

Holly asks for another favor. She wants her contract back from Sabado.

She suggests fooling him into thinking you found Foo Foo. And she tells you a key is buried in the bar's dirt.

> x bodies. x Fern.

> w. s. w. nw. w. n.

Inside Get Your Nibbles

> put powder on rabbit. point wand at rabbit. (It's now following you.)

> x rabbit.

> s. e. se. e. e. e. e.

The Forest

Sabato grabs the rabbit and takes it into the back room.

> dig. g. g. g. g. (You find an iron key.)

> unlock door with iron key. n.

Below the Forest

> x snake. listen.

You accidentally make a sound and Sabado shouts to get the rabbit and anything with wish powder out of here!

> take rabbit. (The snake's in the way!)

> x flash. push button. take rabbit. s.

The Forest

> search counter. take letter. x letter.

It's not Holly's contract. It's from Hannibal Sistrum of Diamond Inc. regarding Alabaster Estates.

> drop rabbit. drop Doohickey. drop pouch.

> n.

Below the Forest

Sabato introduces you to Mr. Sistrum, a snake who's allergic to wish powder. Answer all of their questions, then ask all of yours:

> 1or2or3

> 1or2or3

> 1 > 1 > 1 > 1 > 1

You learn that Hannibal had one of his fits while at the camera shop and that Holly lied about a contract with Sabato.

> s.

The Forest

> take pouch, rabbit, Doohickey.

> w. w. n. n.


> give Doohickey to Trex. > 1

> s. s. w. n. e.

Cheese Room

Holly is gone with the cash, leaving a little green heart.

Three months later...


• • • • •

Studio Apartment

More rain, and another knock on the door.

> open door.

Foo Foo enters, his arm partly torn. He was stuffed all along.

> 1 > 1

Ask all your questions:

> 1 > 1 > 1

Finally, he asks, "Did you love her?"

> 1or2

If you say "yes", you cuddle Foo Foo in your bed that night. If you say "no", he chooses a spot on the floor for the night. Either way, the next morning, he's a lifeless toy.

*** The End ***





All endings to this game end with The End, but they're not all the same.

  1. If you open the postbox early, exposing Foo Foo, it's Goontown for him.
  2. If you deliver the real Foo Foo to Sabato, you get no compensation, and you have no option but to deliver Foo Foo to Murphy. You're then the subject of an internal review for your mishandling of the case. You manage to keep your job, but you dare not visit Lumpen Lane again.
  3. After the gunfight, if you decide to turn Holly in, she'll fly off. Then, when you open the postbox, you tell Murphy that Sabato was the real culprit and to arrest the cheesemonger in the camera shop.
  4. Foo Foo visits you and reveals he was an animation all along. If you tell him you didn't love Holly, he spends his last night of life on your floor.
  5. Foo Foo visits you and reveals he was an animation all along. If you tell him you did love Holly, he spends his last night of life with you in your bed.

Note that some choices in the game don't actually derail the story to a different ending as you might expect. For example:



This is probably not a complete list, but these are the ones I noticed.

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